Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Bullies, Dark Ino and Scary Temari

After the big event from the day before, Temari felt slightly reluctant to go to school.

Some reason everything felt a bit dull in comparison to the drama.

'Oh god, please don't tell me I've become a masochist!' she pleaded to herself as she entered the gates.

On the way to her lockers, she was walking in a slow manner due to being tired after not getting a full night's sleep because she couldn't stop thinking about the day before.

Everything about Hidan and the Akatsuki and Sasori and...Hidan was doing her head in.

A gang of girls ran into her (which seemed to be on purpose) making Temari lose composure and stumble.

And everyone knows how Temari hates losing composure.

She quickly recovered and was about to say something un-ladylike that happen to have a word that rhymed with 'witches' in it, but stopped when the gang itself spoke.

She could distinctively hear them say, "Exchange students should keep their grubby paws off our sophomores" as they walked off as if nothing happened.

This made Temari close her mouth and think.

When she finally reached her locker, she opened it up just to receive a few letters falling out of it.

She opened one that fell at her feet.

There were only two words printed on it:


Temari looked at it puzzled and then read another one.


And again:


That one gave her a bit of an idea of what was going on.

Temari held them all in her hand.

They all pretty much said the same thing.

She stared at them for a bit, and then scrunched them up and stuffed them in her pocket.

'I'll deal with them later'

"Heya Temari!" a familiar voice called for her.

Temari turned around to see Tenten waving at her holding her sports bag.

"Hey Tenten" Temari replied closing her locker after getting her books out ready for class.

They walked to Tenten's locker and when Tenten opened it, letters fell out of it as well.

"What the hell's all this?!" Tenten exclaimed at the sight of letters falling at her feet.

"You too huh?" Temari commented.

"What do you mean 'you too'?" Tenten questioned.

"Girls! We've got a crisis!" Ino ran to them followed by Sakura and Hinata.

"We can see..." Temari responded

Ino gasped at the sight of the letters of hatred all over the floor.

"We're too late" Sakura observed.

"O-Oh dear..." Hinata cried.

Then the bell rang.

"Look, we'll discuss this at lunch. Tenten pick them all up and bring them with you" Ino ordered and ran off.

Tenten did what she was told and then got her books ready.

Everyone then went off to form assembly.

They all met up at their usual spot and sat down on the floor.

The girls fished out the letters of hatred and chucked them on the floor in the middle of their circle.

"What the hell's all this?" Kiba asked

Neji picked one up and while reading it his eyes grew a bit wider for a slight second and then he put it back down calmly when he finished.

"Stupid hate letters is what they are" Ino answered in disgust.

Shikamaru then picked up one of them and analysed it for a bit, "Well it's a girls handwriting"

"No shit Shikamaru" Temari commented

"Wh-Why are they doing this to us...?" Hinata questioned

"Well I have a pretty good idea" Sakura added

"And what is that?" Chouji asked in between munches.

"I think this would give a good enough explanation" Temari replied opening one of the letters and chucking it open for everyone to see.


"Him" Shikamaru pointed out.

"After gathering some information, it seems that information has leaked about Temari and Shikamaru going out, as well as Tenten and Neji" Ino discussed, "And it seems to be a single group of girls that are doing these things...a very big group though..."

"WHAT?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!" Temari yelled out

"Calm down Temari" Sakura shushed.

"How do you expect me to calm down? I still remembered that day at PE when I talked to Shikamaru ONCE and nearly got killed by stupid fangirls!" Temari spoke a little quieter, but still none of the less loud.

"She's got a point" Tenten supported Temari.

"Well still, how did they find out?" Sasuke wondered on the issue slightly interested since he could still remember the promise he made to Shikamaru, "You didn't say anything, did you Dobe?"

"No I swear I didn't! I mean we did make a dea-" Naruto got cut off by Sasuke's hand

"Good to hear idiot" Sasuke said quickly

"Hmm...yes...how did they find out?" Shikamaru added in quickly after

"Well...uh...actually..." Kiba hesitated.

All heads turned to him.

"That might be my fault..." Kiba continued

Everyone paused.

"Please...elaborate Kiba..." Neji asked

"Well you see", Kiba started to speak carefully, "after a bit of training with Akamaru yesterday, I got caught up with a few girls from our school. We went out for a bit of a drink and I may have had a little bit too much, and y'know...when I'm drunk I talk a lot without realising it and I probably mentioned you guys and..."

Kiba didn't need to say anymore.

Shikamaru and Neji started to crack their fists.

Temari grinded her teeth giving Kiba a death look.

Tenten stared at Kiba playing with her little kunai necklace.

"N-Now guys...calm down...I swear I didn't mean to. I mean, we're all great buddies and you know how I am with alcohol and-and I didn't do it on purpose...please guys don't...guys...?" Kiba put his hands up in defence.

"DO YOU WANT TO DIE!" they all yelled out and started chasing after Kiba.

After plummeting Kiba into the ground, they returned peacefully to the circle.

"Now the problem is how to handle it..." Sakura pondered.

"I'm sure if you ignore them, they'll eventually get over it..." Chouji commented.

"I don't think that theory will work this time..." Hinata spoke.

"Look, I understand why Temari and Tenten are targeting, but why me, Sakura and Hinata as well?" Ino wondered.

"Probably because you all hang out with us" Sasuke suggested

"Before they most likely turned a bit of a blind eye towards it, since just hanging out with us wasn't enough to make a commotion about it, but since the latest news, it seems all bitter feeling are pouring out at once" Shikamaru analysed his opinion.

"Well, that makes sense" Tenten thought out loud

"Still, the problem remains on what to do about it..." Sakura sighed

"I guess there's nothing else to do but to take Chouji's advice and ignore it hoping they'll get over themselves soon..." Ino sighed as well on this thought

"Man...that's so weak! Is that really the only option?" Temari remarked in dislike.

"I haven't got any other ideas..." Tenten sighed along with the rest.

Then the bell rang.

A few days passed and everyday was the same.

Then after a week things started to escalate and soon thing from their desk were stolen or thrown in the bin, the hatred notes multiplied and some were just plainly stuck on the door, they continued to get pushed and shoved in the hallways.

Sometimes it was something stupid like a note stuck on their back saying 'kick me' or something along the lines of it.

After a couple of weeks, Ino ran to the group with chalk dust all over her hair and shoulders screaming, "I'M SO SICK OF THIS!"

"Oh god what happened to you?" Sakura started to pat off all the dust.

"Those bitches frikin' dropped chalkboard dusters from the second floor on me" Ino cursed grinding her teeth

"It's really starting to get worse..." Tenten frowned

"That's it! No more Miss. Nice Ino, those girls are gonna cry" Ino smiled evily with an aura of malice surrounding her.

"Oh god, Dark Ino has awakened..." Shikamaru smacked his forehead.

"Those girls have finally done it" Sasuke smirked.

"Still, it wasn't very nice of them to do this to the girls!" Naruto commented

"Now, now Ino...calm down..." Sakura tried to comfort her.

"Sakura, right now I heard they are making a website called .com dedicated to you at this moment" Ino mentioned

Sakura's lip twitched.

"Oh really...they think they are so smart ey?" an aura of fire burned behind Sakura.

"What great fire of youth!" Lee cried out

"Let's go Sakura. We've got some business to handle" Ino ordered.

"Right behind you" Sakura laughed evilly and they both stalked away.

"Oh man...someone's gonna die" Kiba noted.

"D-Don't say that!" Hinata cried.

"They've been pretty easy on you though Hinata, I wonder why..." Temari pondered.

"Well look at her Temari", Tenten answered, "can you really bully someone with big doe-eyes like hers"

Temari stared at her for a moment.

"You've got a point" Temari sighed

"W-What?" Hinata shook her head in confusion and flustered.

"Either way, they are starting to get out of hand..." Neji spoke

"What are you going to do Temari?" Tenten asked

"Meh, I don't really care. If they want to make something of it, then I'll make something of it" Temari smirked

"Just don't go too hard on them ok?" Shikamaru sighed

The bell rang for the end of lunch.

"Well guess it's time to split" Kiba got up and yawned loudly stretching his arms out.

Temari's next class was cancelled, so she had some free time and then she had a class with Hinata.

They all waved goodbye to one another and headed off in their own directions.

Temari walked around the campus.

She didn't feeling like getting rid of homework since she didn't have much at the moment to bother, so she continued to walk around watching the classes and the trees.

She headed to the oval and saw Kiba kicking the football between the poles scoring a point with a group of girls screaming after him.

Then looking over at the soccer field, she saw Naruto scoring a goal which lead more screaming from girls.

She then moved onto the gym and watched Neji train for the Martial Arts tournament coming up with girls watching him with awe, though staying quiet due to the atmosphere.

Temari almost forgot for a moment how popular they all were.

She always remembered Sasuke being super popular, but the rest she seemed to have forgotten for a moment.

Then she headed for a random classroom and saw a crowd of girls surrounding at what seemed to be a match between Shikamaru and Asuma playing chess.

Shikamaru then grinned in triumph and placed down his last piece and called checkmate.

Asuma rubbed the back of his neck in defeat.

The girls squealed loudly.

'Geez, even Shikamaru playing chess is popular...how the hell does that work?!' Temari thought to herself.

After wondering the grounds a bit more the bell rang for the last period of the day and Temari headed to her class with Hinata.

She sat down in the seat next to Hinata placing her books down loudly on her desk.

Hinata cringed a little from the sound and then relaxed afterwards.

Then a student called out her name.

Temari turned around and saw a group of girls from a different class with scowls on their faces at the door.

"They said they want to talk to you" the student that spoke Temari's name told her.

"T-Temari...you don't have to..." Hinata stuttered

"No, it seems we have some things to discuss" Temari grinned and walked up to the girls waiting at the door for her.

Hinata watched Temari walk off with the girls and then looked down.

She looked around uncomfortably and then ran out of the classroom too with her fists clenched.

Temari followed the girls silently; they had taken her to the roof of the school.

"So what has honored me the presence of you girls?" Temari smirked

"Don't get cocky Suna!" one hissed

They all had pounded on makeup and enough eyeliner and mascara to mistake them for a racoon.

"Look Suna-"

"I have a name" Temari interrupted

"Shut up! Look, like, stay away from the top 5 ok?" another spoke.

"Top 5?" Temari questioned playing dumb.

"Don't play dumb! You know who we mean! Kiba, Neji, Sasuke, Naruto and SHIKAMARU"

"Hmm...let me think...uh...sorry no can do!"Temari smiled

"You cocky bitch!" another cursed.

There was about five of them.

'I can handle this many' Temari thought calculating the situation.

"We're not asking you, we're telling you. There's only one option"

"Yeah and that's to stay with them. Sweet, well I had a great time talking to you. See ya!" Temari started to walk off but her arm was caught by one of the girls.

"Hey! We're not done here!" The girl who grabbed her arm spoke.

"What?" Temari sent a death glare giving them all a shiver down their spine, "Do you wanna get violent now?"

The girl let go of her arm instantly.

"So the rumours are true. You are the violent type"

"So what if I am?" Temari scowled

"Don't worry. We were prepared for this. Boys, come on out"

Soon, three guys came out from behind a wall.

All three looked like your typical delinquent street punks you find around the city.

"Why are those three douche bags here?" Temari questioned.

"Hey! What did you call us bitch!" one of the guys spoke.

"Oh look, so the three idiots can speak for themselves!" Temari laughed clapping

"Don't worry guys. You three can have your way with her in a moment. Look Temari or whatever your name is, we knew you wouldn't like our request and take it easily, so we thought that maybe you could use some convincing" They all laughed

"Why? Because you hate the fact that me and Shikamaru are going out?" Temari remarked

They stopped laughing.

"That's right, you heard me. Me and Shikamaru are going out. And you know what? We've been going out for months now...months" Temari exaggerated the last word.

The girls grinded their teeth.

"It hurts to hear the truth doesn't it? I mean, you probably hate hearing that me and Shikamaru are going out and that you had no idea until way later. It's sad because you guys are just playing dirty using other people to get back at me instead of doing it yourselves. What total chickens. I guess your love for him wasn't that strong was it?" Temari grinned

"That's it! Shut this bitch up guys!"

The girls moved away and the three delinquents charged towards Temari.

Temari took her stance.

Hinata ran around to all of the classrooms and found Shikamaru.

Shikamaru saw her beckoning at him and he made an excuse to the teacher to leave class.

"What's wrong Hinata?" Shikamaru asked the panting Hinata.

Hinata took a deep breath, "T-Temari...she was called by...some...girls from another class!"

Shikamaru looked at her shocked, "Who were they?"

"I-I think one of them was Hitomi and Miraki" Hinata started to steady her breathing

"Shit, not those two. They'll probably get someone else to take care of things...do you know where they went?"

"I think I heard them mention the roof"

"Alright, thanks Hinata. I know you're skipping class, but can you also find the other girls and see if anything is happening on their end?"

Shikamaru ran off towards the roof.

'Please tell me nothing has happened to you yet Temari. Those two girls are known to have their connections and playing dirty. Geez, of course you troublesome woman only attract even more troublesome ones' Shikamaru cursed to himself.

He continued to travel up the stairs and finally reached the door to the roof.

He quickly opened it to see Temari deliver a final blow kick to one of the guys who fell onto the floor in pain.

Temari then turned her head quickly to face the girls who were cowering in a corner.

She walked up to them and they squealed pleading for her forgiveness.

"Look, don't mess with me or my friends ever again or you'll end up worse than those three over there" Temari tilted her head at the three guys groaning in pain on the floor.

The girls nodded their head and Temari walked off back to the door to see Shikamaru.

"Oh, Shikamaru. What are you doing here?" she asked as if everything was peachy.

Shikamaru just stared at her gobsmacked, 'God, she's scarier than my mother...'

"Y-You finished them all up by yourself?" Shikamaru stuttered a bit overwhelmed.

Temari just smiled triumphantly baring all of her teeth.

"Yeah, they weren't all that bad. I mean, if the guys all attacked at once it may have been a problem, but since they just attacked one by one, it was pretty easy. Like three short rounds I guess" Temari continued to smile.

"H-How...?" Shikamaru was still stunned

"Oh, didn't I tell you? My siblings and I have received self-defence training for YEARS just in case we get kidnapped since our father's a big shot and all..."

Shikamaru then thought for a bit and then laughed, 'That explains a hell of a lot about Temari and how she is'

"What? What's so funny?"

Shikamaru just continued to laugh.

In the end, Ino had gathered enough dirt about all of the girls to blackmail them to shut up and stop bothering them.

Sakura shut the persistent ones up very easily.

Neji had properly announced that him and Tenten were an item during a bully attack on her.

They were all so stunned they continued no further.

And attacks on Hinata were stopped during all of this.

They had all laughed when they heard Temari had beaten up her share of bullies.

Temari still couldn't understand why that was so.

So a few days had passed and everything had turned back to normal.

They all walked Ino to her locker and when she opened it, a purple letter flew out of it.

"Ah geez, I thought it was over already!" she cursed and opened it.

They all read it and screamed out at the same time, "A FASHION SHOW CHALLENGE?! AGAINST DEIDARA?!"

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