Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

An Insulting Proposition & BIKINIS!


To Wannabe Me (aka Ino Yamanaka, I do not blame you)

I propose the following challenge to thee as been expected:


You are allowed to collect a team of 10 to model out your own designs, though you yourself won't be participating and will be commentating your own outfits giving a brief description on what your inspiration for the outfit was, etc. (lucky you not having to model and ruin your own designs…which are bad enough).

As for the making of the clothing, it can be done however you wish with professionals or what not as long as you are the ONLY one designing the clothing and NO PLAUGURISM (even though I realise you're desperate and have to copy me).

It will be held at Annual Fashion Festival where we will be competing against many others, but only our scores will count in this challenge as to who receives the highest score no matter if we win the actual competition or not.

There will be three judges attending this event.

The categories are as followed:

'Smart Casual'

'Fun at the beach'

'Night out in the town'

'Just Hangin' in the city'

'Culture inspired'

Each category will have four different outfits representing it.

If you need any more information, please look at the website.

Good Luck (even though it won't help you win)


As Ino continued to read down the invitation, the vein popping out of her forehead kept increasing in size.

"THAT RAT TRY HARD! HOW DARE HE INSULT ME! HE'S GOING DOWN BIG TIME!" she screeched at the top of her lungs as her face blew up red.

Everyone in the hall and around the locker bay stopped in their tracks and stared at her.


They all quickly ran off in their own direction scattering across the school.

"Now, now…calm down Ino" Sakura put her hands up in front of herself in defence.

"HOW CAN I CALM DOWN AFTER RECEIVING SO MANY INSULTS FROM A TOTAL DUD IN FASHION?" Ino exclaimed, took a deep breathe and spoke again, "Look we have to win anyway and I want revenge!"

"Ok Ino we know, but the question is, who is gonna be the models?" Tenten wondered.

"You guys of course" Ino replied nonchalantly.


That got Temari's attention.

"Hey! I never said I was gonna model!" Temari argued

"Sure you are!" Ino smiled menacingly, "I've already decided. You and Shikamaru are gonna pair up to be models, this also applies to Tenten and Neji, Sakura and Kankurou or maybe Gaara…I would choose Lee…but well…y'know fashion wise, Hinata and Kiba and Sasuke and Naruto. I will help the girls change and Chouji will be my assistant to help change the guys. It works out PERFECTLY"

"Hell no am I gonna model!" Temari denied yet again not impressed.

"Well, are you just gonna let the team down and tell Deidara we can't participate and forfeit because we're down a model?" Ino pressured Temari.

"Get someone else to do it! Also, Gaara would definitely say no. Kankurou you may be able to convince since he's pretty up himself" Temari commented.

"Oh THANKS Temari. Why is it every time I go find you, you're ALWAYS saying shit about me?" Kankurou gritted his teeth annoyed.

The rest of the guys were behind him.

"Coincidence" Temari shrugged.

"What are you girls talking about anyway?" Naruto asked curiously popping his head out.

"Ino finally got her challenge invite" Tenten explained briefly.


"Kiba-man…Deidara, her opponent, is a GUY" Kankurou explained.

"WHAT? I thought it was a chic!" Kiba snapped in surprised.

"Definitely male" Neji nodded.

"It says so on all of his files" Shikamaru agreed.

"Ahh man…that's so weird" Kiba remarked.

"Don't tell me you were having thoughts like 'Ah she's so hot' or 'I'll tap that' Kiba" Naruto grinned.

"Eww man, of course not! I just presumed it was a girl since his style was similar to Ino's y'know" Kiba laughed

Ino's ears turned red.

"Oh NICE one Kiba…don't get Ino started again" Sakura scoffed annoyed

"No, I'm going to stay calm, change my hairstyle, find my notepad and start drawing" Ino quoted seemingly riled up.

"What is the challenge exactly?" Sasuke asked.

"Fashion competition" Sakura answered

"What? Fashion competition?" Kiba questioned making sure he heard right.

"Yep, and you are all going to be my models. Don't mention this to Lee by the way, unfortunately he can't participate and Gaara, you're not in it since Temari mentioned you don't like these things" Ino confirmed

Gaara nodded happily and walked off with Kankurou since they had class unlike the others.

"Wait! Neither do I! Exempt me from this too!" Temari begged.

"No Temari, I need you in it and the same goes for the rest of you. NO arguing"

Everyone started to complain at once, but in the end Ino won them over and skipped off to the bathroom to fix her hair.

She came back with her hair in pigtails.

"That's cute" Tenten commented.

"Kinda reminds me of someone…" Kiba thought to himself for a moment.

"Yeah, Naruto" Shikamaru answered for him.

Sasuke blushed.

"Oh yeah! That day Naruto disguised himself as a girl. He wore a wig in pigtails that looks like Ino's hair now" Kiba came to the realisation.

"Sasuke…why are you blushing?" Naruto asked innocently.

He could see through Sasuke's eyes that he was reminiscing on something, flushed even brighter and looked away; "Shut up Dobe" he managed to say.

Naruto looked at him confused.

"Ugh, I don't want to remind people of NARUTO when they see me. I'm going to change it again" Ino rushed off back into the bathroom.

"Hey! What's wrong with me?" Naruto whined.

"Naruto my man, the question is 'What is NOT wrong with you'" Kiba teased.

Naruto gave him a friendly punch.

Ino kept walking in and out and finally just settled for her usual ponytail since everything else was rejected.

Then she walked off in thought about the upcoming competition.

"I can't believe we let Ino sucker us into modelling…" Shikamaru sighed

"Hey, it can't be THAT bad Shikamaru!" Kiba grinned.

"I'm not totally convinced either…" Neji gave a look of total dismay

"Geez, do I have to spell it out for you guys? Look, gather here!" Kiba beckoned all of the guys to one spot away from the girls.

"I heard that there's a theme that requires 'bathing suits' and knowing Ino, it won't mean boorish one pieces, it'll be skimpy bikinis" Kiba sniggered to himself, "Aren't you guys the LEAST bit curious about which girl is gonna model for that?"

All the guys then looked towards the girls.

"What do you think they're talking about?" Sakura wondered.

"I-I don't know…" Hinata stuttered out.

"Can't be anything good" Tenten sighed

"Probably something stupid and dirty" Temari scoffed.

"Y-You can't know that for sure Temari!" Hinata started to flush a little with her pale skin turning a light shade of pink.

"Trust me, when you have two careless brothers, you learn a thing or two about guys…especially with Kankurou" Temari showed a face of disgust, "All I know is that they are definitely NOT discussing the weather or about their next test"

The guys turned back into their little huddle.

"Ok, I'm in" Shikamaru folded.

Naruto snickered, "Shikamaru's a perv"

Sasuke grinned in agreement.

"Shut up" Shikamaru pouted.

"Hey, it's only natural!" Kiba laughed loudly.

"This is childish" Neji flicked his hair about to walk away, "Thoughts such as those won't convince me"

Kiba grabbed a hold of his shoulder, "Wait a moment Neji!"

He then whispered in Neji's ear, "If you back out and Tenten stays in, then Tenten would get a different partner leaving her 'bikini' self vulnerable for that lucky guy's eyes for the WHOLE time. Do you want that?"

The question was obviously rhetorical.

"Alright I guess I'm going to being helping out in this challenge" Neji gave in reluctantly.

"WOO!" Kiba celebrated glad that everyone seemed to be ok in participating.

The remaining guys joined up with the rest of the girls.

"Geez, I'm still not ok with thing…" Temari sighed

"Why?" Naruto asked

"It's such a bother having to 'prep up' with make up and clothes and having to show it off and 'flaunt it' in front of an audience" Temari complained.

"Oh come on, it's not like you're doing your own make up and you change clothes all the time everyday! Plus you only have to walk a few meters, which is nothing. You don't really have to flaunt it either, they're looking at the clothes, not the person for a potential model" Kiba reasoned out.

"I guess he does have a point. I mean we should help and support Ino in this" Sakura agreed.

Hinata nodded in agreement.

"I guess…" Tenten gave in

Temari sighed and looked at Shikamaru painfully, "Alright I'll do it…but doesn't mean I'll enjoy it"

"Guess that's all of us then~" Kiba cooed.

So time had passed and Ino had finally finished her designs.

"Guys!" she cried, "I've finished the clothing designs!"

"Great! Let's have a look" Tenten smiled happily.

Everyone was gathered in a circle in the yard at the usual place.

Lee had gone on a camping trip with Gai for 'special training'.

Everyone skimmed through her portfolio.

"They all look really awesome Ino!" Sakura complimented.

"You wi-will definitely win with this" Hinata confirmed.

"Aww thanks guys!" Ino beamed.

"The question is: How are we going to get these made?" Neji wondered.

"The festival is in three weeks time" Sasuke reminded.

"Well first, let's look at the material. Most of the material seems to be a cotton and polyester blend which you can purchase at any material shop. Latex might be a little hard to obtain in the colours you want, but may be possible. The hardest is the silk for the Culture set as well as the harder material for the armour. Pricey and hard to obtain in itself, let alone in the colour you wish" Shikamaru reasoned

"I've already settled the outer armour material with some connections I have" Ino confirmed, "As for the silk…I know where to get the best in town for a reasonable price" she grinned.

They all looked at her weirdly.


The whole group walked together around the school grounds.

Still receiving greasy, cold stares from many girls, but they didn't try anything.

"Where would he be?" Sakura wondered

"Who knows?" Kiba asked rhetorically, "That guy has always been hard to understand"

"Alright, that's it! There's no point in wandering around aimlessly. Shikamaru!" Ino ordered, "Use that brain of yours and figure it out!"

Shikamaru groaned in protest.

"Who's Shino?" Temari asked curiously.

"A rather…peculiar guy. You'll understand him best when you seem him. Just remember, MAJOR bug fan, be careful not to get angry at a fly and kill it ok?" Shikamaru replied.

"Come on Shikamaru, we haven't got all day" Ino continued to order.

"Tch! Troublesome…" Shikamaru sat in thought reluctantly.

After a couple of minutes, he got up and started walking towards the edge of the school yard.

The others followed.

He stopped at a tree and knocked on it.

Temari gave him a really weird look.

'What's knocking on a tree going to solve?'

"Who's knocking?" An unfamiliar voice to Temari asked.

"It's Shikamaru. We need some of your services"

Suddenly a dark figure jumped out of the tree.

Temari put her guard up just to see a boy with black, spiky, uncontrollable hair wearing sunglasses and had covered his face with his scarf.

'Definitely peculiar' Temari thought.

"How can I help you?" the guy named Shino asked.

"Hey Shino, you're family still makes silk out of your silkworms?" Ino questioned.


"Do you think I could purchase some?" Ino proposed.

Shino nodded and they started discussing details.

Then they all thanked Shino and walked off.

"What was he doing in the tree?" Temari asked.

"Probably talking to his little bug friends" Naruto replied laughing

"He talks…to bugs?" Temari said in a rather strange tone.

"Yes, sort of like how you talk to your pet dog or cat" Neji replied

"Ooook…" Temari didn't ask any further.

"Well now all we need to know is how we are going to get all of the outfits made in time…" Sakura wondered

"Oh don't worry, Ino and I have already found a solution" Chouji grinned

"What?" Everyone asked simultaneously.

"Well I was able to persuade daddy to hire some people to make them so as soon as we finish gathering the material, we are set to go!" Ino squealed in excitement.

"Your 'daddy' was able to hire people?" Temari questioned

"Oh you don't know? My daddy is one of those 'corp. head' people. Finding people is easy"

"It's Ino's mum who takes care of their florist" Shikamaru continued.

"Yeah, mum does it as a hobby to pass time since she doesn't really need to work to earn money. Normally she'll be home to look after me, but as soon as I grew up old enough to look after myself, she became bored so then daddy bought her a florist to look after as an anniversary present" Ino explained.

'What a practical anniversary present' Temari thought to herself.

"Well anyway, my house this weekend to get measured and fitted! Don't forgot or you'll have to pay!" Ino laughed and then skipped off to class since the bell had just gone.

Everyone agreed, more or less, and also scattered off to their own classes.

The competition has yet to come, but is creeping closer and there were still a lot of things still needed to get done.

Unfortunately, Temari wasn't expecting what situation she was going to be put in at Ino's house on the weekend.

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