Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Girly and Not So Friendly Competition

'Come on Temari! Come out so we can see~" Ino cooed convincingly

'No way am I putting this thing on!" Temari yelled back through the door setting her and Ino apart.

"It's not a thing, it's all of my blood, sweat and tears put together in a masterpiece so stop complaining and GET OUT HERE!' Ino ordered losing a bit of patience as time went by.

"What blood, sweat and tears? You didn't actually MAKE this. I hardly call drawing and throwing orders everywhere effort" Temari scoffed

"Fine then, just stop wasting my money that I spent making my workers making that outfit and get out here with it on"

Temari didn't know how to reply because she was probably right, so in the end she just said, "Just give me my clothes back already"

Temari paused to think to herself about how she keeps getting herself into these situations.

What happened was…

She walked into Ino's grand mansion that she called 'home' as promised to get 'fitted' for the show.

She was guided in by Ino's butler.

Everyone was already there and they were staring at the hangers with all sorts of clothing on it.

There was a lot of chatter going on about who was wearing what asking the usual questions as Temari apologised that Kankuro couldn't come.

All of the sudden, a maid behind Temari accidently got knocked in the rush and spilt Sakura's Raspberry Lemonade all over Temari.

Ino quickly dashed her to the bathroom and told her to take a shower otherwise she would be all sticky and uncomfortable.

Which is why Temari did as she was told and jumped into the shower.

It felt good, real good.

The shower was the size of most people's bathrooms itself.

She couldn't help but goggle at the pristine white room nicely tiled and clean that she was in.

She then realised that Ino's 'house' probably has many more even bigger and better bathrooms and that she was only in the 'guest' one.

Then Ino (the cunning girl she is) came in, the shower was separate with a foggy screen door, and told her politely that she was going to wash her clothes before they stain.

She also said that she was going to leave some clothes behind for her to change into.

Temari didn't think much of it. Sounded like a good plan at the time.

But now, she was really regretting it…

"I swear Temari, I have the key right here to unlock this door and I'm going to open it. If you haven't got changed then your bad luck" Ino threatened.

"You wouldn't dare" Temari hissed

"Oh really? Oh look. What a coincidence. Hey guys!" Ino called out. Temari knew she was no longer talking to her anymore, "Come over here for a second' Ino continued

Temari could hear a few heavy footsteps.

"Hey Temari. The guys are here!" Ino called out loud and clear.

"Why did you call us over for Ino?" a boy sounding a lot like Kiba asked.

"Yeah Ino" Naruto added in

Shikamaru sighed.

"Oh, you'll see" Ino chimed, "I'm serious Temari I'm going to count to three"

"One" Ino called out.

Temari could hear the key go into the lock. "Don't phase yet Temari, she's bluffing" Temari thought to herself.

"Two" Ino called out and turned the key.

"Seriously, what is going on?" Naruto asked

Temari realised that she probably wasn't kidding.

She quickly fumbled around trying to put on the unfamiliar clothing.

A quick thought of Déjà vu came over her.

It really reminded her of the Cultural Festival.

"Three" Ino cried as the door knob turned and slowly opened.

Ino opened it as slow as possible waiting for a word of protest just in case Temari hadn't finished changing yet,

She didn't really want Temari to be seen naked in front of the guys.

She wasn't that angry…or mean.

After hearing no protest, just a couple of struggling noises, she opened the door fully swung back.

It uncovered a Temari decked out in a purple, halter neck bikini with a matching sarong, lined with black with a symbol that looked similar to the letter 'i' but in a block font printed on the top, left side of her bikini.

The bottoms had a picture of a fan on the right hip.

The guys' jaws dropped open.

Temari gave no eye contact feeling violated with all of them ogling at her.

"I seriously don't see what the fuss was all about Temari! Sometimes you can be so silly!" Ino laughed in victory

"So…embarrassing…' Temari muttered through clenched teeth.

"Ok, I never would've guessed that Temari had such a body…" Kiba gasped

Naruto nodded with his jaw still hanging, "Yeah, look at that rack-"

Shikamaru cut him off by smacking his head as well as Kiba for his previous comment.

"Oww" They both complained.

Temari continued to curse inside her head wishing to die right then until the gazes came off her when the rest of the girls walked in.

"Ohh~" Sakura cooed. She was wearing a pink kimono with cherry blossom patterns scattered all over it, especially on the hems. Though the obi and such weren't on yet, only the robe itself and a piece of fabric holding it together, tied around her waist, "Wow Temari. You have the perfect bikini model body and looks"

Temari didn't know whether she would take this as a compliment or not.

"Sh-Sh-She's right" Hinata stuttered a little hiding herself behind Sakura so Temari couldn't see what she was wearing either.

"Hmm, toned body, flat stomach, well proportioned, not to mention tanned to boot! It really suits the 'beachy look'" Tenten nodded her head in agreement while she was analysing Temari's body

Tenten was wearing what looked like a Chinese orientated outfit.

'Culture Inspired I guess' Temari thought to herself.

"Look, can we all stop looking at me now? I've had enough embarrassment for a life time now…" Temari sighed feeling her cheeks burn up slightly

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about! You look fantastic, Shikamaru's probably going wild because he hasn't been able to look at you straight since, so all is good" Ino giggled

"What does Shikamaru have to do with this?" Temari raised an eyebrow.

"Leave me out of this fuss…so troublesome" Shikamaru mumbled scratching the back of his head as he walked away.

Soon everyone did the same bustling around with outfits and pieces of cloth flying everywhere trying to figure out some of Ino's more complicated designs.

In the end all was sorted out and all that was left was to permanently fix the alterations…but that was Ino's workers job.

After a long and tiring day they all went to the next room and collapsed onto the couches and various beanbags in the room.

Temari threw herself at the couch and sighed a long tired sigh.

The actual modelling competition was coming around soon and she wasn't sure if she had the confidence to perform well either.

Sure talking in front a whole bunch of people saying a speech was fine, or wearing some kind of big fancy dress in a hall full of very high classed citizens in one of those functions her father made her attend to while keeping a very high classed image herself in front of all of the snobs was fine as well.

But wearing a full out bikini in front of a bunch of people she didn't know watching as they judge every aspect of the clothes she wore (or the little of it) as well as herself…she wasn't so sure.

The maid came around to her with ice cream (chocolate chip, her favourite) and a soda and she swallowed it down fast not realising that she was actually quite hungry and dehydrated.

Although the ice cream didn't really help her hunger.

"You ok there?" Shikamaru looked down at her on the couch with his hands in his pockets and an eyebrow raised slightly.

"Just a little dehydrated I guess" Temari answered non-chalantly

Shikamaru shrugged and sat next to her on the couch.

"Hey, who said you can sit here?" Temari argued

Shikamaru shrugged yet again, "Its Ino's couch, not yours and she said I could sit wherever so I am"

"Well there's a whole bunch of other seats you can sit on. Why does it have to be this one?"

"Check again" Shikamaru indicated towards everyone else

There was no other free seating. Everyone was sitting in their usual pairs although Sakura was by herself on the single beanbag.

Temari huffed, "Whatever"

Shikamaru took that as an 'ok' and sat comfortably next to her on the large couch.

Ino chucked on a random show on TV and everyone talked for a little while.

"Ok listen up guys!" Ino clapped her hands to gather attention, "Come by tomorrow. You all need to learn how to walk on the runway correctly. I wouldn't want you all up their embarrassing yourselves with poor posture while wearing my designs now would I?"

Temari sighed yet again, 'I REALLY can't wait until this is over and done with'

"Well it's time for us to head off Ino, it's nearly time to go see Tsunade now" Sakura said standing up

"Hmm…I need to go talk to my dad as well…" Chouji grunted

"Yeah, Asuma's probably waiting to finish off our game…" Shikamaru shrugged

"Guess that means I'm off too since if Ino's leaving, so will the rest of us"

Hence, everyone got out of their comfortable groove created in their seats and left.

"Oi, Temari! You walking home?" Shikamaru called out to the sand blonde

"Yeah, it's a nice night to go out for a walk, don't you reckon?" Temari looked up at the clear night sky full of stars and smiled

"I'll walk you home then. Women shouldn't walk around at night by themselves"

"There you go with the whole 'women this, women that' talk"

"Well it's true. Society is so dangerous and rough now. Women are vulnerable"

"You know what? I think you should just shut up. I can defend myself well enough thank you very much. Forget walking me home" Temari then walked a little bit faster ahead of Shikamaru slightly infuriated.

"Alright troublesome woman, I won't say anymore so let me walk you the rest of the way"




"Yes I will Temari"

"No you won't Shikamaru"

The repetitive conversation continued until they reached the front gates of Temari's property.

"Well now there's no point of me saying 'no' anymore since we're already here" Temari pointed out wishing that she spent that time walking on a better conversational topic.

You know, one that doesn't consist of only two words.

"Heh, I guess so" Shikamaru mentally grinned

There was an awkward silence.

"Well I better go before Asuma gets on my case for being late" Shikamaru said looking upwards

"What for? Why are you going to see a teacher for at this time and on a weekend?"

Shikamaru stood there and thought to himself, "To simply put it. He's my trainer"

"Trainer for what?"

"Uh…I guess fighting sums it up"

"What? Fighting? You mean with this whole Akatsuki thing?"

"Yes, for once I think I do need to take something seriously, after all, yourself is at stak-" Shikamaru cut himself off realising what he was about to say.

"Ohh, what's that? I didn't quite catch that" Temari grinned devilishly.

"I was just saying how I need to take things more seriously" Shikamaru quickly replied getting a little bit flustered mentally, although he was able to keep his usual cool face.

"Ah huh, pretty sure you had something else to say"

"I don't. See you later" Shikamaru turned around and walked fast in the opposite direction

'Why? For some reason I just feel like grabbing him, but that would be weird wouldn't it? I'm so tempted to though. Should I? Shouldn't I? He's moving away now I have to decide fast! Oh what the heck!' Temari contemplated

Suddenly Shikamaru felt someone grab the back of his hood of his jumper and fell into some kind of embrace.

'After all we are technically going out' Temari justified herself

"Thanks for walking me home" she quickly whispered into Shikamaru's back and ran into her house embarrassed.

Shikamaru stood still for a moment processing the recent events and then continued to walk.

Temari slumped at her door thinking, 'WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?'

The next few days went by in a flash after many torturous lessons of cat-walking from Ino's hired trainer and continuous dressing up.

Finally the day of the competition came.

Temari entered the hall where the competition was meant to be held and suddenly felt a gust of inferiority.

She could tell straight away as soon as she set a foot in that this was not a place where she belonged.

It's was all very superficial with a room full of bustling participants running amok doing last minute preparations and bright lights and big black curtains hanging everywhere.

Many people were dressed up in fancy clothing made out of very expensive material with crazy designs.

This was no local competition…forget that! It looked like half of the participants were from a different country!

And she was meant to walk and be judged by all of these people?

'Not a chance' Temari thought as she turned around to walk off

She was stopped when she accidently bumped into someone standing behind her.

"Yo, you're going the wrong way" a familiar voice pointed out

Temari stepped back a bit to look up at the man who was talking.

Of course it was Shikamaru.

"There's no point backing out Temari. We have to be in this together…as much as I think that this is troublesome and rather unnecessarily uncomfortable, we don't have any other option than to carry through with the plan. This is still a real competition with the Akatsuki remember" Shikamaru spoke

"I know, there's no need to lecture me…" when Temari's eyes focused on Shikamaru she then realised that this isn't the usual Shikamaru.

His hair was done properly all styled with some hardcore wax and out of its usual ponytail.

"Are…you wearing make up?" Temari asked innocently as she moved closer to get a better look.

Shikamaru's face started to flush, enough to see it under the layer of foundation.

"Sh-shut up. Ino insisted and it's really hard to say no to her when she's under this much stress. Stupid, troublesome woman"

"Whoa, your comments on woman escalated" Temari pointed out

All of the sudden a random girl fell onto Shikamaru accidently.

Accidently on purpose that is.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! I guess I'm still clumsy in these heels after all~" The random girl cooed cheekily with an innocent voice

'That voice is obviously put on' Temari thought to herself.

Then suddenly the random girl pushed Temari out of the way, out of the picture and stuck to Shikamaru like glue.

"Please let me introduce myself~ My name is Rika Nozomi and I'll be modelling for a designer here entering the competition. I'm guessing you're a model too?" she batted her eyelashes sweetly.

Temari felt like she was going to puke.

'Ok girly. It's one thing to just make a move like a stupid little innocent girl, but it's another thing to push me out of the way as if I don't exist!' Temari started to burn up a little.

'Rika' had long, brown, wavy, bouncy hair, crystal blue eyes, a small face, was around Temari's height, long arms and legs, rosy cheeks, long eyelashes, high cheekbones and large, doe-like eyes that could give Hinata a run for her money.

Temari admitted that she was gorgeous.

She also admitted that Shikamaru's little 'makeover' made him look extremely hot and would explain the sudden attention.

"Ah, yeah I'm just helping a friend out by modelling" Shikamaru answered in his usual cool, calm and collected voice.

'Dammit, don't put on your calm, disinterested voice! That will definitely keep the girls stringing along! Wait a minute…why the hell do I care? Don't tell me I feel inferior to this stupid 'oops I fell' girl?' Temari pondered in her mind arguing with herself.

Temari flicked her head side to side.

This 'Rika' wasn't the only one. Multiple girls in the room were staring at Shikamaru with hazy eyes.

'Of course they would! He's super popular at school in his baggy uniform and rather lazy appearance, so that popularity would just amplify if he's all stylish with his hair and appearance wearing nice clothing even if we're not at school' Temari thought coming to a realisation.

"Oh~ that's so kind of you working for free to help a friend out. I would LOVE a friend like that!" Rika continued with a little giggle at the end.

Alright, Temari definitely had enough playing as the doormat.

"Sorry to interrupt, but would you mind being a little bit gentler when you just suddenly, rudely push me aside lie that?" Temari smiled a fake innocent smile

Sent shivers up Shikamaru's spine, but it didn't seem to faze Rika all that much.

"Did I really? So sorry I didn't really see you there. I guess I was just 'caught up' in the moment" Rika apologised with an apologetic look on her face, although her tone didn't quite match.

'Stupid bitch' Temari muttered mentally

"Hmm I guess not everyone has the capacity to be able to focus on more than one thing at a time" Temari spoke still smiling though the right corner was just twitching slightly.

Rika giggled sarcastically, "I guess not"

There was a bit of a cold stalemate.

Shikamaru stayed quiet not wanting to be involved. 'Women…' He thought

"So what are you here for?" Rika asked batting her large eyelashes yet again

"I'm also here helping a friend out by modelling" Temari answered with a smile still plastered on her face.

Rika scanned Temari.

Temari had her hair up as usual and she was just wearing some comfy clothing since she had to change out of it anyway.

"Really now? How very KIND of you" Rika said sarcastically, also smiling

'Stupid, STUPID, ANNOYING BITCH!' Temari continued to curse inside her head.

"Oh no, no effort at all" Temari declared while waving her hand.

"I guess that makes us rivals" Rika noted

"I was just about to say the same thing" Temari commented

After yet another stalemate, Temari walked over to Shikamaru's side, "I guess we better start moving Shikamaru. Might as well go together since we're modelling partners and all" Temari purposely amplified the word 'partners'.

Rika gave a tad shocked look but quickly returned to normal and continued to smile.

"See you soon then"

"I guess so"

Temari then grabbed Shikamaru's hand and dragged him towards the back of the stage.

When they were nearly where they were meant to be, Shikamaru finally spoke, "You're rather interesting when you're jealous aren't you?"

Temari stopped but didn't let go of his hand, "I wasn't jealous. I just hate girls like her using conniving tricks to get away with things acting all innocent and worst of all, ACTING LIKE I DIDN'T EXIST!"

Shikamaru laughed, "Alright I get it"

"Hey you two! What do you think you're doing? We're already behind schedule and OMG TEMARI why aren't you done up yet?" Ino complained rushing towards them and dragging them behind the set without another word.

After dragging them to the back, the M.C. suddenly says, "Let the show begin!"

Well that's all for now

I hope it's alright!

I tried my hardest!

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I will try to bring it out much MUCH faster…I was just caught up this time.

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