Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right


'Ok, seriously. How do models handle this everyday?' Temari thought to herself as she was being push, pulled and prodded at.

The fact that OTHER people would be dressing her never came across her mind, since at Ino's house during rehearsals she did the dressing herself.

Though this was the real deal.

She was treated like a real professional model being all dressed up and being ordered around to move here and there

It was highly uncomfortable having people 'touching' her in awkward places and constantly gawking at her whether the clothes were sitting on her body right or not and whether they have enough tape holding up gaping parts of the outfit.

Luckily, she was allowed to dress herself for the bikini.

As she was getting dressed she heard a loud voice belting out on the microphone.

"HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Chihiro Hideki and I am one of your judges for tonight, but I thought I would give hosting a try since it seems rather fun~"

'What a spunky judge' Temari thought as she continued getting changed after being slightly startled.

"Tonight we are having a showdown where many high-classed designers all over the world come over and show off their newest and flashiest designs before your very own eyes and I have been given the honour to judge them as to who will be given the award for the Best Designer of the Year! Now without further ado, let's begin! We will start with the designer…"

An unknown French name was mentioned when Temari finally finished and stepped out of the changing room with her bikini on covered with a fluffy robe.

She walked up to her designated make up artist who got to work straight away.

Finally Ino's name was announced and Temari started to feel butterflies in her stomach.

'Smart Casual' theme was to go out first.

This meant Sasuke, Naruto, Tenten and Neji.

Sasuke and Naruto walked out onto the catwalk and all you could here was gasping and high pitched squeals.

Temari peeked at the TV screen showing was what happening on the catwalk and she new why instantly.

Naruto and Sasuke were looking really hot.

Naruto was wearing a shirt and tie, but it was de-shelved on purpose.

His tie was on loosely, pants a little baggy and the shirt slightly untucked in certain parts.

While Sasuke was dressed more tidily with everything in place as it should be.

The difference between the two was the colour scheme and a few slight differences with the cuts, but otherwise, it was nothing but a shirt and a tie.

Although, the thing that made it work was the people wearing it.

The two main 'types' of guys were standing in front of an audience of girls.

You had the playful looking dirt blonde with blue eyes and a cute cheeky smile.

As well and the 'cold and cool' black haired guy with a girlish face and an 'I'm too cool to care' kind of attitude and facial expression.

No doubts girls were swooning left, right and centre.

'Soon you'll be hearing an ambulance siren and the police coming in to calm the crowd since security would be having a hard time doing so at the moment' Temari thought to herself

As Temari predicted, certain girls got a bit ahead of themselves and started jumping on the catwalk leaping onto two defenceless boys like a jaguar jumping after its prey.

Well it would've been a lot easier if the two boys were merely defenceless…

Unfortunately, Sasuke doesn't fully understand the meaning of the word 'restraint' and started to freak pushing girls left, right and centre off the stage away from himself.

Not long later Temari could hear sirens and even more sounds of camera shutters.

Finally Sasuke and Naruto came back to backstage covered in claw marks with their clothes dishelved and ripped.

A girl was still clutching on Sasuke's legging being dragged the whole way back.

Ino and Sakura screeched at the sight ordering first aid repeating 'your poor beautiful face' over and over again.

Temari sighed knowing that this is a common occurrence, yet it never ceases to amaze her.

Next came out Tenten and Neji in their own outfits.

Tenten had her hair out of the usual Chinese buns and was all done up elegantly into a French knot.

She had a very pretty dress on with an a-line skirt.

Neji was wearing a shirt with a jacket, no tie.

They were matching somewhat in colour scheme making them look like an item.

Ino was out there as well, after fussing over Sasuke, in a stunning dress answering questions about her designs.

The usual, 'What inspired you to design this outfit' and so on so forth.

Next out was the 'Fun at the Beach' theme.

Temari's stomach dropped.

The moment she was hoping to never come was about to start.

Temari then realised that she hadn't even looked at herself yet since she was so focused on the TV screen.

The make-up artist had finished with her and she was already changed and was just wearing a robe and a 'bib' so that no make up would get on the outfit.

She looked at herself in the mirror slightly shocked.

Her hair was done in a loose, very high ponytail with a couple of loose bit of hair curled and an addition of a couple of hibiscus flowers was placed delicately on her head and she was also wearing very natural light make up.

She couldn't stop staring at herself in the mirror.

She knew the girl in the mirror was her, and it wasn't like the girl in the mirror didn't look like her either.

She did, but something was different.

Maybe the air?

She was glowing, and she felt good.

"Wow Temari, you should wear light makeup all the time and change your hairstyle a bit. You're holding yourself back, you look really pretty" The makeup artist advised looking at Temari pleased, "I hardly applied any makeup, and you've already transformed".

Temari just nodded not taking her eyes off herself.

Then she suddenly took of her robe exposing her bikini-wearing body.

'Is it possible that self-confidence, the one thing I always thought I would have no matter what, was actually the thing I was missing all this time and was holding me back?' she thought to herself

She didn't wake up from her daze until a dark figure came up from behind her in the reflection as well.

It was no other than Shikamaru.

He was simply wearing a pair of dark green board short with some kind of pattern on them.

His hair was half tied up and he stood behind her with one arm behind his head slightly leaning back in a slouched manner.

They didn't say anything, just stared at the mirror.

"Aww, you guys match so well!" a recognisable voice from behind commented

They turned around to see Sakura who was ready for when it was her turn and seemed to have some what gotten over her anger about Sasuke's scratched face.

"Seriously, you guys look great together. You two were MADE for the beach" she smiled

Temari finally woke up from her weird daze and looked at Shikamaru.

'How can that scrawny kid suit the beach exactly?' she thought until she saw Shikamaru's body.

It was far from scrawny.

Let's just say he had great muscle tone.

'Of course, how could I forget…' Temari rethought again looking away before she got a nose bleed or anything

"Temari, Shikamaru! You're on!" a stage crew member called.

"You ready?" Shikamaru asked

"…Yeah…" Temari replied solemnly

"Remember not to be too shocked with what's out there and focus on walking" Shikamaru reminded

"I'll be fine" Temari replied again in a calm manner

'What's with her?' Shikamaru thought to himself raising an eyebrow

"You just worry about yourself. Don't cry or anything alright?" Temari looked at Shikamaru playfully

Shikamaru blushed slightly a little stunned, "Wh-What?"

Temari just gave a big, cheesy smile in return.

They both turned around a corner and then they were out in the open to a massive stage with a room full of bustling people.

Temari paused slightly from a little shock since all she could see was white due to all of the flashes from massive cameras.

They walked out together calmly to the end of the stage where the judges were at.

Before she posed, a certain girl caught her eye.

That girl had a shocked face staring directly at her with her mouth slightly gaped open.

Temari smiled triumphantly striking a strong pose as Shikamaru followed her lead and posed with her.

The girl then pouted slightly and her eyes turned strong and serious, enough to give Gaara a good run for his money.

'Good, I would've gotten bored if you were weak' Temari thought to herself.

On the way back they crossed paths with Hinata and Kiba who were also following the theme.

Hinata wore a cute, pure white pinafore with its skirt flowing rather nicely with a very wide brimmed hat. She was also carrying a white parasol as if to protect her porcelain skin.

While Kiba wore a pair of board shorts as well, in red, and a light, short sleeved hoodie unzipped and a pair of sunglasses placed firmly on his head.

Somehow, Kiba's cheeky, outgoing nature matched Hinata's shy, calming nature really well.

It was like mixing fire and water together, they calmed each other's overwhelming qualities leaving a nice refreshing pool of steam releasing all of your tension.

Temari then snapped out of her analysis hearing her name being called.

She had to rush since she was on next after Sakura and Kankuro.

The next theme on was 'Night out in the town'.

Sakura came out in a purple strapless dress with a floral, swirly pattern printed on it and a ribbon wrapped around her waist.

Kankuro was wearing a white shirt and a matching purple tie with swirly patterns printed on it. He also wore a pair of casual slacks with feint stripes and a vest as well as a snappy hat with the brim curving up.

Surprisingly Sakura's pink hair didn't clash with her outfit and she looked really gorgeous with Kankurou who looked very sophisticated.

Temari then took a look in the mirror again since she had her make up done already and she was completely dressed with her hair done.

She was wearing a long black gown with a split on the side that started mid-thigh. It stuck to her skin rather comfortably, yet it had a nice feel. The only criticism was the slight bit too much cleavage showing since the dress's neck line was cut a bit too far down.

What was more was the fact that all sorts of diamantes patterned under the low cut neck line in an intricate design catching even more attention to her cleavage.

As annoyed as she was that Ino made this little 'alteration' without her knowledge or permission, she admitted she looked pretty good.

She had more make up on with eyeliner, fake lashes, eyeshadow, bronzer; the usual photogenic clubbing make up giving her a smoky, mature look to go along with her mature dress and VERY high heels. Her hair was pulled up in a messy tousled bun with her hair in curls and was held together with a matching diamante clip.

Again a taller man walked up to her from behind showing his reflection in the same mirror as hers, but this time his arms were wrapped around her loosely.

Temari slightly twitched and her eyebrows furrowed unconsciously.

"What are you up to?" she asked the tall man named Shikamaru slightly pouting as if she was bothered and he was causing a nuisance

Whether it was actually true or not.

"Hey don't give me that face, it wasn't my idea-" Shikamaru got cut off with a squeal

"Kyaa~! Perfect! Absolutely perfect!" Ino screamed in excitement, "This is the image I'm for with this theme. A couple-y feel to a black tie masquerade event! Don't forget your masks ok?" she smiled as she continued to bounce around

"As I was saying," Shikamaru continued ignoring Ino, "This was Ino's idea for the theme and it would be good to have the advantage when going against the Akatsuki, which means we have to win this" Then Shikamaru glanced in Ino's direction, "Don't let her fluffy innocence fool you, she's actually one of the scariest woman I've ever known next to mum when you get her angry" and then Shikamaru looked back at Temari, "Well, and you…"

Temari couldn't help but laugh even though she tried to hold it back.

"Temari, Shikamaru! You're on in ten!" A random crew member called.

"Ah, guess we should get moving, they're calling" Shikamaru removed his arms around Temari and walked off towards the stage.

Temari couldn't help but feel cold even though the room was really warm.

She then realised Shikamaru was wearing the usual 'tuxedo', but the jacket had 'tails', like conductors' jackets have during orchestral performances, and a bow tie as well as a pattern embroidered white shirt with a few ruffles at the front.

Temari then broke out of her daze from analysing his outfit and started moving in the same direction.

Although a little too fast to the point she tripped a little losing her shoe but was able to regain balance none of the less

'Damn heels' Temari cursed inside her head

She turned back to pick up her shoe, but she looked up to see that someone else had already beaten her to it.

Looking up was no other than Rika holding her heel in her hands

"You dropped something" Rika pointed out smiling handing Temari her shoe

"Uh..thanks…" Temari thanked cautiously taking the shoe

As Temari was putting the shoe back on, Rika spoke, "I'm rather shocked. I was wondering why you were partnered up with that really hot guy, but seeing you all dolled up makes me realise that you're not half bad yourself"

Her tone was still rather sweet even though it didn't match her words.

"Uh huh…" Temari replied wandering where she was going with this.

"So, what is that hot guy's name? What is your relationship with him? You're just partners right? After all, I can't imagine you being his girlfriend or anything-"

A vein popped in Temari's forehead, "What was that you bi-" Temari was then cut off by someone grabbing her arm

"This is no time to dawdle Temari, lets go, lets go!" Ino demanded dragging her away from Rika towards the stage.

"Good luck now! Be careful not to hurt yourself" Rika waved to Temari smiling.

Then suddenly the smile turned sinister and twisted.

Temari's stomach flipped.

She had a bad feeling about this.

Ino finally finished dragging Temari to where Shikamaru was.

"Now remember guys, couple-y! Its essential so don't mess it up. Be however extreme you like when you pose at the end; just make sure it looks as if you guys are an item…which you ARE! Now go and show them what you got!" Ino encouraged

"Yeah, yeah…" Shikamaru mumbled lazily

After Ino's words, they walked out onto the runway together.

"Now here is one of my finest designs giving a mature and bold look as if the couple is ready to go to a black tie masquerade event" Ino was commentating her design as Temari and Shikamaru continued to walk down holding masks to their faces on a stick.

"This outfit design gives a 'couple' feel towards the two due to the matching outfits, yet an independent feel too because of the few differences the outfits have. Just like the prom king and queen at every prom in every high school, the outfits are meant to represent the 'perfect couple' everyone wants to be" Ino continued.

Temari was about to reach the end of the runway, but then she suddenly felt unbalanced and the worst thing that could possibly happen happened.

The heel broke.

Temari started to fall flat on her face.

She closed her eyes to be ready for the impact, but luckily a strong arm grabbed her hand causing her to twirl on hr foot with the non-broken heel into those pair of arms

She opened her eyes again when she felt being lifted to see Shikamaru keeping a strong face as if it was all planned.

'Don't look at me, look at the camera and play along with a pose' Shikamaru whispered.

Temari turn her head giving the best serious look possible at the cameras

The crowd cheered and the shuttering sounds multiplied.

"Uh, as you can see, the models are representing this 'perfect couple' look showing off how well the outfits work together" Ino played along with her voice slightly wavered.

Shikamaru then continued to walk coolly off stage still carrying Temari in his arms princess style all the way back.

When they finally got backstage he placed her on one of the couches.

"Look I know I told you guys to act as an item, but at least give me some warning if you're ever going to pull of something as bold as that ever again!" Ino commanded

"It wasn't planned; my heel broke as I was reaching the end of the stage…" Temari spoke in self defence.

"Clumsy, troublesome woman…" Shikamaru muttered

"WHAT WAS THAT LAZY ASS?' Temari bit back

"Shh!" hushed a couple of back stage crew members

"Break? That's impossible! I hired the best of the best to make those shoes so that they were super sturdy!" Ino cried, "Pablo! Come here this instant!"

An unrecognisable man walked over, "Yes , how can I help you?"

"Look at this!" Ino held up Temari's heel, "Can you please explain how this broke during the middle of the show? I specifically asked you to check all shoes before the show today and look what happened!"

"I told you Ino can get really scary when angered…" Shikamaru whispered to Temari

Temari just nodded her head

"That's impossible! It was fine when I checked it a few moments before!" he grabbed the heel hoping to find something to regain innocence. His eyes lit up instantly, "Look at this! Someone purposefully broke a part of the heel and the rest must have come off during the runway due to lack of support"

Ino looked closely, "I hate to say it, but I have broken a few heels in my life…"

'Wow, like it's such a tragedy' Temari mocked inside her head

"But this is not a natural break, someone must have tampered with it…but who would…?"

Temari's thoughts started to click into place, 'It couldn't be…'

"Maybe it was Deidara, after all we are competing with him…" Shikamaru suggested

"I thought so for a moment, but it's unlikely. He's in the other section getting his own design ready since he's on next. This is also a fight for pride, so he wouldn't even if he had the chance" Ino pondered.

"I think I know who…" Temari started to suggest

"Really? Who?" Ino questioned

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow.

"Well these shoes have always been in my sight, or at least on my feet so I would've known if they were being tampered with, except for when I tripped a bit before the show and someone else picked up my shoe…"

"That's the perfect opportunity to do it! Who was it?" Ino asked getting worked up

"Rika Nozomi"


Shikamaru raised his other eyebrow

"This girl who's modelling for someone else in the show"

"Why would she purposefully break your heel?"

Temari looked at Shikamaru

Shikamaru gave her the usual 'aloof' look, but his eyes were asking 'what?'

"Lets just say she wants something and in order to get it she had to get rid of an obstacle which is unfortunately me" Temari answered with a sigh


"I think she's lost the point of this contest now…" Temari sighed yet again

Shikamaru nodded, "Yep"

Then finally the rest of Ino's designs were shown and Deidara's turn was next.

Temari searched for Rika, but was out of luck.

She then caught up to Shikamaru who was dressed in his usual casual clothing with his hair up in the usual ponytail with all make up removed.

For some reason, Temari found this rather comforting.

They watched as Deidara's designs were being modelled out on the catwalk.

"I guess the Akatsuki didn't want to participate in the modelling themselves; which is not surprising since I can't picture them strutting" Temari pointed out.

"I wish we could've done the same…" Shikamaru mumbled

Temari nodded until something caught her eye.

The model with the brown hair looked familiar…

"Wait, isn't that Rika?" Temari exclaimed

"Hmm…dunno, kinda forgot what she really looked like" Shikamaru looked to the side as if he was trying to recall something

Temari could imagine Rika's expression and face turn green if she heard that and laughed to herself.

'Got to hand it to Shikamaru, he would be the only man on this PLANET to not remember what she looks like' Temari thought happily

"Well, I'm gonna go and grab that bitch" Temari declared running off.

"Ah! Wait a second Temari" Shikamaru called after her.

Temari ran towards the area next to hers feeling rather fired up.

She was pumped.

She was angry.

She then bursted into the room and looked around.

Everyone's heads turned to look at her for a second and then went back to what they were doing in a rush.

She couldn't spot her anywhere until a sickly sweet voice said from behind, "I knew you were gonna give me a visit some time. What took you so long?"

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