Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right


"What took you so long" asked a familiar, sickly sweet voice from behind

Temari flicked her head fast to look behind her.

A bit too fast that her neck hurt.

"No need to give me a scary face" Rika then said smiling her 'model smile' so cute and innocent.

"So you admit it? You're the one who tampered with my shoe and tried to sabotage Ino" Temari accused

Rika placed her index finger on her chin increasing her cuteness, "Eh? I don't know what you're talking about. I never tried to sabotage Ino"

'Conveniently leaving out my shoe' Temari thought to herself

"Admit it already, no one else could've or would've wanted to break my heel besides you" Temari hissed

"What about Deidara, he has a clearer motive, after all he's battling out with 'Ano' or whatever her name is"

"If that's the case, he would've sabotaged more than my one heel if he really wanted to bring Ino down. Plus, her name is Ino not Ano"

"Maybe he knew that you were unrefined and a klutz and thought that it would be enough"

'Ouch, she didn't even try to hide the insults this time' Temari commented mentally

"Well at least I have the brain capacity to remember a three letter name that was said to me less than two minutes ago"

"I tend to forget things that don't matter. Either way, you can stop blaming me since I wasn't the one who did it, so stop trying to accuse me and throwing hatred at me"

'Gotcha' Temari smirked mentally

"Oh no, I actually want to thank you since if it wasn't for my heel, I wouldn't have had the chance to be held in Shikamaru's strong arms like a princess as he gracefully caught me. Oh, and not only that, many pictures were taken at that moment as a record and may be printed in a few magazines and newspapers all over the world" Temari smiled in triumph watching Rika's face fall, "But I guess I was thanking the wrong person since it wasn't you.

As Temari was saying this, she could feel herself choking on the word 'princess'.

Not a word usually connected to herself. Ice Queen has been thrown out there a couple of times, but not princess.

Before Rika could say anything more, someone dragged her away telling her to be quick because she was on again soon.

Temari smirked at the sight remembering Rika's fallen face.

She could imagine when she sees the photos, her face would be turning green, then purple.

As Temari was standing by herself feeling proud, someone tapped her shoulder.

It was Chouji.

For once, NOT eating.

"Oh hey Chouji, where have you been all day? Haven't seen you 'til now"

"I've been running around all day doing odd jobs and errands for Ino during her 'big night' totally forgetting the reason why we're here" Chouji replied

Temari laughed, "I see"

Chouji's stomach rumbled, "Ughh, I'm so hungry at the moment I couldn't eat out a whole supermarket including the kitchen sinks"

Temari laughed again, "They don't sell kitchen sinks in supermarkets Chouji. Why don't you eat then? It doesn't look as if you're doing anything important at the moment"

"Well…I kinda feel uncomfortable eating here…"

Temari paused.

'It must be hard for Chouji to be here surrounded by so many skinny models only wishing to be skinnier and with rooms filled with judgemental people' Temari pitied

"I mean, eating chips in front of starving models is just down right MEAN! Most of them are probably on diets so they were starving to begin with; but now, they're even hungrier using so much energy and not eating a single bite. I would rather be a normal size feeling happy and eating whenever I want and what ever I want, instead of starving myself and eating things I hate just to look unhealthy"

Temari's eyes widened in a bit of shock, and then she couldn't help but laugh yet again.

'I can see why this guy is Shikamaru's best friend' Temari grinned

"Well then, shall we get something to eat? I'm starving too. I haven't eaten all day. Plus, I'm done with the modelling so I'm sure we can get a quick bite before the results are up" Temari suggested

Chouji's ears perked, "Yeah lets go!"

As they went out of the door, they bumped into Shikamaru.

"Well isn't this an odd couple, where you guys going?" Shikamaru pointed out asking

"Eat" Temari simply replied

"STARVING" Chouji complained

Shikamaru smirked, "Figures. I'll join you guys, I'm hungry too"

"I can see why all models are so skinny, they starve themselves all day when they're performing" Chouji commented

Shikamaru and Temari chuckled as all three of them went out to eat.

As more of Deidara's designs came out, everyone became more nervous.

Deidara's designs were much more eccentric than Ino's, but they were definitely professional.

Shikamaru, Temari and Chouji returned from lunch just in time to hear the results.

"Where were you guys? I thought you all got kidnapped by Deidara or something! I swear you all would've been dead if you weren't here to support me!" Ino hissed with a killer intent aura lurking around her.

'She has already forgotten the real point of this competition' Temari thought

"Ah sorry Ino, we all got a bit hungry and went to catch a bite, though we came back in time didn't we?" Chouji explained

Ino paused, "I guess you're right. Sorry for snapping but I've been a bit stressed from this whole thing and not really paying attention to taking care of everyone's needs. You always know how to set me straight Chouji" Ino smiled happily

Chouji smiled back with his eyes closed

'Ok, what's with this weird air I'm feeling between the two most opposite people in the world here?' Temari wondered in awe

Shikamaru smirked.

"Hey everyone! It's me again, one of your very happy judges!" The loud mouth judge spoke again.

"We were very proud of all of the entrants received this year, including many of the newcomers! We never expected to see such fantastic results! So please everyone, put your hands together for the many wonderful entrants we have received today!" he continued beckoning the audience to applaud.

Surely enough, everyone applauded and he continued to speak announcing the winners in different divisions one by one.

"A rather exciting character isn't he?" Temari pointed out raising an eyebrow.

Shikamaru raised his eyebrow in agreement.

"Now for the Best First-timers Award!" The judge then announced

Everyone's ears in the room perked up.

The whole room went silent and all you could hear was Ino's teeth grinding.

"The awards goes to..."

A drum roll took place filling the room.

"Well, we couldn't decide!" the judge then smiled cheekily

The room stayed silent

"WHAAATTTT?" Ino bursted out saying, "What does he mean by THAT?" Ino preeched

"N-Now, calm down Ino, I'm sure he'll explain now..." Sakura spoke nervously trying to calm Ino down

Sure enough, he was, "All of us judges were very impressed by the results given to us from 'Ino' and 'Deidara' that we couldn't decide and kept reaching a draw", he then pulled out a top hat from nowhere, "Hence, I'm simply going to choose by picking a name out of a hat" a wide smile came up on his face.

"You..are...joking..." Tenten muttered

Neji pulled a face.

Everyone in the room was thinking the same thing.

"So without further ado!" The judge stuck his hand in the hat, "And the winner is..."

Another drum roll came around


The crowd cheered.

Ino's face went pale and then she fainted.

Chouji caught her in time and sat her down.

Sakura, Hinata and Tenten attended to her.

Sasuke, Naruto, Neji, Kiba and Kankurou sat together pondering on what was gonna happen next.

"After all of that effort and having to do something I really hate, it all came down to just plain DUMB LUCK! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Temari broke out in a rage.

Shikamaru placed a hand on her shoulder, "I know this is stressful Temari, but you have to calm down. The real problem is only starting now with them having an advantage"

"What is that advantage anyway?" Temari just came to a realisation

"They get to choose a time, place and set up the challenge however they like and all we can do is either agree or disagree" Sasuke answered

"Are you serious?" Kiba blurted out

"At least they have the decency of giving us a choice" Neji remarked

"Well I guess even they want a proper fight. No fun fighting someone who doesn't want to in the first place" Kankurou explained

"How did you find this out Sasuke?" Shikamaru asked

"Itachi told me a few hours ago, but with all of the fuss, I never got a chance to tell you all"

"You've finally come to!" Sakura exclaimed happily

"Th-Thank goodness" Hinata's soft spoken words were finally heard

"Yeah I guess, still I'm not going to be right in the head for a little while..." Ino sighed

'Rather dramatic don't you think? And is your head EVER right?'I Temari smirked to herself

"Well, I guess we have to face them now and see what's going to happen next" Tenten spoke hesitantly

The gang went silent.

The only sounds heard were the people Ino hired packing up the place around them.

They walked out feeling a bit down, but non-of-the-less with their heads held high giving out a prideful aura.

Soon enough they came face to face with the Akatsuki.

"Due to our win, we will decide the grounds of the challenge" Pain explained

Deidara grinned in glee

"Don't look so smug, you only won because of last minute luck" Ino snapped

"Whatever honey, it's all part of the package of things I'm better than you at" Deidara grinned again

Ino gritted her teeth swearing revenge.

"Therefore we will send you an invite with all information that you need to know on it. It will arrive within the next few days. I hope all members will be able to make it" Konan declared

"So...we were the ones who lost it seems..." a familiar voice spoke out of no where

Everyone's heads swung around to see Gaara.

"Oh geez Gaara, you've got to get out of that habit of appearing out of nowhere" Temari complained

"I would just like to make clear that I will also be participating in this gathering" Gaara continued to speak ignoring Temari

"Yeah, me too!"

"Hey wait, that will lead them to have WAAYYY too many members" Deidara complained

"You have spoken a decent point" Konan noted

"I don't care, they need the extra help anyway. Plus, I just love the look in that red heads eyes. I couldn't even sense his presence near us before, gave me a great fright. Mind having a little brawl with me ey?" Kisame chuckled challenging Gaara

"Kisame, back off. I will be the only one challenging him. It's personal" Sasori glared

"Behave Kisame", Itachi spoke, "You'll get your fair share, but right now they're off limits"

Kiba made a whipping sound.

They both glared at him.

Kiba shrugged looking away.

"That leads me to say that we are not allowed to come in contact with one another in any way that may cause injury to another before the day of the challenge" Konan butted in, "Although plainly speaking is alright. Anyone who disobeys will be disqualified. As for the uneven amount of member in each team, I suggest yours to choose a couple of members to sit on the side lines that will be allowed to help, but they must not interfere or play a role in the challenge"

"If they can't play a role, then how can they help?" Shikamaru questioned

"Such as, they will be allowed to take care of injuries, but they themselves cannot help in terms of finishing the challenge directly" Konan answered monotonously

"Oh, Ino and I will sit out then!" Sakura yelled out

Everyone looked at them

"Ino and I aren't really fighters and we've actually been studying up a bit on medic stuff, so it's really a perfect position for us" Sakura continued to explain

Ino nodded in agreement

"Well, that solves that" Naruto grinned turning back to Akatsuki

"Good, the sooner I get that blonde bitch, the better" Hidan licked his lips

Temari shuddered

Shikamaru, Gaara, Kankurou and even Sasori glared at him

"Again with all the cold stares. You know that-" Hidan got cut off by a blonde

Naruto that is.


Everyone stared at him in disbelief.

"Are you sure this blonde is really the threat we keep hearing about?" Pain whispered to Konan

"I'm having my doubts too, but I'm certain it is him. I will look it up later on" Konan whispered back

"Naruto you idiot! He's not talking to you!" Kiba hit Naruto on the top of his head gently

"K-Kiba!" Hinata told Kiba off

"Oww! How am I meant to know?" Naruto whined

Sasuke sighed, "Just keep quiet for the moment, Dobe"

"What a stupid ass dumbshit!" Hidan cackled, "As if I would be interested in a male blonde shithead!"

Sasuke death glared him, "Can you just shut up already so we can get on with it?"

Hidan raised an eyebrow, "Even fucking Itachi-junior has something fucking against me"

"Hidan, please refrain from your foul language comments for the rest of this meeting" Pain made clear

Hidan scowled, but non-of-the-less, quiet.

"Is there any other information we must know before the day?" Shikamaru asked Konan making the air serious again

"That is all, everything else will be explain on the invitation which will be sent to you soon"

Pain turned around starting to walk off.

"We hope for a fair match" Konan slightly smiled and followed Pain

"I guess that's our cue to leave" Kisame snickered starting to walk off

Itachi nodded and also followed

Soon all members started to move away

Hidan turned around, "I'll be seeing you soon bitch"

Temari grimaced

Shikamaru stepped forward, "you won't be getting away with anything"

"Ohh I'm sooo scaared detective douche" Hidan mocked

"Hidan, hurry up we're going" Kakuzu warned

"Fucking everyone is on my fucking case" Hidan curse under his breath walking away

The group sighed a sigh of relief after they were out of sight.

"What drama we experienced today" Neji commented breaking the stiff air

"Indeed" Gaara agreed

"I hate being around the Akatsuki, always makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason" Chouji frowned

"Explained why you weren't saying anything" Kankurou grinned

"You weren't saying anything either remember?" Ino pointed out

"Yeah, well there was no place for me to say anything" Kankurou explained

"Can we focus for a moment guys?" Tenten spoke trying to catch everyone's attention

"We have to figure out-" Neji was about to finish until he notice a strangers attention being brought to them

He turned around to face the stranger while everyone followed his gaze

The person watching them was none other than Rika.

"A-ah sorry for interrupting" she bashfully spoke as if to answer all of the looks she was being given, "I didn't mean to interrupt".

"Who is this girl?" Neji asked

"I-it's that girl" Hinata timidly spoke

"That's the little hussy that tried to sabotage our win!" Ino yelled out

"I-I swear I didn't do anything~!" Rika cried cutely in her defence

She walked up closer to them, "D-Do you guys really think that I could really do something as mean as that?" She continued to use her sweet and innocent tone batting her long eyelashes at the boys.

'Here we go again with her 'I'm so sweet, cute and innocent so I'm going to bat my eyelashes and put on a fake voice so you can fall for me' act. What's worse is that it probably works and many defenceless guys fall for her, only to have her breaking their hearts. These guys would too probably...' Temari thought to herself mocking Rika in her head

She looked at the guys, but no change is reaction.

Sasuke actually looked kinda pissed.

Rika stopped batting her eyelashes when she noticed no one was saying anything.

The whole group was looking at her with judgemental eyes.

"I-Is something wrong...?" Rika asked with a nervous quiver in her voice.

"I thought you were kinda cute when I first saw you, but now not so much" Kiba rubbed the back of his head.

"Wh-what?" Rika spoke out loud gobsmacked

"How stupid..." Gaara mumbled

Kankurou looked away.

"I don't get what you're all saying..." Rika said with her bottom lip trembling

Temari was also confused.

Rika was getting a total different reaction to what she suspected.

"Well...yeah you're cute but..." Naruto started to speak as if he was trying to explain

"You're fake" Sasuke simply spoke with a cold tone

Rika's eyes widened as if she was about to cry.

"And here I thought you were going to say something useful, such as the incident on stage with Temari and Shikamaru..." Neji sighed in boredom

Rika's whole body started to shake.

Then she suddenly burst out with anger, "FINE! I WAS THE ONE THAT TAMPERED WITH THAT BITCHES SHOE! HAPPY NOW?"

Everyone's eyes widened to this outburst.

"So it was you as suspected..." Shikamaru finally spoke staring at Rika's now ugly self

Rika looked at Shikamaru, then tears began to form in her eyes, "Y-Yes, but I did it all for you. I was simply jealous that she got to go out on the catwalk with you, even though I'm much more suited to stand by your side. I wanted you to realise that she's not good enough to be with you and that she'll only cause trouble; unlike me who would dedicate my whole life only wanting the best for you!"

'Dedicating whole lives now? How overly dramatised...though those tears kinda put me in a soft spot for her...' Temari pondered

Shikamaru didn't change facial expressions, actually his eyes became colder, "Those fake tears won't fool me"

'Wait, they're fake?' Temari thought surprised

"Sure she's a troublesome woman, but you haven't got the right to make judgement on whose better standing next to me. If you're going to make such accusation, then keep them to yourself, we don't want to hear them" Shikamaru continued to talk.

"Besides, Temari and Shikamaru look GREAT together" Tenten spoke in defence

"So well that the press were going crazy when they came out" Sakura followed

"Well, also because my designs brought the best out of them" Ino shrugged

"Nothing worse than a fake sucker as they say" Kankurou pointed out referring to Rika.

Rika continued to look surprised and then calmly walked off flicking her hair, "Fine, who wants you guys anyway?'

"Geez the trouble that girl caused..." Sakura huffed

"Well, at least she's gone now" Hinata smiled in relief

"How did you guys know she was all fake?" Temari asked

"Oh, we get girls like her coming up to us all the time" Kiba explained simply

"It gets to the point where you can see right through them" Neji shrugged

"They're rather annoying, and she was good at it too" Sasuke said coldly

"Anyway, let's call it a night guys. We're all probably tires, we'll speak about the issue tomorrow" Chouji announced

Everyone nodded in agreement and headed backstage grabbing their bags and walking out the door.

Temari came out of backstage to see Shikamaru waiting for her.

"Yo" Shikamaru greeted

"Hey..." Temari returned.

Temari walked up next to him, and continued to walk past so he could follow.

"So I'm a troublesome woman, but well suited to stand beside you huh?" Temari teased a little

Shikamaru flushed a little, "Che! I didn't say that we were suited. That was Sakura and that"

"What? So you're saying that we aren't?"

"I didn't say that either"

"Well then give me your honest opinion"

"No way"

"Why not?"

"Because it's troublesome"

"You're troublesome"

"Clearly you have the word 'troublesome' in your name...troublesome woman"

"Would you rather me NOT be by your side then?"


Temari looked at him surprised.

"I'm not sure if we're suited or whatever, but I do want you here next to me, just like how we are now" Shikamaru explained

Temari's eyes went soft, "I-I guess me too"

Shikamaru looked at her and laugh, "Heh, you are a Tsundere after all"

It was then Temari's turn to flush, "A-Am not you lazy piece of shit!"

"Ouch that was a bit harsh"

"You deserved it lazy bastard!"

Then they both laughed as they bickered on their way to the bus stop.

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