Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

The Art Of Attracting Sleazebags

"I'm not wearing this, the top is waaay too small and I feel like I'm about to fall out of it..." Temari peered down at her chest in dismay, "as I said Ino, your clothes are way too small and I'm trying to keep a low profile..."

"Shut up Temari! You look smokin' hot and you are not allowed to wear anything else" Ino waved her hand as though to shoo Temari away like a fly

"Ino. I swear, I've allowed many things pass, but if you make me wear this obviously ridiculous dress that makes me look like I'm about to walk the streets, you will be sorry" Temari glared to the point that an image of a roaring tiger appeared behind her.

Ino quivered in fright.

"Now, now guys...let's play nice..." Tenten attempted to calm the conversation down

Sakura also jumped in, "Yeah guys, tonight is meant to be full of fun and thrills only before Saturday..."

There was a pause.

"Fine, here wear this instead. I thought it might suit you better anyway..." Ino gave up throwing a random piece of clothing to Temari

The tension eased a little.

"Thanks," Temari accepted and went to change into it.

It was a much more conservative dress on the top half, but still a little bit on the short side, but she wasn't going to complain since it was guaranteed that no matter what dress she pulled out, it would have the same outcome.

And at least this dress made her comfortable enough to be seen in and to wear without worrying about accidental exposure.

Finally all the girls were dressed and headed down the stairs to meet the boys in the living room.

All of the guys' eyes widened, but they did not say anything.

"Are we ready to go?" Sakura asked.

Everyone agreed.

"Ah! Wait a moment!" Ino stopped and pulled out random long pieces of fabric from nowhere.

They were ties.

"I knew this would happen," and before everyone knew it, all of the boys were wearing ties of different colour to one another.

"Now we're ready" Ino smiled.

Outside a limousine was waiting to take them.

'I guess keeping a low profile was too much to ask of Ino...' Temari thought to herself.

They all hopped in awkwardly and drove off to their next location sipping non alcoholic beverages provided in the limousine.

They had finally arrived in front of a rather large building with a huge crowd waiting in front of it.

When the limousine had pulled up, the audience turned around to stare as the gang got out one by one lead by Ino.

They reached the front of the club, only to be stopped by the bouncer at the front.

"Can I see some ID please?" the solid man asked with his arms crossed.

"Excuse me?" Ino raised an eyebrow

"Oh dear..." Sakura hit her forehead with the palm of her hand

"Are you questioning me? Do you WANT to get fired or something?" Ino continued, raising her voice.

"I don't think I understand..." the bouncer looked at the group with a puzzled look on his face.

"Do you know who I am? I'm Miss Ino Yamanaka, the daughter of the owner of this club and if you question me ONE more time I swear I'll-"

Ino was interrupted by Tenten's hand covering her mouth, "Ino...calm down..."

"Does there seem to be a problem here?" a noticeable voice asked

Ino's eyes perked, "DADDY!" she cried and ran up and hugged him.

Inoichi turned to the bouncer, "Don't worry, this is my daughter and friends, let them in".

The bouncer nodded and undid the rope blocking the doorway.

"Thank you Daddy" Ino smiled and lead the group inside.

As the group walked inside, Shikamaru could over hear some people talking.

'Hey check that hot blonde chic out, the one with the tan'

'Damn...I would do anything for those girls'

'Later on we should try to chat a couple of those girls up...'

It was then Shikamaru realised that he made the right decision to tag along...no matter how troublesome it was.

The music was pumping loudly and the room was filled with people.

The DJ was a floor higher than everyone else and the dance floor lit up with different coloured squares to the beat of the music.

"Let's go upstairs to the VIP area" Ino suggested and lead the group up a flight of stairs going past a couple of guards.

On the way up, Shikamaru grabbed Temari's shoulder, "Hey, you want to make a run for it?"

Temari stopped and looked back at him, "Why?" she surprisingly asked even though she didn't really want to be there two seconds ago.

But for one reason or another, she just felt like questioning him.

"Well, I just don't like the look of some of the people here..." Shikamaru replied vaguely.

A light bulb lit up in Temari's head, "You mean, you don't like the look of some of the guys here..." a smirked was starting to appear on her face.

Shikamaru's face slightly flushed as he looked away, "No, I just hate being around so many flashy people and the music is killing my eardrums.

Shikamaru's denial only fuelled Temari's desire to tease him further, "Well I don't mind being here. I reckon it'll be fun"

He turned back looking straight at her, "You were against being here a moment ago! Don't lie to me Temari"

Temari smiled in a cunning manner, "I'm not lying. Now that I'm hearing the music and feeling the atmosphere, I kind of want to stay and fool around a bit..."

"Fool around...?" Shikamaru questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Yep!" Temari showed a bright smile, "but you're welcomed to leave. I'm not going to stop you"

Temari then turned back around and continued to walk up the stairs.

Shikamaru grumbled for a moment, and then followed.

When Temari heard the sound of his footsteps following behind her, she smiled victoriously, 'Just as I thought'

The VIP area was less crowded and you could walk on the platform to where the DJ was.

The area also had luxurious coaches and tables for people to sit and rest.

The music was also a lot quieter.

It was the typical, first class VIP area.

"Wooooow!" Tenten cooed dropping herself onto one of the couches.

Neji sat next to her in a calmer manner.

"The Yamanaka's always know how to do things right..." Sakura sat down on a different couch.

Eventually everyone sat and ordered drinks...on the house of course.

"Well I guess you can't complain about the music being too loud here" Temari smirked looking at Shikamaru.

Shikamaru again grumbled in response.

They all sat and drank chatting to one another happily.

Eventually when the drinks were finished, Ino stood up, "Well, why are we sitting here for? Let's join the club and party a little"

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Tenten hopped up and stood next to her.

"Don't you think we should be more worried about the Akatsuki at the moment..." Sasuke mentioned.

"Well it's not like we can do anything about it now Sasuke!" Kiba yelled out as he stood up.

"I have to agree. We should loosen up a bit" Sakura giggled, "Come on Hinata! Let's go too!"

Hinata stood up silently and stood next to Sakura.

"YEAHHH! DANCING AND PARTYING!" Naruto screamed in excitement and stood up as well.

"Well Temari...?" Ino asked.

Temari looked at Shikamaru.

His eyes were pleading no.

"Yeah, I'm up for a bit of dancing" Temari stood up.

"Boys?" Ino questioned.

"Leave me out of this" Sasuke glared

Neji didn't speak.

"I'm not going..." Shikamaru simply said.

"Well then, you can watch us below" Ino crossed her arms and lead the rest back down the stairs.

As they walked down the stairs, the music gradually increased in volume.

Temari's heart was beating faster and faster as she continued to walk down the stairs.

Then they reached their destination as mass groups of people were dancing all around the place.

Kiba and Naruto had already been lost in the crowd whereas the girls stuck together and joined the wave of people and started to dance.

Temari just made subtle movements as her heels were starting to rub at the back of her feet.

She looked at Hinata with surprise as she was moving her hips side to side perfectly in rhythm; which was unusual for her timid self.

Not surprisingly, a lot of guys were eyeing her...and her curves.

They danced together for a while until Sakura spoke, "Oh, I need to sit down for a bit. The strap on my shoe came undone."

"Let me come too, I need a drink" Tenten puffed.

"Let's all go and rest for a bit" Ino suggested as they all slid themselves into a booth.

As Sakura was fixing her shoe sitting at the edge of the booth, a group of five guys came up to them, "Hey there girls" the blonde at the front grinned.

"Hey there" Ino grinned back looking rather pleased.

"Do you mind if we join you ladies?" the guy spoke again.

Temari did a quick check.

They were all not too bad looking overall. They were nothing like Sasuke or Shikamaru, but pretty decent and hard to come across none-of-the-less.

Hinata and Tenten made a face that clearly read 'no', however Ino took a glimpse at them, then turned back to the guys, "Sure, if you buy us all a drink"

The blonde leader chuckled, "Of course".

As the guys ordered drinks for the group, Temari could clearly see the men's intentions.

They were each targeting a certain girl as though they planned it beforehand.

It only made her want to hurl.

After quick introductions, the blonde leader, known as Saito, kept conversing to Ino.

The rest spoke as a group and as the conversation kept flowing, Temari knew who she was targeted by.

It was a brunette named Kento.

Every time he gave Temari a sly look or a discreet wink, instead of wooing her, she just felt sick.

"So Temari...you're not from around here?" Kento asked in a smooth tone.

"Yeah..." Temari replied in a bored tone.

Kento laughed, "Wow, that's a bit cold"

Temari stayed silent.

"I heard you're quite the athlete...I'm actually the captain of the track team at my school" Kento attempted to bring up conversation.

'Oh please, I'm not that easy to impress...' Temari thought to herself, though she felt like amusing him a little, "Oh really? You seem to hear quite a few things about me"

Kento laughed again, "Of course, all the guys in this room are talking and looking at you, plus your friends were mentioning it before"

'So I'm some sort of trophy am I?' Temari snarled to herself.

"How could they not look at you? After all, you're quite outstanding" Kento flirted.

Temari sighed for a bit, but played along, "Funny you say that, since I'm usually known as the Ice Queen at school as most people rather not associate themselves with me"

Kento chuckled, "Well, I guess some guys like girls who play hard to get" he winked suggestively.

A shiver went down Temari's spine.

'Such a try hard...hurry up and disappear' she refrained saying out loud so not to spoil the mood for Ino or Sakura who seem to be enjoying the male's company.

'Since when did I become a softy and put up with this shit for others?' she then asked herself.

She looked at Tenten and Hinata who also looked rather uncomfortable.

They had to get out of there.

"Umm...so who's up for some more dancing?" Temari quickly suggested.

Tenten had a relieved look on her face, "I sure am! You want to join us Hinata?"

Hinata smiled in relief as well and nodded, "M-hmm"

Ino and Sakura shuffled out of the way to let them leave.

Only problem was, the three guys followed them to the dance floor.

Tenten, Hinata and Temari tried to stick together, but the guys were persistent in sticking close to them and eventually they all got separated from one another.

Temari grimaced as she noticed it was only Kento and herself.

He kept dancing closer and closer to her even though she was subtly moving away.

'Can't he take a hint?" she growled.

"You're quite the dancer aren't you?" Kento smiled as his eyes wondered all over her.

This irked Temari, "Not really. I'm not actually a fan..." she moved back.

He followed as expected, "That's surprising as this was your suggestion"

"Well...I guess I found it awkward to just sit and watch others dance..." Temari laughed nervously.

He grinned then whispered in her ear, "What do you say we get out of here?"

Temari pulled a face of disgust, "No thanks. I'm actually..."

Kento placed a finger in front of her mouth signalling her to be quiet, "I don't mind if you have a boyfriend or anything you know. I also don't mind a little struggle..."

Temari snapped and smacked his hand away from her face, "Look! Take a hint! I'm not interested and I never will be so BACK OFF"

Kento just laughed, "Don't be so harsh Temari. I'm only being nice; I don't see why you need to yell"

Temari snarled, "I'm yelling because you obviously don't get it. I'm. not. interested. Now go away!"

"You obviously don't get it" Kento grabbed Temari's wrist and pulled her closer, "You see, it's like this: my group of guys always target the hottest group of girls in every club we go to. We then make a bet to see who can go the furthest with their girl by the end of the night where the winner takes all. So why don't you play nice and go along with it. I promise I'll treat you nicely and tomorrow you can wake up and forget all about me"

Temari tried to free herself from his grip, but he was surprisingly strong, "You disgust me"

Kento just laughed again, "Now, now. There's no need to be like that" he patronised, "I'm trying to be honest here. I actually think you're smoking hot and I know that 'Ice Queen' act of yours is just a mask. Come on, play with me a little"

He then whispered in Temari's ear, "I promise I'll be gentle"

'Why, oh why do I ALWAYS attract the biggest creeps know to man-kind' Temari sighed in disbelief.

She then raised her hand to slap him, but he caught it.

"You're not being very co-operative Temari..." his tone changed and then he started to drag her towards the door away from the crowd.

As they were about to separate from the mob and before Temari got the chance to kick him, a slender, yet man-like hand grabbed Kento's wrist.

"Let her go"

Temari turned to see Shikamaru and lowered her leg.

"Who the hell are you?" Kento questioned

Shikamaru tightened his grip, "I said LET GO OF HER NOW"

Temari shivered for a second, as always whenever Shikamaru raised his voice.

"Look, I don't know who the hell you are, but I'm going to take this young lady out and it has nothing to do with you so BACK OFF MATE" Kento then raised his voice in return.

"She obviously doesn't want to go. Don't start making things troublesome. If you let go now, I will forgive and forget and we'll go our separate ways" Shikamaru's eyes went cold.

Kento moved aback and his grip loosened a little as Shikamaru's tightened, "You have no right to say that man..."

"You have three seconds. If you don't let go, then it's not my responsibility to whatever happens next"

Temari just stood dumbfounded at the scene taking place in front of her.

"Who do you think you are?"


"You think you scare me? You wish"


"You're just some scrawny random. Mind your own business you dumbshit"


Shikamaru then raised his fist and punched Kento in the face.

He flew into a group of people who screamed at contact.

"You little..." Kento spoke in a threatening tone

Then a security guy appeared, "What's the problem here?"

'Oh no, this looks bad...' Temari thought to herself.

Kento perked up, "That bloody idiot punched me in the face for no reason!"

"I see..." the security guard then walked up to Kento and picked him up, binding his arms behind him.

"Wait, what are you doing? I'm the victim here! Remove that guy not me!" Kento argued and struggled against the guard's grip.

"I told you that you had three seconds..." Shikamaru mentioned and sighed.

"What?" Kento yelled.

Temari looked at Shikamaru surprised.

"Who the hell are you to her anyway?" Kento demanded

Shikamaru put his arm around Temari and looked at him, "I'm her boyfriend you idiot"

Then he grinned, "Checkmate".

Shikamaru lead Temari away outside the building as Kento was being escorted out the other way in a rougher manner.

"You really have a knack at attracting the worse of them, don't you, troublesome woman?" he then sat back down onto the floor leaning his back against the wall at the side of the building.

Temari looked away, "You don't have to tell me twice. I'm with one of them now"

Shikamaru grinned, "You just don't give up do you?"

Temari gave an embarrassed look and looked away.

There was a silence, "Fine, thank you"

"What?" Shikamaru asked with a bit of cheek.

"I'm not saying it again" Temari growled flicking her heads back to look at him.

"Come on..." Shikamaru beckoned

"No way" Temari argued.

Shikamari didn't push any further, instead he grabbed her hand, "Sit down with me"

Temari didn't take her hand away, "Why should I?"

Shikamaru looked up at her, "Because I can tell your feet are killing you right now"

Temari then noticed a throbbing at the back of her heel.

She decided to take up on his offer and sat down.

Shikamaru took her foot and started undoing her shoe.

"What are you doing?" Temari questioned but didn't move.

Shikamaru didn't answer. He finished undoing the strap and took the heel off.

As he did, Temari felt a cooling sensation on her foot.

He then took out a couple of bandaids and stuck them over her forming blisters.

"You brought bandaids?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Let's say I had a sixth sense that you were going to hurt yourself somehow..." he chuckled to himself.

Temari huffed, but said nothing.

When he was done, he carefully placed her foot back down on the pavement.

She looked at her bandaid covered foot and murmured 'Thanks'

"What was that?" Shikamaru looked at her in surprise, "did you manage to say that twice?"

Temari flushed, "Shut up-" but before she could say anything more, Shikamaru's lips had covered hers.

She did not protest and kissed him back.

They stayed like that for a while and eventually, their lips parted.

Shikamaru then grabbed her hand and scratched the back of his head nervously, "I'm just glad I could see you at the top of the balcony"

Temari tightened her grip between his fingers, "Yeah, me too"

Then they both looked up at the starry sky for a moment keeping their hands held together.

"Well shall we head back?" Shikamaru asked.

Temari paused for a second, "Yeah..."

Well that's all for now!

Sorry I'm a bit out of practice, but I hope the Shikatema scene fulfilled your wishes.

It's so hard to keep them in character sometimes since they're not the fluffy type, yet I want a fluff-like scene!

Well I hope they weren't OOC at all.

I tried to enforce some teasing, but ah, I did enjoy making Kento a total creep.

Well please review if you can.


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