Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Cultural Festival Begins!

The girls were all together now and dressed up ready to see the guys. Though, they were about to be late…

"Oh my god Ino! How long does it take to get ready?" Tenten complained running.

"Not my fault the train came early and we missed it!" Ino bit back

"What are you talking about? The train was DELAYED and yet we still missed it because you took too long" Sakura told Ino angrily.

"T-too much r-running…" Hinata managed to say breathing heavily

"Come on girls! We're nearly there! Keep up!" Temari said not tired at all, but felt excited for some reason.

Finally the meeting place was in sight and they were about to make it just in time. They could see all seven guys standing there in a group with every girl walking past them swooning.

"WAIT A MOMENT GIRLS!" Ino yelled stopping suddenly.

"What is it THIS time Ino?" Tenten said itching to go mingle with the guys already

"C'mon Ino, stop procrastinating!" Sakura complained

"It'll just be a moment." Ino said pulling out her mobile, putting it on camera, focused it on Sasuke and snapped a photo. "I needed a photo of Sasuke in CASUAL CLOTHES!"

"Oh geez Ino. I stopped just for that?" Tenten groaned

"Hey, we could sell it to the fangirls and make heaps!" Sakura spoke excitedly

"I-I don't think w-we can do that S-Sakura!" Hinata said hesitantly

Ino got out her compact and checked her face. She then snapped it closed and patted her hair, "Ok, we're all here girls? Wait, where's Temari?"

"S-She's over there" Hinata said pointing at Temari

Temari already made her way to the guys. She couldn't put up with Ino any longer. Temari was wearing purple tank top lined with black, a black skirt with pleats (not too short, not too long), purple socks that go above the knee, black low-heeled boots and a long black cardigan. She thought she looked good, but it didn't really matter; who was she going to try and impress anyway? When she got to them, Shikamaru was the first to notice.

He grinned, "Oi! We're over here!" he yelled out to her. He was just simply wearing a loose green t-shirt and a pair of straight-legged, denim jeans.

Her heart skipped a beat noticing him in casual, but quickly shook it off and sauntered up to him and the rest of the gang, "Hey guys. Are we ready to go?"

"Yeah, but where's everyone else?" Shikamaru asked

"Where are the rest of the girls?" Kiba asked

"Oh they should be coming!" Temari said smiling and sure enough…

"HEY GUYS! SORRY WE'RE LATE!" Ino cried out loud enough to break glass (she almost shattered the windows).

This is what everyone's wearing:

Naruto: A blue 'Adidas' t-shirt with an orange hoodie jacket, baggy jeans and Converse chucks.

Sasuke: A dark blue hoodie jumper, jeans, a black studded belt and suspenders.

Lee: Darks green sports top with the number 1 on the back and a pair of shorts.

Neji: A white shirt with the collar un-buttoned, tanned cargo pants and a bandanna on his head.

Chouji: A dark red, long-sleeved top and pants.

Kiba: A grey hoodie with black fur brimming the hood and jeans with a colourful belt.

Ino: A tight, white singlet, mini skirt and 5 ½-inch heeled boots.

Tenten: A Chinese design top and three-quarter pants

Hinata: A light blue dress with white flowers printed on it, white cardigan and white sandals.

Sakura: A pink frilly dress with cherry blossom petals on it and a matching pink ribbon in her hair.

"That's ok. You're just on time, we're just a tad early." Naruto said

They all said their greetings and walked to Mist Secondary College.

Once they got there, they saw signs and balloons everywhere!

"Wow! That's so the Mist! They always love to show off." Kiba said whistling

"Yeah! But it's always fun!" Naruto said getting

"Food!" Chouji drooled

They made their way into the festival and confetti was thrown everywhere.

"I would hate to clean up after this though" Shikamaru remarked

"So true. But you're just lazy so you will probably ditch school for a while if you did" Temari smiled

"Geez. You know me so well already and it's only been two weeks." Shikamaru grinned

"Ok, so let's all split up for a bit! Tenten can go around with Neji, Kiba and Hinata, Shikamaru with Temari, Sakura can go with Naruto, I'll go with Sasuke and that will leave Chouji and Lee." Ino started.

"Uh, Naruto and Sasuke have already gone off together…" Kiba started.

"What?" Ino screamed

"They are probably vs-ing each other in some random game. They always do those two." Neji said calmly.

"I will go with Sakura" Lee said

"Eh?" Sakura was about to disagree, but Lee gave her puppy-eyes, so she couldn't resist."

"Fine, Sakura, go with Lee and I'll go with Chouji" Ino whined

"Lets all meet back here at 3 o'clock and go see the performances together." Sakura said

"Yeah, I'll tell Naruto and Sasuke" Kiba said

They all agreed and went their separate ways.

Chouji went charging at all of the food stalls and Ino followed him telling him off.

Lee ran for the soccer challenge area, he's the soccer captain, with fire burning in his eyes dragging Sakura along telling her to watch him.

Neji and Tenten just shrugged and walked off to some location.

Kiba and Hinata headed towards the petting zoo with Akamaru.

Shikamaru and Temari just stood there not knowing what to do, watching everyone disappearing to different parts of the festival.

"Why did I get stuck with a troublesome girl like you?" Shikamaru asked

"Meh, at least you don't have to baby sit a LAZY ASS!" Temari smirked

"What ever. Wanna go get something to drink?"

"Sure. I'm thirsty. Let's go."

They went to the drink stall. Shikamaru bought lemonade while Temari got an ice tea. They continued to walk and weaved through the crowd not saying much until someone called them.

"Hey you couple over there!"

They turned around and saw a random guy standing there.

"Yes, you two!" he ran up to them, "Want to play a fun game? You can win a trip to the hot springs! Only a 5 dollar ticket fee! Oh, and I'm Mizugetsu by the way."

Shikamaru and Temari looked at each other and shrugged.

"Could be fun"

"Haven't got any other ideas on what to do anyway"

"Awesome! Here, a ticket" Mizugetsu said handing over a pink ticket

"Thanks, I'll pay" Shikamaru said handing over 5 dollars

"Just follow the pink signs and you've arrived. You can't miss it"

So they did while Mizugetsu tried to convince some other couple to play.

"You know I could've paid half" Temari said

"It's only five bucks. It's ok." Shikamaru said grinning


They finally arrived with party poppers and confetti popping on them until they were covered.

"Welcome to the Love Test game! I see you've got a ticket. Please head this way."

Temari paused. Shikamaru had a dumbstruck look on his face. They looked up to see a big sign saying 'LOVE TEST' on it in bold.

"Oh why didn't we ask what the game was? No wonder he was only asking couples." Shikamaru said smacking his forehead

"Wait! We're not…him…me…aren't…we're not together!" Temari said stumbling over her words blushing.

"Huh, you aren't? Well why don't you play it anyway? You've already bought a ticket and there are no refunds. Read it."

And sure enough, a clear 'no refund' was printed on the ticket.

"Well…what do we have to do?" Shikamaru asked

"Wait, we're going through with this?" Temari asked exasperated

"Even thought it's troublesome, I'm not wasting 5 bucks" said Shikamaru blushing a little, turning away.

Temari flushed a little as well, "Ok. I guess it won't hurt"

"All right! We've got a new contestant! What you have to do is follow this map to the 5 different checkpoints scattered around the festival. When you arrive at one, you have to complete a task successfully and get this card here stamped" a girl said handing them a pink love heart card, "If you fail, you lose. But if you win all five challenges, then you win a trip for two to the hot springs! You have ten minutes to get to each checkpoint and here's a necklace for both of you to wear to show you are competing in this competition" she handed them two necklaces. One had a key pendant, while the other had a lock.

Shikamaru put the key necklace on while Temari wore the lock.

"Oh yeah, one more thing. You have to hold hands throughout the whole competition and if you let go at any time, you lose automatically. So please hold hands and step this way to start the competition."

"Wait, we have to hold hands ALL THE TIME?" Temari asked in horror

"Yep!" the girl smiled handing over a map and the stamp card.

Shikamaru sighed. He reached out his hand and she took it. She could feel herself blush a little when she felt Shikamaru squeeze her hand a little tighter. Then they walked through the gate and started the competition hand-in-hand.

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