Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Rules Go Bye Bye

Kiba's heart started to pound dramatically as he entered the door with Hinata close behind him.

A deep chuckle could be heard in the room as they entered and closed the door behind them.

"Hey! It's you!" Kiba suddenly jumped up pointing at the familiar man in front of them forgetting his nervousness.

"I'm glad you walked through that door...oh and you brought a guest with you too." Kakuzu continued to chuckle.

"What's so funny?!" Kiba questioned loudly, "Argh! Doesn't matter, let's hurry up and fight already!"

"K-Kiba, hold on a moment..." Hinata cried out hoping to calm him.

Kakuzu then raised his hand up, "Wait a moment. Have you ever watched the show 'The Price is Right?'"

Kiba paused, "Uh...yeah maybe once or twice after school..." Kiba replied raising an eyebrow.

"Good", Kakuzu then pulled a sheet off of what was revealed to be a giant spin wheel with numbers on them.

"Oh dear god...really?"

Meanwhile in Sasori's room...

"So how have you been Sasori? What have you been up to since you disappeared?" Kankurou asked as he was seated next to Gaara with Sasori seated on the other side of the table.

"Well, I was having issues with money since I had cut all ties with the family, which is when I met Kakuzu who is quite the finance genius."

"Is that why you're with them? They don't seem like your type of people." Gaara asked

"Yeah, Kakuzu has assisted me quite a bit, so in return, I was doing a couple of favours for them. Some of the favours and errands were a bit, strange, but a debt is still a debt."

Sasori then stood up, "Tea?"

Over at the pool.

"What is it that we have to do for you to let Ino and Chouji go?" Tenten asked.

"What a great question. It's just simply a sparring match, no weapons, both of you against me. Just a clean fist fight, though of course kicking and such is allowed. Our arena is the ground you're standing on, you are not allowed to exit the room by any circumstance and pinky must stay out of it," Kisame pointed over to Sakura.

"And of course entering the pool is not allowed either. Not that you would want to anyway..." Kisame then pressed a button on some sort of remote he gathered from his pocket.

A dark figure could be seen swimming in the pool.

"A SHARK? ARE YOU KIDDING?!" Sakura exclaimed almost to the point of a screech.

"Your friend with the black hair from before was smart to notice the change in the water. After all, sharks cannot survive in normal, chlorine filled pool water. Now, this leads me to the next pressing issue."

Kisame then pressed a different button on his remote and the two nets containing Ino and Chouji slowly moved over to hover above the centre of the pool.

Tenten gritted her teeth, "You bastard!"

"Now, now, I did mention before that I wanted to create some incentive for you both, right? Well this is it. See the large clock over there? You better keep your eyes on it because as soon as I press this button on my remote, our fight will start and it'll take approximately ten minutes for the nets to come in contact with the water as they slowly start to descend. If you manage to beat me before then, I will stop the nets from lowering. If not, well, you know what will happen."

"You don't need to do this! We can fight you just fine without you putting our friends in danger!" Tenten spoke with a bit of pleading in her tone.

"You girly are naive. You're probably really strong in your sports and a part of some martial arts club; however those are just 'poser' fights where respect, honour, pride and all that bull crap are involved. You go and fight and the worst that'll happen is that you'll lose the fight, feel shit inside and maybe get a couple of bruises here and there, at worst maybe a fracture or a sprain. There's no way you can fight to your fullest under those circumstances. Also you're going against me. Someone who isn't a stranger to street fights where there are no rules. Anything and everything is a weapon and you either leave alive or stay there dead. How could you, someone living in a fairytale world possibly beat me? No one who hasn't had their hands stained in blood could easily defeat me."

Tenten clenched her fist, however could not say anything in return.

"On the other hand, your frien-" Kisame was interrupted as Neji had approached him as he was talking and punched him in the face in one quick, swift movement.

"Neji!" Tenten cried out.

"Are you we doing this or not?" Neji's eyes went dark and cold with a rather scary, yet calm expression on his face.

"Yes, you. You're different from the rest. Those eyes of yours that are filled with bloodlust and anger, they're not like your airy fairy friend over there. You have experienced something rather interesting and I would like to learn about it."

He then pressed the button and a buzzing sound could be heard from the pulley holding up the nets.

"BRING IT!" Naruto exclaimed as he brought up his fist to face Itachi.

"As keen and usual Naruto." Itachi grinned, "Well before we begin, first things first."

Itachi then leaped down from his hanging platform and walked towards Sasuke.

Temari could feel her pulse racing as she watched Itachi slowly walking towards Sasuke. She couldn't help shake the image of Sasuke completely beaten on the day of the cultural festival and the cloths and bandages covered in blood surrounding him.

"What do you think he's going to do?" Temari whispered over to Shikamaru as they were sheltered together in their cage.

"Not sure, but it can't be good from what we've seen as the aftermath." Shikamaru whispered back.

Itachi then stopped walking as he was standing rather close in front of Sasuke.

Sasuke cringed a little.

He then lifted both of his arms and moved closer to give Sasuke a...hug.

"It really has been too long since I last saw you." Itachi spoke out loud.

Temari and Shikamaru's faces went blank.

"What?" Temari couldn't help but quickly remark.

"Don't ask me, I'm seriously just as confused as you are, if not more." Shikamaru mentioned keeping his blank expression as he spoke.

"Let go of him already you weirdo!" Naruto started to pull Itachi away from Sasuke by the collar.

"You know Naruto, if you want to join our family; you have to treat me better than this." Itachi smoothly commented.

"I would if you stop doing all this weird shit to us! Seriously, we've had enough! We're strong enough now to survive on our own. We're not little kids anymore." Naruto kept talking.

Sasuke then moved away from Itachi, "Naruto's right. We understand why you're doing this, but the past is the past. These are peaceful times now. I know you probably feel highly responsible for me because of the thing with our family and our parents...but we really are strong enough to overcome what will come our way."

"Sasuke, I really don't think..."

"Look! I get it ok! Even though our parents were the head of the police force, they were actually trying to hide their hidden agenda of acting against the government as revenge for our family history where we were betrayed and used. The whole family and police force were in on this and the government got word of it, so they asked you to resolve it, otherwise they'll simply get rid of our whole family, including me. So then you plotted a way for our parents to get caught in the act red-handed, but since they were prideful and didn't want to talk to defend our family, they...killed themselves. Since they lead the organisation, as soon as they passed, the whole thing ended and now our family is sentenced to life in jail, except you and me as you made a deal for me, isn't that right?!" Sasuke babbled.


"No, don't! You're scared that our family will find a way to get out of jail and that they might come after us since you're the reason why they were caught and put into jail. It's not going to happen Itachi. We don't even know if they know it was you! Also, a crime against the government itself, no way would they let them go, especially since they were in a trusted position as the police. They will keep the issue hidden as long as they can. Can't we just leave this behind us now?"

Itachi took a deep breath and thought to himself for a moment, "Alright. If you can pass this next challenge, it'll be the last one."

"Awesome!" Naruto celebrated.

"As usual, Naruto will be your support I see. Very well, ready to begin?" Itachi asked.

Sasuke and Naruto both nodded, "Yeah".

Itachi then walked over to the cage with Temari and Shikamaru in it and entered closing the door behind him and put a paper bag over his face, "Begin" he simply said.

Suddenly the door swung open and a flood of girls entered screaming quickly approaching Sasuke.

Temari and Shikamaru's face remained blank as it left them rather speechless.

"Ah, sorry, this must be rather boring for you both, but it really is for the best you don't get involve." Itachi gave a kind smile to them as he slightly lifted the paper bag.

"Um, paper bag, what's happening...?" was all Temari managed to say.

"Oh, the paper bag is to cover my face. I wouldn't want the girls to turn in my direction." Itachi chuckled.

Shikamaru cleared his throat, "You know, I've seen the result of Sasuke's being after meeting up with you. I thought of your meeting to be rather different from this..."

Itachi chuckled, "Shikamaru, as you should know, nothing is scarier than a large group of fan girls who have been given permission to do whatever they want to you as they compete with each other to receive such a pleasure."

Temari and Shikamaru continued to watch the flood of girls squealing losing sight of where Sasuke and Naruto are.

"Thanks for looking after my little brother Shikamaru. From the look of things, seems like we'll be together again, so I guess your hands will be free from now on."

"SHIKAMARU, QUICKLY, NOW!" Naruto yelled out just loud enough over the girls' cries.

"Here we go again" Shikamaru then started to look around frantically.

"Here" Itachi passed over a long piece of cloth to him.

"Thanks" he then used it to blindfold Temari.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Temari argued.

"Remember that time when we first saw the Akatsuki. They're doing it again."

Temari stayed silent as the blindfold was put into place and Shikamaru covered her ears.

A few moments later, all she could hear was a muffled sound that sounded like a stampede entered the room for a short moment; or something hard dropping on the floor multiple times.

When her ears were uncovered and her blindfold was removed, yet again, the floor was covered by girls who have completely fainted

Some even had a bit of a bloody nose.

Temari had no idea what happened, but as the blindfold came off, she could see Naruto and Sasuke separating from each other as though they were really close a moment ago and they were standing on the platform Itachi was on before.

Shikamaru also happened to be pulling a rather unusual face somewhere between disgust and confusion.

"Well done," Itachi clapped slowly.

"Can we just get to the actual fighting for once?!" Naruto complained.

"Right, right, I guess this will be the last time we cross fists." Itachi then exited the cage, pushing away the pile of girls as he cleared a path to walk.

Temari and Shikamaru stayed inside still rather shocked.

"Oi, Shikamaru, Temari, you guys don't have to stick around. Hurry up and get to the end, we'll catch up with you in a moment." Naruto yelled over to them.

Shikamaru and Temari then left the cage as well trying to avoid stepping on anyone.

"Itachi, you know..." Shikamaru begun to speak, but then stopped.

Itachi looked over to him, "I'm not like what you expected me to be?"

Shikamaru chuckled, "Yeah, to put it frankly."

"Hurry up and go." Sasuke then rushed.

"Fine, fine we're going..." Shikamaru then made his way to the door.

"Temari." Itachi spoke up as she was turning to leave.

Temari then turned to face him.

"Be careful of Hidan. He has his own hidden agenda behind all of this and he will always do everything in his power to get what he wants." Itachi warned.

Temari was a little held back by his advice, "Why do some of you 'Akatsuki' people warn me of this? Isn't Hidan on your team?"

"Well, you can say pretty much none of us really like Hidan. He's a bit strange."

'That's a lot coming from you guys...' Temari thought to herself as she smiled then exited the gym with Shikamaru.

"Well, that was an unexpected turn of events..." Temari spoke as they continued to follow the signs guiding them along their path.

Shikamaru grinned, "Yeah, Itachi is rather accommodating for a monster."

"I've also never seen Sasuke talk so much."

They reached a sign that told them to turn right. They did as it said and it led them to the open back gate that opened up to a footpath that surrounded the outside of the grounds which separated it from the main road.

"That's strange. I thought we weren't meant to leave the school ground. Yet, there's a sign here on the gate pointing in the direction of the road. Is it a trap or a trick to make us lose automatically?" Temari questioned.

"Something isn't right." Shikamaru wrinkled his brows, "I can't see any of them wanting to trick us to get disqualified. They wouldn't have any satisfaction of winning and it'll make this whole set up pointless."

They watched as cars drove by them as they were stuck on what to do next.

Then suddenly they could hear the roar of a motorbike engine.

They could see it from afar speeding down the road closer to them.

"What an idiot driving so fast like that." Temari commented.

As the bike sped forward, it suddenly drove onto the footpath and before they could react, the person on it scooped up Temari and threw her on in front of him.

"What the-!" was all Temari could manage to say.

"Hey!" Shikamaru cried out.

The bike slowed down slightly and the man threw off his helmet. They could see it was Hidan, "Meet me where that sign says!" he then laughed and sped back onto the main road.

Shikamaru swore and ripped the sign off the gate.

Behind it had an address.

He felt himself starting to panic as terrible images and thoughts entered his mind. He then crouched down and pressed his fingers together taking deep breathes as he tried to calm his mind down.

He then opened his eyes and walked back into the school.

"SHINO!" he yelled out as he reached the oval.

A moment later, Shino could be seen walking towards him.

"What is it Shikamaru? You rarely yell out to me like this."

"I need you to send out a message to everyone. Temari has been taken by Hidan out of the school grounds and he has given me this address to meet him at," Shikamaru then handed him the piece of paper that was originally the sign; "I'm going there now. Please let everyone know."

Shino nodded.

Shikamaru then ran to the bike racks that were located at the car park. Luckily enough there was a bike left there. He saw it had a combination lock that was chained to the bike and he started to crack it and finally managed to guesstimate the right code and unlocked it.

He grabbed his phone and dialled his father's number and waited for it to be picked up, "Dad! No time to talk. Temari has been captured by that lunatic Hidan and he has given me an address. He probably has something set up for me at the location. I am heading towards there now. Please send some back up; however do not be seen by him or enter as he might pull something drastic if he knew I brought company. I have a feeling this is something he has against me and he's using Temari to get to me. Give me time to sort this out myself and don't go in unless signalled or things are getting completely out of hand. I'll text you the address now. Bye." Shikamaru then hung up the phone and texted the address.

He then pulled out the large bike and rode off towards the address that was given to him.

He could feel his mobile vibrate in his pocket as he rode, but ignored it.

The address seemed familiar so he knew exactly where to go. Although, he couldn't remember where he had read it from as his mind started to cloud again with the thought of Temari being held captive by Hidan.

"LET GO OF ME!" Temari ordered as she was being held by Hidan on his motorbike.

"Babe, you know how I love it when you struggle, but we are currently speeding on a motorbike, so struggle any further and we'll fuckin' fall off and probably die. Which is romantic, but I need to take care of come business first." Hidan replied not moving his eyes from the road.

They ran a red light and Temari squealed as they just avoided a collision with a car that they were about to cross paths with.

Temari decided to keep silent.

Shikamaru started to sweat rather heavily as he rode as fast as he could without stopping once.

Finally he had reached his location.

It was an old, abandoned church.

He pulled out his pair of gauntlets.

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