Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Opposites Attract - Fire and Ice

Finally the day of the formal arrived.

Temari opened her closet revealing her mother's dress.

She delicately removed it from its hanger and unzipped the side.

As she started to place it over her head, she realised that it was going to be a squeeze.

Managing to put on the dress and zipping it up, she walked over to her full length mirror.

She felt a little self conscious as the look of the dress was a bit different than what she was expecting.

Since she was quite tall, the slit on the side of the dress sat further up her leg, up to her thigh, and the material clung to her body as she also found out she was curvier than her mother.

Now her look is more 'sexy elegant' rather than just 'elegant'.

After taking another look in the mirror, she started rummaging through her closet in desperation of finding other clothing in red, but she knew it was a fruitless attempt as she barely even owned t-shirts that were red, let alone another dress.

She cursed to herself for not trying on the dress earlier and only realising this on the night.

She walked back over to the mirror and had another look.

Spinning around and looking at her backless dress, at least the back didn't sling too low, she eventually got over the initial shock and eased her mind into liking the new look.

She was uncomfortable about showing any sort of skin, as she usually dresses boy-ish, and the colour was bolder than she has ever worn, but it didn't look bad.

If anything, it looked really good.

Suddenly, her door bell rang snapping her out of her trance.

'Who could it be?' she thought to herself.

Walking over to the door, she opened it to reveal all of the girls.

"Oh, hi guys. I didn't realise we were going to meet up at my place." Temari spoke with a shocked look on her face.

"We weren't, but we had a feeling we should. Sorry for the sudden appearance." Tenten responded.

"A limousine with the boys will come by and pick us up as well." Sakura added.

"Oh my god! Where did you find such a lovely dress? You look stunning…like a woman!" Ino exclaimed squealing at Temari's appearance.

"Uh…thanks?" Temari replied not sure whether it was a compliment or not. She was also still a bit shocked.

The girls walked in with a small clutch and big bags.

"S-So, how are you going to do your hair and makeup Temari?" Hinata asked.

Temari thought to herself for a bit, "I was going to leave my hair up as usual, but now that I think about it, it's probably not appropriate. And I wasn't going to do makeup."

All the girls gasped at the same time.

"N-N-NO MAKEUP?!" They all exclaimed.

"See?! I told you it was the right decision to come here for the finishing touches!" Ino cried.

"W-Well…I don't own any make up, so yeah." Temari stuttered as she was taken aback by the strong response.

"Don't worry Temari, we've got you covered!" Tenten lifted her large bag and winked.

Next thing before Temari knew it; the girls spilled open their large bags onto the floor of her living room comparing colours with each other to find what would suit Temari.

They each went up to her place a swatch of foundation onto Temari's face to compare it to her skin tone.

After all agreeing on a colour palette, they sat her down onto a chair and placed a smock over her so they don't dirty her dress.

Then Ino and Sakura crowded around her face removing the random blotches of foundation and started to do the serious application of makeup.

Temari was too overwhelmed by the events; she didn't even think about arguing about anything and let them all have their way.

Rather, she was too scared to argue as the air was rather intense. She simply pleaded to herself hoping to not have to walk out looking like a cake.

After Ino and Sakura were done, they smiled to each other and called Tenten and Hinata up.

Tenten and Hinata in that time frame had done their own hair and were looking good, though also rather odd since their hair was all done up, but their faces were bare and they also were wearing 'lazy clothes'.

They walked over to Temari with a straightener, different sized curling irons, and multiple different accessories.

They plugged everything in with multiple extension cords and got to work.

Temari could only think about how hot her head felt and that her eyes were itchy from what she presumes is caused by mascara.

Her face also felt stiff, this was pretty much the first time she's ever worn makeup.

After they were done, they called Ino and Sakura back over to have a look at the final product.

They all smiled at each other looking rather proud.

Temari took this as her cue to be able to move again and quickly took her smock off and went upstairs.

She stormed unladylike into her bedroom and looked at herself in the full length mirror.

To her shock, she looked…beautiful.

She could even confidently say that about herself.

The dress no longer looked a bit odd on as her face and hair had matched up to it.

She moved close to the mirror and even though she swore they layered on multiple products onto her face, it looked like she had only one layer of makeup on, giving her a rather natural look with a good dose of eyeliner and mascara to open her eyes up.

Her hair was also done up in an elegant up-do with curls running through it to make it look complex, but there was no big accessories sticking out of it.

Overall, it was a simple, elegant and mature look to match the dress perfectly.

She then walked back downstairs to join the rest of the girls who were helping each other with makeup and hair.

"What do you think?" Sakura asked.

"We made sure to hold back a bit since we didn't think you'll like bold colours or big accessories." Tenten added.

"The dress is already stunning as it is. Too much anywhere else will just overpower the balance." Ino commented.

"You look beautiful Temari." Hinata smiled.

A sense of guilt stabbed Temari's heart as she felt bad for doubting them and expecting a train wreck.

"Thank you everyone." Temari spoke a bit quietly.

"Here you go" Tenten handed Temari a simple red clutch, "We didn't think you would have one, so I'll let you borrow my back up one."

"Now stop gawking and put on your shoes or whatever. Girls, we're behind schedule so we must get moving!" Ino ordered.

Everyone did as they were told as they frantically did each other's hair and makeup.

Temari went and put on her strappy red shoes she bought for the occasion and started placing her essentials into her clutch, such as her mobile and student ID.

When she went back downstairs, everyone had already got dressed and were quickly tidying up the area shoving everything into their bags and putting their own outrageously high heels on.

Everyone looked stunning.

"Phew! We made it with a few minutes to spare. Now everyone get in, we're taking a photo!" Ino ran over to the bench and placed her camera onto it putting on the timer.

She rushed back to the group and they all stood together readying a pose for the camera.

The flash went off and she rushed back to take another.

Then they all split off to take photos in pairs and in all sorts of variations before the doorbell rang.

They all quickly grabbed their clutches and walked over to the door together brimming with excitement.

The driver had been the one to ring the doorbell and the girls filed out the door one by one with Temari being last to lock up.

Ino then ordered the boys to get out so they could line up next to the limousine to take more photos.

Shikamaru walked over and faced Temari.

There was an awkward silence.

"So, you managed to find a white tuxedo." Temari commented to try to fill the awkward gap.

"Y-Yeah…surprisingly Dad owned one."

Temari laughed nervously, "That's lucky then".

After having the driver take a few photos, they all got into the limousine and drove off to their destination.

They arrived at the school's back entrance close to the gym.

Filing out one by one, they walked to the gym together.

Temari and Shikamaru lagged behind the group and walked together not speaking a word.

They arrived at the entrance to see two flame torches standing tall on either side of the entrance.

A large sign was also plastered over the entrance.

"You guys weren't kidding about fire were you?" Shikamaru chuckled.

"Wait until the fire dancers come out." Temari remarked.

The two smiled as they walked in.

First they had to tick off their names and then they went over to the photography area to take a professional entrance photo.

They all took one together, then Neji and Tenten, Hinata and Kiba and Shikamaru and Temari were coerced to take couple shots.

After the awkward smiles, they entered further into the gym to view all of their hard work.

Two tall ice sculptures stood around the middle of the 'eating and chatting area' and a portion of the floor was left open for dancing with strobe lights coming down on it in front of a stage where the live band and performances were to take place.

It no longer looked like the gym they all work out and sweat in.

"Looks great girls!" Kiba commented.

"I can see the youth!" Lee cried.

"It looks like a party!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Calm down Naruto." Sasuke commented.

"Well, well, look who decided to finally show up." The Akatsuki suddenly appeared, minus Hidan.

"Not in the mood." Neji raised an eyebrow.

"We're not here to fight. Just simply having a good time." Pain commented.

Before they knew it, everyone split off to do their own thing.

Chouji walked over to the food area.

Lee, Kiba and Naruto went to the dancefloor.

Ino walked around greeting everyone trying to promote herself for votes to be the 'Prom Queen'.

Tenten went backstage to sort out the performers with Sakura.

Temari, Shikamaru, Neji and Hinata stood around the food area with Chouji to chat.

Sasuke was fighting off girls trying to win him over for his flower.

Eventually Naruto and Itachi had to step in…though it only made matters worse.

The time went by and everything went according to plan.

Tsunade was placed guard to make sure no one tried to spike the punch bowl…thought it didn't stop her from drinking her own 'special mix'.

"Now, let's give a hand to our fire dancers!" Tenten announced loudly as the performers danced.

"Everyone behind this line please." The teachers instructed strictly.

Everyone was cheering loudly watching the performance in awe.

Then Lee, Kiba and Naruto removed their jackets, unbuttoned a few buttons from their shirts and started break dancing in the middle of the dance floor when the live music stopped and the DJ started playing.

They were surrounded by cheering people where some had brought out their mobiles to take a video.

With this, Lee suddenly stopped and handed his white flower to Sakura.

Sakura accepted the flower shyly as many cheered with a few girls grumbling.

Lee had become rather popular ever since he won the tournament for the soccer team and now dressed rather nicely in a tuxedo with his hair gelled back dancing like a professional on the dance floor.

His eyebrows became less of a problem.

Hinata was offered quite a few flowers and she politely rejected them with Kiba scaring away the competition.

Even Temari was offered flowers, now that she was all dressed up and looking very pleasing to the eyes of the men, though she rejected them rather abruptly since she wasn't used to it and Shikamaru simply laughed at how she responded.

"Poor guys," He simply said.

"Not my fault I don't know how to deal with this kind of thing!" Temari argued.

"Oh well, not like I would have it any other way." Shikamaru murmured.


"Nothing, troublesome woman."

"Hey, I heard that one!" Temari punched Shikamaru playfully on the shoulder.

"Now it is time for the ultimate event, who will be our Prom King and Queen this year?!" Tsunade announced on the stage as the music died down.

Everyone slowly gathered in front of the stage with girls crossing their fingers squealing of excitement.

Shizune walked over to Tsunade handing her two pieces of folded paper.

"Firstly, the boys." Tsunade cleared her throat and opened up the piece of paper, "And the Prom King this year goes to…Sasuke Uchiha!"

'Well that was a no brainer' Temari thought to herself.

The girls screamed excessively, while the guys glared at Sasuke as he begrudgingly walked onto the stage where Shizune placed the crown on his head.

"Everyone quiet down!" Tsunade ordered.

Eventually the room quieted down to a low buzz.

"Now for the girls. This year's Prom Queen goes to…Ino Yamanaka!"

Ino tried to hold back her tears as she walked onto the stage and had the tiara placed onto her head,

'Again a no brainer. All the girls agreed to vote for her if the formal was a success since she lead the making of this formal. Ino was probably aiming for this all along.' Temari thought to herself.

"You're not disappointed or anything, are you?" Shikamaru grinned playfully.

"Are you?" Temari smirked.

"I do sacrifice a lot for vanity...can't you tell?"

"Yeah and I'm disappointed that I'm not dating the Prom King. I guess this is the end for us, I'm moving targets since I can only date the popular guys."

"Oh I see how it is…gold-digger" Shikamaru whispered the last bit, only loud enough for Temari to hear.

"Oi! Watch it!" she punched Shikamaru again whilst laughing.

There was a riot happening since the girls wouldn't allow Sasuke participate in the Prom King and Queen dance since 'Sasuke belonged to everyone', so the dance had to be cancelled.

Ino had a slightly irritated look on her face, but it wasn't as terrible as the rest expected her to be.

"Now moving on…" Ino spoke over the microphone, "We will begin the flower event! If you have already received a flower, please stand with your partner; otherwise everyone go crazy! Remember girls, only one flower is allowed!"

The music started again playing a romantic pop song and everyone stood stiffly on the floor before they all began to move.

Sakura moved over to where Lee was and stood next to him.

Kiba shyly gave his flower to Hinata blushing, which caused Hinata to blush herself whilst accepting the gesture.

Neji faced Tenten straight on giving her his flower while Tenten looked up at him with a flushed face.

Sasuke and Naruto secretly swapped flowers in the crowd.

Even though it wasn't allowed, girls still tried to have a shot asking Sasuke if they could have his flower.

Even Shino participated, handing a flower with a butterfly on it to another bug fanatic.

Ino walked through the crowd rejecting a few offers on the way, only to be stopped by Chouji.

His face grew bright red and he handed his flower to her shaking.

Ino smiled sweetly and accepted it making the crowd go wild in shock.

Chouji had a large smile on his face.

"Good on yah Chouji." Shikamaru grinned.

"Oh yeah, you three were childhood friends right?" Temari asked.

"Yeah." Shikamaru responded.

Again there was a bit of silence.

Shikamaru scratched the back of his hand and then suddenly grabbed Temari's hand and lead her out of the gym.

Temari was surprised, but followed him accordingly.

They went outside and Shikamaru prompted Temari to sit down on a ledge as he held his flower out to her, "Here" he said.

Temari looked at Shikamaru's uncomfortable facial expression, she grinned, "Here what?"

Shikamaru's eyebrows stitched together, "Really? Now?"

"Now more than ever."

Shikamaru gave her a stern look, then slowly unstitched his eyebrows from each other and cleared his throat, "Dearest troublesome woman Temari, will you please accept my gesture of handing my white rose over to you."

Temari giggled, "Yes" and she took the rose with both of her hands and smiled at him.

Shikamaru's face flushed, and then he quickly sat next to her in a hastened manner.

Temari looked over to him, but he avoided eye contact for a bit until his face cooled down.

Temari looked up at the sky, "The stars are beautiful tonight. I'm glad we have clear skies."

Shikamaru looked at her and then looked up at the sky, "Yeah. I guess I can see the appeal of stars."

They sat in silence while looking up at the sky.

"You look lovely tonight." Shikamaru murmured under his breath.

Temari was taken aback and blushed from the sudden compliment, "R-Really? …Thanks."

Again silence.

"Ah, but those poor guys you rejected so bluntly." Shikamaru chuckled.

"Would you have wanted me to say yes instead?" Temari argued and lowered her head to look at Shikamaru, only to realise he was already facing her.

"No. Did I ever say I didn't like troublesome woman?" Shikamaru's eyes didn't waver from hers.

Temari could feel the heat rising to her face as she wasn't expecting their faces to be so close to one another.

After a moment, their faces moved towards each other slowly finally making contact.

They stayed like that for a while before retreating.

Temari rested her head on Shikamaru shoulder as they both looked forward at nothing.

They could hear many voices and the music coming from the gym, but it was still quiet.

"Y'know…Temari." Shikamaru started speaking again.

"Hm?" Temari responded, only to be interrupted by her ringtone coming from her mobile.

"Sorry, just let me answer this." Temari stood up and took the call.

Shikamaru watched her facial expressions change from relaxed, to grumpy, to stressed, to angry, to surprised, to disdain and ended on being rather expressionless.

She slowly walked back to Shikamaru not changing her expression.

"Is…everything ok?" Shikamaru asked hesitantly.

"That was my father…" Temari trailed off.


Temari paused, "He, he's given the order to have me return home in a week's time."

Shikamaru blinked, "A WEEK?"

Temari's facial expression twisted in order to stop her from tearing up.

"I thought you had a contract or something so you could stay until your agreed time was up?" Shikamaru debated,

"Well, he found a way to null that stupid contract, so now I have to leave next week. It was inevitable anyway; I wasn't going to stay here forever."

Shikamaru sat looking at Temari with a confused expression not sure what to say. In the end he stood up and put his arms around her.

As Temari was being held, all she could think was, 'This was all too good to be true anyway. Of course it was going to end sooner rather than later.'

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