Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Pit Stop 2: A Weird Combination

Temari and Shikamaru started moving to the other checkpoint holding hands.

"Ugh, why did the next checkpoint have to be on the other side of the festival?" Shikamaru complained, "I'm getting hungry".

"Oh stop complaining" Temari pouted, "You're having fun right?"

Shikamaru paused a bit, "Yeah…" he mumbled

As they were running, they were passing the rest of the gang bit by bit.

"Hey look. It's Chouji and Ino." Temari said noticing a chubby guy with a skinny blonde. It was ironic really. Chouji was eating Takoyaki while watching Ino shopping and looking at various trinkets.

"Yeah. I would go say hi and save Chouji, but we might not make it in time since Ino likes to talk." Shikamaru grumbled a bit, "Troublesome"

"Don't worry; Chouji doesn't seem to mind"

"I guess so…"

They continued to speed walk through the crowd. Then they took a glimpse of the crowd of people surrounding a stage.

Neji was on that stage and Tenten was cheering on the side lines.

"Wow, is Neji THAT good at Martial Arts?" Temari asked admiring his grace. Looked like he was almost dancing.

"Well, he IS the leader of the Martal Arts club as well as the Student Council. Tenten also does Karate, though I wonder why Neji's on stage…"

"Yeah, I don't think he mentioned anything about performing. Wait, Tenten does Karate?"

"Yeah and she's really good. She could lead, but she always rejects the offer. She's a lot stronger than you think; plus she does archery and has a crazy aim."

"So much I still don't know. I chose quite an interesting group to be around with as a newcomer."

Shikamaru laughed, "You sure did"

They continued to run and saw Naruto pulling Sasuke by the hand running past them.

"What's with them?" Temari asked

"Oh, Naruto's probably taking Sasuke somewhere to challenge him to sees whose better at god knows what. They do it all the time, its normal."

"Really? Are they close?"

"Pretty close. Guess you can call them best friends, though they say they're 'rivals'. Sasuke pretty much only opens up when Naruto's around. Same goes with smiling."

"Wait, Sasuke actually smiles?"

"Yep, believe it or not he does."

"What do you mean by rivals?"

"Ever since primary school, Naruto had a bit of an inferiority complex towards Sasuke because Sasuke was good at EVERYTHING as a natural prodigy; while Naruto sort of sucked. So Naruto started training like crazy to try and beat him and always constantly challenging him in something to prove that he can beat him. Sasuke just agreed to it all and it hasn't changed since then and they still do it now."

"That's kind of crazy, but cute"

"I guess you can see it that way. It's all too troublesome in the end"

They watched them run past and kept going.

"The soccer match is still on" Temari noticed pointing towards a soccer field

"Hmm? Oh Lee's still playing and I can see Sakura's pink hair on the sidelines"

"I'm guessing Lee likes Sakura?"

"Yep. That's also been going for a while, but I guess Sakura can't overlook the bowl hair cut and huge eyebrows."

"How could you? They are almost alive themselves. Though I swear he looks identical to our P.E. teacher."

Shikamaru laughed, "That's where his fashion sense came from. They act like family."

Temari laughed imagining them in identical attire and walking around in sync. "Obviously not my family. What about Sakura? What does she do?"

"She plays tennis and is trying out for the finals"

"Is she any good?"

"Dunno, never seen her played or asked. I suppose so since it's for finals."

"Oh look! It's Hinata and Kiba at the petting zoo" Temari pointed towards the right

They watched Hinata try to hold a duck and then squealing when it flew out of her arms and Kiba started laughing.

"Has she always been so self conscious?" Temari asked watching the pale eyed girl patting a baby lamb

"As far as I know."

"Why did Kiba bring Akamaru?"

"Akamaru is his best friend in the whole entire world or something. He would bring him to school if he could, though he has tried smuggling him in before. He got in HUGE trouble. Though I don't believe Akamaru will cause trouble, he's a really smart dog and knows a lot of tricks! You should ask Kiba to show you sometime"

Temari laughed, "Now that would be interesting!"

They continued speeding through the crowd and finally reached their destination. It was a ramen and milkshakes stall.

"Weird combination" Shikamaru remarked

"Hello," greeted the lady at the front, "I'm guessing this is your next pit stop for the Love Game?"

"Yes. What do we have to do? Did we make it on time?" Temari asked

"You made it right on time! Please follow me and I'll explain everything" she smiled and started walking into the eating area behind the stall.

They followed her and saw a few couples sitting at tables together. There were big bowls of ramen and empty milkshake on a few tables…

"Oh god, don't tell me…" Temari didn't get to finish

"That's right. It's an eating game! Both of you must finish a whole large serving of ramen in 15 minutes together while holding hands. At the end when the bowl is done, you both share a milkshake, which also has to be finished and a picture will be taken at the same time. Everything clear?"

"What? A picture will be taken when we're sharing a milkshake?"

"Aah! Are you serious? We have to eat that huge bowl?" Shikamaru groaned.

"Weren't you complaining that you were hungry before?"

"No, I was getting hungry. Not actually hungry! And have you seen the size of those bowls? Only Naruto can only finish something that big! Speaking of Naruto…" Shikamaru complained, and then looked at the only empty bowl in the area of tables. All the other bowls had left overs, "Maybe I'm over thinking things…"

"What's wrong Shikamaru? What are you mumbling about?" Temari asked looking at him curiously

"Nah. It's nothing…I'm just over thinking things."

"Are you both ready? I'll take you to a table and no letting go of hands ok?"

They both nodded.

"It's troublesome, but yeah"

She brought them to a table with a big bowl of ramen and a pair of chopsticks.

"Ah, don't we need two pairs of chopsticks?" Temari mentioned seeing only one pair.

"Nope. You have to share the one."


"Bah…another troublesome thing"

"It's the rules"

"Ugh whatever…" Shikamaru grumbled fed up

Temari didn't say anything.

"Ok, START!" A bunch of party poppers popped.

So they did. Shikamaru picked up the chopsticks clumsily; he's holding hands with his right hand and he's right handed, and picked up a clump of noodles and shoved them in his mouth. He then passed the chopsticks to Temari.

Temari then picked up some noodles and stared at it. This would be counted as an indirect kiss wouldn't it? She thought.

"What's the hold up? Clocks ticking Temari, no time to be fussy" Shikamaru looked at her

He's right; I'm being childish... She took a deep breath a shove it in her mouth quickly, then passed the chopsticks over

This went on for a while as they took turns eating.

"Five minutes have passed." The girl mentioned

"This is going too slow. We haven't gotten through a third of it yet." Shikamaru groaned

"What should we do then?" Temari asked then something clicked. She went a little red but there was no other way, "What i-if I…uh I mean, if I-I f-feed us b-both?" she stuttered. God I sound like an idiot.

Shikamaru's face went a bit pink. "I g-guess it would be quicker since I'm slower in my left and everything"

Temari then picked the chopstick up and grab a bundle and shoved it in her mouth. Then she picked up another bundle and waved it in front of Shikamaru's face looking at him seriously, even though her face was a tad red.

Shikamaru went a bit pinker and opened his mouth.

She placed the ramen inside and quickly pulled the chopsticks out quickly and look straight down at the bowl and shoved another bunch in her own mouth not daring to look at him yet since she was a tad embarrassed. She closed her eyes only to hear the chewing until she felt a pull at one of the pieces of ramen in her mouth. She flicked open her eyes and followed the trail of the piece of ramen to Shikamaru's mouth. She looked straight into his eyes and they paused for a bit. This happens often in the movies and it always leaded to…

Temari went bright red and Shikamaru noticed and grinned. He had a playful look in his eyes and Temari had no idea what to expect. He followed the trail with his mouth gaining closer to hers. The piece of ramen was getting smaller.

What is he doing? Temari freaked getting redder but yet, didn't want to let go. She tensed up a bit, but she wasn't going to lose to him so she approached closer too.

This surprised Shikamaru and he also went a bit red, but paced closer quite liking this game of chicken he started.

Soon, Temari could feel his breath and tried to pull her eyes away from his, but she couldn't. Eventually her vision of his face went blurry, due to being really close, and she panicked and bit off her end and pulled back breathing heavily since she hadn't breathed the whole time.

Shikamaru slurped up the rest of the ramen a grinned triumphantly since he had won.

Temari's face was burning of humiliation noticing that the left over bit of ramen was very little. She then started to speed up eating and feeding so she could get out of the embarrassment faster. Ramen soup was starting to fly everywhere. They were nearly finished.

"Ten seconds to go" the girl called out

They started to fuss at the small bits left over.


More fussing since they had no spoon


We're nearly finished!


Come one!




Shikamaru grabbed the bowl and drank up the rest of the contents and slammed the bowl on the table.

"And you're done!" the girl smiled

The couple groaned and leaned back on the chair with their stomachs stuffed.

Shikamaru leaned back a bit too far too fast and fell back on his chair.

Temari watched him and laughed out loud until it filled the room.

Shikamaru just stayed on the floor staring at the ceiling with an annoyed look on his face with their hands still linked.

Temari calmed down and got up from her seat and pulled him off from the floor and smiled cheesily at him.

He grinned back and rubbed the back of his head where it hit the floor.

"Does it hurt?" she asked him while looking at the back of his head.

"Yeah…" he winced at the pain a bit.

Temari looked at him intently and…

Pecked him on the cheek.

He was a bit startled from this and stared at her.

She smiled brightly, "All better?"

He started to blush and looked away.

Temari then smiled triumphantly because she won this time.

He looked back at her, "You missed the spot" and he smiled smugly.

She gave him a light punch on his shoulder.

"Are you ready for the second round?" The girl interrupted bringing in a milkshake on a tray. It was strawberry.

"Oh, I almost forgot" Temari said in surprise.

"Ugh, I'm so full already!" Shikamaru complained.

The milkshake got placed on the table and they sat back down again. They were sitting on opposite sides to each other.

Temari grabbed one of the straws and looked at it. Her jaw dropped.

"What's the matter?" Shikamaru questioned curiously, sort of scared about what the answer will be.

"Th-the straw…it's pi-nk" Temari stuttered

"And…?" Shikamaru raised an eyebrow

"A-and it twists to a shape of a l-love h-heart"


"And someone's going to take a picture of us drinking out of these straws together out of the same cup."

Shikamaru paused. He caught on.

"Ok, get ready to drink. You have five minute and a picture will be taken. Ready?"

"Uh…got another straw?" Temari asked hesitantly


Oh well…at least I tried…

"Ok, now…go."

The started slurping away. It tasted good.

They saw a flash go and the started to blush a bit, yet again, but continued.

We've already gotten this far…I'm not going to back down. Temari thought.

They finished in time and they leaned back yet again out of exhaustion.

"Could we at least see the photo?" Temari asked the girl

"Nope. It's a surprise till the end."

She groaned in response.

"Well congratulations for winning the challenge. Only two more pit stops to go.

This time they both groaned.

They finally got up and passed over their stamp card to get stamped. They stood at the exit hands still held together.

"Ready to go? You have 10 minutes to get to the next stop."

"Yeah I'm ready." Temari said a bit excited, yet exhausted.


The girl took it as a yes, "Alright then. Go!"

They left the scene yet again and headed off to the next stop, not knowing what's ahead of them.

Too bad because it's going to be BIG and they're not going to like it…maybe.

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