Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Pit Stop 3:The VERY Troublesome Obstacle

Yet again the favoured couple started running through the crowd trying to find their way to the next pit stop; which seemed to be located at tracks.

"What do you think the challenge will be this time?" Temari asked trying to break the silence and getting her mind off her stomach; which was starting to get cramps.

"Hopefully nothing to do with food" Shikamaru replied with a groan at his own painful stomach.

"Ugh, don't remind me…ouch!" Temari looked up to see who she bumped into and saw a fuzz of blonde spiky hair.

It was Naruto who was accompanied by Sasuke.

"Ah, sorry about that…oh Temari, Shikamaru! It's you two!" Naruto yelled

"Oh hey Naruto…Sasuke" Shikamaru replied

Sasuke nodded in response

"What are you guys doing?" Temari asked. Maybe I shouldn't start conversation since we are on a rush…

"Oh, we are in a…" Naruto paused, not sure whether to continue his sentence

"Treasure hunt." Sasuke finished for him

Well that pause was kind of suspicious… Shikamaru thought.

"That sounds like fun" Temari said now trying to end conversation.

Naruto's eyes narrowed looking down at their hands. "Are you guys going out?"

"Uh…" Temari's eyes widened not sure what to say

"I could say the same for you two" Shikamaru replied calmly, even though he himself was nervous.

Temari looked down to see that their hands were linked too.

"Don't get ahead of yourself. Dobe over here was just really excited and dragged me along to run faster" Sasuke spoke grinning a little

"Yeah, what Sasuke said!" Naruto exclaimed acting excited again for no reason

"Sure…" Shikamaru mumbled under his breath grinning back

"What was th-" Sasuke began

"Well, we have to go now so, bye!" Temari ran off realising that time was ticking by.

So they left Sasuke and Naruto behind trying to get to their destination.

They finally reached the tracks to see a few couples sitting together on the benches.

"The fourth couple has arrived!" A man yelled telling the other organisers, then turned back to look at Temari and Shikamaru, "Hello you two! This is your second last pit stop! Here, take this ribbon!" he handed Temari a ribbon.

Temari took the ribbon and looked at it. What was she suppose to do with a piece of ribbon?

"You'll need to tie your legs together with that ribbon near the end of the obstacle course" he smiled creepily.

Wait…does he mean a three legged race? That's never a good thing…

Shikamaru raised his eyebrow, "Ok…mind telling us what we have to do?"

"Sure, this challenge is an obstacle race! You two have to do this whole obstacle course holding hands and get first place before you can continue to the last pit stop. The first obstacle is the hurdles. If you knock one down, you will have to pick it up again, regardless if you've cleared it or not. Next, you rock climb over the wall and you'll see a row of donuts hanged on a piece of string with a piece paper rolled in the hole. One of you must eat that doughnut with NO hands and the other can catch the piece of paper when it falls. When the donut is completely eaten, you can read the piece of paper and run to the table with the drawing materials on it. The person with the left hand free must draw a picture of what ever it says on the piece of paper from the doughnut and the judge must guess it correctly before you can move on. You are not allowed to speak to the judge by the way. After your picture gets guessed correctly, you crawl under the net on the floor and then when you reach a blue line, you tie your legs together with the ribbon and the three legged race starts. The first to cross the red finish line, wins! All clear?"

"Wow that's some long obstacle race…and how are we suppose to climb over the wall with our hands linked?" Temari asked with a mean look on her face

"You'll find a way." The man said


"Man…how troublesome…" Shikamaru sighed

"Now, head to the starting line, the race will begin soon"

They reached the starting line with many other competitors.

"You will have to eat the doughnut…" Shikamaru told Temari

"Are you serious? No way! My stomach's already in pain as it is!" Temari argued

"Well, I have to grab the piece of paper and figure out how to draw what it says on it before I have to actually draw it; so it would make more sense if you ate it."

"You're just making excuses!" Temari hissed

"I'm not. It makes sense doesn't it? Pay attention Temari we've already made it this far!"

Temari glared, "Fine what ever, but if I die of bloated ness and cramps, you will pay for it!"

"Fine, fine…but first, lets figure out how to tie a ribbon around our legs with one hand each…"

Temari got the ribbon out of her pocket and realised that it was actually hard to tie with only one hand and she definitely needed Shikamaru's hand to help.

They finally figured out a way and undid the bow. The other competitors looked at them confused to why they tied their legs together and undid it again.

"Now they will be stuck when it's their turn to tie their legs together" Shikamaru grinned

Temari had to admit that he really was smart even though half the time he's too lazy to use his brain. Wait, if he's actually using brainpower, does this mean that he's taking this seriously?

"Alright everyone!" A guy yelled with a gun in his hand, "On your marks!"

Everyone stepped one foot out

"Get set!"

They all leaned forward in anticipation


Two of the competitors started running then stopped straight away realising what he had said.

"Wait, I haven't said go yet." He grinned

No way am I going to fall for a stupid childish trick like that… Temari and Shikamaru thought

A few people in the audience boo-ed.

"Alright, sorry-sorry!" The guy apologised, "Get set!"

Everyone leaned forward yet again and the two competitors that had moved went back to the starting line.

"GO!" The gun went off.

Temari started running a bit faster but Shikamaru matched her pace very quickly and they were second in the lead. They glided over the hurdles not knocking a single one and faced the wall.

Looks like I'm not the only one who's athletic…

The other competitors except for the one in the lead had knocked down a couple of hurdles.

Temari and Shikamaru realised that they had to step identically mirror-imaged to each other to be able to climb up the wall. They also had to open up their palms from their linked hand only linking their fingers to grab hold of a 'rock'.

They were going better than the other couple on the wall, but then Temari slipped.

She let out a little scream.

Luckily their hands were already linked, so Shikamaru was strong enough to pull her up and get her to grip on one of the rocks again and reach to where he was.

"Thanks" she panted in relief

"Don't worry about it" he replied and they continued to climb up the wall.

They were in second place to another couple and Temari started biting away at the 'evil' doughnut.

"I'm…going…to…kill…you" She said while chewing massive bites.

"Hey, remember I just saved you from falling off the wall."

Temari swallowed the last bite and pouted.

Shikamaru grabbed the piece of paper on the floor and read it, 'cat'.

They ran to the table and Shikamaru started scribbling away. The couple in front of them had trouble drawing left-handed.

Even though Shikamaru's right-handed, he could also use his left hand quite well compared to many others. After all, there are many things geniuses can do as well as using their brains.

Temari watched him draw a bit awestruck on how straight his lines were seeing that his hand wasn't shaking at all. "I thought you said you were right-handed?"

"I am"

"Then why are you so good with your left?"

"I mainly use my right, though it doesn't mean I can't use my left."


"Say what you want, but I would be thankful because we won't get stuck like the other two over there" beckoning to the couple with the judge shaking her head towards the picture.

"It's a cat" said the judge

"Correct" Shikamaru answered grinning at Temari

"Shut up" Temari pouted

Shikamaru grinned and they continued to run to the big net on the floor and started crawling fast. Their arms started to graze a bit from the floor but they continued diligently and were ahead at first place. Shikamaru and Temari's hair got caught on the net and fell out of their hair ties. None of them liked their hair down, but there was nothing they could do about it now. Finally, they got out of the net and reached the blue line. They tied their legs together and started walking fast seeing another couple just about to crawl out of the net.

Temari looked back again to see the couple fumbling with the ribbon and smirked. Shikamaru was right…

Unfortunately, since she was looking back, she lost her footing and tripped about to fall face first which is well…gonna hurt.

"Temari!" Shikmaru called out and placed himself under her trying to break her fall.

It was then that it happened.

Temari landed on top of him in an awkward position with each of her legs on either side of him.

Faces smooshed together.


In front of a big audience; which happened to consist of a very red Hinata and a grinning Kiba.

All that Temari was hoping at that moment was that her hair was long enough to cover up this 'incident'.

Oh how the most troublesome situation began.

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