Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Pit Stop 3 part 2: An Awkward Situation

Something that was only a couple of seconds felt like a billion years.

Temari and Shikamaru laid frozen on the floor unable to move a muscle.

Temari started to swear in her head, Oh shit, oh shit, oh SHIT! What do I do now?

She suddenly got up as quick as possible and removed her lips from the frozen man on the floor under her named Shikamaru who seemed to be in a bit of a trance.

Shikamaru just looked up at her with his onyx orbs glazed over.

For once the genius was too stumped to move.

Temari got up a bit too quick and forgot that their legs are still tied together and that their hands are also linked, so she fell back onto him again.

The impact seemed too have woken the frozen Shikamaru who made an 'oomph' sound as this happened.

They stared into each other's eyes, onyx orbs into teal enchanted by each other and still surprised about the recent event until…

"Oi! Shikamaru, Temari get UP! You are about to be taken over!" screamed a familiar voice from the audience

In sync, the couple looked towards the voice and saw Kiba and Hinata standing there. Kiba had his fist in the air.

"Go or you're going to lose!"

They both realised that they were still in the competition and the other competitors were gaining on them fast.

They somehow made it up from the floor and sprinted towards the finish line not daring to look at each other.

Is she angry? Sad? Annoyed? What do I do? If I look at her, will I get dragged to hell? I want to see her expression! Shit, stop blushing, stop BLUSHING! Shikamaru thought with his face bright red

Temari's face was also bright red; I'm such a CLUTZ! What's worse is that Kiba and Hinata saw it all and wait until it spreads through out the whole school! What am I meant to say? I don't dare to look at him now!

The couple gaining up on them fell over themselves - though not in the same way - and fell behind so Temari and Shikamaru took the lead and crossed the finish line.

The crowd cheered and you could hear Kiba clearly through the crowd.

They both stood past the finish line puffing, struggling for air still looking away from each other.

Shikamaru removed the ribbon tying their legs together and dared to look up at Temari's face.

His eyes caught hers instantly and they looked away from each other instantly in embarrassment

"So…umm…about-" Shikamaru stuttered and instantly got interrupted by Kiba

"Whoa, was that a close call or what?" Kiba yelled out, running towards them with Hinata

"Uh, yeah…" Shikamaru shifted a bit uncomfortably

"U-uh-umm…" Hinata stuttered, "Wh-what happened when you guys f-fell…?" her face flushed a little bit

Shikamaru and Temari paused at the question not sure how to answer it.

"Oh…that…umm…" Temari replied carefully thinking of how to answer

Did they see what happened or didn't they? I can't stand to tell the truth…but what if they are just confirming what they saw and I lie? Then it'll just be awkward. Come on Shikamaru! Use that lazy genius brain of yours!

"This troublesome woman over here decided to have a 'clumsy' moment at the wrong time and fell dragging me along with her. She crashed onto my chest and it hurt! So troublesome." Shikamaru answered for Temari

"O-Oh, of course" Hinata mumbled out as a reply

"Why? What did you think happened huh Hinata?" Temari grinned playing along

Hinata went bright red and looked like she was about to faint.

"We thought you guys kissed! But guess we were wrong." Kiba blurted out casually

I guess they didn't see the whole picture. Thank god.

Akamaru barked.

"Oh, you're right Akamaru, we better get moving before we are late."

"Late for what?" Shikamaru asked

"Akamaru's entering a canine dressage contest here."

"Ok then, see you around soon"

"Goodbye" Hinata bowed

"Bye" Temari waved back and they parted.

"H-hey…" Shikamaru stuttered a bit, "about what happened before…"

"Yeah…" Blood started to rush to Temari's face, "what about it?"

"Well…what should we do?What should we say it as?"

"An accident…an accident that never happened. No one saw…so…"

"I guess…" Shikamaru's words drifted off.

"Why, were you hoping for something to happen?"

"Don't be ridiculous" his cheeks started to brighten up pink

"You're starting to blush" Temari chimed and placed her index finger on his chest giving him a sassy look.

"Says you" he started to go redder in the face seeing Temari with her curved lips and hair down.

"You know, I'm surprised that Kiba and Hinata didn't even ask why we were even in this competition" Temari commented trying to get of the topic.

"Hinata's too shy to ask more than one question per a conversation and Kiba never looks into the smaller details. He's pretty straight forward in a way…"

"I guess I don't really know much about our group huh?"

"No one expects you to. You've only been here for a short time."

"Why does it feel so long then?"

"Because life's troublesome. That's all there is to it"

"Well, could you tell me a bit about everyone and fill in the blanks while we wait for this thing to end?"

"Do I really have to?" Shikamaru complained

"Yes, if you know what's good for you"

"Fine, fine…troublesome woman…"

Temari flashed a huge smile.

"Ok, where to start…" Shikamaru thought deeply, "Let's start with Naruto. Believe it or not, he's actually an orphan. His parents died when he was really young. He was also a delinquent. The whisker shaped scars apparently came from an unfortunate result from a fight. He was fostered for a while, but decided to live by himself instead because he was sick of being moved around a lot and wanted to settle."

"But he always acts so happy. How can you smile like that with no family? How does he pay the rent?"

"He has a small apartment and works. Plus the government gives him enough money to keep him a float. He pretty much only eats at Ichiraku Ramen which is a noodle bar, so he can score a free meals sometimes since he's good friends with the owner and a regular customer."

"Oh, I would be sick of having to move all the times to different schools. I already felt sick having to only become an exchange student for the first time ever."

"Yeah, having to remember all the different school grounds would be annoying after all. Ok, moving on to Sasuke. Sasuke's family was the previous leader of the police corp. They were proud of the 'Uchiha' name and gained a lot of respect keeping the streets safe. Unfortunately, the whole family messed with a big yakuza group who created an alliance with other big groups and killed everyone in their family; except for Sasuke and his Older Brother. He was only 8 years old at the time."

"How come only they escaped?"

"Well, Sasuke was at school and I guess it wasn't worth the trouble for them. As for his Older Brother Itachi, he was out on camp and didn't find out till the day after on his return."

"Do they get along well?"

"Not at all. You see, Itachi joined the Yakuza group that massacred their family. Now Sasuke finds him a disgrace and swears to get at him someday."

"Why the hell would he join a group that killed his own family?"

"I have no idea…but I can tell it's something you won't want to mess with"

"Who would have known he had such a deep and dark past."

"Yeah, our whole group is pretty messed up, but well…that's why we stick together. Now, Kiba; he's pretty average in comparison, but his family has a thing with dogs. They all have a dog or two each and they are known for winning MANY competitions. Some also do performances and have become pretty famous from it."

"Wow, Kiba's family is partially famous? Explains why his best friend is Akamaru"

"True. But if you want to talk about famous, Chouji's dad is Chouza Akimichi"

"The famous sumo wrestler?"

"The one and only"

"That's so cool! Explains why Chouji's so f-"

"SSH! That's word is totally forbidden, especially around Chouji ok? If you say it, only destruction comes afterwards. Trust me, I know being his childhood best friend"

"Ok, ok I won't."

"Good, now if you want to talk about prestigious, then you must means the Hyuuga's"

"You mean Hinata?"

"And Neji. They're cousins"

"They're cousins? I know they look similar, but they act so different"

"Well different environments do that to you. Their dads were twins. Hinata's from the 'main' branch and is the heiress of the huge Hyuuga co. While Neji's from the 'side' branch and his dad died a while ago"

"Wait, do you mean THE Hyuuga co? Like the company that specialises in sports equipment and technology goods?"

"Yes, that one"

"Wow, and Hinata's going to take it over?"

"Well, there are a few complications. I don't know much because they are very hush about it, but apparently Hinata's dad isn't very fond or proud of Hinata and doesn't want her to take over even though she was the first child. He's considering her little sister Hanabi instead. Then their's Neji. He's the genius of their family and it would be good to have him as the head, but the higher-ups are complaining, saying that he can't because he's not from the main branch"

"Geez, that sounds really messed up and confusing"

"It is, and that's only the surface"


"Ok, moving on. Lee's probably the most simple of them all, yet the most enigmatic in a way."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I don't really know much about his family or background. All I know is that he's an only child who used to get teased a lot because he wasn't particularly good at anything instead of sport and P.E. That's why he started training hard to exceed in only P.E and sport. Now he's pretty popular for being good at the sport clubs and winning a lot of trophies"

"I would tease him for his haircut"

Shikamaru laughed, "Unique isn't it? Inspired by the one and only Gai"

They laughed for a bit and Shikamaru continued his speech.

"Ok, the girls. I don't know much about all of them, so if you want to know more, you could ask them yourself since they'll probably tell you anyway. Tenten is very much like Lee to me. I don't know much except for the fact that she has a really good aim at archery and is a bit of a tomboy who does karate. Ino is also my childhood friend along with Chouji and her family owns the big florist in town. She a typical girl who loves shopping and is obsessed with idols"

"I could figure that out by just looking at her"

"Well, I've told you about Hinata already so that leaves Sakura. She's a part of the tennis club and has both her mother and father. She used to be teased a lot as a little kid about her big forehead and Ino helped her out so they are now best friends even though the don't act like it sometimes, She's really smart and logical."

"Her grades are good?"

"She's normally in the top ten in the exam grades"


"Well, that's everyone" Shikamaru yawned, exhausted from the amount of talking and tasks they had to do.

"You forgot someone…" Temari commented

"Really? Who?"


"Oh, you wanted me to include myself?"

"Well you are part of the group"

"Ok, I have a very troublesome woman as a mother and a father that I don't always understand. We own a deer farm and we also create new medicine and cures for all types of diseases using the antlers and such"

"Wow, so your family are like scientists?"

"I guess you can call us that. What about yourself"

"It sounds like I fit in all too well. My father's the principal of my previous school and a bastard at that. He never cares for my brothers, or me nor does he try to. He's never home so we always eat without him which is better anyway"

"What about your mother?"

"She passed away a long time ago giving birth to Gaara, my little brother"

"Oh, sorry"

"It's ok now…it was a long time ago. I'm over it now"

"There's no way you can get over a death of a loved one even in a long time" Shikamaru replied in a serious tone

Temari's eyes widened looking at this new face of Shikamaru.


"Congratulations on winning. Here's your stamp card. Are you ready to go to the next stop?" said a random girl who popped out of no where giving the two a bit of a shock

"Ah, sure…we're ready…" Temari answered

"Ok, the next destination is marked on the map. You have ten minutes to get there. This is the last pit stop so good luck!"

Finally, the last one of this troublesome game. Though I have to admit it was enjoyable in some ways. Shikamaru thought to himself.

"When I sound the whistle, you can move to the next stop. Ready?"

They both nodded.


They ran off towards their last destination hoping for the best.

Of course, something's going to unravel soon...

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