Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Pit Stop 4: An Evil Awakening


Gosh I'm bouncing off the walls!

Hands sweaty from the friction between the two hands constantly clinging to one another, the whistle had blown and yet again they were off, ready to face any challenge in front of them.

Or, so they thought…

'The last one huh? I know it's not going to be easy…' Temari thought to herself, 'But, I feel like I've gotten closer to Shikamaru after all of this, plus I got to get to know everyone more…'

"Hey, troublesome woman…" Shikamaru called

"I have a name you know!" Temari snapped

"Fine, Troublesome Temari then…" Shikamaru grinned

"Ugh," Temari sighed, "I'll let that one slide, what is it?"

"We've been through a lot haven't we? All in one day…I wonder what everyone's doing at the moment"

"Well, I guess some of the competitions have ended already. Do you think they won? Neji and…uh…Lee? Oh, and Akamaru too!"

"I haven't seen Neji lose to anyone, except for Naruto. Lee's passion would probably outshine everyone he's up against and Akamaru is the smartest dog I've known, plus his bond with Kiba is unbreakable, so to me, they are the winners no doubt"

"You really do believe in your friends, huh?" Temari smiled

Shikamaru slightly blushed, "Tch! It's not about belief; it's just the plain facts"

"Yeah right, you're totally denying it. Wait a second, why are we even doing this competition anyway? I've totally forgotten…"

"We got tricked into it by a salesman who lacks explanation and made me spend five dollars. I also remember a prize…"

"To a hot springs isn't it?" Temari completed Shikamaru's sentence

"Yeah, I think so. So what are we going to do with it?"

"What do you mean? Do with what?"

"The prize obviously"

"Still don't see where you're heading"

"Well, it's a ticket for two; which means only two people can go" Shikamaru started to turn a few shades

"I can figure the math out by myself, Einstein"

"Right, so what are you doing with your ticket?"

"I'm going to go obviously! Aren't you?"

"You really don't get it. Imagine. Us two, going to a hot spring, together, just us two, overnight trip"

Temari finally got the picture. Going on an overnight trip with someone who isn't even her boyfriend definitely isn't what she was expecting.

Her face brightened up a shade of pink a little bit, "S-so? We're just going as f-friends" Temari stuttered a little trying to act cool; which became a hard task.

"I understand that; but it's just a little forward and I was wondering if you're comfortable with it. After all, it's hard enough on people who are actually going out. Also, since it's a prize from a 'Love Game', we probably also have to share a bedroom…" Shikamaru's face became completely red.

Temari was now starting to turn red, "W-well, I trust you enough to not attack me in the middle of the night; though you won't live if you even try it. Anyway, let's worry about it when we actually WIN the prize. No point putting effort in thinking about it now"

"Your right, it's getting too troublesome already"

There was an awkward silence between the two.

Their faces returned to a normal shade.

"I think this is it…" Shikamaru stated looking at their map

"…Hello" said an eerie voice behind them

"Aah!" Temari and Shikamaru cried, startled from the sudden voice from behind.

"Welcome Love Game contestants. You have reached your final destination on time" the voice continued in a monotone tone.

They both slowly turned around to see where the voice was coming from in a stiff motion.

There stood a little girl wearing a white robe covered in blood.

'I-I didn't even sense her presence…' they both thought to themselves, relieved it was just a girl covered in blood.


"Aye aye me harties!" called out yet another voice from behind

"AAH!" the pair yelled out in fright yet again.

"Ah, sorry maties! Gotta stop startlin' people like that now don't I?" the voice laughed

The couple turned around yet again to see a boy around the same age as them dressed as a pirate.

"Ha ha! Welcome to the last stop! I hope my ghost friend didn't give you a scare. Don't worry 'bout the red, it's fake, but it sure looks real doesn't it!" the boy laughed again

'I have a feeling this stop is going to be REALLY troublesome' Shikamaru contemplated to himself letting out a sigh

'Of course the blood's fake! Temari, you are truly an idiot! Damn she makes a good ghost…' Temari thought, mentally bashing herself

"Now don't space out on me maties! Ya wanna hear 'bout your last challenge right?"

"R-right…" Temari finally spoke finishing up her mental bashing

"Well, it all starts with a story 'bout a brave pirate! He trekked through raging storms, high seas and endless nights to find the greatest treasure of all! When he did, he was as happy as he could ever be, but unfortunately, on his way back, his whole crew caught the deadly scurvy and died in the middle of nowhere and the treasure was lost forever. We recently just found a clue that he left behind and we want you to solve it and find the treasure!"

'What a typical story line…' Temari thought to herself yet again

'Let me guess, the pirate's name is Black beard' Shikamaru grinned

"Oh yes, the one and only legendary pirate was non other than Black beard himself!"


"Ok! Yumi, please give these two the clue and let them on their way"

"Here" the ghost Yumi handed them the clue, still speaking in a monotone voice

'She really gives me the creeps…' Shikamaru quoted grabbing hold of the clue.

"Alright, off you two go!" the pirate gave them a little push and Shikamaru and Temari walked away.

"What does the clue say?" Temari asked as they walked in no particular direction

"Uh, lets see…" Shikamaru opened the little piece of paper that he was given, "To thee who wants to find the treasure must go through the scariest challenges of all full of monsters and darkness. If thee make it, then thee shall be given the next clue"

"Is that all?"

"That's all…"

"Now we just need it in PROPER ENGLISH! Why couldn't they just say 'Hey, go here and get the treasure. The end', instead of screwing with our heads with riddles"

"Because they want to make our lives more troublesome…" Shikamaru let out a sigh

"Well it sucks!" Temari stomped her foot

"Now, now, there's no need to get so worked up about it. What about we start from the start and solve it slowly? Let's see…what do you think is the scariest challenge of all with monsters and the dark in a festival?"

"You know, that girl, what's her name, Yumi is what I found scary"

"Yeah, she just screamed out haunted house…wait a minute…"

"Haunted house! That's it! Monsters, the dark and being scared! It all fits together"

"Well then, shall we go to the Haunted House Troublesome Temari?"

"What's with the nickname, lazy ass?"

"Nothing. It suits you perfectly though. You're not scared of Haunted Houses or anything are you?"

"Are you kidding? The Haunted House is probably some crappy class room with black paper stuck to the windows to block out the light with students running around wearing a white sheet over their heads" Temari scoffed in response.

"I don't know…Mist High are known for their cruel techniques and whacked ideas. I heard last year that a few people had to go to hospital afterwards. That girl Yumi was a good example of their ability. I wouldn't be surprised if you start getting cold feet"

"Tch! Don't make me sound so weak! I betcha that you'll be the one that needs saving afterwards"

"Whatever…Troublesome Temari…"

The grinned at each other and headed towards the big haunted house.

Little did they know that what they were about to face is going to bring more trauma than they'll ever experience in their whole life.

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