Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Pit Stop 4 Part 2: Hide and Seek

"So much for a crappy classroom with people dressed in sheets" Shikamaru commented while being stared down by a very creepy, rundown, old mansion.

"Wow, they really outdid themselves huh?" Temari stated trying to take in the image

"Getting cold feet now?" Shikamaru grinned

"Psh! It's just a rundown, half-dead beaten mansion with cobwebs, spiders, creepy bugs and most likely haunted with portraits of people who eyes move. What's there to be scared of?" Temari scoffed


Temari's face went a little pale, but soon lightened up again, "I keep telling you, don't underestimate me!"

She stomped off towards the creepy mansion.

Shikamaru let out a sigh and walked along with her a few steps behind.

"…Welcome…" a voiced whispered in their ears.

"Aah!" the pair yelled again and turned around to see the girl Yumi again.

"Hello…are you ready for what ever you have to face?" she spoke in an eerie tone

They gulped, 'she's gotta stop doing that or I'm going to get a heart attack…'

"Y-yeah…" Shikamaru replied a little shaken up

"Very well, please sign this contract before you go in" she handed them a couple of sheets of paper.

They both read it.

I (insert name) will take full responsibility of what may happen and what damage may be caused to myself when I enter the Haunted House and will press no charges towards the school or cause any damage towards the students. I (insert name) willingly agreed to enter the Haunted House on my own accord and was not forced to in any way.



Their blood froze.

"Well, this is comforting…" Temari spoke after reading the contract

"Ugh, this is going to be real troublesome…" Shikamaru groaned.

They filled out and signed the contract a little reluctant and handed it over to Yumi.

Shikamaru had a bit of trouble signing with his left hand, but managed.

"Thank you. You may enter the Haunted house now. Enjoy your time and I hope you give a good scream"

"Uh…thanks?" Temari questioned if that was the right response.

"Wait, before you go. Take this call button. If you're stuck, can no longer take the pressure or just too plain scared, press the button and we'll come collect you and its game over."

She handed the controller over to them.

Shikamaru took grab of it, shoved it in his pocket and gave Yumi a nod.

They entered the mansion through big, heavy iron doors and looked around the inside.

There was a large staircase going in two directions and the whole area was lit up by a dim chandelier above their heads.

A huge slamming noise was heard behind them and that was when they realised that the door had just closed them in.

A shiver went up Temari's spine, "S-so which way Einstein?"

Shikamaru looked both ways and thought for a bit, "I don't think it matters which way you go because somehow they'll force you to go both ways anyway, so let's try the staircase on the left"

So they went up the staircase and stood in front of the door.

Temari took a deep breath and opened up the door.

The room was pitched black. Shikamaru stepped one foot in and the sound of a piano could be heard.

It started to play Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, which is a very nice piece in itself, but played in a pitched black room in a haunted house can really do wonders on your heart.

"W-what should we do?" Temari asked with her throat all dry and her heart beating fast

"I guess we shou-" Shikamaru got cut off because someone or something had pushed them hard in to the room and the door closed shut behind them.

Temari tried to pry open the door, but it was useless. "Oh great, we just fell for that one!"

Shikamaru sighed and got up, "Damnit, I can't see a damn thing in here"

"Wait, I'll turn on my mobile for some light" she turned on her mobile to see a face covered in blood shown up right in front of her.

"KYAA!" she screamed and dropped her phone.

"Temari! What happened?" Shikamaru asked not seeing the face

"A f-face covered in b-blood just suddenly came up in front of m-me" she stuttered out still in shock

"Don't worry," he picked up the mobile with his other hand and shone the light onto the face, "It's just a picture"

Shikamaru helped her off the floor

A few eerie giggles could be heard in the air.

The piano continued to play.

Temari gripped onto Shikamaru tightly with her other hand still a little shaken up.

A spotlight lit up onto the piano which spun around playing on its own.

"It's playing on its own?" Temari stared at the piano

Shikamaru grinned, "Yeah, it probably has one of those machines in it to make it do that. A really old fashioned trick"

Then they heard the sound of some string instruments play and a spotlight shone on some cellos, violins, violas and double basses. They were also playing on their own.

"Ok, I'm not sure how they can play on their own though" Shikamaru quoted

Then a harp also came up and the strings on it vibrated when played.

"I-I'm not sure how the harp plays either…" Shikamaru even started to stutter a bit

Temari bit her bottom lip.

Then the whole room span and the giggles turned into laughs and the music got louder and louder.

The giggles sounded like they came from children and they kept repeating 'ring-a-ring-a-rosie…"

"W-what do we do Shikamaru?" Temari started to shake a bit

"I…don't know…"

The voices stopped chanting, "What's your name?" it spoke

"It's Shikamaru" Shikamaru answered

"A-and Temari" Temari replied hesitantly

"We can't hear you~" the voice echoed



The voices giggled yet again, "Ok, then lets play hide and seek!"

The music abruptly stopped and the room was no longer spinning.

A row of candles lit up and lead to another door.

"Sh-should we go?" Temari asked

"Yeah, it beats staying in here"

Temari continued to cling to Shikamaru's arm, while swallowing her pride, and they entered the next room.

The door closed behind them like usual and they stepped into a small, empty room.

"What's with this?" Temari questioned out loud, slightly recovered from the previous experience.

"I don't know"

They stepped further into the room slowly and then suddenly they heard a 'click'.

Shikamaru looked down at his foot to see the tile under his foot had sunken.

"Shit, this can't be good"

The walls started moving and closing in on them.

"Shit, what are we going to do?" Temari said a little panicked

"Wait, let me think"

"There's not much time to think Shikamaru!"

"Well, what else do you suggest to do?"

The walls were starting to get a little too close for comfort.

"Wait, look at the floor Shikamaru!" Temari exclaimed.

There were footprints engraved on the floor.

"I guess it's worth a try"

They stood on each footprint and the walls stopped, inches away from their shoulders preparing to crush them.

"Phew" Temari let out a sigh

"That was close" Shikamaru slumped a bit

"Do you think it would've actually squashed us?"

"Since we had to sign a contract, I wouldn't be surprised…"

Then the floor gave way.

"Oh shit!" they both yelled and they fell through the hole and slid down a winding tunnel not knowing which way they were going due to darkness.

"KYAA!" Temari let out

'Oh god, did I just 'kyaa'. This hot springs better be worth it!'

They both landed with a thud on the cold hard floor.

"Ouch…" Temari let out wincing at the pain

"Ugh…that hurt…" Shikamaru complained rubbing his head.

"Where are we now?" Temari asked

"I have no idea, but hopefully near the end…"

"I agree…hey, what's that?" Temari pointed her finger at something on the wall

It was a hand sticking out of the wall.

"It's a hand…"

"I know it's a hand! But what are we meant to do?"

"I have no idea, but there's absolutely nothing else in this room"

They got up from the floor and slowly and carefully walked towards the hand sticking out of the wall.

There was a little sign on top of it saying 'Hold my hand and let's start playing hide and seek!'

"Didn't those creepy voices say something about hide and seek?" Shikamaru wondered

"Yeah, they did. So, should we grab it?

"Well there's nothing else we can do…"

Temari reached out her hand to go grab the hand.

"Wait, let me do it" Shikamaru said stopping Temari's hand


"It's probably dangerous…"

"I don't need you to protect me you know!" Temari snapped and grabbed the hand fast due to impulse.

"Tch, no wait…"

But it was too late, the hand gripped onto Temari's once she grabbed it.

"Ah! What the- it won't let go!" Temari tried to pull her hand back, but it wouldn't let go.

"This is why you shouldn't have grabbed the hand!"

"It wouldn't have made a difference if you had grabbed it either! Just make it let go!"

Shikamaru started pounding at the hand, but it was as hard as stone and wouldn't let go.

The hand started to move and pulled Temari towards it.

"Aah! Now it's pulling me in!"

"How's that possible? There's only a wall!"

"I don't know, but its working!"

Temari's hand started to sink into the wall.

Shikamaru tried to pull her away, but she just sunk further into the wall.

Half of her body was already in the wall.

"Damnit, I really am going to be sucked in"

"There's got to be a w-" the floor gave way under his feet

"Shit, not again" Shikamaru cussed

And he fell through the floor

"SHIKAMARU!" Temari cried.

"Ugh, where am I?" Shikamaru looked around, "No way…is this a-a MAZE?"

Right in front of him stood a massive maze.

"Shikamaru! SHIKAMARU!" Temari's voice called

Shikamaru looked around him to see where she was.

"Temari? Is that you? Where are you?" Shikamaru called out

"Of course it's me you lazy ass! I'm here!"

She's as charming as ever…oh well; at least she's still ok…

He ran into the maze and looked up.

She was hanging on the ceiling trapped in an hour glass.

Sand started to run down to the bottom, where she was located.

"Now, let's play hide and seek!" The voices could be heard again as they started giggling.

"What do you mean?" Shikamaru yelled out, not knowing who to.

"If you want to free your partner, then you have to find four pieces of the puzzle that makes up the key to free her" a voice explained

"But quick, or she'll drown in the sand and you lose~" another voice continued

"You put the pieces together at the centre of the maze" a different voice explained

"Ready? Start!"

Shikamaru ran further in the maze trying to find the pieces of the puzzle.

Whoever made this haunted house is twisted. I can see how people may want to press charges and have to go to hospital afterwards.

He put one of his hands in his pocket and felt the controller. She'll kill me if I use this, but if it has to come to that…

He looked at his hands, "They feel so…empty…"

He kept to the left so he knew how to get back to the start again and take a different path.

"Idiot, you're going the wrong way!"

Shikamaru looked up at Temari whose ankles were already covered in sand.


"You're going the wrong way, go back to the corner before and turn right and one of the keys is there.

Going back to the previous corner, he found a piece of the puzzle and following another set of instructions, he found another.

The sand was up to her hips.

After another set of instructions, he found one more.

If we keep this up, she'll be free soon.

Finally the final piece was found and now he had to go to the centre.

The sand was up to her chest.

He looked up at her, "Where's the centre?"

Temari replied and the centre was found.

Things were going great, but this puzzle was no ordinary puzzle.

There was more than four pieces; there was another 2996 pieces left.

And no picture to compare with.

"Damnit! Why so many?"

"SHIKAMARU!" Temari cried

He looked up to see that she was covered in sand up to her shoulders.

"Don't worry, I just need to finish this!"

There's no time to think and worry, I have to finish this puzzle!

He started to work like a mad man trying to put the pieces together.

It was hard, really hard.

About two thirds of the way Temari called out again, "Quick Shikamaru! I can't...move anymore!"

He looked up to see it was up to her collarbone.

Shit! I have to be quicker.

He continued and only got to three quarters of the puzzle done when the sand hit her chin.

He couldn't seem to fit the last few pieces together.

I have no choice but to use the…

He grabbed the call button out of his pocket and was about to press it when…


He looked up at what remains of Temari.

"We've been through so much, so DON'T YOU DARE THROW IT ALL AWAY!"

"But, you're about to-"

"Shut up! No more excuses and just finish the puzzle!"

"But I can't. The pieces just don't fit right!"

"And they call you a genius! What happened to the cocky, brainy, lazy smart ass I know?"

Shikamaru paused.

"Don't forget who you are! You are a freakin' genius and you're letting a puzzle get to you?"

Shikamaru's eyes widened and he grinned.

"Just solve that puzzle and get us out of here! Use that brain of yours! Don't worry about me; I'll be fine for now."

Shikamaru took a deep breath and pressed his fingers together.

Concentrate Shikamaru, concentrate. There has to be a reason why all of the pieces don't fit…

His eyes flicked open.

Could it really be that simple?

He shook his head, anything would do right now.

Quickly, he got one of the pieces and sat it out while adjusting the other pieces to fit and they clicked together.

The sand stopped running and Temari was safe.

Smart asses, they put an extra piece in it to add confusion.

The sand started to drain and the hour glass lowered to the floor in front of Shikamaru and opened up.

Temari ran out of it and clung to Shikamaru's chest.

"I-I thought I was gone for a moment…thank god!" she cried in relief

Shikamaru smiled with relief and put his arms around her, "It's ok now. It's over"

"Well done on winning the game! Please move forward to exit the mansion" the ominous voice spoke for the last time.

Shikamaru and Temari's eyes flicked open realising what they were doing.

They let go really quickly looking away with their faces bright red.

The maze walls collapsed and it showed the way to the exit.

"Well…" Shikamaru held his hand out still looking away, "Let's get out of here once and for all"

Temari looked at him and saw that he was blushing too and smiled, "Yeah"

She took his hand and they walked out of the Haunted House together hand-in-hand.

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