It All Started With Glee Club

Puck is in deep shit

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After a boring, but thankfully peaceful day, I drove Rachel home from school, since I'd picked her up that morning. Things were back to normal. She was talking a mile a minute and I'd become quite accustomed to it and it barely took any effort on my part to nod and hum in agreement every once in a while.

Pulling up to the house and exiting the truck, I grabbed her ugly pink excuse of a school bag and wheeled it inside her house, noticing the appreciative looks she gave me. I almost fucking preened, I liked those looks.

I started making my way to the kitchen, kindda hoping she'd take the hint and make me something to eat. Something like one of those kickass sandwiches she'd made before, or I'd even take some of those cookies she was so infamous for. Okay, I probably would prefer those; I'd stolen a few of Finn's when she'd showed up with a plateful once and sworn that I'd never tasted anything as awesome. The girl could cook, that's all I'm sayin'.

Rachel didn't seem to get my hint and after I'd hovered around in her kitchen and looked into her fridge a few times (heh, try ten), I turned around and was about to yell out for her when I froze in my tracks. Seriously, it was like every cell in my body just…you know, stopped moving at the same time.

Rachel Fucking Berry was standing in the doorway to the kitchen wearing nothing but her bra and panties (and her knee socks, fuck I loved those things). "I thought we could satiate a different kind of hunger today," Rachel wasn't looking me in the eye, obviously too nervous to meet my gaze. I think she was aiming for the cupboard behind me, but I didn't care. I was busy having a mixture between a heart attack and a seizing shock or what the fuck ever.

How had I ever considered her not hot? Damn. She was stunning and the sight of her swollen belly, something that was present because of me, gave me this sick satisfaction that I can't even describe. I think it's a leftover from the caveman genes that are inside every guy.

"Are…" Rachel hesitated before she jumped right back in and my eyes trailed down her magnificent body again, hell, I was practically drooling, "are you coming?"

Close, but not until you do; a wicked part of me almost exclaimed, but fortunately for me (and my now aching dick) I managed to keep the words inside of me. Instead, I just nodded with what I just know was this astonished look on my face. I hadn't expected this at all.

But I liked it. I fucking loved it and I followed her like a lost puppy when she started making her way up to her room.

She took control, and I let her, still too busy ogling her sweet body. I sat down on the bed, and the next thing I knew I had Rachel on my lap, grinding in just the right place and I moaned and attacked her full lips.

Kissing her was always a sure way to get turned on, and normally I'd be okay to not push my luck, but considering how I'd ended up here on her bed in the first place, I quickly let my hands travel down her body. I used every skill in my not too shabby arsenal and before long; Rachel was throwing her head back, groaning in pleasure.

I switched our positions and laid her down gingerly on the bed, a part of me was very much aware of the fact that she was pregnant and I didn't want to hurt her, but the majority of my being was focused on finally being with her that way again, because, fuck, it'd been way too long since I'd gotten laid. One's own hand just wasn't the same, you know.

After a few more moments of heavy making out and lingering touches that felt like it set my skin on fire, we were both completely naked (except for Rachel's knee socks, I wouldn't let her take those bad boys off), and I lifted my head from her breasts that had increased a bit in size to ask her softly if she was sure about this. I tried not letting her see that if she said no, I'd probably die from spontaneously bursting into flames, because I really wanted her to be absolutely sure about this for some reason.

Rachel smiled soothingly, her eyes still burning with a lust for me that was only matched by my lust for her, and whispered, "If I wasn't; then your willingness to stop for me has made me completely sure. I'm ready, Noah. Please make love to me."

Fuck, I swear, if I hadn't been as experienced as I was, I would totally have cum just from hearing that. Damn, it was hot. Rachel Berry; Lima High's undeniable future star was begging me to sex her up.

All but shaking from eagerness, I spread her legs, finding her more than ready for me, but just as I was about to ease my way into her, I stopped. My eyes trailed over her belly and I turned around, lying down on my back. "I don't want to hurt the baby." I heard a gasp and met Rachel's widened eyes. Immediately, I recognized the insecurity in the look she was giving me and I explained further, "Don't worry, Berry; I still want you more than I fucking want to breathe right now, but I want you on top, Babe."

Rachel's eyes turned shiny and for a second, I worried if she'd start to cry, because, let's face it; the chick was fairly hormonal, but then she blinked and did as I'd asked. Got on top and put all her flexibility training to the best use I'd ever witnessed and reminded me in no uncertain terms why I'd put her on the top of my best… well, you know what, list.

After having more than great sex two more times, taking a much needed break for eating, where Rachel cooked the most delicious dish I'd ever tasted, or it could've been sand for all I cared, I was that hungry, we fixed ourselves up and went down to the living room and watched the beginning of Funny Girl just in time to avoid being caught by her dads.

Although, the look Abraham gave me was pretty direct and I think he wanted me to know that we weren't fooling anybody. Well, except maybe Hiram, who seemed better off thinking that Rachel's pregnancy was the result of the Man Upstairs and not some teenaged illicitness or whatever it is that Rachel called it.

Rachel walked me to the door when it was time for me to leave. She smiled brightly at me and suddenly, I had this weird feeling inside me, like bad things were about to come around the corner and I took her in my arms and took a deep breath, taking in that special scent that was all Rachel.

"Noah," her voice was filled with humor, when it became clear a few minutes later, that I had no intention of letting her go anytime soon, "I'll see you in school tomorrow. If you're a good boy, I might even pack a lunch that we can share. I feel that my cravings do not match up to the cafeteria's dietary plans."

I swallowed, and tried to shake off that uncomfortable feeling that had now settled itself in my gut like a rock. With a heavy sigh, I finally released Rachel from my grip, but not before I'd planted a big kiss on her, fortunately, eager lips.

"I'm counting on it," I muttered, smirking happily. It had been one of the best days I could remember having and I wanted her to know it, even though I was too cool to actually say it out loud. But like always, Rachel seemed to get my meaning and pecked my lips sweetly once.

"I had a nice time today, Noah. I'll see you tomorrow."

I took my sweet time walking out to my truck, still not able to shake that peculiar feeling of upcoming doom inside me. Before I took off towards my own house to have a much needed talk with my mother, I looked over at the door where I'd just left Rachel. She was still there; she even waved at me and gestured for me to leave with a grin on her face.

Finally, I complied, hoping that for once, my luck would actually be around to prevent whatever it was that was about to happen.


Of course, I should've known better than to hope.

I woke up that morning and stubbed my toe getting out of the bed, I damn near broke my neck getting downstairs, tripping over one of Hannah's stupid toys. The truck didn't want to start so I was late for school. Really late.

I sent a text to Rachel, explaining that I wouldn't be able to get to school until glee ( no way was I missing that and risking getting cut off from all things Berrylicious), but she didn't reply and I thought she was already in class, too absorbed to notice my message. Yeah right…

When I finally arrived at the school, it was between classes, so the hallways were full of people. I frowned when I saw some strange looks, but I just ignored that and continued towards the choir room.

The second I opened the doors to what had somehow managed to become my favorite class, it all went south. The first thing I saw was the gleeks sitting in huddles, whispering breathlessly with their cell phones on, then I spotted Quinn's crying face and before I got to look for Rachel, already knowing what had happened, I was hit in the face with a fist and I went down hard.

Now, don't get me wrong, on a normal day I could kick anyone's ass in this fucked up school, hell, the town, but that was only because I never went down; no matter what I stayed up. So, when I finally got knocked on my ass without warning, I couldn't do anything other than take the punches that the taller Finn (come on, although I hadn't seen my attacker, I knew who it was), threw at me with a passion that I didn't think he had in him.

The piercing pain from the beating, the coppery taste of my own blood gushing from my nose and my mouth, the shocked screams in the background, none of that mattered.

I just wanted to let Finn get all his well deserved anger out, so I could try and locate my girlfriend, at least, to find out if she was still my girlfriend in the first place.

Finally, after what felt like a fucking eternity, I heard Mr. Shue's voice and soon after Mike and Matt were pulling the still raging Finn of me. I spat out a mouthful of blood and sat up; grabbing the hand that Mike reached out to me. He'd always been my friend more than Finn's, so I was moved that he still wanted to acknowledge me and help me out.

"Thanks Man," I muttered, swallowing another mouthful of my blood. Finn was still roaring insults at me, and Quinn too, who was now downright sobbing into Mercedes ample chest.

If I hadn't felt so fucking guilty, I would probably have told him to stop harassing a pregnant girl and just take his anger out on me again, but all I could do was let me eyes search through all the people present until I found Rachel's.

We locked eyes and for one, indescribable moment, it was like I was flayed alive. The look in her eyes portrayed so much hurt and betrayal that I wanted to go kill myself in the most painful way known to man. Hell, I'd even cut off my own balls with a dull and rusty meat cleaver and I guarantee that it wouldn't hurt as much as she was hurting right now.

Then she blinked once, and it was like she'd put up a wall, because any and all emotion on her face, in her eyes went blank. She kept staring at me with that dead look and after a few moments, I just couldn't bear to meet her stare anymore and I looked down at the ground in shame.

I put all my attention on the blood on the linoleum floor, for some reason it was the most interesting thing I'd ever seen. I swallowed hard; I had this really big urge to cry and scream; fuck, why hadn't I just kept holding her in that doorway until the baby came?

"…hate them! Fucking liars! Go to Hell! Won't look at you ever again!"

I vaguely heard the insults, and Quinn's sobbing and begging, "Finn, Please, I'm so sorry," but I just couldn't find myself caring anymore. The way Rachel had looked at me had cut me more deeply, wounded me more than Finn's beating had. I felt like I was drowning in the ocean, unable to kick my feet to go to the surface for air.

Suddenly, the screaming and yelling was brought to an end by the most unlikely voice. Rachel's. "Be quiet!"

We all looked over at her, she was still sitting in her seat; her feet daintily crossed and one arm placed protectively in front of her stomach. "Finn, sit down, shut up and warm up. We have Sectionals tomorrow. Quinn, stop crying, it will damage your voice. The rest of you get in position or so help me, I will not answer to the consequences."

Rachel sent us all this scathing look that her pregnancy hormones seemed to intensify because everyone actually did as she ordered. Finn meekly sat down next to her, wiping his eyes. Quinn blew her nose and tried getting herself together. The rest of the gang soundlessly took their places, not even Santana said a word, no doubt knowing that at that point in time she was no longer the scariest bitch around.

Mr. Shue came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go to the nurse to get my injuries checked, but I shook my head no. I unceremoniously wiped my face in my shirt, not caring about the bloodstains and walked over to my assigned place.

The rehearsal was a joke, and Finn was out the door faster than anyone. The others obviously hesitated between following him or staying behind to witness more drama. Quinn stood up, glanced guiltily over at Rachel before coming to my side and explaining things to me, despite me not caring about anything except getting Rachel to look at me again.

"Jacob filmed our conversation yesterday and put it up on his blog early this morning. By the time Rachel came to school, it was already out on most people's cell phones. I would've called to warn you, but I wanted to try and talk to Finn, but he just wanted to fight you…I'm sorry."

I nodded, my eyes still glued to the back of Rachel's head. Quinn copied me and sighed, rubbing a hand over her tiny baby bump. "She hasn't looked at me either. It's like I no longer exist and coming from her and her usual level of drama, it scares me."

I didn't visibly react this time, but I silently agreed with Quinn. Rachel Berry not reacting to things dramatically wasn't really Rachel Berry at all. The thought of her never looking at me with that almost adoring smile made me realize without any preamble or diversions that I loved her. Fuck, I loved her.

"Rach, please," my plea escaped my lips without warning and Quinn quickly walked over to the still waiting Mercedes.

Rachel turned around from her task of organizing her trolley, meeting my begging eyes with those scarily dead ones of hers. "I need to explain, just fucking let me explain, please," I continued when she didn't say anything.

The seconds clicked by and my heart was thumping uncomfortably in my chest, my head and my ribs were pounding with agony after Finn's actions, but all I could do was hold my breath as I waited for Rachel's judgment.

"Honestly, I find myself not really in the right mood to listen to anything you have to say at the moment," she eventually said and started making her way out the door. Then she paused briefly and looked me dead in the eye and added the final nail to my coffin before leaving quietly, "Goodbye Puck."


Never, not once, even after countless of slushies and dumb shit like that, had Rachel called me anything but Noah. I'd successfully ruined any chances with the girl I loved.

"Fuck!" I kicked the piano chair so hard in my frustration that it hit the wall and broke into several pieces, just like the heart I didn't knew I had.


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