It All Started With Glee Club

Puck is scared for the baby

I don't own Glee or any of its franchise, but seriously, I'd steal Mark if I could…

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I was walking up the hallways in the school, looking around at the empty surroundings. It was bizarre, after a few minutes of aimlessly wandering around looking like a fucking dork, I heard something. I turned and spotted the door to the choir room. It was closed.

I swallowed nervously; I hadn't been inside that room since everything went to hell in a hand basket. Slowly, I reached out and opened the door and walked inside.

Then I blinked in confusion, it wasn't the choir room; it was a church and I let my eyes take in the Gleeks sitting in their finest get up in the pews, smiling widely up at the front. I followed their gazes and if I hadn't been such a badass, I might have started to scream at the terrifying sight in front of me.

Rachel in the most beautiful wedding dress I'd ever seen, that had the impossible task of making her even more beautiful was smiling with adoration up at Finn. They were gripping hands and their shared love was oozing out of them. I think I gagged and the sound suddenly brought me to everyone's attention.

Finn waved goofily, but didn't speak and Rachel turned to me with that horrifying dead look in her eyes now present. "I don't love you Puck. I'm with the man I ever truly loved; the one I know I can trust."

"B-But," I squeaked out, my heart hammering in my chest as though it was trying to beat its way out my body. "You're Jewish…you shouldn't…"

"What?" Abraham's icy voice drew my attention away from Rachel, whose belly I now realized with a start was flat, "she shouldn't marry the guy who is not a Jew? Seriously, Puckerman, I thought you knew that we converted when she decided to marry Finn."

"Yes, right after I lost the baby. I was sad at first, of course," Rachel explained, now suddenly beaming with freakish delight, "but I guess it was just Karma's way of making sure I didn't bring an abomination into the world. You know, another Lima Loser."

Okay, crash overload or what the fuck ever; Rachel not only married Finn, but lost our baby and is apparently totally happy about it! I could feel a roar of grief and anger approaching and I abruptly turned to flee before I did something majorly stupid, but to my surprise there was no door anymore and I was just about to lose it when…


With a gasp, I sat up and looked around; feeling my heart rate slow as the fear gradually left my body. I looked into Mike's concerned eyes; apparently, he was the one that had woken me up.

Thank Fuck; it had only been a dream. A nightmare of epic proportions and I hated that odd feeling of fear and irrational dread that still lingered inside of me. Shaking it off, I looked around to see that the bus was emptying fast and I stood up, grabbing my shit and followed Mike outside.

Of course, 'cause my life is downright crappy right now, the first thing I saw, stepping out of the damned bus was Finn standing besides Rachel with a soft smile on his face. I've never wanted to kick anyone's ass as much as right then. No matter how guilty I felt about the whole Quinn debacle.

I forced my more primal instincts down, knowing that I did deserve to feel like shit. But fuck, if that Sasquatch even thought about touching Rachel's lady berries, I'd smoke him.

As I'd tried several times, I couldn't resist yet again trying to catch Rachel's eyes. But it was impossible. She basically acted like I no longer existed and it sucked. Big time.

Sighing heavily to myself, I followed the rest of the gang as they made their way inside the place where we were gonna stay and also perform (Figgins was too cheap to get us rooming in another place so we'd be bunking in the hotel area).

I looked around tiredly. Miss Pillsbury was looking flustered and a bit creeped out over all the new spaces she'd have to, I don't know, go and disinfect before she could breathe calmly or something. Mr. Shue's absence was weighing us all down, putting an ever bigger cloud over us than the Babygate scandal (as it had been so sweetly named) had brought forth.

But I guess that weirdness or not, it could've been a hell of a lot worse. Finn had tried to refuse to perform and he'd even stayed longer at Football practice to try and avoid us. Try being the most important word here, 'cause once Rachel heard about that little idea, she'd unceremoniously stormed into the locker room and from what I heard Mike saying, all but dragged the tall quarterback and her former crush outside by his ears where she proceeded to almost make him cry for even thinking about abandoning New Directions.

Fuck, I loved that girl…

I didn't get a lot of time to think before we'd been assigned rooms to sleep in sent into the Green Room to prepare. I quickly changed into the clothes we would be wearing during our performance and once again, tried to make Rachel see me.

It was fruitless, she went into the nearest restroom to change and when she came back, she stayed planted next to Miss Pillsbury's side. I sighed and followed Mike, Matt, Brittany and Santana out to the floor, where we could watch the other groups do their thing.

On the way, I noticed the glares that Santana sent my way and I rolled my eyes. "What?"

"If I didn't want to win this thing so badly, I'd kick your ass," she said with her evil smile firmly in place. "You boinking Manhands-"

I think I actually growled at the name and Santana quickly continued with an annoyed roll of her eyes, "-boinking Berry and knocking her up was bad enough, but having your spawn come out of Quinn too is just too much to handle."

"I'd butt out of our lives if I were you," Quinn's voice said icily behind me, before I could get a chance to say anything. Santana's eyes narrowed, but I guess she wasn't entirely lost to reason, 'cause, come on, Quinn's hormones might not have been as crazy scary as Rachel's, but that didn't mean they weren't dangerous in their own right.

"Whatever," Santana muttered, grabbing Mike's hand and started dragging him to a seat that was as far away from Quinn and I as possible. Mike sent me an apologetic shrug, but I smiled at him to let him know that we were still cool. I completely understood; Santana gave it up to him, so he needed to stay on her good side if he wanted to get laid.

"I'll just go sit by Mercedes," Quinn muttered over the chatter of the other people in the audience. I nodded with a frown, for once I noticed that I wasn't the only one having a hard time. Judging from the dark circles under Quinn's eyes, her sleep cycle was just about as messed up as mine.

"Wait, Quinn," I'd grabbed her wrist gently before I even realized I was gonna do it. She looked back at me with a questioning raised brow. "Fuck, I know you're as…That you could use someone that knows how you're feeling or whatever, so come sit next to me."

Quinn's eyes landed on Finn and Rachel, who were sitting next to Miss. Pillsbury, both of them still acting like we didn't exist. "What about…"

"I'm not gonna dry hump you right here," I smirked, ignoring the fact that she didn't exactly look reassured, "I'm just asking you to sit next to me. So sit down, shut up and let's watch this shit until we can go up there and rock everybody's world."

Quinn smiled a little and tentatively sat down next to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Finn glancing over at us and I decided to act less like a douche and more like the mature guy that Rachel saw and didn't touch Quinn at all. But then again, it wasn't like I was even tempted to do anything in the first place…

I nodded mutely over at him and to my satisfaction, I wasn't ignored. In fact, I swear I could see something like guilt flash through Finn's eyes before he blinked and turned his attention to the stage where those hottie criminal gals started singing.

Then most of my personal issues flew out my mind for a while, when I recognized the song that they were belting out. Like Quinn did, I quickly turned my head and looked over at a silently fuming Mercedes, who was being assured by Rachel. I had a bad feeling about this and the feeling intensified a few moments later, when the chicks started rolling around in fucking wheelchairs singing the song, we'd worked so hard on with Artie.

I clenched my fists, ready to punish whoever was responsible, when Rachel's demand to meet her in the green room diverted my anger for a second. We all rushed after her, despite her growing belly, she was still a fast little fucker.

What happened next was pretty surreal, and my mind had trouble keeping up. Somehow Finn managed to come up with a song, I was seriously impressed that he could pull something like that out of his ass, 'cause let's face it, the guy ain't exactly a fountain of wisdom on the best of days. Rachel was unanimously selected to sing her heart out of a Barbra Streisand song and somehow we all ended up delivering a very kick ass performance.

As we all stood waiting outside of the judge's room or whatever it was called, I noticed that Rachel was more quiet than usual and I kept sending her probing looks. Other than seeming a little more tired than she normally did, she seemed fine, so I buried my concern in the back of my mind, knowing full well that she wouldn't appreciate my meddling.

After we'd won (see, I told you we were kick ass), we all went out to dinner before going back to our rooms to sleep. Miss Pillsbury led us up to our rooms and told us to behave. She reminded us in her own gentle way that we needed to be downstairs in the parking lot early next morning before she quickly left, no doubt to cleanse her room extensively before she could even think about going to sleep.

I was rooming with Matt and Mike, so they disappeared over to Brittany and Santana's room pretty quick, leaving me alone, something I was pretty happy about. Yeah, I was stoked that we'd won the competition and all, but now that the adrenalin rush was ebbing out of me, my real life was coming back to the forefront of my mind and I was exhausted. I didn't even take off anything but my shirt before blissful sleep overtook me.

"Puck! Wake up already!"

Once more, I was abruptly brought back to reality and I sat up blinking in the sharp light. A quick glance out the window told me that it was still in the middle of the night, so why the hell was I being interrupted now that I finally managed to sleep without dreaming.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I looked up at Quinn with an angry scowl on my face. Seriously, like we weren't in enough trouble, she just had to show up in my hotel room in a nightgown in the middle of the night. Not a good idea.

"Puck, there's something wrong with Rachel." Concern was rolling off of the blonde girl, I'd used to idolize and I immediately woke up completely.

Mere seconds after that, I was practically carrying Quinn to her room in my desperation to get to Rachel as soon as possible. We must have made some kind of noise, because suddenly there was Finn and he looked pissed at seeing us together, me half naked and Quinn wearing nothing but her nightclothes.

"I knew it!" he exclaimed, puffing up in anger and stepping in front of me. I didn't even think, I punched him in the face, knocking him on his ass in two seconds flat and then continued on. I disregarded Quinn's angry shout and then finally, I arrived to my destination.

The first thing I saw was Mercedes, she was standing in front of a closed door that had to be the bathroom. "Where is she?" I barked and released Quinn.

Mercedes was looking pale; she was wringing her hands together in worry. "She locked herself in the bathroom after Quinn left, I think something's wrong. Look." She pointed to one of the beds and I swear my heart fucking stopped.

There were bloodstains on the sheets. I don't think I've ever moved as fast as I did next. I was by the door, and I knocked quickly.

Her voice was hoarse, and it was clear that she was crying, "Go away, Mercedes. I just need a minute."

"It's me," I told her and continued softly, not giving a shit that there were others around me and that my badass reputation was going down the drain, "please open the door Rachel. Come on; don't make me knock it down."

I heard her move around and then the lock clicked open and I was inside with her. My eyes widened and my heart skipped another beat in fear when I took in her appearance. She was bleeding a lot more than I'd first thought and I ran over to her, taking her in my arms.

All her anger was now fear and she was shivering and sobbing. "I don't want to lose our baby, Noah," she kept muttering into my neck and I swallowed harshly.

"It ain't gonna go down like this," I guaranteed to the best of my abilities, "I'm gonna get you to the hospital, okay?"

I could hear shouting in the room, and knew that Finn had come after us, no doubt to let me know what a dick he thought I was and that our friendship was definitely over, but I couldn't care less at the moment. I opened the door and walked out into the room with Rachel firmly in my arms.

Everybody stopped talking as soon as they saw the state Rachel was truly in and then everything erupted into chaos. Mercedes and Quinn flanked us and Quinn was carrying a bag so I knew she'd packed some fresh clothes for Rachel and Finn, who was still bleeding himself from my punch, ran to Miss Pillsbury's room and after a few minutes (that felt like forever to me and I bet Rachel too) we were on our way to the nearest hospital.

When we arrived, Rachel wouldn't let go of me at first, still whispering in my ear that she was scared of losing our child and my heart was aching for her when the doctors and nurses finally separated her from me.

I was on my knees, my hands in my 'hawk as I tried to battle my own fears. Please don't take my kid away from me; I prayed harder than I'd ever prayed before. Please make sure Rachel isn't hurt. Please, just give us a fucking break!

"Shh, Man," Finn's voice washed over me and I looked up at his still bloodied face. Evidently, I'd been praying out loud. "Everything's gonna be fine," he added, his earlier anger and disappointment was gone and I had my best friend back and that broke my resolve. I acted like a fucking pussy and broke down into his shoulder, just happy that I could break down, if only for a little bit.

But not even that brief moment of relief was enough to stop me from praying for a miracle with more sincerity than I'd ever done before.

Please let my kid be okay…please!


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