It All Started With Glee Club

Puck is doomed

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"Don't you ever fucking do that to me again, all right?" I was sitting next to Rachel's bed, looking at her peacefully sleeping form.

It was the first time that I'd gotten to see her since the nurses practically had to peel her off me to get her checked out.

She hadn't lost the baby; I was actually amazed, how relieved that made me. Already that kid had wedged its way into my heart and I knew it'd downright hurt me to lose it.

I looked down at Rachel's sleeping form and marveled in how much that tiny woman had come to mean to me too, it was fucking unbelievable that only months before I'd still been chucking Slushies at her whenever I had the chance.

The memory of her petrified and pleading look as they'd dragged her away from me kept flashing in my mind and I could still feel the faint tremors of adrenaline running through me that I just couldn't seem to put an end to. I'd been so fucking scared.


I turned my head briefly to acknowledge Miss Pillsbury's soft voice and she continued, "You should go to the hotel and get some sleep. We're heading home in a few hours and-"

"If you think I'm leaving her here all alone, you're crazier than I thought," I barked out, my voice hoarse from the sobbing I'd done earlier. Then I spotted the hint of hurt that flew over Miss Pillsbury's face and I sighed, running a hand over my face before once again taking Rachel's immobile hand in my own.

"I'm sorry, I know you mean well, but I'm not leaving until she wakes up. I'm not letting her wake up and feel alone, okay?" Fuck, I could feel the burning in my eyes that signaled more tears and I angrily blinked them away; I'd acted like a wimp enough already.

"I understand," Miss Pillsbury smiled gently and daintily planted herself on the empty chair next to me. "I had to try at least. To be honest, I knew you'd want to stay here. I've called Wi- Mr. Shuester and he's agreed to come and make sure the other kids get home safely with me. The rest of the kids are all pretty shocked and worried and I think his presence will help. Also, Rachel's parents are on their way, so perhaps you can get transportation home with them?"

I just nodded, a big part of me just wanted to tell her to leave me and Rachel the hell alone. I wanted to just sit and watch her quietly; absorbing the fact that she wouldn't lose our child and more importantly, her life.

Fortunately, it was like Miss Pillsbury caught on to my desires, 'cause within ten minutes, she silently left, wishing me a good night.

How long I sat there, waiting for Rachel to wake up, I have no idea. My mind kept playing different scenarios from some of those stories my ma had shared with me over the years from her job as a nurse. A lot of shit could go wrong with pregnant chicks.

Realistically, I knew that Rachel was just sleeping heavily; apparently, she'd thrown a major drama fit when she'd lost sight of me and freaked out. When she'd finally calmed down, and the baby situation had been taken care of (again, Thank Fuck for that) she'd just dozed off and well, she just hadn't woken up yet.

I placed my head on the bed, still cradling her hand in mine and the next thing I knew, I heard whispered voices.

"…are right; he really does seem to care for our little girl, Abe. I guess I was wrong and let my preconceived notions of his delinquent capabilities blind me of that fact."

The deep baritone that unmistakably belonged to Abraham Berry, answered with a small chuckle, "yeah, and you just don't like the idea of our Sweetpea having sex."

"Oh hush," I finally beat back my grogginess and recognized Hiram's lighter voice, but it was like there were weights on my eyelids, 'cause I just couldn't seem to open them. I must have dozed off again, because the next thing I knew, I heard Miss Pillsbury's voice.

"He's refused to leave her side. He's exhausted, but if you want, I can wake him up and take him back to the hotel with me, so you can get some time alone with your daughter."

I almost sat up with a snarl, refusing to leave, but somewhere inside of me there was still a speck of self-preservation and I kept silent. Luckily, I didn't have to worry, because Abraham spoke after a few seconds, and to my shock, I suddenly felt his hand caress my head gently in a fatherly show of affection.

"No, that's okay. He looks like he's had it rough these past couple of days; I'm glad that whatever went on between them hasn't stopped him from caring about my little girl."

I heard a snort, and Abraham once again defended me, "You can't deny it Hiram. Ignore it all you want, but Noah isn't a completely bad guy."

The mix of my own exhaustion and Abe's soft touch sent me over the edge again, and before long I was asleep once more.


When I woke up, it was because I felt someone put their fingers through my 'hawk; I immediately recognized the touch as being Rachel's and opened my eyes quickly. She looked a lot more like herself now; the sleep had definitely helped her in more ways than one.

"Hey," I greeted silently, as I could feel my earlier fears come rushing back. Would her anger return to her now that all was okay with the baby?

"Hi," her voice was softer than I'd ever heard and I swallowed loudly, my heart hammering harshly in my chest.

"My dads' just left to get a doctor so I can go home. I'd very much like it, if you'd accompany us."

"You don't hate me anymore?" Damn, who knew I could sound so insecure? It really wasn't a good day for the Puckerone's badass reputation.

Rachel's lip quirked upwards for a split second and she removed her hand, folding it with her other on her (fortunately) still swollen belly. "I don't hate you, Noah. I never did, but I must admit that finding out that our child might have a slightly older half-sibling the way I did, was not something that I particularly enjoyed." Then she seemed to notice my goofy-happy expression, and her brow furrowed in bemusement. "What?"

"You called me Noah," I smiled, no longer giving a shit about that badass rep that I was supposed to uphold. Fuck, it felt good to be 'Noah' to her again.

Rachel's smile was small, but so beautiful that I wanted to beg her to never stop smiling. "That is your name, isn't it?"

"Yeah, yeah it is." I took a shot and leaned forward and planted a quick, chaste kiss on her lips.

Our moment was interrupted by Hiram, who came in with a fellow doctor trailing behind him. And I finally learned what had happened to our kid.

Apparently, it wasn't that uncommon for pregnant girls to suddenly start to bleed excessively without it hurting the baby in the womb. Rachel and I shared a look of relief at that. The doctor did suggest that we all limited the stress in Rachel's day to day life and that she should take it easy for a little while before resuming her daily life.

Rachel complained a little about missing glee and her other after school activities, but for the first time, Hiram and I saw completely eye to eye on things. We looked at each other and then turned to Rachel and told her to suck it up (that was me) and enjoy the few days of tranquility before the little one's arrival (Hiram).

Rachel rolled her eyes, but she couldn't hide the amusement and I straightened up with a jaw breaking yawn. Things weren't perfect between us, and we still had a shitload of things to talk about, but for now, we were just enjoying the moment.


A few days later, I was walking next to Rachel as she went back to school after her hospital visit. She was chatting happily about the things she and her dads' had been doing after I'd left last night. I smiled to myself, she kept hinting that she knew the sex of the baby now, and that no matter how much I begged I wouldn't get to know, it was, and I quote, "my chance to experience surprise like she had with the whole Quinn situation, albeit with a much more pleasant end."

What Rachel didn't know, was that I totally didn't care if we had a son or a daughter. I just rejoiced in the fact that the kid was still around, safely entombed in her belly. I had a sneaking suspicion that my lack of interest would crack my crazy Berry much faster than any begging would.

I spotted Azimo and Karofsky and some dweeb freshman jock, called Johnson, walk towards us, all of them armed with a slushie. I started glowering, I'd fucking kill them if they even as much as thought about pouring the iced beverages over Rachel.

I was aware that Rachel stopped talking; she probably followed my line of sight. I instinctively walked in front of her, just in case. But that was all shot to hell, when Rachel practically danced around me and walked up to the trio of bullies all by her lonesome.

"Uhm, those look delicious, thank you, guys." Then she proceeded to snatch out the grape flavored one from Azimo's frozen hands and chug the entire thing like a fucking champion. Having drained the first one, Rachel grabbed the one in Karofsky's hand before belching loudly and starting over.

It was the sexiest thing, I'd ever seen.

Then Rachel took it a step further, all the while still looking calm and collected, and looked around and then she fucking beckoned a silently watching Quinn over. "Oh you simply must try this, I honestly thought that my taste for these was gone due to the impact they've had on my life these last few years, but they taste splendidly. Do you want one?"

Rachel unceremoniously took the last one from Johnson's beefy hands and handed it to Quinn. "I doubt these guys would've used them appropriately anyway and this way they're actually doing some good. You don't mind, do you? I'm very happy to see your willingness to assist two pregnant women, it speaks well of your character and I'm truly glad to see you're not the brutes I thought you to be all this time," she turned her big, chocolate colored orbs towards the still unmoving trio, and I briefly had a flash of that cat from Shrek crushing his enemies with one look of his big eyes. It was kindda having the same effect.

Azimo shrugged uncomfortably, Johnson nodded slowly and Karofsky fucking smiled; all soft and shit. I had no doubt that their days as slushie throwers at Rachel and Quinn was over.

"Reeeespect," I heard Kurt whisper somewhere behind me and I couldn't agree more.

Later that day, when I strolled into glee club with Mike and Matt, the first thing I saw, was Rachel and Quinn sitting in the corner seats, talking quietly with serious looks on their faces. Looking around, I noticed that Finn was eying them with curiosity and, when his eyes landed on Quinn, with no small amount of longing.

Taking a deep breath, I walked over to the empty seat next to him and sat down without a word. He'd been there for me the night I thought my world was ending, but we hadn't really spoken since. His face still showed signs of my punch; he had two black eyes that were fading and a slightly puffy nose. I briefly congratulated myself on my awesome strength, before turning to him.

"I'm not a good person," Finn looked at me like Rachel's crazy had seeped into me somehow and I quickly continued, "I shouldn't have touched your girl and I'm really sorry that we're in this fucked up situation now. For what it's worth, I wish I could take it all back, Man."

Finn nodded silently, but wasn't given a chance to respond, before Mr. Shue came in and started babbling about telephones and some old dead dude speaking like a drunken sailor or something.

When class ended, I hung around, kindda hoping that Finn would stay back to talk, but he left quickly, looking a bit pale and just plain tired. I guess he had some stuff to work through before we could get back what we had pre Quinn.

Grimacing, I realized just how much of a chick I sounded, even inside of my own head and I quickly started eyeing Rachel's boobs, just to, you know, get some of my Man Cards back.

"Puck," I shook off my thoughts and turned my focus to Quinn. She smiled half-heartedly at me; looking a lot like Finn in regards to tiredness, and continued, "Rachel and I were talking about…" she trailed off and looked down at her own swollen belly.

"Yeah," I nodded, looking over at Rachel, who was sitting in her seat and talking to Kurt and Mercedes.

"Well, I asked her if we should get a paternity test done, but she wouldn't even consider it. At least, not until the baby's born," Quinn added with a smaller, more sincere smile, "evidently she's read a lot about these tests and the danger they can pose to the pregnancy or something. I didn't catch everything to be honest, but she suggested that, if I still wanted to, I could get it done once the baby's born."

"And you're telling me this because…?" I crossed my arms, glancing over at Rachel, making sure that the day hadn't tired her out to much.

"Because, Doofus," Quinn's old bitchiness had returned a bit and I couldn't contain a smirk, "once I've given birth, we could get the test done and you and Rachel will know if your kid will have a half-sister."

"You're having a girl?" I smiled, genuinely happy for her and she returned the grin after a beat of hesitation.

Quinn nodded and then frowned. "I just really want to know. It all kindda depends on this."


"Finn and I were gonna keep her, but now, I'm not so sure. I can't do this all by myself," Quinn's blue eyes teared up and I awkwardly patted her shoulder.

"If the kid is mine, I'll help you in any way that I can."

"I know," Quinn looked back at Rachel, who was now watching us keenly, not paying attention to whatever it was that Kurt and Mercedes were gesturing wildly about. "She told me you'd say that. I'm happy that you're still together; it's nice that something good came out of all of the drama that night."

I couldn't have agreed more, but I managed to stay quiet, sensing that the blonde in front of me wasn't quite done talking.

"She's still mad at us. Nowhere near what she once was, but she said that she would work through it and come out on top or something profound like that that I didn't understand completely. She's really a lot nicer than I ever thought. You're one lucky guy, Puckerman."

I grinned, happy that I wasn't the only one knowing that anymore. Hell, if I had it my way, I'd force people to come up to Rachel and tell her that she was kickass, to counteract all the times that people had come up to her to say that she sucked or something hurtful like that.

"And now," Quinn's voice brought me back to reality, "I think you should take our team captain home; it's been a long day and she needs to take it easy." My gaze instantly sought out Rachel and I couldn't help the rush of fear that ran through every cell in my body. Had she been through too much today? The doctors all said that she needed to take it easy for a while. Should I carry her out to my truck so she didn't have to walk anymore? I'd totally do it too, no matter how much I knew she'd object.

"I'll see you later tonight, okay."

"Wait, what?" I frowned, tearing my concerned eyes away from Rachel, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

Quinn sent me a smile so full of wickedness that I felt the hairs in the back of my neck stand on end. "Oh, I couldn't keep living with Finn and his mom after everything and I'm still pretty sure my father would send the cops after me if I showed up on their doorstep, so Rachel invited me to stay with her. I'm just going with Kurt and Mercedes to get my stuff and then I'll go back to the Berry house, living with Rachel."

She called out to Mercedes and Kurt and walked away and all I could think was that I would basically be around, not one, but two scary ass pregnant chicks everyday from now on.

"I'm fucking doomed," I whispered, trying not to freak out completely.

"Oh, relax Noah, don't be so dramatic," Rachel stepped up next to me, her smile eerily similar to Quinn's and I didn't care how much of a pussy it made me, I just couldn't suppress the flinch this time around.

Fucking doomed


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