It All Started With Glee Club

Puck is jealous

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The next couple of days went pretty well. Of course I was pretty much working a full time job when it came to picking up things for Rachel and Quinn. Stuff that they supposedly, and I quote, "couldn't live without."

Hell, one night, they woke me up in the middle of the night and demanded that I bring them something from the local 7/11 store. When I refused, Quinn got into major bitch mode and Rachel started blubbering on the phone while muttering something about never having sex with me again.

Thirty minutes later, I was at the Berry house, and when I knocked, Abraham opened the door. I swear I fucking gulped with nerves, when he squinted at me, looking about as tired as I felt. I was sure that he'd kick my ass for disturbing him, but then he just groaned and stepped aside.

"You can sleep on the couch; I'll give them whatever it is that they've decided they're unable to live without tonight."

The words were hauntingly familiar and I couldn't help but ask, "you too?"

Abraham smiled as he rummaged through a closet to find a blanket and a pillow for me. "Yeah. I love my little girl and Quinn is sweet too, but lately I'm beginning to feel like they've both been possessed by something quite dark."

"I hear ya," I yawned and nodded my thanks when he handed over the blanket and pillow. I in return gave him the bag of snacks I'd been ordered to procure. I was asleep on the couch before I even noticed that Rachel's dad was gone.

The morning after, Rachel came down and almost smothered me with affection, apologizing for her irrational behavior and all was back to normal. Quinn kept sending me glares though, as she munched on a bag of Doritos and a cut up banana. Fucking gross to be honest.

I parted ways with the girls after I'd walked them to their first class of the day. I didn't share it with them, I mean, come on, it was an AP class, so what do you think? When gym rolled around, me and the guys just goofed around. Coach Tanaka was too busy slobbering down a huge sandwich and basically grossing everyone out to pay us any attention and you know, actually do his job.

After I'd showered and was in the middle of putting my clothes on, I happened to look over at Finn; I instantly whipped my head away, 'cause no straight dude wants to be caught looking at another guy in the locker room – or anywhere else for that matter.

Then I frowned and snuck another quick look, 'cause there was definitely something different about Finn. A few seconds later, I realized what it was and cursed quietly. I knew what I was about to do could stir up a whole lot of additional problems between us.

Straightening myself up to my full height, I called out for Finn's attention. He and I were nowhere near back to normal yet, but after I'd punched his lights out, he'd behaved a bit calmer, so I decided to risk it by pointing out what I'd seen.

"That's some major scratches you've got there," I drawled, and continued, "I'd say you need to get another cat if it scratches your back like that, but we both know you don't own one."

Finn looked uncomfortable, quickly pulling his T-shirt over his head. "What's your point?"

"Well," I ran a hand through my 'hawk and waited until Finn was actually looking at me before I continued, "I just thought those marks look pretty familiar. You wanna know why? Because I've had the same marks myself once or twice…" I took a deep breath, nonchalantly stepping out of Finn's reach, just in case. "Santana can be a regular wildcat in the sack."

Finn didn't throw any punches, or go all defensive as I'd anticipated; no, instead, he paled and sat down hard on the bench in front of his locker. When he looked up at me, he had this guilty, tortured look on his face and I felt bad for the guy.

"I was just so mad at her," he started, I tried to stop him, reminding him that he didn't owe me any explanations, but he just kept going, it was almost as if he'd been waiting for someone to confide in.

"I've been feeling like crap lately because of everything with Quinn and you and then Santana was suddenly all over me, making me feel wanted and I don't even know how it happened, Puck, but I felt so bad afterwards. It was nothing like the time I was with Quinn. I feel so guilty, but I shouldn't feel like that, 'cause I'm not the one who's done something wrong here. And on top of that I feel awful for feeling that Santana is nothing compared to Quinn and I'm so tired of all of it. I don't wanna go around and be angry anymore, but every time I see Quinn or you, I just wanna scream at you."

I sat down next to the guy; I'd once considered my best friend, before I'd betrayed him in the worst way possible. I'd been so busy apologizing to Rachel; I'd sort of neglected doing the same to Finn. "Look Man," I sighed, "feel free to vent your anger on me. Hell, I'll even let you take a shot at me again, if you feel like it. Just don't make Quinn miserable. She's already going through a lot of shit and if she finds out about this mess with Santana, I don't know what's gonna go down."

We sat together for a few minutes without speaking. Finn finally broke the silence, "I'm still mad at you and her." I nodded, but he kept going without looking at me, "but I just miss the way things used to be. I was excited about the baby and now it's just all gone to hell. And as for you and me; it's gonna take a while, but you're still my best friend."

I was a bit surprised at the relief that flooded through my system at his words; who knew his forgiveness would mean so much to me? Shaking off the girly emotions, I smiled, punching him in the shoulder. "Good to know, Man. Now, did you hear that Jacob actually stumbled into Miss Pillsbury's office, covered in all the shit I'd put on him?"

Finn let out a belly laugh and nodded, looking like his old goofy self for a second. "Yeah, I heard Miss Sylvester mock her about the five decontamination showers she'd gone through after he'd cried on her."

For a little while, Finn and I just hung out, until the bell rang and I had to go because I'd promised Rachel I'd try and snag her a few snacks from the cafeteria before glee.

I was late for glee, because as I was walking back from the cafeteria, packed with food and soft drinks as my hot pregnant Jewess had demanded, I ran into one of the other student's mothers, who just happened to once have been one of my most eager clients in my pool cleaning business.

Evidently, she'd been at the school to apply for a job of some kind, when she'd spotted me and then she'd decided to try to get a repeat performance out of me. She was tenacious horny bitch, I'll give you that. No matter how many times I told her I wasn't available, she kept running her fake nails up and down my guns. If I hadn't been carrying Rachel's precious food, I'd have slapped her hands off of me.

As it were, I had to resort to the only thing I had left, so I told her, I'd squeal on our previous arrangement, if she didn't get the fuck away from me as soon as possible.

It worked like a fucking charm, nothing like the threat of statuary rape to cool unwanted advances. But the bottom line of all of this is that I was late for glee club, so that's why I looked like a bumbling moron the first time I laid eyes on a certain Jesse St. James.

Mr. Shue was standing in front of the rest of the gang with this semi tall, gangly dude with curls to rival his own. I caught the end question from a disgruntled looking Brittany, "Mr. Shue, is he your son?" I didn't hear the answer, because in that moment, I tripped. I fucking tripped, all right. Using all my speed, I tried catching the bag of snacks that I've gone through so much to get. I almost fell flat on my face, but I managed to grab the damn thing and straighten up, trying to play it cool.

The mocking look the newcomer sent me informed me that I had been unsuccessful. Fuck that, I thought and made my way calmly over to Rachel and handed her the bag. She didn't even look at me as she thanked me with an air of distraction about her.

Mr. Shue coughed once, waiting for me to settle down I think, before he looked at me. "Puck, this is our new member, Jesse St. James. He's just moved to the district and used to be the star of Vocal Adrenaline and he's very interested in joining New Directions."

I didn't care; I just kept looking at Rachel, a bit confused over her behavior. I kept watching as she didn't tear her eyes away from that Jesse St. Douche dude, while some of the other Gleeks bitched and moaned over the new arrival or some shit I wasn't really paying attention to.

It soon became very clear to me that Jesse was an ass. I couldn't stand the pretty boy; he acted like he was better than everyone and came with suggestions and ideas to change everything. He was kind of like Rachel like that, but not in a cute way.

And Rachel's behavior towards him wasn't exactly making me like him more either. Seriously, she acted like he was an internationally known Broadway star, when in fact he was just this unoriginal senior with a superiority complex and pansy ass curls.

We had just finished doing the last Madonna song of the week, Shuester had even invited the local gospel choir to join in and it would've been an amazing experience, if I hadn't been forced to stand by like a loser and watch Jesse be Rachel's partner in the number.

It was driving me nuts to see her hanging of his every word, and I honestly wasn't used to feeling so possessive and it made me wanna kick some ass.

I finally snapped a few days later, when I was driving Rachel home from one of her other afterschool clubs that I couldn't even begin to understand how she found the time for, and realized that Jesse had joined said club, which was apparently just splendid and something that she really wanted to talk to me about. Over and over again.

I pulled up to her house and didn't get out to open the door for her, or follow her inside, like I'd done every day since she'd come home from the hospital. It took a few minutes before Rachel noticed that I was just sitting there and waiting for her to leave. She finally stopped talking about all the great things that Jesse had been doing during the club meeting and turned to me with a bemused frown on her face.

"What's wrong Noah? We really cannot be sitting here all day; haven't you been listening? I need to go shower and try that exercise that Jesse told me and Quinn about today that could help with-"

"Stop Berry," I more or less growled out the demand and slowly took some deep breaths, hoping to calm my anger and my jealousy before I did or said something that would ruin all the progress I'd made recently. "Just stop, okay."

Rachel looked so fucking confused and endearing that I nearly groaned and pulled her into my lap to show her just how it was she was actually dating. "I'm puzzled, what is it that you want me to stop?"

"Just shut the hell up about Jesse St. Fucking James, please! Every sentence coming outta your mouth has something to do with that jackass and I can't take it anymore." Fuck, I sounded so whiny; I should just do the world a favor and blow my brains out before I turned into a full blown pussy.

"Noah," said Rachel, her voice uncharacteristically soft. I couldn't bring myself to look at her, instead keeping my gaze locked on my clenched fists that were resting in my lap. "Jesse is no more than a friend, a fellow star to be and I enjoy spending time with him, but that's all."

I shrugged and she continued. "I must admit that I think you're overreacting a little bit, Noah."

Fuck that, my almost forgotten temper roared to life and I turned to her with fire in my eyes. "Fine; I'm overreacting and acting like a total ass, but you can't really blame me here. I've been waiting on you hand and foot and I haven't complained once. Then Mr. Showoff turns up and you're practically wetting your panties every time you're around him, but no-ho, I'm the jerk for not really digging that."

Rachel gasped and seemed to wanna interrupt, but I didn't give her the chance, "no, now I'm the one talking. I get that he's way more interesting than me and you'll probably always see me as a fucking loser compared to him and that's fine. I can live with that, but just fuck, Rach, stop talking about him all the fucking time!"

I jumped out of the truck and pulled her trolley with me, placing it on the curb before walking over and effortlessly lifting Rachel out as well. I made sure she was standing securely and then I walked back to the driver's seat, got in and took off before I could humiliate myself any further.

"Fuck!" I slammed my hands into the steering wheel a few times, trying to get my anger out of my system. It didn't really do me any good, so I decided to run it out instead. I parked the truck and just started running, not giving a shit where the hell I was going.

My lungs demanded air and my legs were practically buckling under me a few hours later when I returned to my truck and drove home, dripping of sweat. During the run I'd been thinking a lot about everything. I knew I didn't really regret what I'd said to Rachel, and I also knew that things would have to change.

Pregnant or not, she wasn't the only one dealing with a lot of stuff these days. Add to that my newfound knowledge about Finn and Santana (a disaster just waiting to happen), and I was a very frustrated guy.

Jesse was just the last straw. I'd kindda figured out that it wasn't just my jealousy talking when it came to him. There was just something that didn't add up and considering that the last time I had had one of these weird feelings in my gut, Jacob had nearly broken me and Rachel up for good, I was damn well gonna trust my instinct.

I sighed and pulled into the driveway to my house and froze. Sitting on the porch was Rachel and she looked like she'd been crying. "Damn it," I muttered, grabbing my schoolbag and pulled out my cell. I had 43 missed calls and 11 messages.

Okay, so she'd probably started to worry after she didn't get a hold of me. I sighed again, knowing that I had to appease my pregnant girlfriend before I did anything else. It wasn't good for her to stress over anything.

Getting out of the truck, I quickly trotted over to Rachel, internally bemoaning a hot shower to ease my aching muscles. "Hey," I said, "why didn't you just go in?"

"I wanted to talk to you without worrying your mother," Rachel replied, following me upstairs where I immediately started donning my sweaty clothes and change into some clean sweats.

"Look, I'm sorry I went off like that," I said when, after a few minutes of awkward silence, Rachel still hadn't spoken, "I was just tired and you didn't deserve any of it."

"No," Rachel shook her head, her eyes lingering a bit on my bare chest. I smirked inwardly; The Puckerone still had it going on. "You might have said it in an abrasive manner, but you were essentially right, Noah. After you left, I started thinking about all that you've done for me since I told you of our baby."

"I wanted to do anything I could to help," I reminded her, but she just spoke over me like I hadn't said anything.

"I think that I might have been subconsciously punishing you for the whole Quinn situation; admittedly my hormones are a bit strong these days and I have several mood swings a day, something that my fathers' keep reminding me in the morning before school where I usually almost take their heads off for breathing too loudly or even just kissing me good morning."

Rachel smiled a little and sat down on my bed, fingering a corner of the blanket, "And then Jesse came into our lives and I must admit that I was flattered that he took so much interest in me. Barring you and Quinn, who's going through the same things as me, I haven't really connected all that much with my fellow glee clubbers and I've always been the unpopular one, so for the star of another glee club to take an interest in me, was just wonderful. It made me feel wanted in a whole new way."

"I've always-" I began, but Rachel once again interrupted me.

"I know that you find me attractive sexually, Noah. As I do you, but this was in regards to my talent and my dreams. Anyway, I am profoundly sorry that I made you feel bad and I apologize and promise to try and tone down my pregnancy moods as much as possible. I won't ever call you in the middle of the night to get me something to eat again."

"Babe," I crouched down in front of her, "I'm sorry for acting like a jerk. I just have a lot on my mind, which is a lame ass excuse, I know. Yeah, I felt a bit tired of the stuff I had to do for you and Quinn, but I'm happy to do them anyway. And yeah, I don't really like Jesse, I probably never will; he just rubs me the wrong way. Just, do me a favor and don't fall in love with him or anything, all right."

Rachel nodded, her eyes shining with unshed tears, but she was smiling too, so I don't think they were the wrong sort of tears. "Don't worry, Noah. That will not be a problem."

After that, we just sort of sat there and stared at each other. I decided to lighten the mood in my patented charming way, "you know, I'm gonna go take a shower, but you're more than welcome to join me. I'll scrub your back if you'll scrub mine."

Then, Rachel shocked the hell out of me by leaning forward a bit and running her tiny, warm hands over my pecks with a sultry (yeah, sultry!) smile and a hint of pure lust in her brown eyes. "I do believe I'm in need of a decent scrubbing," she whispered in my ear and I nearly came in my pants. Fuck that was hot.

I all but jumped to my feet and carried her out to the bathroom where we proceeded to put all our talking behind us and just enjoy each other. I had a primal need to see my woman come undone in my arms; something I knew Jesse wouldn't ever be allowed to as long as I was around.

And considering the love I had for the petite girl in my arms, I was gonna be around for a long time.


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