It All Started With Glee Club

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I don't own Glee or any of its franchise, but I wouldn't mind having Mark and/or Puck as my baby's daddy hehe.


The next little while things settled into a comfortable rhythm for me, I only got in the doghouse once or twice – okay, once if you wanna get totally specific.

It all started the day Shuester came into the choir room looking pretty much like his favorite vest had been eaten by moths or something lame like that. Evidently the Cheerios needed the auditorium and Sue was willing to practically kill to make sure we didn't get a chance to use it. If you ask me, I think she'd have killed us all even if the stupid auditorium hadn't been an issue; that tall chick was crazy. Considering who I'm in love with, I know my crazy.

Anyway, then somehow, Mr. Shue made sure we could all hang out in the local roller rink, not giving a fuck that we all had images to maintain and…you know, weren't living in the eighties anymore.

We all went there and I couldn't stop laughing to myself when I spotted just who it was that ran the damn place; April Fucking Rhodes. Now that was a broad I would always remember fondly. Not many women stroll into a shower with three dudes and goes down on them just to make sure she's included in the glee club. Good times…

But I'm going off topic, sorry. So, we got handed these roller-skates and told to go have some fun before we would start rehearsing. I was joking, having a good time, until the very second I watched Rachel glide on to the floor with a happy smile on her face.

Instantly, my old fears for her safety roared back to life and I rolled after her and stopped her mid movement. "Don't move," I pretty much yelled, not giving a shit about the odd looks the others gave me. My whole world had dwindled into just three people, me, Rachel and our baby. "You could fall down and hurt yourself!"

Rachel rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, "Noah, while I once again must say that I appreciate your concern for me and our child's wellbeing, I can ease your worries easily. I've been doing this all my life, and add that to my dancing abilities I can safely say that my balance is far superior than that of anyone here's – except perhaps, Brittany's."

Brittany, who'd been twirling past us doing some wicked move just as Rachel finished speaking, stopped and smiled widely at her, "Thanks," before literally jumping in the air and spinning around like a pro. I would've been more impressed if I hadn't been in the middle of an epic stare down with Rachel.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Quinn coming to the rescue – Rachel's that is. Those two had been teaming up on me more and more often lately, and I knew I had to speak my mind before the head bitch in charge came barreling over here to lend her not wanted support.

"Look, Rach," I started to say, but then she interrupted me before I could say anything else.

"No, Noah, you look. I'm perfectly capable of handling myself here. Frankly, your caveman sensibilities are getting out of control when it comes to these things and-"

"Whatever," I shrugged, this time being the one to interrupt; "do what you want. I forgot that you always know best."

Having delivered my less than mature response, I spun around and skated down to the opposite end, where I'm pretty sure April had just tried to feel up Mike and Matt, judging from their sly grins.

I pretended that I couldn't hear Rachel calling my name and started rolling around the rink as fast as I could to get some of my aggression out physically. Mr. Shue tried getting us all to behave and stand around like a real choir, but even he knew a lost cause after a few failed attempts, so I wasn't disturbed.

Finally, after a little while, I spotted movement out of the corner of my eye and stopped when Finn's huge shadow fell over me. "Hey," I muttered breathlessly, trying not to pant like an unfit wannabe.

"Rachel sent me," Finn said instead of greeting me, apparently, he still wasn't completely ready to forgive me; not that I blamed him, but I wasn't in the mood to take any shit from him.

"Like I even fucking care," I murmured, ignoring the part of me that hated that she'd sent someone instead of coming to my side herself. "If she wanted to talk, she could've come her own damn self. So either shut up or piss off," yeah, okay, so maybe my mood was worse than I thought, but you try being around two pregnant chicks all the time and see how well you're doing after a while.

Finn seemed to get that he wasn't the one I was pissed at, 'cause he simply shook his head twice before stating, "She's sorry, you know. I heard you arguing with her and I get your concerns; I'm probably not the dad of Quinn's baby anymore, but I still want to force her to stop rolling around. She could get hurt, like you said."

"You might still be the dad," I pointed out, finally catching my breath as I straightened up completely. "Quinn's gonna get a test done after the baby's born. Talk to her about it, and you better make it soon 'cause she's talking about giving the kid up for adoption or some shit like that."

The look Finn gave me was a mix between fear, anger and reluctant understanding and we shared a smile, both of us taking one step closer to being best friends again.

A moment later, my somewhat repaired mood plummeted to the ground once more, when I noticed that Jesse St. Jackass hanging around Rach; fuck, she was even laughing at something that he said. Instantly, I was on the move, wanting to remind the fucker just who it was that Rachel Berry belonged too.

"Hey," I greeted, not quite able to contain the stink eye that I sent Jesse – okay, I didn't exactly try all that hard, but no one had to know that but me.

To my disappointment, Rachel's smile dimmed when she looked up at me and I wanted to apologize immediately, although I didn't particularly do anything that warranted an apology. Fuck that, I straightened up and forced back my regret. Fortunately, the douche spoke up and I didn't have to say anything else.

"Hey Puckerman, I thought you were too busy being a wild one or whatever. I just took care of our Rachel here for you."

The look I sent him clearly stated that he was on thin fucking ice and I tried figuring out what to say. 'Fuck off' probably wouldn't go over well with Rachel.

In the end, I settled on acting somewhat calmly, and I slung my arm around Rachel and smiled fakely, "Thanks Curly, but I got it from here." Then I used my much bigger body to navigate Rachel's and before she could say anything about my newest nickname for Jesse, we were standing by the entrance to the rink and I was in the middle of removing my skates.

"Noah," Rachel's voice wasn't the angry, hyena sounding one that I'd come to associate her with when she was angry; instead it was surprisingly soft and dare I say it, regretful. I looked up from what I was doing to see if it really was Rachel.

She bit her lip when I met her gaze and looked away. "I feel that I must somehow apologize to you about my earlier transgression. It was pointed out to me, rather forcibly I might add; by Finn that I seldom seem to take your emotions on the safety of our child in to consideration. Although, he didn't quite say it in so many words, because let's face it; no matter how sweet he is, Finn is by no means the biggest talker around these parts and-"

Standing up, I took a gently hold on Rachel's babbling face, making sure her eyes connected with mine completely before I spoke. "Shut up Rach," I whispered and bent forward slightly to kiss her. I tried to pour all my love for her into that one, brief kiss, instead of actually saying the words out loud like a fucking Shakespearean loser. Or whoever it was that went around talking about love and shit all the time.

When we parted, things were pretty much okay again. I helped her get out of her skates and we walked over to the area where we could buy snacks and drinks and stuff like that. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Quinn standing in the far corner with Finn of all people in front of her. He was pointing in our direction and it was pretty obvious that he was trying to get her to see reason like Rachel finally had. I mentally promised myself to work harder rebuilding my friendship with the tall goofball; after all, he was probably the only reason that Rachel got out of those damned skates of potential danger.

The whole roller rink experience was pretty much the only bump in the road for Rachel and me that I think is worth mentioning. For a little while things ran their usual course. Rachel and Quinn forgot about their promise to not demand too much of me when it came to their cravings and I let them boss me around.

Still, despite my nightly shop errands and dealing with two hormonal females 24/7, three if you count my mom, I wasn't the one who had it the hardest out of all the Gleeks these days. Apparently, Coach Sylvester had managed to demand that all her Cheerios start losing weight pronto, thus making the life of Mercedes very, very difficult. Seriously, that girl has some issues with tots. Just sayin'.

Anyhow, that whole thing should've been a fucking blip on my radar and it would've been just that if Rachel hadn't found out about Mercedes struggles after she fainted very publically in the cafeteria, after threatening to eat us all. Rachel decided to be all proactive, wanting to storm Sylvester's office and demand that she started treating her cheerleaders like actual human beings. I, being the concerned boyfriend that I am, stopped her from going, 'cause let's be honest, scary pregnant chicks can beat a lot of things, but I'm not sure Coach Sylvester is one of them.

That of course redirected my tiny barrel of crazy's anger towards me and she started asking if I thought starving diets were okay, and if so, would I force her into one after the baby was born. I did my best to assure her that I found her body smokin' but my skills at soothing pretty much equaled Finn's ability to do complicated math, so before long she was weeping and Quinn took her away to calm her, sending me the glare of death while doing so.

I was so used to the hormonal eruptions that Rachel had now, that I didn't chase after her, knowing that it'd just make things worse for everyone involved. Instead, I just had a jam session with Artie until it was time for us all to head over to the gymnasium to watch the Cheerios perform for some fancy reporter.

I made my way into the big room, scanning the place to find Rachel. She was sitting next to Quinn in a huddle that consisted of mostly glee kids, so I walked over there, followed by Artie. "Hey Beautiful," I greeted and sat down cautiously, I was ready to flee at a moment's notice if she was still in her batshit crazy mode. Fortunately, she beamed at me and nudged my legs apart, so she could settle herself in between them with her back to me. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around her baby bump, smiling to myself when I felt movement under my fingers. Feeling my kid move, actually being alive was the best feeling in the world – aside from being with Rachel of course.

"So, what do you think is gonna happen?" Rachel asked me and I shrugged carefully.

"No clue, but I got this feeling that Sylvester won't like whatever it is, 'cause I saw Mercedes looking totally determined a few minutes ago."

"Let us just hope that whatever will transpire will be something worth our while," Rachel muttered and I grinned in agreement.

Shortly after that, we were all standing around Mercedes, who was belting out an Aguilera song. I was smiling like a lovesick fool, recently I'd developed quite a fondness for that young pop sensation and judging from the matching grin on Rachel's face, she was thinking the same thing.

After the assembly or whatever it was supposed to be, we all made our way to the auditorium to practice on the song that April wanted to sing to Will for some reason. The reason soon turned out to be something about buying the auditorium so it was all good in the end. And not for the first time, I thought to myself that April Rhodes was a fine woman, if I hadn't already been pretty much head over heels for Rachel and her sexy self, I'd definitely be whipping out my best cougar maneuvers, that's all I'm sayin'.

As we all watched April belt out a song that I think only Rachel would be able to imitate, I noticed two things that I didn't particularly like. Santana was making eyes at Finn, who looked extremely uncomfortable and kept sending Quinn looks to see if she noticed anything. Lucky for him, the former cheerleader was so into April's performance, that I think not even Jesus himself could've gotten her attention.

The other thing was Jesse St. Jackass and his looks at my woman. He kept looking at her like she was something he just had to have and considering she was carrying my spawn, and I was in love with her, I was not down with that.

As soon as we'd all cheered and applauded April's performance, we started leaving to give her and a pretty doughy eyed Mr. Shue some alone time. I don't know if he was hitting that, but judging by the looks between them, there was definite want there.

Anyway, as soon as I saw that Jesse was behind me and more importantly, alone, I told Rachel to go out to my truck and wait while I got some homework from my locker that I'd forgotten. She smiled, only shaking her head a little bit at my supposed forgetfulness or, as she would say, my lack of genuine interest in my scholar endeavors, before she did as I asked.

As soon as she was out of earshot, I turned around and made sure to flex my guns enough to make sure that that mini-Shuester realized I meant business. "You need to back the fuck off, Dude." I ordered bluntly.

Jesse's face contorted into a mask of fake concern that I wanted to beat off of him as soon as possible. "I don't know what you're talking about, Puckerman," he said and crossed his arms. One quick look and I was assured that although Jesse was a sinewy motherfucker, I could easily take him down if the need arose. "I just have to say that your nervousness regarding my involvement with Rachel speaks more about your insecurities than mine. Perhaps you should seek some help for that."

"Maybe you should shut the fuck up and listen to what I have to say," I barked out, taking one step closer, reveling in the small flinch the former star of Vocal Adrenaline couldn't quite keep away. "Stay. Away. From. Rachel. I don't like the way you look at her; hell, if it was just desire or whatever, I wouldn't give a shit, 'cause Rachel knows what she's got and you don't hold a candle to the Puckasaurus, but," I practically growled out the next words, suddenly way too pissed to even try to act civil, "you look at her like she's a target for something. I'm not the smartest guy around, so I rely on my instincts and my instincts are telling me you're up to no good."

I took a deep, calming breath, thinking of Rachel's smile, before I straightened up and took a step back and finished off my warning, "to quote the mother of all badasses, "if you break her heart, I'll break your neck," got it?"*

I stared coldly into Jesse's eyes, making damn sure the singer knew I meant what I said, and when he finally let out a deep breath and nodded. I copied his nod and walked out into the hallway to get the homework that I told Rachel I went looking for in the first place.

A few minutes later, I reached my truck and Rachel, who'd been talking quietly with Quinn, stopped her conversation and turned to me with a big smile. "Ready to go?" she asked and I kissed her on the forehead and nodded.

I helped both Rachel and Quinn get in, before I walked around the truck to the driver's seat, I saw Finn standing with Santana by her car and I grimaced. Looking briefly at Quinn, I saw that she'd noticed the pair as well, so I quickly started the engine, making sure to "accidentally" make so much noise that Finn could hear us. He immediately jumped away from Santana and started making his way over to Kurt who was waiting for him. Evidently, they were sort of brother's now or something, I don't care. I was just happy that I'd ruined the little Latina's diabolical plan for the time being.

I looked over at Quinn, who was frowning thoughtfully, before my eyes were drawn to Rachel, who didn't seem to have noticed anything out of the ordinary. She just smiled at me and then started rummaging through the glove compartment with a determined look on her face.

"Noah," she said after a few moments of fruitless searching and I just knew what was gonna happen next, "would you mind terribly stopping by the nearest McDonalds? I feel a little peckish all of the sudden."

Quinn came out of her mind when she heard the word, McDonalds and I knew I didn't stand a chance. Besides, a meal at McDonalds would definitely tide me over until Hiram or Abraham could finish making one of their vegan dishes that Rachel still insisted on eating although our baby most definitely didn't like it as much as she did.

"Sure Babe," I grinned, driving out of the parking lot and out onto the road, "whatever you want."


*Puck's of course quoting Vin Diesel from the movie, 'The fast and the furious.'

A/N Thank you so much for your reviews and questions about what's gonna happen. I love hearing what you think. Please continue (:

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