It All Started With Glee Club

Puck didn't do it

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"What the fuck is that?"

I heard the comment from one of the guys on the football team I used to call a friend, as I walked down the hallway after my last class of the day. I barely noticed, to be perfectly honest, I was a little preoccupied with first yawning my jaw off in after class boredom and then promptly dropping it on the floor when my eyes caught what my once upon friend was looking at with a smirking grin on his face.

Ten minutes later, I pretty much stomped into the choir room where I found not only Rachel, but basically the rest of the Gleeks plus Jesse St. ' way too much hair product' sitting around in a huddle, staring at a copy of the same sheet of paper that was currently in my hands. A piece of paper that was proclaiming who was the sluttiest girl in glee club.

"Okay, somebody spill, 'cause I'm damn sure not gonna be the one who's gonna take the blame for this." They all looked at me with raised, dubious brows with questions in their eyes. Except Rachel, who was staring as if in trance at the slightly crumpled paper in her hands.

It was clear they all thought I was the one behind this shit. Fuck that, I didn't do it, and that's exactly what I'd just finished saying when the door in the other side of the room opened and Mr. Shue walked in, followed by a furious looking Figgins.

They were both carrying a copy in their hands, and I groaned loudly when their eyes sought me out and stayed on me. "Quit looking at me like that, I didn't fucking do this. I mean, come on. My pregnant girlfriend is placed second, just below the woman that may be carrying my spawn. Why would I humiliate them even further?"

"'cause you're obviously enjoying being the big bad around here," Jesse pointed out smugly from the huddle of Gleeks. A big part of me was grateful when Rachel sent the curly haired singer a glare of epic proportions. At least she believed me.

"Fuck off Tiny Dancer," I growled out, taking a threatening step forward, but Mr. Shue quickly intervened and started making a speech about coming forward with the truth, no matter who it was – all the while eying me like I was just wasting his time by not admitting that I'd done the deed.

Well, fuck 'im, I didn't do it.

Suddenly, I felt Rachel's hand on my shoulder and I looked down with a small smile. She just looked so concerned and I knew she didn't need any stress; I so didn't want a repeat performance with the blood and shit.

"Will you accompany me while I practice my runs?" she asked, pretending that the other people in the room weren't just sitting around murmuring about the Glist (seriously, what's up with adding 'gl' to every word associated with this fucking club? Just sayin'). I nodded and she smiled and stood on her toes to kiss my cheek. She was so little it was adorable.

Mr. Shue's voice brought me back to the present and I rolled my eyes when he turned to Rachel with a disapproving frown on his face. "Rachel, I get that you want to get started, but we really have to talk about this a little bit more and-"

"No," Rachel interrupted, suddenly looking so fierce and protective that I couldn't stop myself from getting a boner. "What you and my fellow glee club members are doing right now, is sitting around and debating why, how and when Noah performed this one more act of youthful delinquent atrocity without as much as a whisper of the whole concept of 'innocent until proven guilty'. Well, I for one deem the whole thing entirely preposterous and as Captain of the glee club, I'd much prefer that we continue our practice for Regionals. I do realize though, that what I usually want will never be respected in this club, because you only keep me around for my talent, so I merely intend to warm up my voice with my 'innocent until proven guilty' boyfriend. Come on, Noah."

I blinked, my dick completely forgotten at the moment. This was the first time I'd ever been defended since my mom gave up on that crap in the fourth grade when I was caught making out with the teaching assistant. I kindda liked it; but what was more important for me right now was the fact that for the first time ever, Rachel verbally acknowledged that she was always overlooked in this club – despite her so called captaincy.

The way she'd just brought the whole thing up was sweet. I totally loved the mixture of guilt and confusion on everyone's face. Especially Mr. Shue's. For once, I was digging my girl's pregnancy hormones. She really lost her aversion to conflict with the Gleeks. Awe and can I just add; some!

It took a few minutes before they started moving again, and even then it was only after Quinn walked over to us and started harmonizing softly with Rachel, who was acting like there was nothing going on out of the ordinary.

The next few days went by and the glee club all tried to not let their annoyance at Rachel's awesomeness show too much, it seemed like her cold delivery of the truth had sunk in a bit. I endured a few interrogation sessions with Mr. Shue about the Glist and just genuinely minded my own business.

Or, well, that's not entirely true. I was pretty busy trying to figure out how to help Finn, who was pretty much being stalked by Santana now. Knowing the girl like I did, I also knew that eventually, in a not too distant future, she was gonna blow up and cover the rest of us in her bitterness and acid hate.

While I was busy doing that, Rachel had somehow been roped into helping Beyonce, Artie, Tina, Mercedes and Brittany of all people. Apparently, they weren't too thrilled about their placement or lack off on the now infamous Glist and were itching to get a more badass reputation.

If I wasn't already so amazing, I'd feel for them, but…you know, I don't need any Glist's telling me I'm a stud, or used to be to be fair. I'm gonna be a dad soon so those days are over. Surprisingly the thought didn't freak me out like I thought it would. Love did weird shit to me, I guess.

Anyway, while Rach was helping out the group of wanna be sluts, I went in search of Santana to stop her from whatever the fuck it was that she was planning. I went to her usual haunts all over school and finally found her in the personal gym that Sue Sylvester had had installed for all her Cheerios when they won their third major competition in a row or something. Her reason to Figgins had been something about not wanting her girls to get fat off of the victory high.

Fortunately for me, Santana was alone. She was stretched into some sort of position on a blue matt on the floor that made my dick stand at attention. Santana might be a bitch (okay, there's no fucking doubt about it,) but she was hotter than hell.

"What do you want Asshole?" She grunted and stretched one of her tanned limbs. To my surprise it was unexpectedly easy to shake off my lust for the whole thing. I was still hard as a rock and enjoyed the view very much, don't give me wrong, I am a dude, but it wasn't her legs that I was always eager to get between. Once I'd realized that, I adjusted myself and replied to my once upon a time booty call.

"I need you to stop whatever the fuck it is that's going on between you and Finn."

Santana raised a perfectly sculpted brow at me and stood up to face me. Her entire expression screamed that she didn't give a crap about my order. "Is that so? Who crawled up your ass and made you the boss of me? I'd say Rachel but -"

"Don't," I stated calmly, letting her know with my tone of voice that I wasn't gonna tolerate any insult that was aimed at my girlfriend.

Santana rolled her eyes, but since she knew me better than practically anyone, she backed off and allowed me to continue.

"Finn's gonna be a dad soon," I said after a long moment of heavy silence, "Quinn's the girl he's been in love with since before he even knew what a fucking hard on meant. You jumping in and fucking his brains out to stay head bitch in charge ain't gonna change any of that – no matter how hot you are."

"Well, Puck," Santana growled menacingly, taking a step closer to me, "we all know that the little rug rat inside Quinnie might not even be Finn's, so don't give me any of that bullshit. And for your information, I'm totally into him. He deserves better than that blonde holier than everyone else type and even though you might disagree, I'm that person."

"Finn doesn't think so," I decided to be as brutally honest as I could, knowing damn well that the Latina in front of me wouldn't appreciate me coddling her one bit. In fact, I'm pretty sure she'd knee me in the balls if I even tried. "You fucked him and instead of rocking his world and making him wholly obsessed with you, he's still hung up on Quinn and you and I both know it. It's pathetic the way you keep running after him and threatening him. Come on, San," I added with a more gentle tone in my voice, "do you really think that you don't deserve any more than getting a guy to love you by force? You're Santana Fucking Lopez and if Finn doesn't want you, who the fuck cares? Move on and stop trying to bully him and by extension Quinn. Grow up San."

"Fuck off, Puck," Santana's eyes were bright, but I knew that she'd prefer to gorge her eyes out to admitting that she was close to anything as human as tears. "I don't need your advice."

"You don't need it, no," I agreed and stepped further to her, throwing caution to the wind. "But you're my friend and I don't wanna see you hurt, which is what'll happen if you continue on with this crap. Also, I'm Finn's friend too and since I've royally screwed him over, I'd have to pick his side in this, so just stop."

A second later, Santana's hand had left a burning imprint on my cheek and I smirked the pain away. It wasn't exactly a surprise that she'd lash out like this. "Come on, you can do better than that."

It probably wasn't the right thing to say because her eyes narrowed ominously and she changed tactics. "Fine. I'll give up on my little Finn Crusade. But," she copied my smirk flawlessly, "I have a condition."

I frowned in suspicion and then sighed heavily when she continued arrogantly, "I want you to fuck me one last time."

The silence between us was laced with venom and way too many emotions to even begin to describe. A part of me wanted to just say, "fuck it" and turn around and let the whole mess tumble on Finn's shoulders, but I was halfway responsible for the whole thing and I didn't want Quinn to experience the same horror that Rachel had in that hotel room at Sectionals because of undue stress.

Santana brought my attention back to the present by speaking, "Come on Puckerman. Fuck me like you know you're never gonna get to do with that boring singer of yours. It must be getting super tiring to only have vanilla sex all the time. You know we're good together, so if you want me to step away from Finn then do me real good like old times and I'll will."

The way her eyes bored into mine like a drill with this glint of malice finally made my control snap and I lost my temper. I grabbed her head and snarled, "Fine, if you want it so fucking badly," before crashing my lips to hers in a bruising kiss that was without a doubt the hardest thing I'd ever done in my life.

Images of Rachel poured through my mind like a movie and I hated myself, but I owed it to Finn to stop his life from going from bad to worse, so I soldiered on.

Before long, I'd slammed Santana against the nearest wall and was busy removing the tight leggings she'd been wearing for her gym session. Every move I made was methodical and I was rubbing her through her underwear with as much enthusiasm as a robot.

My dick wasn't very cooperative, so I hoped that she'd settle for getting off by my hands instead of sex. Because I knew that there was no way in hell that I could do more than what I was already doing. It literally hurt my soul.

After a few minutes, I suddenly felt Santana push me away harshly and ask me to stop. Her voice sounded broken, like she was holding back tears.

"What are you doing?" she asked hoarsely and I swallowed a lump of self hatred as I looked into her eyes.

"What you wanted." My eyes must have showed my internal struggle, because Santana whimpered like a broken animal after a few seconds of silent staring into them.

"Why are you acting like this? You've always wanted me! Always!" she all but screamed the last part as she slid down the wall with a thump. "You're making me feel like a fucking whore, Puck," she added in a mere whisper.

I sighed, running a trembling hand through my 'hawk before sitting down next to her. "Well you kindda acted like one," I reminded her. She snorted and placed her head on my shoulder with a sigh.

"Why can't things go back to the way they were? God, I sound like such a whiny bitch."

"Things change," I replied quietly, slowly letting myself revel in the fact that I didn't have to betray Rachel and risk my own happiness for Finn's. "I'm in love with the girl I bullied for years, about to be a father for Christ's sake, same with Finn and you act like it's not allowed. Santana, I love you, I always will, but I'm in love with Rachel."

"Yeah, I got that," she sighed again and continued softly, "I'm sorry about before. I shouldn't have made you do that."

I smiled and kissed her on the top of her head and we sat together in silence for a while before Santana's usual behavior returned, "If you repeat any of this to anyone, I'm gonna fucking kill ya."

"Yeah, I got that," I smiled, happy that despite everything, our relationship hadn't changed. "Now I just gotta ask-"

"I'll lay off of Finn and his oh-so-beloved," Santana interrupted, guessing my question. "Can we just sit here for a little while and keep our traps shut before I have to go out there and be myself again."

I put an arm around Santana's small shoulder and pulled her closer with a small smile. "Sure, as long as you want."


When I finally found Rachel again, later that day, she was talking intensely with Quinn, who had an almost guilty look on her face. But I didn't really care about that all that much, my attention was on the brunette that I now didn't even bother hiding my obvious feelings for.

I walked over to her and embraced her from behind, placing my hands on her swollen belly. My own guilt over my kiss and grope with Santana turned into a roaring bonfire of self blame. I wanted to tell her, so without even acknowledging Quinn, who was midsentence, I started dragging Rachel over to my locker to reveal everything.

"Noah," Rachel admonished, once I let her go. "As you're very well aware, I don't find it all that pleasurable to be hauled around, especially when I'm in the middle of a serious conversation with Quinn. I've discovered that she was the one that originated the Glist and although I have some semblance of understanding for her desire to do so, I very much fail to see why she'd put me on the thing since I have considered us quite close friends for the past few months. Perhaps-"

"Rachel," I blurted out, not caring the least about the stupid Glist or Quinn's involvement in it at the moment. "I need to tell you something."

Her face scrunched up in an adorable frown that nearly made me stop what I was doing. "I'm listening Noah."

I bit my lip and took a deep breath. It felt like I was on my way to an execution; if she didn't believe me or worse she decided that I was a stupid asshole and dumped my sorry ass, I was pretty sure I was never gonna come back from that.

"S-something happened today," I began, not even caring that I stuttered like a loser, "I talked with Santana. I mean, I was talking and then…" Unable to continue, I looked into Rachel's now worried eyes and I didn't know what to do. I didn't want her to get all emotional; it wasn't good for the kid or her.

"Yeah and then?" she slowly asked, when it became clear that I had no fucking clue what I was gonna say.

Just as I was about to reveal everything, right down to the panty groping, Santana's black hair blocked my vision as she stepped between Rachel and I in her own superior way. "So Manhands, I totally tried getting it on with Puck today, but even after kissing him and rubbing my perfect self on him, he wouldn't go for it. I guess you've changed him, turned him around and all that. Good for you. Now, excuse me while I go vomit from all the fluffiness."

Santana twirled around gracefully and disappeared down the hallway, acting completely oblivious to the dumbfounded look that both Rachel and I were sending her way. Rachel turned to me after a few seconds with a smile on her face. "I think she just gave us her blessing, don't you Noah?"

I nodded mutely, still confused as hell. I honestly didn't know how to react, but once again, Rachel got me back to reality. "Well, as nice as it is to discover your willingness to be honest with me, I really have to go and continue my previous conversation with Quinn before she slips away. I think you should go after Santana and thank her."

I frowned and she elaborated, "Whether she knows it or not, I have spent quite some time alongside Santana and thus have gotten to know her personality quite well; so, I know that what she claimed to have happened is not the whole story."

I tried to interject, fearing her wrath, but for the nth time, Rachel shocked the hell out of me, "I also know that given the peculiar look in her eyes as she confronted me, she was trying to mend some fences with you. So go after her and let her know you appreciate her efforts. Santana is not a very likable person, but your bond with her is not something I'm going to interfere with. Now go and we'll talk later."

Then Rachel stood on her toes and kissed my frozen lips and quickly walked over to Quinn, who'd witnessed the whole thing and whose expression pretty much mirrored my own. What the fuck?

I'd never in a million years live to understand women, let alone one Rachel Berry. But I was pretty okay with that. I looked around, not seeing Santana anywhere, so I whipped out my phone and texted her, 'Thanks.'

A few minutes later, San's reply came and I laughed out loud, scaring the shit out of Jacob, who was walking by and still twitched every time our paths crossed, 'F U…U R welcome.'

Like I said, I'd never live to understand females, but I was pretty okay with it.


A/N …so, do you hate me now? What Puck did was stupid, but let's remember that he's basically a self hating teenage boy with issues and let's leave it at that. Rachel knows that Santana wasn't entirely honest, but she also trusts Puck and to lay the whole issue at rest, he wouldn't have gone through with it.

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