It All Started With Glee Club

Puck is asked to help

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Things turned back to normal for a little while…well, if you call servicing your pregnant girlfriend twenty four seven and not in the good way, normal.

But I didn't give a fuck that Rachel practically owned my ass. I was still badass enough to handle all of the stares and the whispers; my guns would make damn sure that no one laid a finger on my girl no matter how lame everyone thought I was.

Okay, so I guess you're confused about my sudden less than cool status in McKinley. It's kindda funny when you think about it. Joining Glee club, knocking up the school's only real future; cheating with the school's golden boy's girl, who was even more golden than he was and my place at the cool kids table was never threatened. But cut off my fucking 'hawk to make sure I don't have mole cancer or whatever and I'm suddenly treated like I've got leprosy or some shit like that.

But like I said, I don't really give a fuck. The old me might have tried to score with one of the popular chicks and steal some of her mojo or whatever, but (and I know how lame this sounds) I only had eyes for Rachel Berry these days.

It didn't hurt that our baby situation made her boobs bigger than ever. Nice.

"Noah, stop it." Rachel's firm tone of voice brought me back from a pretty decent memory of the night before where I'd actually been allowed to check out said boobs. I loved that pregnant girls got horny; I just wish it was like that all the time.

"What?" I smirked, knowing that she knew that I knew she'd caught me reliving a great moment.

Rachel just smiled and pointed her chin forwards towards Mr. Shue who was standing looking at us with a look that was equal part annoyance and reluctant amusement. I guess he's not too old to appreciate a good guy moment; I adjusted my dick as discreetly as possible and tried to pay attention.

I mostly paid attention to Rachel, 'cause I knew what she'd been obsessed with lately. Apparently, more than half the club weren't participating to their fullest endeavors; her words, not mine, in case you were wondering. And now she was gonna bring it, so to speak.

So, true to form, Rachel had revealed her oh so shocking discovery to an equally disappointed Shue. It was kindda nice seeing them agree on something for once, I thought to myself as I watched our curly haired teacher spew some crap about team effort and assign the upcoming week's assignment. I personally wasn't too bothered, 'cause being with Rachel pretty much guaranteed that I didn't slouch in glee club, at least, not if I wanted to get some in the future.

Jesse raised his manicured hand (another strike against him in my book; I mean, what dude get's manicures that aren't, you know, Kurt?) and asked with his usual air of arrogance about him, "Mr. Shuester, I have to ask if I can be excused from this so called assignment? I honestly wanted to work some more on our set list for Regionals, because it is in dire need of someone truly gifted to spruce it up a bit. And also," Jesse smiled a performer's smile that almost rivaled Rachel's, "I've never once not sung to my fullest here, so I feel that I should be excused."

I frowned, having a feeling of him so not being done yet. And I was right; he straightened up and sent a simpering smile at Rachel as he continued, "Which of course also means that our star singer should be excused. Perhaps she and I could work on the set list together while the rest of you engage in your little homework lesson."

I gritted my teeth at his condescending tone, my never too far away urge to smack the curls off his head resurfaced, but before I got a chance to, Rachel placed her small hand on my arm and sent a truly insulted look in Jesse's direction.

"I'm sorry Jesse, but I truly feel that this week's assignment is completely lost on you. While I admit that our combined efforts on the set list would more than likely improve it to true greatness, I am a team player. There is no 'I' in 'Team', as I'm sure you're well aware. Since I was the one who originally discovered the lackluster work effort going on in my fellow glee clubbers, I find it only fair that I get a chance to see them all band together and show me and Mr. Shue," Rachel at this point sent a smile in Shue's direction, having clearly forgotten that he was the real authority here for a moment, "that this is merely a temporary halt in our schedule and that once we're all on board again, we'll continue on our road to winning Regionals. Don't you all agree?"

I winced when her bony elbow caught me in the ribs, but I got the cue and nodded, murmuring something like, "hell yeah," for emphasis.

I only spotted it 'cause I was looking straight at him; there was a brief flash of anger in Jesse's eyes before he blinked and his usual look of friendliness returned. He nodded amiably and said, "I'll retract my suggestion then. I'm all for the team after all."

Then he looked up at me and his smarmy ways immediately disappeared into a blank mask once he caught my death glare. Evidently he hadn't quite forgotten my last warning. Good for him.


A few days later, Quinn sought me out when I was standing next to Finn at his locker while he somewhat frantically was trying to see if his homework had magically been done by the Homework Fairy, like Brittany had suggested in our homeroom class. Sometimes I wonder why we're friends, really I do…

Quinn interrupted my amused thoughts as she stepped neatly in-between me and Finn. We both pretended we didn't hear the bang of his head hitting the locker door when he too realized she was next to him. "Hey Quinn," I greeted, like I hadn't driven her and my girlfriend to school as I always did these days. "What's up?"

"I need your help with Rachel." Quinn stated coolly and added when I raised a questioning eyebrow. "She's still upset about the Glist…Puck, haven't you noticed that she barely says two words to me anymore?"

Now that she mentioned it, Rachel had been focused a bit much on me during our car rides lately; but I hadn't complained, 'cause I sorta liked her crazy rambling. Yeah, shocked me too when I first discovered that.

Playing it cool as well, I leaned up against the lockers. "Yeah, so?"

Quinn rolled her eyes, "Fine, I'll only admit it once, I like Rachel and I'm sorry that she was hurt by my making the darn thing in the first place."

"Wait, you made the Glist?" Finn's shell shocked voice interjected before I could say anything and Quinn and I both looked at him sternly for interrupting us. He smiled his goofy grin and dove right back into his locker.

"So, will you help me?" Quinn pretended her ex-boyfriend hadn't said anything. Then she said something that freaked me out so much that I dropped the math book that I had been holding in my hand. "Or do you only help bitchy Cheerios?"

I looked over Quinn's shoulder and noticed that Finn had stopped moving. If I hadn't been so tense, I'd probably have laughed my ass off at the sight of his ginormous body frozen halfway inside his locker. As it were, I knew why my friend acted like that. I'd told him about Santana and I's talk, leaving out a few bits and pieces of course, but enough to put his mind at ease about the whole thing.

And now Quinn suddenly seemed to know everything. I'd be panicking too.

I finally replied to Quinn's question, playing it as casual as I could. "Well, Fabray, you may not be a Cheerio anymore, but you're definitely still a bitch, so sure; I'll help you out. Or," I held up a finger," you could just ask Rachel what you need to do to fix things. She's always liked the direct approach when it comes to this kind of stuff."

"Oh really Puckerman?" Quinn fake gushed, blinking excessively up at me, "you're just sooo smart. Thanks for nothing." Then she turned to leave, but stopped short at the sight of Finn's still immobile body. The scowl on her face softened and she smiled a very small smile. Then she walked over and said quietly, "I know you slept with Santana, Finn. And I'm not angry. We're not together anymore, remember?"

Another bang from inside the locker told us that he'd most definitely heard that and I frowned incredulously at her. She scoffed and said as Finn slowly emerged from the locker, rubbing the top of his head. "You didn't honestly expect Santana to keep this kind of stuff a secret from Brittany and what Brittany knows, we all know. She still thinks that secrets can cause children in Africa to lose their wings. Coach Sylvester is to blame for that one."

Then Quinn bent down to grab her bag with a tired sigh, but before she reached it, Finn had grabbed it and was smiling hesitantly down at her. "C-can I walk you to class?" he asked and I grinned when I saw the genuine flash of happiness his suggestion caused in Quinn's eyes.

The former couple walked away, completely forgetting me and the still open locker, which I closed with a small chuckle.

A few hours later, I made my way into the choir room. Quinn was sitting next to Finn and they were engrossed in their own little world and I was honestly happy for them. Maybe now Quinn would stop cockblocking me with her insane non Jewish cravings while I was trying to get busy with my girl.

Speaking of whom, was sitting surprisingly quietly by herself at the piano. I made my way over to her, passing Kurt that looked like he was trying out for a part as a hardcore lesbian.

"Hey you," I kissed Rachel's cheek and sat down next to her. "What's wrong? Need me to kick someone's ass?"

Rachel smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder. "As much as I appreciate your vigilant support of me, I feel that there will be no use for your caveman abilities at this point in time. I'm simply very tired."

Concern flooded me and left me practically gasping for air. "You okay?" My eyes were already busy scanning her from head to toe, and not in the fun way, I didn't even linger at her boobs like I usually did.

"Merely tired, Noah," Rachel repeated with a small yawn that she hid in my shoulder.

Mr. Shue's arrival interrupted us and we walked over to the other Gleeks hand in hand. I pretended I didn't see Santana acting like she wanted to vomit at the sight; we might have reconnected and whatever, but she was still Santana, the head bitch of McKinley, now that Quinn wasn't fighting her for the title anymore.

After giving us a few moments to settle down, Mr. Shue made us sing the songs we'd chosen for his assignment. Finn went first, singing something mushy about Love and Forgiveness all the while eying Quinn like a piece of meat. Frankly, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it, 'cause, first off, it was Finn singing a fucking love song and two, I kept looking down at Rachel, who was just being so unnaturally silent that it was beginning to freak me the hell out.

Next up was Jesse, who proudly declared he was gonna sing some lame ass Broadway number that none, except Rachel and Kurt had ever hurt about, and started belting out something that sounded really good. I hate to admit it, 'cause St. Douche is a douche, but damn he's got some pipes.

Rachel clapped politely and then placed her head back on my shoulders as Kurt made his way down the chairs to sing. After his song was over, we all just sat there gaping at him. Mr. Shue talked to him a little bit and I ran my fingers through Rachel's soft hair, trying to sooth whatever it was that she needed soothing for.

No one, especially my little bundle of crazy, was so tired without a damn good reason.

As she slowly got up to sing, I realized why. Her voice sounded like a mix between a horny cat and a dying whale. Awful. She was horrified about sounding less than perfect and I gestured to Quinn, who quickly came over to us and helped me calm her down. Stress wasn't a good thing for the baby.

I made Rachel agree to let me take her home, and Quinn followed us, and Finn was right behind her. I guess they were an item again. I'd be happy about it later, right now I was all about calming Rachel down.

The next few days went by in a blur. Rachel's dramatic side, coupled with her pregnancy hormones wasn't a good mix and it took a visit to one of me and Finn's old friends to see that her life wasn't ending just 'cause she couldn't sing.

The good thing about this whole mess was that Rachel had completely forgiven Quinn for her Glist thing and things went back to normal, except I actually got to call Finn in to help me when the girls' cravings had me searching for their desired items in the middle of the night.

Finn and I were pretty much back to the way we used to be, except only way better now. As long as we didn't talk too much about the paternity of Quinn's baby. For now we all just acted like it was Finn's kid and then we'd let things develop after the birth.

I knew I'd love the kid if it was mine, but there was a big part of me that really hoped that I only sired Rachel's baby. And judging from the looks Finn and Quinn exchanged sometimes I knew I wasn't the only one.

Things pretty much settled down after Rachel got her voice back. And we all had this rare moment of peace where we reconnected and bonded (yeah, I'm aware how sappy I sound, but who fucking cares?). It was nice, but I'd probably have enjoyed it more if I'd known that things were about to change.


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