It All Started With Glee Club

Puck goes off on St Douche

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A/N Thanks for the reviews, I managed to sneak in this little chapter before my birthday this Friday (nudge nudge, reviews are a great gift guys and girls). For the first time I'm trying my hand at writing Sue. It's very brief, because I honestly don't think I can do her justice. But let me know what you think, please! Enjoy!


"Mr. Puckerman, would you please try and explain to me why it was that you felt it necessary to attack a fellow student?"

Figgins voice was tinged with what I think he thought was harshness and badassness, but in reality it just made him seem like a wannabe tough disciplinary figure. Damn, even my narrative is getting more wordy these days.

Anyway, I just shrugged and looked away. Of course I immediately wished I hadn't, 'cause my mom was sitting there looking so disappointed at me. I get it; I'm a screw up with a baby on the way, but damn, stop looking at me like I'm turning into a Nazi.

"Mr. Puckerman!" Figgins leaned forward in his chair, once more going for fear, but not quite succeeding.

"Look, Mr. Figgins," my mom said after a moment where I'd just sat without speaking. "My son is known for his temper, it is in his blood, I'm afraid." Whoa there, stop comparing me to my dead beat dad every time I fuck up! "So this incident is regrettably not unprecedented. But I assure you, I'll handle it."

Mr. Figgins nodded and looked at me, waiting for me to look up before he spoke again. "Seeing that you have a strong parental figure to punish you for your unexplained brawling will not make me forgo punishment in school. You're suspended for three days and once you're back you'll get a full week of detention with Coach Sylvester and you'll have to write a sincere letter of apology to the injured party."

"Fuck that," I jumped to my feet. "I'll take the suspension and the detention with Satan's worst nightmare, but fuck if I'm gonna apologize to that Jackass."

"You will watch your tone Boy," my mom tried to hiss next to me, but I just sent her a glare that could've melted stone and turned to Figgins.

"I get that punching people are bad and shi- stuff, but he was asking for it. He upset Rachel. She's pregnant Dude, in case you hadn't noticed! Nobody messes with my family."

My mother blinked, her anger at me seeming to evaporate the word Rachel was mentioned. Fuck that, I was too mad at her quick condemning of me to give a shit. Figgins on the other hand was frowning and looking confused.

"Jesse St. James behaved poorly? I find that hard to believe. Tell me everything right this instance."

I sighed and explained what I couldn't hide any more.

"It all started a few days ago when…" As I started telling the story, the memory of it played out inside of my head.

"Noah, don't be alarmed, but I have something to tell you."

I had to instantly fight down the urge to hyperventilate. I was not ready for bad news or God forbid an early delivery right now. "Yeah?"

Rachel smiled and caressed my cheek soothingly; evidently, she could read me like an open book. I didn't care that I acted like a lovesick puppy and leaned into her warm touch.

Then she started talking and my gooey visit in Vaginaville ended pretty quickly. "So, after the not so enlightening visit from Mr. Ryan where he tried fruitlessly, at least on my part, to crush our hopes and dreams for the future; I was held aside by Jesse and he asked me to help him put together a number that we could present to Mr. Shuester and perhaps even wind up getting on the set list for Regionals. It's a very good song, and although I'm more inclined to singing with you or Finn, who's after all my male counterpart in the glee club then I harmonize extremely well with Jesse and we can't deny that after all of his wins at Nationals that he knows what he's doing. Maybe I could even end up with a few tricks that we could use for Regionals."

She finally stopped to take a breath and I choked out through my painfully clenched jaw, "when are you gonna rehearse? And more importantly, where?"

"I suggested the Choir Room of course and the auditorium, but Jesse rightly pointed out to me that if we wanted to keep things under wraps until we'd perfected our song then we would need a place that is a bit more private. So we agreed that my house would be best. He'll drive me home so you won't have to take me today. And I know that Quinn is spending the day at Finn's, trying to get his mother to forgive her for her indiscretion with you."

Damn, bringing up the betrayal of Finn meant I couldn't really object to her spending time with St. Douche. So I just sighed and kissed Rachel on the lips and watched her wobble away as elegantly as her pregnant body would allow her.

There was a part of me that just wanted to follow her and insist on staying in the room with her while she practiced with Jesse, but I was realistic enough to know I'd probably earn myself a kick in the nuts for even attempting that. Instead, I just settled on giving Jesse warning glares whenever he was around for the rest of the day.

Things at school turned a bit confusing; one minute Mr. Ryan cancelled glee and another he was throwing T-shirts at us and telling us to go for our dreams. But at least it meant that Mr. Shue was too preoccupied to keep much attention on me as I kept staring holes in Jesse's pompous back.

I hated the afternoons that I showed up at the Berry house only to catch St. Suck Up kiss Abraham and Hiram's ass' with his eloquence shit. I have to admit there was a nagging feeling of insecurity inside of me whenever I caught Abraham and Hiram smile genuinely at the former Vocal Adrenaline star.

They'd never acted that carefree around me. It could be because I screwed their only child and impregnated her at sixteen, but come on, that was months ago!

I ignored the jealousy I had over the easy way Jesse got accepted and focused on what was more important. The nagging feeling of impending doom that kept creeping up on me; I just knew something was gonna go down eventually.

And finally, it happened. One afternoon I'd been delayed at school; apparently Ms. Pillsbury wanted to let me know that my soon to be fatherhood was going to be a hardship and that babies were dirty, cute, but dirty and if I'd really thought things through. Of course the whole thing took an hour because she kept attacking her hand sanitizer at the mere mention of poopy diapers.

Point is, I was delayed and only caught the sight of Jesse practically running to his car. Frowning, I realized that he looked frazzled; almost guilty for some reason and I just knew that Rachel needed me.

Bursting through the door, I barely acknowledged Hiram, who was cooking in the kitchen and ran up the stairs to Rachel's room.

The sound of a beautiful voice rang out form her slightly opened door and I entered her room with baited breath. Rachel always sang along whenever that pansy Broadway song was played. Always.

When I walked inside I exhaled with a curse. Rachel was sitting on her bed with a stony expression in her usually so expressive eyes. Her hands were folded protectively over her big belly.

"Babe," I whispered and she looked over at me with a dead look in her eyes for a little while until her eyes slowly started tearing up and one lone tear escaped her and trailed down her cheek.

It was all it took for me to almost jump on to the bed next to her and wrap her in my arms. In return, Rachel finally let go and started bawling into my shoulder while she explained in between sobs what had happened.

Apparently, Jesse St. Dickwad was way worse than I thought; some kind of agent for Rach's mom that she'd never met. The tape I'd heard walking in was said mom singing and Jesse had forced her to listen to it before fleeing halfway through the song.

On the outside I was trying my hardest to console the still weeping Rachel in my arms, stress was not good for her and I knew she'd hate herself more than Jesse if anything happened to our kid. On the inside, however, I was fucking fuming.

This is why the next day, when I'd walked Rachel to class and handed her over to Quinn who I'd filled in earlier on the phone, I went searching for a soon to be dead choir boy.

I couldn't find him anywhere, but I kept looking and even enlisted Matt and Mike to help me out. Finally I found him in the gym where he was doing some lame ass ballerina crap and before he even had time to yelp, I was on him like white on rice!

The feeling of my fist smashing into his face was deeply satisfying and only my firm grip on him stopped him from falling down on the floor. I was just readying for another sucker punch when Matt grabbed my arm and started dragging me away from the moaning Jesse.

Mike stepped in-between us and looked completely confused as he held up his hands to keep me from advancing again. "What the hell Dude?"

I ignored my friend and sneered at Jesse, who stumbled to his feet, looking furious himself. "She's pregnant Asshat! She was fucking sobbing in my arms! Did it even cross your mind that upsetting my girl would be bad for our kid, huh?"

At the sound of my words, Matt's arms slipped away, I could hear his gasp at what I said, but I didn't care at the moment. All I cared about was the fact that I was no longer held back and I pounced on Jesse again.

"Hey! Jewish Babydaddy!"

I was roughly pushed away and only Mike's and Matt's quick instincts saved me from falling on my face. I looked up and saw Coach Sylvester standing before me, her Cheerio's right behind her. Santana was frowning, knowing me well enough that I never went off like this without a damn good reason. Brittany was gaping at the bleeding Jesse with shock and the other chicks were just muttering amongst themselves.

"Not that I don't appreciate a decent brawl every now and again, after all I showed a certain muscles from Brussels most of his moves in my younger years, but this is just completely unacceptable! You're coming with me to Figgins' office right now! Shaft and Other Asien; take the bleeding Will Shuester Mini-Me to the nurse's office and wait there until I get you."

"Then she placed a grip on my shoulder that could pretty much break stone and led me to you," I trailed off my story and came back to the present where my mom and Figgins were both staring at me with different expressions on their faces.

Figgins looked tired, but understanding of my actions. Despite all my meetings with him over the years, I've always kind of liked the guy; he was just a bit too out of touch with things to be taken all that seriously sometimes. My mother on the other hand was wearing a guilty expression. It finally seemed to have dawned on her that she'd once again acted prematurely.

Well, fuck her. I didn't give a damn about her thoughts about me anymore. All I cared about was Rachel and the baby in her stomach.

So, I just sat there, waiting for the shit to hit the fan, 'cause, like I said, there's no way in hell I'd ever apologize to Jesse for beating the snot out of him.

Suddenly, our tense silence was broken by a knock on the door and to my surprise, Abraham Berry stepped inside. He was followed closely by Rachel.

I immediately got up and tried to get her to sit in my chair, but she just gently shoved me down and then placed herself on my lap, looking like she didn't give a damn about the slightly reproving look that Figgins and my mom sent her.

"We're here to lend our support to Noah," Rachel blurted out, sending a mild and yet very knowing look at mom, who suddenly couldn't look at us anymore and focused her stare on Abraham instead. "Admittedly, his reaction to a personal matter between Jesse St. James and myself was a bit over the top, but I simply refuse to-"

"Don't Babe," I muttered, interrupting her before she could threaten with lawyers and stuff. Figgins sent me a grateful look; I guess I wasn't the only one that had spent some time with him in his office over the years.

In the end, I got off with two weeks detention and I didn't have to write any stupid letter. I'd even have taken the suspension but a little polite phrasing of something or other by Abraham made the whole thing go away. He was growing on me, I hafta admit.

I left with Rachel and her dad; not even looking at my mom as I walked by her. She made a sound as if she wanted to stop me from going, but it seemed like she realized that our relationship was nowhere near the area where she could order me around anymore.

Instead I helped Rachel in to the backseat of Abraham's Lincoln (oh, yeah, I totally made a comment, it was just too easy) and sat down in the passenger seat. A few minutes later, we could hear Rachel's gentle snoring and we shared a smile because no matter how many times we said she snored, Rachel always denied it vehemently.

We drove in silence for a little while until Abraham shocked the hell out of me and placed a hand on my shoulder without looking away from the road. "St. James might be flashy and charming, but you're the real deal and even though I don't approve of violence per say, I'm glad to know you're looking out for our girl, Son."

Fuck, I felt this weird weight in my chest at the endearment. If anyone had asked me if I'd ever be seen by the tough as nails Abraham Berry as anything other than a genuine nuisance, I'd have laughed my ass off. But now, with the almost tangible pride in his voice, I knew better.

And damn if I didn't have to blink furiously like a pussy to stop my eyes from tearing up with joy.


A/N I've had questions about how far along Rachel is. In this timeline she's one month behind Quinn, give or take a few days. So, if Quinn is nine months pregnant at Regionals, which would make Rachel eight months. Since I don't really know the time or date of the time Brian/Bryan Ryan arrived, I'll leave the guesswork to you people.

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