It All Started With Glee Club

Puck makes a choice

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Well, first things first.

The whole thing with glee club and its loser followers wouldn't even have been a blip on my radar, if it wasn't because of Finn.

Finn Hudson, my best and oldest friend. He and I grew up practically in each other's houses and he was there for me when my old man ran off to never be seen again. And I kicked anyone's ass that even brought up the fact that his dad had died. He's a good guy; actually he's probably the definition of a good guy.

Anyway; Finn somehow got roped into joining the glee club. He lied to me about it and acted like a total dweeb. I snuck into one of the club's rehearsals and looked on in disbelief how my gangly friend was seemingly having the time of his life among the lowest of McKinley's hierarchy – especially with one Rachel Berry.

I turned and left right then and there, hating that I actually felt like punching something in frustration over Finn's newest interest. I felt like the dude had just abandoned our lifelong friendship and not to sound like a total chick; I was bummed.

So of course I went to a party to get that out of my system and that's when things started to get complicated.

Long story short; I spotted Finn's wanna-be-pure-but-really-not-girlfriend, head cheerleader Quinn Fabray and within a few hours we'd had some ok sex in one of the bedrooms and I went home feeling like a fucking idiot.

I went back to my usual routine with renewed energy, showering Berry with slushies because she's really annoying (and she looks pretty hot whenever she's drenched and wearing a white shirt, I'm just sayin'). I fooled around with my actual girlfriend at the time, Santana Lopez and pretty much terrified all the losers at the school with no problems what so ever. Business as usual, no matter how guilty I sort of felt on the inside.

I even managed to high five Finn when he acted like a blushing prom queen with her granny pannies still on and told me he'd finally managed to "make love" to Quinn at his room while his mom was at work the night before.

Then Finn came up to me with honest to God tears in his eyes not too long after that and told me that Quinn was pregnant and I freaked out. Was the kid his? Was it mine? What the fuck?

I immediately sought out Quinn, but she pretty much told me that no matter whose kid it turned out to be, it would never be publically announced as the bastard child of a Lima loser. Bitch…

Since I'm not a total douche, like my old man, I wanted to be around Quinn in case she needed me or changed her mind or whatever. So when she joined glee club to apparently "keep an eye out for Berry's freakish stalker tendencies", I went along with her.

That's where things turned very, very complicated.

To sum it up; that's when I first got to legitimately know Rachel Berry and I before long I had this awesome dream that was totally a message from God telling me to nail her hot ass. So I set out to do just that, after all I had to relieve some pressure after Santana dumped me because of the lamest reason ever.

The day I set my plan in motion and thus totally fucked up my life beyond my wildest dreams, I followed Berry home from school and she showed me around her house. To my relief, she quickly informed me that her, "two gay dads were not at home and wouldn't be arriving until later that week due to some unfortunate mix up at the conference that they'd been attending together."

It's not that I have a problem with her dads. I don't care about gay dudes at all; hell I pretty much encourage them because it only means that there's gonna be more available chicks for me. But I've never been comfortable with Black Mr. Berry since he witnessed my big meltdown one night right after my old man left. Ever since then, he's always gone out of his way to smile politely when he sees me around town and one time, he even bought me a slushie when I stood in line behind him at the convenience store.

Yeah, the irony wasn't lost on me either…

Anyway, as soon as the big tour was over, including the extremely detailed (and did I mention boring?) story about some lame ass musical I'd probably never see anyway, Berry led me upstairs. I had a firm grip on my guitar as I entered her room, not quite sure what I'd see. This was Rachel Berry's room after all. It was pretty much every straight guys' worst nightmare; big, fluffy and yellow.

But contrary to the rumors floating around at the richer part of school, my momma didn't raise me in a barn; I could be polite and crap. "Nice digs," I muttered with what I hoped was a sincere looking smile.

Berry beamed; I mean literally beamed at me in return so I relaxed and unceremoniously planted myself on her big bed. It was a really comfy bed and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I immediately had vivid ideas about what I might be doing on that bed later. But I banished them for the moment and obediently started playing Christina Aguilera when Berry demanded it. I figured it wouldn't take more than maybe a half an hour tops and then I'd make my move.

Of course, Berry's obsessive nature hadn't really factored into my plans and that's why I finally gave up after three straight hours of playing and listening to her sing along. So after I'd gone over one of my new fantasies of ripping that damned hairbrush that she was singing with out of her hand, and then proceed to devour her sexy lips, I stopped playing and just took a chance.

"Wanna make out?"

A few minutes later, I knew I was in trouble. The girl could kiss. Whoa. Her plush lips were warm and soft against mine and before long I could barely remember my name, I was that into our little make out session. It completely blew my mind. I mean, I was suddenly desperate to feel more of her and my hands trailed up her sides and landed on her breasts without any real thought process on my part.

She in return made this little sound that went straight to my crotch, but before I could go any further she'd removed my hands and placed them on her waist. I sighed inwardly and worked with what she'd give me. I turned my head a bit and slipped in my tongue to taste her and evidently that's something I should have done from the start because Berry went wild.

We were full on frenching and I'd traveled back into Boobsville with no repercussions. Things got pretty heated after that and before I really knew how, we were both naked and I was pressing the tip of my dick into her slick warmth.

I did have the presence of mind to stop at that point and look into Berry's surprisingly beautiful eyes and ask, "are you sure?" before I finished what we'd started. Fortunately, the girl nodded as in a daze and I slipped inside of her with one hard thrust; swallowing her pained whimper with a kiss when I broke her hymen.

It nearly killed me to keep still while she got used to the feeling of me inside of her, but eventually she started moving hesitantly and I took that as a sign to continue. And that's what I did. Her moans and little gasps were driving me wild as I began to move more and more frantically; I could feel my orgasm coming closer, but I'd be damned if I got off first. I was a legitimate stud, remember.

The keening sound she made as her orgasm rushed through her a little while later, fueled my own and I felt more spent than I could remember being before when I reluctantly slipped out of her and laid down on the bed.

"That," Berry began after a few moments of unusual silence from her part, "was…"

I was mentally patting my back, smiling smugly over the fact that I'd actually succeeded in going all the way with the second hottest Jew in Lima, when I heard a sniffle.

My neck almost snapped when I instantly turned my head to look at Berry. To my growing horror, the chick looked like she was trying her hardest not to cry.

"Hey," I sat up, not caring that I was naked because, let's face it, I have nothing to be ashamed of. "What's wrong? Was I too rough or…?"

Berry didn't quite meet my eyes when she denied it and some part of me really didn't like seeing her like that, so I reached out and gently cupped her chin and turned her head towards me. A thought occurred to me and I almost shuddered at the very idea, had I misread her signs? Had I actually hurt her?

"Look at me, Rachel," I ordered quietly, not realizing at first that I'd used her first name. The look she sent me somehow cut through all the bullshit I would've normally tried to pull out of my ass and I had this inexpleable urge to make her feel better. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"You didn't hurt me, Noah," she whispered and I could finally breathe a bit again. But then she continued and I felt myself tense up once more. "I'm sorry that I'm behaving so irrationally after our…Well, I was by no means against it, but I suppose it wasn't what I'd expected."

I didn't get a chance to say anything, because she hurried on and mentioned the one person I considered my brother, but really didn't want to talk about at that particular moment.

"I must admit, that I'd always imagined that Finn would be the one to share this special moment with me."

Despite the fact that I knew that I'd screwed things up with Finn, I suddenly had this insane desire to go kick his ass. Luckily, Rachel's voice brought me back to the present. "…wasn't great, because it really was. It was just a lot more impulsive than I'd imagined. There were no rose pedals or soothing music in the background. I'm sorry that I'm acting so peculiar Noah. I hope you'll bear with me."

Putting Finn and all it entailed out of my mind, I nodded and decided to try and convince the little starlet wanna be that being impulsive wasn't all bad. I stood up and grinned, "Now that the talking is over, let me show you that romantic beds and shit isn't the only places to be "impulsive" in. I think I remember seeing a pretty big tub during your tour earlier. Wanna join me?"

Rachel looked at me like I had lost my mind, like she'd expected me to just grab my clothes and my guitar and hightail it out of there. I'll admit that there was a small part of me that wanted to do just that; but I was sort of dating the girl and I guess she wasn't all bad so why should I leave?

I spent the night at her place and we were 'Impulsive' a few more times during those hours and I kindda felt like we could be together a bit longer than I'd originally thought.

That plan was all shot to hell a couple of days later, when after some pretty intense days with getting slushied in the hall like some common geek and chosing glee over football, she found me on the bleachers and dumped my sorry ass…

She claimed that she was in love with Finn and that she'd seen my looks at Quinn when I though no one was looking. I clenched my fists and shot off some lame comeback, but she didn't buy it. I briefly debated telling her about the whole Quinn deal, but for some reason I didn't want to see her eyes turn dark and disappointed before she'd brighten up and run over to Finn. No way. Instead, I lashed out when she spewed some crap about wanting to be friends and left her alone on the bleachers.

We pretty much went our separate ways after that. Until now that is.

I blinked and came back to the present, lying on my bed, staring unblinkingly up at my ceiling. So, I thought tiredly, I might be the father of Quinn's baby; I'm definitely the father of Berry's baby, which means I'm in deep shit.

I sat up and pulled out my phone from my jacketpocket, I scrolled down my contacts until I found Berry's number. It only rang once before it was picked up and I, trying to sound a bit more in control than I really was, informed her calmly, "I guess my intelligence returned at last. What now?"


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