It All Started With Glee Club

Puck comforts Rachel

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Jesse didn't return to school after my little chat with him. I couldn't honestly pretend that I cared, so I just sat next to an equally silent Rachel as Kurt, Mercedes and others moaned about the loss of their male lead.

Finn looked a little smug, I noticed once Mr. Shue said that Finn was still the New Directions' actual male lead. Quinn rolled her eyes and kissed his cheek and then looked at me with a rare seen light in her eyes. It would seem that getting back together with Frankenteen had served us all well. And with us all, I really mean me.

Kurt kept saying stuff about how much Regionals would suck and then he actually had the fucking gall to say shit about him leaving was Rachel's fault because she couldn't control her caveman boyfriend. I would've gotten up and kicked his ass, if Rachel hadn't just proved how much control she had over me, by just shaking her head and placing her hand on my knee.

Instead, Matt and Mike scowled harshly down at Kurt, who looked confused over the hostility he was suddenly getting. Although he and Rachel had become a lot better friends, it was still not uncommon for him (or a lot of the others to be fair) to spew out a not too kind remark about Rachel personality, which had only gotten more vocal after I'd put a bun in her oven. He'd never before gotten such a rude response and it seemed to shake his foundations a little bit; Mercedes' too by the look of it.

Rachel though, looked almost as confused as Kurt did. Other than me, she wasn't used to people jumping to her defense and in the midst of everything that she'd suffered through these last few days; I guess she'd forgotten that Matt and Mike had been with me in the gym when I attacked Jesse.

Mr. Shue quickly jumped in, calming everyone down and I sent him a glare of epic proportions because it seemed like he was always fast to jump in whenever it wasn't Rach being targeted on. Again, it was Rachel's touch that calmed me down as she placed her head tiredly on my shoulder with a small sigh.

Oh yeah, that's right; I didn't tell you all about that level of crazy she'd put me through last night and the main reason for her (and mine) exhaustion. Let me just say that rooting through dumpsters for some crappy light shit ain't my idea of a good time, evidently she'd gone all Veronica Mars on things and figured out that Vocal Adrenaline was gonna do Lady Gaga.

And, according to Rachel that was the bad thing. Me, elbows deep in all kinds of gross shit was merely an "inconvenience in the search for imperative answers". When I dared mention that I had no real idea who the dude was, she went into a hormonal induced rage that pretty much had me running to Quinn for cover. It was only after a quick listen to one of Lady G's songs, I managed to get back into her good graces.

Anyway, Rachel was tired, but after a quick moment's rest on my shoulder, she raised her hand and interrupted Mr. Shue as usual, telling all about our late night expedition. This immediately got Kurt's attention away from the whole Jesse situation; hell everyone was very interested in hearing every detail.

In the end, Mr. Shue forced us to do Lady Gaga and Finn suggested that the people with, you know, dicks, got to sing something slightly more manly. Kurt was excluded off course, even the suggestion of him not joining the girls for this assignment nearly made his chemical enhanced hair to fall flat.

The look Rachel sent me for not immediately jumping onto the Gaga wave almost made me change my mind, but then Finn caught my eye and I remembered that I was supposed to be badass. So, I agreed with him and Mr. Shue allowed us to split into gender teams.

Rachel huffed a bit, swearing that I'd regret my decision without really saying it and I leaned forward and kissed her cheek and whispered that she was beautiful and luckily she was in the mood for flattery and I was out of the doghouse.

We went our separate ways and I walked over to Finn, Matt, Mike and Artie and let them all come up with suggestions that we could use. I just coasted through the entire hour, too tired to really care to be honest. The only thing I cared about was the smile of pure joy that was on Rachel's lips as she and Kurt seemed to be directing the other girls into something fierce. She really was fucking adorable.

"Hey, Dude," I blinked away from staring at Rachel and met Matt's serious eyes.

"What's up?" I asked, yawning widely enough to swallow any ocean.

"Is Rachel okay?"

I was actually touched that the quiet guy that usually never let anyone see what he was really thinking was so obvious in his concern for my girl. So, I nodded and gave an honest answer, "She's dealing; but she's okay."

"Good." And that was that; Matt's and I's friendship has never been a wordy one, so I just held up my fist and he bumped it and we turned our attention to Artie and Finn, who was talking about doing something with kisses.

Immediately, I looked over at Rachel again, but Mike quickly diverted my thoughts about how hot Rachel looked standing there, arguing passionately while gently holding one hand on her swollen belly, and then he told me all about Kiss in like five seconds.

I'm not even gonna go into details about all of the rehearsal crap; the makeup was okay, but kinda made me feel like a drag queen with a Goth fetish and Puckzilla don't need no makeup concealing his awesomeness. Although, I can rock anything because…well, have you seen me?

Well, after we'd laughed a bit at how stupid we looked, the guys and I just played and had fun after school the next few days. It was actually kind of fun and although I missed Rachel, I knew she and Quinn and the others had planned this big snooping trip over to Carmel High School, so she wasn't exactly alone.

In the evenings, I was chilling with Finn at the Berrys' house, trying not to laugh at the curses that came from Abraham and Hiram as they tried making a dress for Rachel, because, seriously, the looks Abraham gave me told me I was on thin fucking ice the first time I let loose a tiny chuckle.

Basically, it was a good time and Rachel and I even managed to slip in some baby planning as I sat in her bed one evening with her head resting in my lap and my hand following the movements of our child in her belly. It had freaked me out the first time I'd seen it, it was literally like a scene right out of Alien; like something was trying to escape out of her skin.

But now, it had become a thing before we went to sleep. Currently, I was staying in the Berry house because me and my ma still weren't really on good terms and Rachel had somehow (don't ask me how) managed to get her overprotective fathers to let me spend the nights in her room.

I had to sit through an hour long bed time routine with vigorous brushing of hair and teeth, along with a seemingly endless debate on how the day had gone. I loved every second of it…

Shut up, I was in love.

Anyway, Rachel turned her head a little and looked up at me, while her hands traced mine on top of her stomach. "I think we should live here until we've graduated, Noah. The added costs of you and the baby won't be a hurdle upon my Daddies, especially since I've convinced them both to allow us to pay a somewhat ceremonial rent while living under this roof during our senior year. Daddy absolutely refuses to accept any money from us until then; but don't you think we should get some part time jobs to help pay for the baby requirements; it is after all a parent's responsibility to see to it that their offspring gets the very best that is to offer. I myself never lacked anything and I consider myself to be a very fortuitous and happy individual. And don't we won't a happy child, Noah?"

"You know I do," I muttered, trying to absorb everything she'd said and not let my masculine pride overtake me yet again as it had done so many times during Rach's pregnancy. "But you're not getting a job; no fucking way."

"Noah, there's no use for such a vulgar language. Ours are no longer the only ears around, remember," Rachel scolded me and jumped on to the next issue, "and I really don't see why you're so against me procuring a job and thus the ability to gain a significant nest egg until we move to New York."

"Look," I said quietly, not really in the mood to yell, "I know you think I'm being a dick about this, but you already scared the crap out of me when you wanted to jump on a mattress, I don't think my nerves could handle you working – especially since you was told to relax as much as possible after Sectionals. Or do I need to remind you how that experience affected us both and what could've happened?"

Rachel sighed and looked away from me to our combined hands. "I suppose you're right. I just feel so inadequate lately. I waddle wherever I go, I'm enormous. I mean, Quinn's further along than I am, but she's so much smaller and look beautiful. All her added weight is centered on her belly area and she's still so graceful. I can hardly say the same thing and I just wanted to, I don't know, make myself feel useful again."

I smiled and kissed her forehead, ignoring the all but died out part of me that screamed I was a fucking sappy asshole, and said seriously, "Well, maybe you're bigger than Quinn and waddle when you walk, but honestly, you're all my eyes can look at. I think you're fucking hot and if it wasn't 'cause I'm pretty sure Hiram and Abraham's will barge in any minute screaming about that butt ugly costume they're making for you, I'd show you just how beautiful you are. And then I'd fuck your brains out."

"Noah!" Rachel grinned and slapped the hand that I'd placed on her boob away with a fake look of disgust. The twinkle in her eye told me that she was back in high spirits and she proved it a second later, by catapulting into a story about how she was gonna go check out her competition the next day and I, like the sappy fuck I was, just smiled and bore it without no problem at all.


The next day was spent with going to classes that Rachel didn't even have to force me too anymore (at least, not all the time), and slipping Rachel some of my meat without anyone noticing at lunch - Whoa there, get your mind out of the gutter; I meant meat as in edible flesh that comes from animals...hehe, anyway back to the point; She was horrified that she'd gotten a craving for meat lately and would rather die than admit that she was actually eating a formerly living creature – her words not mine.

After lunch, the boys and girls headed off in different directions to practice our performances. Finn came huffing after us as the last one; the little sheepish grin on his face was one I recognized well. He'd used to wear it before the break up and he'd been running himself ragged to please Quinn. I think he's a bit masochistic that one.

Anyway, in the middle of our run through where Mike was doing something pretty gross with the guitar that I won't try to describe here, I got a text from Rach that she was gonna sleep over at Mercedes' after the stake out at Carmel, along with Quinn, so I was free to do whatever I wanted.

A part of me didn't like the idea of not sleeping next to her and waking up early to just lay there and enjoy our closeness like I'd grown accustomed to recently, but the other part of me, the part that hadn't lost his balls, rejoiced and before long, I was spending the night at Finn's house with Matt, Mike and Artie. We invited Kurt, but he was apparently on some kind of juice diet and had to be in his own environment in the evenings. If you ask me, I just think he had to stay close to home because he had the runs or something.

Anyway, I could smell a fucking epic WOW battle coming on with my friends and I knew it was gonna be a long time before I could get time for another one, so I planned to push aside my unmanly longing for Rachel and just enjoy myself.

Way later that night, Matt and I were in the middle of trash-talking the others (except Artie, who'd been picked up by his dad earlier because he had something lame to do next day, a funeral for a great grandmother or something) when I suddenly realized that I hadn't heard from Rachel, not even a quick text to say goodnight or anything and I started feeling a little strange. The pull I always had whenever my girl was involved, suddenly grew and before I knew it, I'd somehow convinced the guys to take the trip over to Mercedes.

We went on foot, 'cause admittedly, there'd been some weed involved in our little guy fest and with a baby on the way, I didn't wanna risk getting pulled over in the middle of the night. Also, the fresh air would hopefully make sure that we didn't stink of it once we got to our destination.

It was about four in the morning when we arrived at Mercedes' house and once I saw the light on up in the room that Matt pointed out was Mercedes', I could feel my hopes crash to the ground. I'd been silently telling myself that once we got there, it would be dark and all of the girls would be sleeping soundly.

But, judging from the light and the shadows moving behind the closed drapes, I just knew in my gut that I'd been right to come. "Come on Losers," I tossed over my shoulders and started climbing up to Mercedes' window, not really interested in trying to pick the front door's lock and sneak inside. I mean, Finn was with me and his ability to walk gracefully was almost non-existent on a normal day, I didn't want to risk it now that he was stoned. Fresh air or not.

Once I was at the window, I knocked quickly and could hear the surprised gasps coming from the room. A second later, Quinn's glaring face stared out on me. The moment she recognized me, her features melted into relief and I had just gotten my worst feelings confirmed. Fuck, why can't things just be quiet around here?

It didn't take long for Quinn and Mercedes to open the window and I have never gotten inside a girls room so fast before in my life; not even the time when Mrs. Crane from my Pool business days wanted to show me how her body could bend in various naughty ways.

I landed on the carpet with a soft bump and jumped to my feet, following Quinn's eye to a closed closet door. "She's in there," Mercedes told me needlessly. "We've only been allowed to bring her some water and a small jar of cocktail wienies. She keeps saying she's fine and that she just needs some time alone, but…"

"What happened?" I ignored Mercedes' ramble and let Matt take care of her as I glanced away from the closed closet door to Quinn.

"We went to Carmel," Quinn hurried to explain, taking a quick second to look reproachfully at Finn, who stumbled inside the room last, tripping gracelessly over Mike's crouching form. "Vocal Adrenaline was rehearsing and the coach started singing…and…" Trailing off, Quinn bit her lip.

"What?" I demanded to know, but Quinn didn't answer.

"I think it's best if she tells you herself."

"Fuck that shit," I practically growled, "just tell me what I'm dealing with here."

"The coach is Rachel's birthmother…"

We all stilled; us that didn't knew before, I mean. I vividly remembered the dazed, teary look that Rachel had given me only a few days prior when Jesse had screwed her over. Fuck, this was a whole other level of stress that would not be good for her.

Before Quinn or any of the others got a chance to say anything, I was opening the closet and sliding inside, slamming the door shut behind us, leaving me in semi darkness with Rachel's scent all around me.

I could see her shoulders relax the moment I was in there with her and it was like she'd been waiting for me, because in the next minute, Rachel looked up at me and it was light enough for me to see that her eyes were puffy and red from crying.

"Tell me everything," I pleaded softly, caressing her cheek with my thumb.

"Shelby Corcoran is my mother," Rachel whispered almost inaudibly. "But that's not the worst part, Noah."

I swallowed the sound echoing in the tiny space and I shifted uncomfortably, wanting nothing more than to take her in my arms and calm her down as she continued telling me everything.

"She took one look at me and looked up at Jesse and started yelling at him for not revealing my current status as a teen statistic. A little while later, she practically manhandled me to her office and began lecturing me on all the pro's of adoption although from what I could gather from her ramblings to Jesse previously, she had originally sent him to McKinley to seek me out and build a relationship with me that we don't have due to her own history of giving me away."

Rachel paused a bit before looking back up; the look in her dark eyes was almost breaking my heart. "She took one look at me and ultimately told me that she did not want to be a grandmother and sent me on my way. My mother is ashamed of me, Noah."

Somehow I managed to gather enough wits about me to pull Rachel's body closer to mine and I sat there, rocking her to sleep, letting her cry once more. I could hear the murmuring from the room and knew they'd heard everything, but I didn't care.

All I cared about was calming Rachel. It took a little while; the first rays of light came through the closet door before I could feel Rachel falling asleep in my arms. I awkwardly managed to get to my feet with her and then I walked out of the closet and placed her next to a now soundly sleeping Quinn, who was lying with an equally sleeping Finn behind her. Matt, Mike and Mercedes were lying in a heap on the floor with one huge blanket over them.

I made sure that Rachel was covered and kissed her forehead once more before I cracked my knuckles and exited the house.

I had me a Choir Coach to hunt down…


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