It All Started With Glee Club

Puck says the L word

I don't own Glee or any of its franchise – if I did, Puckleberry would already have been established and Finchel have died of natural causes in the beginning of season two. Who else hated the season finale?

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"Hey! I wanna talk to you!" I roared, startling my intended prey from a speech that she was giving to her choir on stage.

She turned towards me and I realized that I was sort of looking at Rachel, the woman that she'd turn into in another couple of years. Except for the fact that my girl's got a fucking heart, my conscience firmly reminded me and I was reminded of why I was even at McKinley in the first place.

"Excuse me?" Corcoran looked at me like I was gum under her shoe, although I did notice how her eyes trailed over my body like the other cougars I'd banged over the years. It seemed that women over thirty just couldn't resist the Puckasauraus.

I wasn't surprised.

"Who the hell do you think you are, Lady?" I practically growled, stomping my way closer to the bitch that had essentially broken my woman. "Spewing crap to Rach like you have any fucking right to even breathe the same air as her!"

Corcoran raised a perfectly sculptured eyebrow, and again I had to shake off mental images of Rachel's exact same expression. It became a lot easier once she started speaking.

"I assume you're talking about my daughter, Rachel?"

"You got no right to claim her as your kid, Lady – especially after the way you treated her! So I'm telling you to stay the hell away from her before I make sure you regret it!"

"Coming in here and spewing threats like a hoodlum is not very bright is it? I see that she didn't choose you for your brains." Corcoran's voice was cold as ice and legit, I was getting frostbite on my balls just listening to her.

I of course handled the whole thing with my usual grace and eloquence.

"Fuck you Lady."

Corcoran gasped exaggeratedly and I walked closer, ignoring the whispering of the choir behind her. I was badass, but I probably couldn't take them all at one time, so I decided to not get violent. Also, I didn't hit chicks, evil ones or not. Hell, if I did, don't you think Santana would have been a walking bruise during our brief stint of a relationship? Just sayin'.

"Just so you know, I am very good friends with the local police, and I doubt you'll enjoy fatherhood in prison."

I clenched my jaw briefly before exhaling all my rage. "Look, I don't care what you think about me or the whole teenage pregnancy thing; what I do care about is the fact that you made Rachel upset. She's always wanted a mother, if my own wasn't such a self-centered idiot most of the time, I'd offer mine, but…anyway," I quickly steered away from thoughts of Ma, who was more than likely sitting at home with my sister talking smack about me these days. "…anyway, I love Rachel and I might not be your ideal partner for her, but you have no right to say anything about that to her; particularly no right at all to judge her for being pregnant. That's our business and not yours. And it sure as hell ain't something that that pansy ass douche you sent to spy on us should worry about; fuck that whole thing was just another nail in your coffin."

Corcoransniffed; her eyes though, conveyed a tiny hint of insecurity that didn't match her words as she spoke, "You're just a boy. You have no idea what's in store for you later in life. You're letting her ruin her life too soon; you're leeching off of my kid and she's letting you do it with a smile. I will do whatever it takes to make her realize that the kid inside of her should be given away."

Hell no, she did not just threaten me! Instead of letting my resentment consume me, I took her call and raised the stakes with a smirk planted on my face. "I doubt Abraham and Hiram Berry will like the fact that you insulted their child, let alone talked to her without their approval. They know people too and I'm pretty sure they can get your ass fired or at least demoted for even breathing the same air as Rachel."

We stood in silence for a moment, staring coldly at each other and I gotta admit, seldom have I wanted to punch someone as much as I did at that moment. But Rachel's voice inside my head urged me to calm the fuck down, so I just took a deep breath and turned to leave.

"I love Rachel and I promise you that what I did to Jesse will be kid's play compared to what I'll do to you if you ever hurt her again."

Having said my peace and feeling a little bit proud for not smashing anything, I walked out of Carmel High and started walking back towards Mercedes' house. Halfway there, I belatedly realized that I had to walk past my own house to get there; apparently, I'd been so angry going to Carmel that I hadn't noticed on the way, but now my eyes were locked on the small house I'd grown up in.

There was light in the windows so I knew my mother was awake and probably doing her best to get Hannah moving too. The grass on the lawn was wilting and way too long; it used to be one of my chores to mow the lawn and unexpectedly, I felt guilty for leaving even more work for my already stressed out mother.

Before I knew it, I'd made my way over to the garage and was pulling the almost antique looking lawnmower out to do at least one decent thing for once.

It didn't take more than maybe half a minute of my turning on the machine and beginning my self-appointed task before Ma opened the front door and came bursting out with a bat in her hands. I recognized it as my own and swallowed a smile, remembering one day long ago when I'd shown her how to use it to the best advantage if something or someone was freaking her out. In that case, I was making sure her new boyfriend would get a smack down of epic proportions if he ever laid a hand on my mother like my dad used to do.

A second after, Ma recognized me and the bat tumbled to the ground with a loud clunk that quickly drowned in the loud sound from the lawnmower in front of me.


Shit, the hopeful tone in her voice went straight to my heart, but I squashed it before it got too big, I was still pissed at her and I told her that.

Her hazel eyes, so like mine, darkened with obvious sadness for a moment before she could control it. Then she smiled hesitantly at me and nodded with her chin at the rumbling lawnmower; "Thanks for doing this; I honestly didn't know how I was gonna find the time for it. Hannah offered, but…well, you know."

Again, I had to swallow a grin; yeah, I knew. My kid sister was a lot of things, but able to handle machines…not so much. It was like they could sense her reluctance and something always went wrong. I still grinned whenever I remembered the summer when she'd decided to make milkshakes with our new blender and ended up running screaming out of the kitchen, saying that it was out to get her.

In the end I just nodded, the tension in the air was palpable and I honestly didn't know what to say to the woman in front of me. She'd let me down too many times; I mean, I loved her, but love can only do so much, right?

Besides, I had my own kid to worry about and I didn't want to risk another crazy grandparent bringing toxic feelings into the mix.

Shelby Corcoran's superior face flew through my mind, and again, I had to exhale forcibly to make sure my temper didn't get the best of me. Ma's voice brought me back to the present.

"S-So, how's Rachel? I can pack a bag of fresh clothes for you, if you need 'em?"

I shrugged; I could definitely use some new clothes. I was alternating between the same four outfits these days and Hiram had hinted something about a shopping trip, so I was willing to accept help from anyone to avoid that crap.

Fortunately, Ma knew me well enough to know that I was agreeing, so she quickly went back inside and I continued mowing the lawn. A few minutes later, I was done and my mother was back, carrying a large bag that was stuffed with clothes.

"I think we should talk, Noah," she started after I'd put the lawnmower back in the garage and held out my hand for the bag. "I-I realize that-"

"Don't, Ma," I interrupted, taking the bag from her unmoving hands. "Yeah, we need to talk, but I've got enough shit going on right now that's frankly more important. You're disappointed in me, I get it. You think I'm a screw up like my dad despite everything I've ever done over the years, but…well, anyway. I don't wanna get into it right now."

Unsaid, it was like we could both hear my silently added words of, 'or ever', because my mother's eyes darkened once again and she no longer wanted to meet my gaze. Before she could say anything, my phone suddenly beeped and I took it out and saw an incoming message, from Quinn of all people.

'Get over here ASAP, R freaking out!'

"Look, I gotta split," I was already moving before I'd finished reading the text and I pretended I didn't hear my mother's half-cry of my name as I started running the last distance to Mercedes' place.

Even before I reached her house, I could hear voices. One in particular stood out; Rachel was yelling and cussing like she was my long lost twin or something.

It would seem that her shock had worn off and instead of succumbing to depression because of Shelby's words, she was overcome with rage and paternal anger at the mere thought of someone insulting her child.

"…hands off of me, Finn or else I swear the probability of you producing another offspring will drastically decrease. Let the fuck go!"

I burst through the front door in the next minute and almost barreled right into a ring of people that seemed to have taken up guard to prevent the tiny, raging diva from finding her biological mother and well…ending her.

I didn't get a chance to do much of anything because right then, Rachel's brown eyes locked on me and her volume increased even more.

"And You! Where have you been? Have you any idea how it felt for me to wake up completely alone, surrounded by people that too were completely ignorant of your whereabouts? You imbecile!"

Then she twisted out of Finn's grip and ran towards me and a second later, the room echoed with the sound of the slap that she gave me. I'll tell you this much; Diva might be small, but she packs a hell of a lot of heat. My head snapped sideways and instantly, my cheek started burning. My eyes started to water reflexively at the stinging pain, but luckily for my man-card, I'd had much worse over the years, so I just blinked and the pansy ass tears disappeared.

On the inside, I was torn. I knew that leaving her without a note or anything probably wasn't the smartest idea in the world after the night she'd had. But the other part of me that was more childish was roaring in anger at being hit by the one person that I fully trusted to always have my back.

I slowly turned my head back to its original place and stared silently at a completely shocked looking Rachel. The other people present didn't register in my mind at that moment, all I saw was her.

Her eyes, unlike mine, were overflowing with tears that ran silently down her flushed cheeks and she was holding her hands in front of her mouth in the standard 'shock-pose' and her breathing was uneven, like she was choking back sobs.

I just kept staring at her in silence. Finally, after what seemed like a fucking lifetime, I asked quietly, "Are you done?"

Rachel blinked out of her dazed state of mind, the moment my voice reached her and she wiped her eyes with as much dignity as she could, looking like a deranged mess. I looked over at Quinn, my anger apparently still simmering in my eyes, because she flinched when I met her eyes.

"Take her home and fix her up, will ya? Tell Abraham that I need to talk to him about Cochran later today."

Then I looked over at Finn, Matt and Mike, who were all standing so still that they looked like they were made of wood. "Would you mind seeing them home?"

They all nodded and I turned around to leave before my own temper snapped. It had had a big workout in containment already today and although logically I knew it was Rachel's hormones that were acting out of whack because of her emotional distress; I still couldn't keep my own hurt from escaping, especially if I didn't get out of her reach for a little while.

I'd just walked through the still open front door, when I felt slim arms wrap themselves around my waist and I felt Rachel's body melt into my back, the baby bump hitting my lower back quite insistently; obviously, she had no intentions of letting go of me.

"Noah, " Rachel's warm breath filtered through my cotton shirt and burned my skin. "I'm so-"

"Yeah," I interrupted tiredly, taking a gentle, but firm hold of her arms and wrenching them off of me. "I know."

Then I held up one of her small hands and kissed it softly in the palm, before walking away as fast as I possibly could.


I didn't return to the Berry household until late that night; I'd just walked around the neighborhood all day, beating out my anger on a few unsuspecting trees. As I walked through the door, I was mentally and physically exhausted and I was in a much more stable mood.

The first thing I realized when I walked inside was the fact that Hiram was waiting up for me. The small, significantly Jewish looking dude was sitting at the kitchen counter, reading a medical journal with a cup of coffee in front of him and I felt kind of bad, 'cause I knew the guy already got little sleep as it was and didn't need to wait up for my sorry ass.

Also, I have to admit I was a bit surprised that he was the one waiting for me. Ultimately, I'd expected Abraham, 'cause he was the one that I had the closest relationship too, aside from Rach, of course. I could see the bigger guy's silhouette in the living room, sitting with a concentrated look at the table, but he didn't acknowledge my arrival, I doubt he even realized I was back.

Hiram brought me out of my musings by speaking a second later. "Evening," the smaller man greeted me and nodded towards the coffeepot, silently offering me a cup. I took one and sat down next to him with a sigh, waiting for the inevitable shit to hit the fan. He already hated my guts so I was pretty sure I knew that I was in trouble for causing Rachel anymore distress.

Well, once again, I had to pick up my jaw from the floor so to speak, because Hiram did the last thing I ever expected. He smiled at me; he fucking smiled. Like he was happy to see me or something like that.

"I'm happy you didn't stay away all night, Son. I guess Abraham was right when he said you weren't as immature as I first feared."

I took a sip of coffee, not really knowing how to respond to another guy taking me into his family, albeit just in words. I guess my bewildered expression must have tipped Hiram off, 'cause he just smiled enigmatically and started speaking again.

"Rachel's asleep; I had to force her to stop waiting up for you. She sincerely regrets her emotional outburst today. Between you and me, I must admit that I'm surprised you lasted this long without taking a metaphorical timeout."

I raised my eyebrows questioningly and he quickly added, with another friendly smile that was beginning to freak me out a little bit, "You've been running yourself ragged for months now, taking care of not one, but two highly complicated pregnant girls, letting them order you around without once retaliating and I've seen some of the worst tantrums that Rachel has thrown at you as her hormonal imbalance affect her mood and never once have you gotten angry or upset with her. Frankly, I'm surprised that you've lasted this long, and even then, according to the girls, you only left after making sure Rachel was taken proper care off. That tells me that you're a lot more suited for my daughter than I originally suspected."

Damn, I guess I finally knew where Rachel got her long speeches from.

Hiram didn't seem to care about my thoughts on the matter, because he quietly continued talking. "I haven't always been on your side, because no father likes the idea of his child growing up too soon. And we both know your reputation in the community isn't exactly that of a saint, don't we?"

I couldn't stop smiling at that and Hiram matched it with a grin and for the first time I sort of got what Abraham saw in the little dude. He practically lit up from within when he smiled; just like Rachel.

"But, I'm slowly coming around." Hiram stood up, stretching with a groan; evidently, he'd been waiting for me a bit longer than I thought.

I nodded my thanks and after rinsing my cup, I slowly made my way up to Rachel's room. Or, I guess our room if you wanted to get technical.

I couldn't see light from under the door and I sincerely hoped that she was fast asleep; she needed it more than ever after these couple of days. As silently as I could, I walked inside, undressed and slipped into the bed.

The glow stars on her ceiling, created a soft light that cast a beautiful shine on my girl and I could feel all of my tension ebb out of me. I smiled as the anger and hurt finally vanished completely, despite knowing that I had needed my time alone to come to the conclusion that I really wasn't angry at her, just a little bit hurt and surprised. Also, my previous encounter with Shelby Corcoran had probably made me a lot more pissed than I'd originally thought.

That reminded me that I still had to talk to Abraham and I started sitting up to go find him, before he went to sleep for the night; I knew that he was still more than likely cooped up in the living room, still struggling with finishing Rachel's Lady Gaga outfit.

Just as I sat up and was grasping for a shirt, Rachel's body turned around and she sat up herself. "Please don't leave me, Noah. I'm sincerely sorry for my outburst and show of violence earlier. I know that what I did was horribly wrong and that you're more than likely tempted to walk out on me and just concentrate your future efforts on our child, but I'm begging you to reconsider and not leave me, because I don't think I could handle it."

I turned around to face her and took her head in my hands. I kissed the tip of her special, but beautiful nose, and smiled softly at her. "Berry, there's no way in hell that I'll ever leave you. Not even if you tell me to. I love you too fucking much to even think about walking out on you. I just needed some time to cool off; it's been a pretty heavy day so I didn't want to bring it home with me. I was just gonna find Abraham to talk about what happened when I confronted your mom that's all. I was coming right back."

Rachel stared at me with her big brown eyes wide open; the glow from the plastic stars glinting in her eyes, giving them an almost angelic look. "Say that again, please."

I frowned, "Uhm, I was gonna tell your dad all about what a bitch Cochran was to you and how she acted when I talked to her. I can give you the details tomorrow, if you'd like?"

"No, Noah," Rachel smiled, her hands planting themselves on top of mine as she spoke, "please repeat the fact that your feelings for me have transformed into something more than friendship."

Shit, my heart started racing, I'd told her I loved her, blurted it out unceremoniously like a fucking asshat with none of that cheesy romance stuff that she loved so much to set the mood. Now she'd probably be pissed about my lack of ability to put up a decent performance or something like that.

Although, I looked closer, now that I thought about it, she didn't look mad. In fact, her entire face was filled with this look that I recognized as hope and I hesitantly repeated my earlier words. "Uhm…I love you."

Rachel's smile turned into a beaming grin that tore at my heart, making it dance in an unstable rhythm. It felt kindda nice actually. Then something even better happened and Rachel's soft lips slanted themselves on top of mine and my thoughts turned into mush.

After what felt like only seconds, but could've been hours for all I knew, Rachel pulled back and caressed my cheek. "In case it has escaped your notice, I feel that I must confess that my emotions towards you are of the exact same nature."

"Huh?" I was still off in LaLa land and not really in any state of mind to decipher Rachel Berry speak at the moment.

Rachel smiled again and leaned forward again and repeated quietly, "I love you too, Noah Puckerman."

Now that I understood and I proceeded to show her just how much I appreciated her honesty. My talk with Abraham would have to wait until the next morning before school…


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