It All Started With Glee Club

Puck is at a birth

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"Oh Hells to the no Soprano Boy," I heard Mercedes screech and I immediately turned around from peeping at Rach getting into her cute little dress, 'cause I knew that was what the girls had been calling Jesse since Rachel had kicked him in the sack.

And true enough, there he was, standing by the door to the green room and I vaguely heard him ask for Rachel, his tone of voice hard to determine from so far off.

I barely restrained myself from pushing Mercedes into the wall in my haste to get to Jesse. Hell, I was really fucking close to just let my fists do the talking and pummel the son of a bitch like he deserved; groin pains or not.

"What the fuck are you even doing here?" I spat at him, crossing my arms to show off my guns and simultaneously attempting to fill out the entire doorway, so that Rachel wouldn't come over.

Jesse blinked and all his initial trepidation (see? Rachel is having an effect on me) disappeared like it'd never even been there.

"I wanted to speak with Rachel, Puckerman."

"Yeah, and I wanted to tear your tongue out your throat and stuff it up your ass so you'd puke it up again, but that ain't happening either," I said, casually leaning up against one doorway when, after a quick glance to make sure, Rachel didn't storm over to see what Jesse wanted with her.

Jesse stared at me with that snooty expression that I'd gotten used to ever since he'd waltzed in to the choir room and enchanted all the other Gleeks. Then, apparently, he seemed to realize that I wasn't budging and he let out a sigh.

"Look, Puckerman, I just wanted to talk to Rachel. I owe her an apology and I wanted to let her know that I bear her no ill will; since I'm soon going to take L.A. by storm I can't have a cloud of guilt hanging over my shoulders. For one thing it's bound to do horrible things to my image and secondly, I honestly like Rachel. She's one of the only friends I've ever had."

"If that's the way you treat your friends, I'm okay with being your enemy," I said, not letting my temper get the best of me.

It all changed when he spoke again; I felt like I was choking on pure rage that was burning me from the inside.

"I also came to warn her that her mother is on the warpath so to speak. She did not appreciate your visit to Carmel High and once she discovered how Rachel had retaliated towards me in particular after my ill fated attempt at psyching you all out, she turned into a second Sue Sylvester; barring the inevitable tracksuits fortunately."

"That bitch!"

"Noah?" Rachel was standing behind me now and I forced back the trembling fury that gave my body the shakes. "What's wrong? Oh- hello Jesse."

Her tone of voice was civil and without a doubt polite, but there was a touch of ice in it that told anyone listening that she was ready for another smack down if necessary. My anger dimmed a bit to give way to a proud internal smirk…and a semi.

"Hello Rachel. I," Jesse sent me a quick look and rightfully interpreted my silent warning to shut the fuck up about what he'd just told me, "I simply came to try to mend some fences before the competition rightfully begins."

"Really?" Rachel beamed, her anger seemingly gone within the blink of an eye and I was once again confused over girls' ability to just change their minds.

Jesse didn't stay long; one of his fellow Vocal Adrenaline members came and fetched him, stating something about meeting the judges beforehand.

A few minutes after that, things started getting crazy and Jesse's news faded a bit in the background in lieu of the newest disaster. It turned out that the other choirs had known beforehand just who their judges were gonna be and had acted accordingly.

"Damn it," I heard Matt of all people mutter as I made my way over to Rachel, who was trying to force Mr. Shue to go take legal action of some sort against the event planner.

Before I knew it though, it was too late to do much of anything and we were all on stage, singing our hearts out. I threw in a little extra swagger to please the crowd; if I exaggerated a bit during my little duet with Santana it was only 'cause I'd felt this pang inside of me during Finn and Rachel's duet during the first song.

There was no doubt in my heart that whatever feelings she'd used to have for my best friend had long evaporated; especially after I'd turned into this awesome boyfriend. But still, sometimes Rachel was just too good of an actress, and I'll tell you the truth; the insides of my hands had marks from my nails from clenching too hard.

Anyway, none of this is really important, what happened next is. Suddenly, mere minutes after exiting the stage, a middle aged woman that I quickly recognized as Quinn's poor excuse of a mother, set into a scream that made the walls shake.

Quinn's water had broken. I'm pretty sure that I'd still be standing in the small hallway in between the Green Room and the stage if it hadn't been for Rachel's small hand gripping me around my right wrist and dragging me off after a scared looking Quinn and a seriously freaked out looking Finn.

We left Quinn's mother behind after Quinn's wishes. Instead, she turned to Rachel and begged her to call Hiram and Abraham. Evidently, I wasn't the only one that had turned into a Berry family member on the side. Hell, with the parents we had, it was no wonder.

The ride to the hospital was both the shortest and the longest one of my life; Quinn was weeping silently, muttering something about burning in hell for hurting her mom's feelings. Finn was busy exclaiming that everything was gonna be completely fine while Rachel was clutching my hand harder than I would've thought possible and trying to comfort Quinn at the same time.

But to be completely honest, as we all barreled through the entrance doors to the hospital, the entire New Directions hot on our tails, I was suddenly hit with this wave of fear. What if this soon to be born kid wasn't gonna be Finns' after all? Would I – no, could I, love that little girl as much as the one Rachel was carrying? Fuck if I knew and that more than anything made me pray that Quinn was having Finn's daughter, 'cause, take it from me; a dad that doesn't love his kid with everything in him has no business being a parent.

I was torn out of my unusual thoughtful state of mind when a pretty ragged looking nurse, who was closer to fifty than forty came over to Quinn, starting a pretty weird chain of events.

Quinn grabbed Finn, gesturing wildly with her free hand for him to take a firm hold of Rachel, which he immediately did. She in return tightened her death grip on my hand and then we all more or less tumbled into the room where everything was gonna happen, ignoring the medical staff telling us only to have the nearest family present, 'cause, that's really what we were, however fucked up it sounds. A family.

And…okay, it might be because it wasn't Rach giving birth or what not, but seriously, standing witness to a birth is gross – I mean, it was enough to make me swear off sex forever…or, you know, a few weeks at the least. Bottom line is, it was nasty and the smell weren't too hot either. I was praying to my Jew God to make the earth swallow me whole, 'cause I was sure I was gonna pass out and lose all my man cards in the process, but then something amazing finally happened.

Quinn gave one last fierce push and out came this wailing, slimy, bluish thing that turned out to be completely wonderful. Finn was crying and I would've probably have called him a pansy if it hadn't been for the telling burn in my own eyes. Quinn looked sweaty and so fucking happy that it was almost too much to bear.

Rachel was cooing, sitting on Quinn's other side, having released my hand somewhere in the middle of everything, when she was sure I wasn't gonna bolt for the nearest exit. I smiled and watched the little baby move her tiny fingers in Finn's direction, prompting him to take a gentle hold of her hand.

In that moment, he looked up and our eyes met. For a second, he looked heartbreakingly sad and my smile vanished, remembering that it might be my little girl that he was falling so effortlessly in love with. I swallowed heavily and turned to Rachel, hoping that she hadn't seen anything.

Unfortunately, that girl never missed anything and she met my stare head on. Then she smiled, a heartrending copy of her usual warming smile and spoke quietly, "come over here, Noah. Isn't she just beautiful?"

I nodded, but couldn't bring myself to really look closer at the small bundle in Quinn's arms. And when Rachel didn't protest at my obvious reluctance, I knew she was acting just as much as me.


Things got hectic after that. At one point, Rachel's bitchy mom showed up, looking a bit too interested at the newborn girl, who Quinn revealed would be named Eve Drizzle Fabray-Hudson. But Abraham and Hiram walked over to her and said a few things I couldn't hear and she left pretty quickly after that.

I admit I grinned when the "Drizzle" part was revealed and knew that it was Quinn's not so subtle attempt of making amends to Finn, who'd been pretty gloomy since the birth whenever he wasn't around Eve or Quinn.

Obviously, he was eager to find out the truth, and fuck if I wasn't too. Rachel kept pretending that she was fine no matter what, and it was clear that she was very much in love with Eve, but still; I knew her well enough to know what was really going on inside that crazy head of hers. I mean, I've pretty much become an expert since she started getting hormonal.

Anyway, at least there was one piece of great news in between all this Soap Opera shit of mine. Mr. Shue was permitted to keep Glee Club going despite our third place at Regionals. For one brief moment, when we all sat together in the Choir Room just before starting on our summer break, we were all just kids goofing around with relief; happy that our sanctuary hadn't been taken away from us just yet.

Of course, it was only a brief pause in my before mentioned Soap life. Finn and I had our blood drawn to determine once and for all, who was baby Eve's Dad. I was tense and probably not the best guy to hang around, but for once, Rachel took my mood swings without retaliating or, you know killing me. She even tried seducing me a few times to take my mind of things. It was awesome, and I'd pretty much gotten the hang of satisfying her without thinking about my dick hitting my innocent baby girl's head.

But not even great sex could take the edge off of the issue that was my mother.

After baby Eve's arrival, Ma suddenly started calling the Berry house, demanding to see me so we could talk it out; pointing out in more and more desperate ways that I was still a minor and under her care. I kept blowing her off, pretty much begging Abraham and Hiram to keep her away from me; I didn't need her in my life right now, throwing on the maternal guilt that she so excelled at, making me feel like shit. My life was already complicated enough as it was.

It all came to an unexpected end about two weeks after Quinn giving birth. It was late at night and Rachel and I were lounging on the couch, just chilling and…oh, who am I kidding, we were cuddling like crazy people. Quinn was sitting in the recliner closest to us, trying to coach Finn through a diaper change with Rachel's dads looking on fondly; their love for Eve was out of this world, and judging from the almost longing look in Hiram's eyes when he stared at Rachel's big belly, our kid would more than likely be the most spoiled little girl in the world. It would seem that he'd finally gotten over the fact that his baby was having a baby; now he just wanted to hold that little one and rejoice in the whole thing and I have to admit that was fucking epic and kindda huge.

Suddenly, our now rare peaceful moment was ruined by a pounding on the door and the loud sound set off baby Eve and Rachel looked at me with this look that made me want to grab my bat in our bedroom and beat the living shit out of anyone daring to came near her. Apparently, my protective instinct had grown a tad excessive over the last few months (Rachel's wording, not mine btw).

I never got the chance to do much of anything though, because in the next moment, there was my mother and to my big fucking surprise, she was flanked by two of Lima's cops; both of whom I knew well from my past as a kickass delinquent and originator of the Lima Fight club some years back. They both scowled a bit at first, but it quickly turned into slightly sheepish looks when the big form of Abraham towered over them in all his glory, demanding to know what the hell was going on – using different words obviously.

My mother glared at their weakness and then turned to me with this haughty look in her eyes that I recognized all too well. "Come on Noah, I'm here to take you home. This foolishness has been going on for long enough now."

"What?" I stood up, standing just out of her reach, 'cause fuck if I was going with her. Now that I looked closer, there were telltale signs of her having been drunk not too long ago. She was sober now, but her hair was matted and unwashed and there were familiar signs that only a kid growing up with it could see.

"I ain't going with you," I stated, straightening my back and then I added, "You're fucking nuts if you think coming into this house looking like that will make me come back. Besides, I have responsibilities here."

"You have responsibilities to our family too, Noah," my mom screeched, and I could see how tired she was. "I don't know what to do. You sister is acting out in school and missing you." Okay, there was the guilt…

"I know I've acted rash, not only tonight, Noah, but you've all been ignoring my calls and I just want you to come home. We have to figure out what to do before this horrible mess of yours turns even worse."

"Don't call my baby a mess," my anger erupted and I finally took the last few steps closer to the woman that had carried me. "You did that enough with me. Let me give you a piece of advice; just send your daughter off to Granma and spend time getting yourself together again. You've been drinking again Ma; you're not that great at hiding it without me. It's pathetic."

The feel of my mother's cold hand on my cheek, striking me harshly was something that I'd felt before, but it didn't sting as much as it used to, mostly because this time I was one hundred percent sure that I wasn't a worthless copy of my old man; hell, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was loved and I wasn't gonna let this ruin any of my newfound confidence.

Before I got a chance to show her any of that; to act like the mature guy that Rachel had awoken in me and tell the two now shocked cops to escort my mother the fuck out of my house; my little Fury of a girlfriend stepped in-between us and hit my mother right back!

"You stupid uncouth self-centered bitch! Get out! I swear that you'll regret ever laying a hand on my boyfriend if you don't leave right now! Get out!"

Rachel stomped forward and unceremoniously started pushing my mother back towards the now sort of scared looking police guys. I guess pregnant chicks had that effect on all men, in and out of uniform. "I'll make sure that you'll lose every ounce of your parental rights if you don't vacate the premises immediately! My dads' are well versed in the legal system as you may know and since you've assaulted your flesh and blood not only verbally, but psychically as well and in front of several witnesses; I have no doubt that things will run very sour for you, so get the hell out!"

My mother looked oddly frightened and, considering that she'd always seemed like this immovable force to me growing up, I was feeling very weird and there was a small part of me that wanted to either help Rachel push her outside by force, or even help her home and into bed to try and get herself back together. I had had no idea that she was so far gone and it only became clear to me when Rachel stepped in and took over my battle. I have to admit watching Rach curse like me was a turn on that I vowed to remember for a later time.

While all of this was going on, I vaguely heard Abraham say to the cops that they should make sure that my sister either went to my Grandma's house or was taken here so she could stay here with all of us until things settled down.

Then all my attention suddenly zeroed in on Rachel. She had just pushed Ma the last bit into one of the cop's arms when she broke off in the middle of another long winded tirade to grimace in pain. A second later, she bent forward, suddenly leaning a bit of her weight on my now frozen mother's arm. And then I saw the dreaded sight of crimson blood trailing down of Rachel's legs; soaking the soft cotton of her pajamas; her eyes turning to me before anyone else really had time to notice anything; baby Eve's cries still echoing all around us in the chaos.

Rachel's eyes were widened with pain and above all else fear when she called out my name and for one seemingly endless minute, I was frozen with panic, unable to move any part of my body…


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