It All Started With Glee Club

Puck gets the news

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A/N I know it was an evil cliffy but I did warn you all! That said, I didn't want to say that I had most of the next chapter already written – evil author that I am. This chapter is short and I apologize if you expected more. Longer note at the end:) I hope you enjoy this chapter though!


The shock that had my limbs freezing up transformed into a desperate need to help. Within seconds, I had Rachel in my arms and was shouting to the cops that they better drive us to the hospital as fast as fucking possible since this clusterfuck was at least partially their doing.

My mom then had the great idea that she wanted to tag along, claiming that her nurse training was somehow essential and I sent her such a scathing glare that she recoiled with a violent flinch. "I don't want you in my life right now," I informed her coldly, trying my damndest to ignore the warm blood that dripped on my arms since I refused to set Rachel back down, even inside the car. "If something happens to Rachel or my child, I will probably try to kill you, so stay out of my sight. What the fuck are you people waiting for? Go!" I screamed at the cops, who had only just then entered the police car.

This time there was nothing fast about the ride, even though there were sirens howling and we were without a doubt driving extremely fast; it still felt like it took forever and Rachel's heartbroken weeping into my neck didn't exactly help me get rid of that feeling.

"Shh," I cooed as gently as I could, "it's just like last time; it's just a little bleed, it's gonna be totally okay. Just relax Baby. I'm here."

Finally, after what seemed like hours, we arrived at the hospital and I was out the car with Rachel and halfway through the entrance doors before the cop who'd been driving had even turned off the engine.

"I need some help here!" I yelled and the medical staff that hadn't been moving all that fast at my abrupt and pretty clichéd entrance, catapulted into movement and the only thing I registered aside from Rachel's panicked eyes was, "ruptured," and "premature labor."

Fuck, it would seem like I was gonna be a dad a bit sooner than anticipated.


I can't really explain what happened next; I mean I was directed into a room to change into this alien looking uniform, it was just like the one I'd been forced into during Quinn's labor. Then I was directed to stand at Rachel's side while numerous people started prepping her; apparently she was gonna have an emergency C-section.

I just kept my mouth shut and tried giving Rachel all the support I could as I kissed her sweaty forehead. Inwardly, I was praying harder than I'd ever prayed before. Please let my kid be okay; please let Rachel be okay; I swear I'll grow up and act like the man she sees me as. Please, I don't think I can live without her.

I can't really remember what happened after that, my sole focus was on Rachel. She'd been knocked out early in the game when her blood pressure kept climbing to the sky as her nerves no doubt got the better of her; she was as scared shitless as I was. So I just kept running my hand over her brow, stopping every once in a while to check her pulse, even though I could easily hear the machine beeping, telling me the pulse was still there.

Then, things pretty much turned into first class shit after that. One minute the doctor was holding up the extremely tiny bundle that was my newborn daughter, the next she was being wheeled away in an incubator so they could concentrate on Rachel, whose body had decided to work against her and then I heard the most awful sound in the world; Rachel was flat lining and I was screaming and bawling like crazy to stay by her side even as three nurses were pushing me out of the room.

I slammed my hand into the nearest wall, the pain not doing its job to center me, so I kept on doing it, ignoring the blood and the crunching of my hand without any difficulty. All my thoughts were on that little woman inside that other room, who was in danger of dying just because I'd gotten her knocked up.

My self-inflicted violence was abruptly stopped when, after an unknown amount of time, I felt two big arms wrap themselves around me and pull out into the middle of the hall where I stumbled backwards, still moaning like a freaking girl.

"Shhh, Noah; stop: please stop." It was Abraham's deep voice that finally penetrated my red haze of self hate, but for once I couldn't obey; my tears and worries had a life of their own.

"Something happened," I managed to explain, eager to inform him of everything so he'd let me go to continue my madness in peace, "she was…no pulse and…oh God, what if she dies on me? Fuck!"

Abraham just tightened his grip, and didn't seem particularly surprised at my revelations, so I figured the nurses had already gotten to him. I slowly stopped struggling and the searing pain from my no doubt broken hand finally entered my conscious and I hissed in agony.

"Come on, Son," Hiram's broken voice sounded from behind me, "let's get that fixed." His smaller, but just as firm hands grabbed me and together Rachel's dads tried lending me their strength. And for one brief second, I just exhaled tiredly and let them lead me away from the small room where Rachel was fighting for her life.


Hours had passed and it was a new day; the news of what had happened had traveled through the grapevine so the other Gleeks started filtering in to the waiting room during the early morning. They sent me pitying looks and gave condolences for everything to both me and Abraham and Hiram. I couldn't have cared less; none of those idiots truly knew my Rachel.

My hand was in a cast and I just sat stonily by, waiting for news as Brittany drew on it, murmuring about having seen my kid and how beautiful she was. I knew that, even though I hadn't seen her myself yet; I mean there was a part of Rachel in that new little life, so I already knew it would be a beautiful girl.

I just didn't want to go up and see her. It was something I would share with Rachel, so I waited for her and that's what I told them in a monotone whenever somebody tried suggesting that I go with them up to the floor where she was.

One of the doctors had showed up earlier in the night when it had just been me and Rachel's dads waiting anxiously for news; Rachel had slipped into a coma like state and it was not possible to predict when she'd wake up. The 'if' had remained unsaid, but it had lingered in the air, giving me goosebumps and shivers at the mere thought of losing Rachel.

Kurt and Mercedes orchestrated some lame singing thing and sat together in the waiting room, singing about hope and shit. Mr. Shue dropped by and tried telling me about embracing every part of life, letting it mature you or whatever; I stopped listening within minutes of his arrival.

At some point in time, I was finally allowed to see Rachel and I moved my sorry ass into her room and sat down in a chair that I moved closer to her bed and I promised myself that no one would ever move me from her side again.

I must have been more exhausted than I realized because the next thing I remember is slowly waking up, still sitting in that god-awful chair by the way, listening to Quinn, Santana, Brittany and Mercedes and Kurt chatting to an unresponsive Rachel about our little girl, throwing out weird name suggestions like, "Blackie" 'cause apparently, she had dark hair and Brittany had a cat once that had been called that.

"…or, her real name was Bartholomew Blackasauraus Jr. But I don't think she'd like it if I gave her name to someone else, even such a beauty as Blackie." Brittany said just as I looked over at them all with disbelief probably marring my features more than my exhaustion did.

"…Or I could ask her if you'd like, Puck." Brittany trailed off, being the first one to notice that I was no longer sleeping.

They all turned to look at me and I straightened up, forcing myself to be polite to Britt, 'cause being impolite to her was just not right. Also, Santana's death glare warned me to behave as well.

"That's not a bad idea Britt, but uhm…I don't think Rach want our kid to be named without her input. I wanna wait for her to wake up."

"But she might not-" Brittany began, but fortunately for all our peace of mind, Santana interrupted before she could say the dreaded truth.

"You look like shit Puckerman. Go take a shower, 'cause you stink like it too."

"Fuck off," I retorted, turning back to look at Rachel's unmoving form; she looked serene, so unlike the panicked mess she'd been during the birth.

I reached out and ran my uninjured hand through her long, soft hair. Some of the nurses must have washed the sweat out of it before letting any of us coming in to see her. I knew Rachel would appreciate it, so I just kept running my fingers through the strands; combing it as much as I could without a brush.

At one point in time, Quinn asked me to step outside for a second and I have to admit that it was only the few manners that Rachel had knocked into my head that made me leave her side to do as Quinn asked.

Once outside the room, I closed the door so Abraham and Hiram could get some alone time with her for once and turned to look at Quinn silently.

"I know this isn't the right time really, but I thought you should know. When I got home this morning from my walk with Eve, there was a letter with the results of the paternity test." She looked so emotional and happy and I knew the truth before she even told it to me.

"You're not the father; I'm gonna go tell it to Finn now, I just thought you could use some good news today."

It was all that until the night before had been on my mind, but now it was just a hollow joy; an echo that I couldn't quite hear until I could share the news with Rachel. I just nodded, and took the hug that Quinn bestowed upon me with a fierceness that would most likely have broken a few more bones in me if I hadn't been so buff.

"I'll be by later to visit," Quinn said after releasing me and then she left, a bounce in her step that I hadn't seen in months. I was happy that she was happy at least; personally, I just didn't have enough left in me to care.


It took three days; three fucking days where every thought in my body was pretty much obsessed with going over horrible scenarios of losing Rachel, of hunting down my mother, who had been the catalyst for everything. But then the day came where Rachel's eyes fluttered and slowly opened.

She blinked and narrowed her eyes against the light in the room, trying to make sense of what had happened. At least that's what she looked like. Then her hands moved down to her diminished belly and her dazed and drugged look gave way to a much more panicked one.

"She's okay," I jumped in, trying to stop Rachel's growing fear – happy that for the moment I was alone with her; Hiram and Abraham had gone to work, trying to get through the days as normally as possible. "You had a C-section, Baby; she's alright and waiting for her Mommy. Just take some deep breaths, Babe."

Rachel's lips twisted into a small relieved smile and she grabbed my hand, looking a bit confused when she noticed the cast on the other one before closing her eyes and falling back asleep.

In that moment, I didn't give a fuck that I looked like a pussy; my eyes were overflowing and I was too stoked to even wipe the tears off my face. Instead, I gingerly placed myself on the bed next to Rachel and embraced her as gently as I could manage and just sighed out all my worries, because I now knew that everything was gonna be okay again.

"Thank you," I murmured to the man upstairs as I kissed Rachel's forehead. I settled down to wait for her to wake up again so I could share the news about baby Eve with her and then finally go see my daughter with her mom by my side.


A/N I had planned originally in chapter three or four to let Puck be the father of Eve, but then decided that a) you'd all probably hunt me down and kill me and b) there's been enough angst so far in this story. So hopefully you're happy with my choice.

Now, I just quickly want to say that I'd intended to end this story in the next chapter, but a few of you have asked for me continuing on with season two as it were. Of course there's gonna be some differences; The Juvie thing won't happen obviously, but…well, I've got a few ideas and would like to know if you'd be interested aside from the three people that have asked me to continue?

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