It All Started With Glee Club

Puck enjoys fatherhood

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A/N So…you all persuaded me fully with your lovely reviews – See what that can do to an author? Here's the first chapter of Season Two. Things will go more AU in this I think. I've already changed one important factor. I hope you won't hate the chosen name. Ironically enough, this name was what I'd written down months ago, along with Beth, 'cause I love that name for some reason and when I got a few reviews and PM's suggesting the same name, I couldn't not chose it. Enjoy the chapter!


Summer went by faster than I'd thought possible. I mean, usually my summers always went by in a blur, mostly due to the cougars and/or chicks I'd bang and the weed and alcohol I'd consume at various parties and crap, but this year it had to do with something completely different.

Or, someone to be exact.

My little girl, whose voice was already as loud as her mom's, I groaned a bit when her now long term familiar wail woke me up and I hurried out of the bed I shared with Rachel, who was exhausted enough not to hear our daughter as quickly as me for a change.

I tiptoed into my daughter's room and bent over her crib and reached down to take her into my arms. "Shh Baby Girl; you gotta stop doing this to your daddy. School starts tomorrow…or you know in a few hours and you're in danger of making me sleepwalk through my first day."

She kept on crying her little heart out and I smiled, 'cause seriously, it was amazing how much love I had for that little human in my arms even when she was keeping me from sleep for like the hundredth time.

"Caroline, you really need to sleep, Sweetie. Maybe this will help, it usually does," I murmured and started humming the song from where we'd gotten her name.

Deciding what to name her had been a ferocious battle that had only come to an end when Rachel declared that she'd carried the little rascal in her womb and thus deserved to name her. I'd shared a suffering look with Abraham, dreading like him that my kid was gonna be called 'Broadway' or something along those lines. So, it shocked the hell out of me when she just threw out Caroline. I didn't have to ask why, so I'd just stood there with freshly named Caroline in my arms while Rachel told her dads all about my trying to prove myself and all that embarrassing shit.

Anyway, I shook off my memories and looked down at Caroline, only just noticing that she had quieted down and was watching me with apt attention, a small toothless smile on her beautiful face. "That's it Girly Girl," I whispered and settled down in the rocking chair that was placed next to her crib to wait until she fell asleep in my arms.

This was not the way I'd imagined starting my third high school year, but as I stared at the wonder in my arms I didn't have an ounce of regret in me. "I love you Baby Girl," I murmured and closed my eyes, just for a little second.


It gave a start in me and I jolted awake, only to gasp with fear when I remembered that I'd fallen asleep with Caroline in my arms.

"I took her to Daddy so he could dress her while I woke you up. She made a mess like always during the feeding. Anyway, you're gonna be late if you don't hurry, Noah." Rachel stood in the doorway to the nursery, wearing a big smile and her earlier exhaustion from a week with a very fussy baby wasn't visible in her eyes any longer. "Come on, I've already made you some breakfast."

I showered quickly and got dressed while scarfing down a couple of French toasts that tasted better than anything I'd ever tasted.

Rachel's dads had hired a nanny to look after Caroline during school hours, but that was the only help we had with her and Quinn usually came by to drop Eve off so they could spend their time together; since moving out of the Berry residence and back in with her repenting mother, Quinn had also done everything on her own with a little help from Finn as well.

But, between you and me, things didn't look so hot between the golden couple these days. Whereas Caroline and all the work her being here added to things had brought Rachel and me closer than ever, the reality of the baby stuff seemed to have driven a wedge between Finn and Quinn lately. He had begun spending the nights back at his mom's place in his old bedroom and last I heard he'd hosted a WOW night for the Gleek guys.

He'd invited me too, but Caroline had spiked a small fever and I didn't feel comfortable burdening Rach with the no doubt fussiness of everything just 'cause I wanted to kill things on a machine.

That earned me a make out session that nearly made me forget my fucking name and the blowjob that followed would've made me religious if I wasn't already on decent terms with my Jew God. So I wasn't complaining one bit about the responsibilities. In fact, as lame as it sounds; I was pretty fucking happy and aside from a few minor bumps in the road over the summer, I wouldn't change a thing.

One such bump was my mother. After the way her last attempt had gone, I'd lost the last bit of respect for her – especially 'cause now I knew that she'd been looking a bit too much in to the bottle. Ma knew that it would be a cold day in Hell before I'd let her come close to me and mine again. Instead, she started writing; long ass letters to say how very sorry she was and that she would make it up to me again and all that kind of bullshit.

Fortunately, she no longer had much of a leg to stand on. After the night of Caroline's unexpected arrival, the two cops that had been with her had filed a report stating that she'd hit me. Long boring story short; my sister had temporally been moved to my Grandma where she was flourishing and enjoying life again and Rachel's dads had been awarded temporary custody of me until further notice.

To say Ma had liked that was an understatement, but Hiram had marched off to her house and returned with a new letter, wherein she promised to make amends and begged me to give her another chance to redeem herself once she was released. I'd looked up at Hiram with questions in my eyes and he'd quickly explained that he'd helped Ma to admit herself to a facility that dealt with alcoholics and other types of abusers.

I hate to admit it, even now, but I was missed the woman my mother had been and was hopeful that once released, I could try to reconnect with the woman she'd been before my loser of a father had abandoned us and left that shell of a woman behind that had been my mother.

Another annoying aspect of the summer had been the fact that I'd spotted Shelby around town every once in a while; she'd stared at Caroline with a weird expression on her face and I'd always tightened my grip on my kid whenever she was around, protective instincts telling me to go take out that evil bitch. Fortunately, she couldn't come close to us; she'd made a deal with Rachel's dads to stay away until Rachel was eighteen, so I breathed easily whenever I remembered that – or, you know, Rachel reminded me when I'd been tensing up and more or less growling at her vanishing form in the grocery store or where ever it was I noticed her.

Other than that, it'd been a kickass summer and I wasn't exactly thrilled to go back to school. McKinley was never a happy place for people that fell outside of the box. Being a Gleek and a teenage dad to boot was as unconventional as it could be, so I was doomed to feel some discomfort.

But, I didn't care really. Much of what I cared about was sitting next to me as I drove the ten minute drive to school. Rachel was looking better than ever; her early delivery and subsequent coma (something I still woke up with nightmares about every now and again) had been hard on her, but now she was back to perfect health, and I'm happy to say that her skirts and sexy knee socks had made a slow, but steady reappearance over the last few weeks.

When we arrived at McKinley, I had already jumped out, grabbing her still seriously fugly trolley bag and had opened the door on her side of the truck before she'd even managed to unclick her seatbelt. Shut up, I'd spent most of the previous ten months doing pretty much every little thing for her; some habits die hard.

Although, the glowing, grateful smile she sent me, as I helped her out of the truck made it all worth it.

In the next second though, her smile dimmed a little as her eyes scanned her surroundings. "I know my scholastic achievements are very important for our joint future, but I must confess that all I really want to do as of right now is return home and spend the day with our daughter."

Glaring at a couple of seniors who had the fucking audacity to point in our directions and make stupid faces while mining pregnant bellies, I sighed. "Yeah, I know. Me too. But cleaning shitty diapers can't be better than going to class, right?"

Even though I was the one saying it, I could hear the lie in my voice as clearly as Rachel could, but she just lit back up and straightened her back as she took a firm hold of my hand. "That's not entirely untruthful. I adore Caroline, but between you and I there is no doubt in my mind that she's inherited her digestive system and all it entails from you."

"Yeah, that kid could knock down a wall if she really put some effort in to it." I grinned and led the way into the hellhole where we were doomed for two years of schooling before we could escape to New York. "If she's anything like me, we're totally banning her from anything Tabasco related or else she'll need new underwear for when her ass blows-"

"Yes thank you Noah for that image," Rachel interrupted me and then dragged me forward to embrace Kurt, who'd been waiting for Rachel at her locker.

"Hey Momma," he greeted her with his usual flamboyant air and then turned to me with a big ass grin that nearly blinded me. "Hey Daddy."

"Call me that again and I'll whoop your ass," I warned, but judging from the laugh he gave me, he didn't take me seriously. Why would he? I'd been saying that ever since he'd walked in on me cooing at Caroline like a total Spaz while I was changing her diaper.

I kissed Rachel's cheek when the bell rang and went off to my own classes where I caught Mike sitting playing footsie with Tina of all people in the back row. Never one to take my hints from social cues, I plumbed down next to them.

"What's up you two lovebirds? Banged each other yet?"

Tina immediately sported a blush and Mike tried to conceal a grin of epic proportions. I subtly held up a hand to high five. Hey, I may be a full time dad now, but I was still a dude.

In any case I was happy for them; especially Mike 'cause he'd been moping around ever since Matt had moved in the middle of summer. I'd been bummed too, but there was nothing we could do. At least he promised to stay in touch with Facebook and shit, so I knew I'd still be able to get a hang of him if needed. He was one of my best bros, but still, Mike had been his best friend, so it was good to see him happy again.


The day went by normally; I tried not to fall asleep in classes where Rachel or any of the Gleeks were; aside from Santana, 'cause she got me. I threatened a few jocks that I saw carrying slushies and evil grins while their eyes followed Rachel and Kurt's movements. And then, finally, it was time to head to the Choir Room.

We proceeded to go all giggly over the fact that Nationals this year was in New York only to have Mr. Shue, as always, bring us back to Earth, reminding us that we needed new members to even participate in the fucking competition.

Which meant that we quickly had to throw together a performance for next day's lunch period and aside from the fact that I got to enjoy the view of Rachel clad in a sexy shirt, looking all gangster for once, it was nice cutting lose and just enjoying myself. Of course, none of the assholes in the quad gave a shit about us, so it all ended pretty anticlimactic.

But, as it turned out, it'd worked and I helped Artie, Mike and Finn out auditioning a new kid, whose mouth could probably fit the entire Northern Atmosphere – and he had some fire in him and I loved that.

At the same time though, there was trouble brewing on Rachel's end. She seemed extremely fixated on not including any more members and if I knew one thing about her, it was that she always had a reason for whatever she did and once we got home, I figured out what this reason was.

Apparently, this new kid, whose name was either Rain or Sunshine or something shitty like that, was a better singer than Rachel. Something that I seriously doubted though, but I went along with it and tried to calm Rachel down and it seemed to work, 'cause she smiled briefly and kissed me before turning her attention back on Caroline, who was sleeping in her arms.

The next day, however, I realized that I'd grown complacent, that I'd forgotten just how competitive Rachel Berry really was. I was sitting in the Choir Room, seemingly jamming a bit with Artie, while in reality I was subtlety showing him the newest pictures I'd taken with my phone of Caroline smiling; Caroline crying, Caroline breathing; hell, Caroline doing everything and nothing was still the most interesting thing to me and I hoped it never ended. I had become an expert in ignoring my guy friends' slightly exasperated expressions over the summer, so Artie's lukewarm "she's still a beauty, Dog," didn't bother me in the least.

Anyway, Mike and Tina somehow discovered that my crazy ass woman had sent Sunshine to a crack house off all places in an attempt to stop the competition to her talents. At first I didn't know whether to high five her for being so badass or yell at her for being so…Rachel.

Of course, I immediately turned to glare heavily at Finn and some of the others that dared treat her like she was something severely disgusting; no one treated my girl like that. "Hey, shut the fuck up Jackasses," I warned, placing my arm over Rachel's shaking shoulders. "Like any of you wouldn't have done the exact same thing if you possessed even an inch of Berry's gift."

The looks didn't vanish completely, nor did the slight grumbling in the background, but I could live with that. Rachel commented sadly at my side that it had been an abandoned crack house, as if that made all the difference. To her it probably did.

The only one that seemed to not be mad at Rach was Quinn; she just got her book bag and sat down in the empty seat on Rachel's left side, showing her silent support. I nodded at her with a smirk etched on my face while watching Rachel smiling at her with a tentative hope. She was still scared as shit that Quinn, who'd turned into her closest friend during their shared pregnancies, would turn back into that hateful bitch she'd been pre Eve.

I on the other hand, never doubted Quinn's loyalties. If not for the humongous love she had for Rachel and her dads for supporting her when no one else wanted to - not even Finn - then for the exceptional nanny that Hiram had spent numerous days seeking out and who she used everyday free of charge.

The other Gleeks kept muttering amongst themselves and I even heard them ask for an apology of all things, like they'd been the ones to go to the crack house. Fuck 'em, I thought and stood up; I'd solve this crap myself.

"Noah, where are you going?" Rachel seemed genuinely panicked about me leaving her side. Reassuring her with a quick kiss on the lips, I turned back to the doors.

"I just need to take a leak, Babe, I'll be right back."

Of course, I didn't need to piss. No, instead I sought out that tiny form that Rachel had pointed out to me earlier that day as being Sunshine Cora – something. When I eventually found her, looking gloomy in an empty classroom I was once again amazed that there was a girl even smaller than Rachel. She was that short. I briefly wondered if she'd fall down if I pushed her with my pinky finger.

Snapping out of my weird ass thoughts, I cleared my throat to get her attention. She blinked at me with confusion in her eyes. "Yes?" she said.

"I need you to join Glee club," I began and grabbed a chair, turned it around and sat down, leaning my head on my arm. "What Rachel did wasn't the brightest idea in the world, but really, she's just scared."

"No," Sunshine objected, straightening up, looking mighty huffy for such a small person, "she's evil. There's a difference."

Pushing aside the insult, I continued as if she'd never spoken. "She's scared. You're a great singer, according to her; and that freaks her out. You see, she's always been cut throat when it comes to being the best. She wants to make it to the top more than anything, but recently," I pulled out my secret weapon and handed it to Sunshine with a small smirk, "she's pretty obsessed with making it so she can take care of that little piece of gold there."

Sunshine looked down at the same baby pictures that I'd just tortured Artie with for the billionth time. Her reaction was much more appreciated. Sunshine's face transformed into a beaming grin at the sight. "Oh, she's so adorable!"

After that, it was pretty easy to convince Sunshine to give Rachel and Glee another shot; after all; women being bitchy for selfish reasons were a big no-no, but women that wanted the best to help their kids were solid forgiven pretty much everything.

The next day, Sunshine joined New Directions after a little difficulty. Apparently Vocal Adrenaline's new coach tried to recruit her, but she quickly declined because she'd been promised by a repenting Rachel that she could come over to our house and eat dinner and meet Caroline. Fortunately for us, 'cause I'd hate to see what Vocal Adrenaline would've been with her on their side…


A/N Please let me know what you think of this "second season" opener of sorts hehe. Did you all hate the name choice? Her middle name is still undecided… Thank you for all the reviews!

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