It All Started With Glee Club

Puck vents

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A/N Thanks for the reviews, I'm happy that no one completely hated Caroline's name and that you all seemed so supportive of me bringing Sunshine in. I just wanted to try something fresh; and I can't recall a story where I've read about her joining ND before so that's why I did it. Also, I think she's so adorable;) Well, enough chatting; here's the next installment!

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Having Sunshine in New Directions was something that changed a lot, and then again, it didn't change a damn thing at the same time.

Rachel was still the undisputed queen of Glee. Oh, don't get me wrong here; I knew that, although she'd come around a little and now liked Sunshine well enough, there was no way in hell she'd share the spotlight. I knew that, Rachel knew that and even Sunshine knew it and the most amazing thing about it all was that she totally accepted it. The only one that seemed to quite have figured it all out yet was Mr. Shue.

Grinning inwardly, I watched once more how he tried to get me and Sunshine a lead together; well, she had the lead and I was backing her up with my sweet harmonies, but whatever. Rachel protested vividly; oh she was way more polite while doing it these days; throwing in a sincere compliment towards Sunshine and me's talents, but she was still objecting.

While most of the other Gleeks rolled their eyes or groaned at once again being subjected to Rachel Versus Shuester battle number two thousand and seventy-three, I shared an amused look with Sunshine, who had started to develop this weird hero worship of Rachel. She had no intentions of becoming a big leading lady, as she said when we talked sometimes when she dropped by at home, going totally insane over the adorableness that was my kid.

She was way too prone to stage fright. She loved to sing and none of us (not even Rachel) denied that she was brilliant at it. But, fortunately for all of us, Sunshine wanted to be an actress and was more than happy to let Rachel hog the spotlight on stage (and off).

Finally, Mr. Shue practically growled at Rachel to go take her seat and I narrowed my eyes at him, 'cause teacher or not, nobody talked to my woman like that. I knew he was feeling down and all from losing his own woman to a dentist of all people, but still; messing with Rachel meant messing with me.

Mr. Shue noticed my stare and cleared his throat uncomfortably, clearly he got my unspoken message, 'cause he jumped into a huge speech about some old boring dude that seemed to get him as hot and bothered as Journey. It was disgusting to tell ya the truth…

I wasn't the only one thinking that, and to everyone's surprise it wasn't Rachel that tried to put a stop to Mr. Shue's middle-aged easy listening crap this time around; no, it was Kurt and he wanted us all to do Britney Spears songs. But then our very own Brittany turned out to hate that suggestion and since she didn't like it, neither did Santana and that was that. I didn't like the smug satisfied look on Shue's face though and sent him a scowl just 'cause I could.

When glee ended, I kissed Rachel before heading off to football practice; we'd gotten this awesome new coach. She looked like my great-uncle Vic, but I liked her and she was great at whipping our sorry ass team into shape. The new kid, Sam that had auditioned for Glee before chickening out was the new quarterback, and although I didn't know his style as well as I did Finn's, I could already feel that he was a good addition to the team.

Anyway, Coach Beiste (yeah, I'm not kidding on that one either) put us through hell at practice and I felt more dead than alive when I'd showered and drove home.

I smiled a bit when the thought hit me; I'd completely accepted the Berry's house as my home; it was way more homey than my childhood house had been. When I pulled up at the curve, I saw that Finn's car wasn't in the driveway and guessed that he'd decided not to show up today once again. He was a dumbass, I mean, I could never wait to get home to be with my family and he usually passed. I mean, fair is fair he loves his kid more than anything; he's almost as bad as I am with the picture stuff and he turns into a growling lion anytime someone says anything bad about Quinn or Eve; but he's just not that into the whole realism of it all. Dirty diapers, crying and barf are pretty much a given once you have a baby around.

Shaking off the thoughts of my best friend's actions, I got out of my truck and walked inside. There I immediately broke out into the biggest grin I could at the sight of Rachel sitting casually on the sofa next to Quinn as they both discreetly breastfed their girls. Quinn always fed Eve as soon as she came to pick her up before heading home; although most days she ended up eating dinner with all of us – just like old times.

I didn't even look at Quinn's admittedly more pronounced chest as I walked over to them; all my concentration was on the tiny brunette who'd looked up once she'd heard me come in, a smile as big as mine on her beautiful lips. "Hello Noah; I'm happy that that woman didn't force you to stay behind and lose even more of your precious free time."

Yeah, Rach didn't really like Coach Beiste and her habit of, you know, putting me through the wringer. If you ask me, I'd say it's 'cause it makes me so exhausted that sometimes I can't perform my duties in the sack if you catch my drift. I wanted to live though, so there's no way I'd ever say it out loud. Besides, no way I'd ever admit that I'd fallen asleep the other day when Rachel had sauntered into our bedroom in a kickass and boner guaranteed set of lingerie, only to have me fall asleep before she'd even touched my dick. It was embarrassing as hell.

I didn't reply to Rachel's comment, I just sat down next to her in the sofa, in-between her and Quinn. I leaned over and whispered a question about what excuse Finn had given this time and Rachel sighed a bit before murmuring back that he'd fallen behind on homework and that his mother had demanded that he didn't flunk this semester now that he had a child to support in the future.

Rolling my eyes, I made myself comfortable, promising myself that I'd beat some sense into Finn when we were alone next time. He really needed to sort out his priorities.

Casting a glance at Quinn, who was smiling softly down at Eve's suckling face; I saw the clear signs of her having cried earlier. "You okay?" I asked, putting my arm around both Rachel and her.

"Yeah; I'm just happy I've got you guys and Abe and Hiram too; that's all." She answered with a sigh without looking away from Eve.

"We ain't going anywhere," I promised and then she looked up at me.

"I know and even though I don't deserve it, I'm gonna take it. Thanks." Quinn's small smile turned teasing as she added, "stop looking at my chest, Puck."

Grinning, 'cause Rachel didn't' even flinch at my side, being totally secure in us these days, I just shrugged gently. "Well, I'm still a dude, so deal with it."

"Rachel?" Quinn didn't look at her best friend as she placed Eve's tiny form on her shoulder to burp her.

"Yes, Quinn?"

"Refuse sex tonight, okay?"


"Aw man, I'm gonna go find Abraham, 'cause you chicks are evil." I declared and swiftly got off the couch with a small kiss to Caroline's head.


The next couple of days were pretty normal; except for the fact that Miss Pillsbury showed up with her, and I quote several of the females in glee (and Kurt) here, "beefcake man meat." He lectured us all about good dental hygiene and then made us do something that showed if we had decent teeth.

Not. Hot. By the way. Especially, I'm sad to say, Rachel. She hid her face in my neck for the rest of Glee, refusing to meet anyone head on. Apparently, blue teeth were one embarrassment that she didn't want to be bullied about. I shrugged, and tried to cheer her up by fondling her a bit.

For some reason she totally didn't like it and slapped my hand away with a screech of outrage that could probably be heard all over the entire state. "Chillax, Babe," I held my smarting hand with my uninjured one; ever since the night Caroline had been born, and I'd gone caveman on a wall, my hand had been more brittle. At least that's the excuse I'm giving and not the fact that Rachel's slaps sting like a motherfucker.

"I will not, Noah," Rachel exclaimed, holding a hand up to her mouth, hiding the last remains of the blue crap that could still be seen a bit even after she'd brushed her teeth like crazy at the first chance she got after Glee ended for the day. "Your uncouth behavior is childish and not what I need to deal with at this point in time!"

"Fine," suddenly I was just sick; sick at being misunderstood all the time, tired of being around girls and tone myself down to a version that they found acceptable. "But at least there's someone in this relationship that's acting their age sometimes."

Frowning, Rachel forgot her bluish teeth long enough to place both her hands on her hips. "And what's that supposed to mean?"

There was a tiny part of me that tried to get the more dominant part of me to shut the fuck up, but I pushed it down and soldiered on, too irritated to mince my words like I usually did. "Well, for starters; we're teenagers. The way you prance around most days is something that my Grandma would find too old fashioned for her!"

Rachel gasped dramatically and then turned away with a huff, "I can't even speak to you when you're acting so immaturely." Her tone was harsh and full of indignation, but I'd caught the flash of hurt in her eyes just before she turned away and I already felt like a total douche.

"Rach; Baby, come on…" I trailed off when she didn't turn back around and disappeared around the corner.

"I guess somebody's ain't entering the lady berry tonight," Santana tossed over her shoulder as she passed me; her pinky finger hooked with Brittany, who was murmuring about some dentist appointment that she had later.

I didn't even have the energy to flip Santana off, 'cause I knew she was right. Instead, I trekked to my locker and grabbed my books for my last class and prepared myself for a very uncomfortable time at dinner once I got home.


A few days later, and some very sad nights where Rachel always turned her back to me in the bed despite all my attempts at apologizing, I'd just finished talking a bit with Finn about manning up and that changing diapers weren't the end of the world when I saw something that brought out two very conflicting feelings inside of me.

One was lust; pure and simple. The other was rapidly growing dread and I abandoned Finn halfway through him talking about being taught that all that boring stuff was something moms did.

I didn't pay him the least bit of attention; it was Rachel 2.0 that I had all my focus on at that moment. She was strolling down the hallway towards me in that sexy as hell Britney Spears costume from that video she once did when she was still pretending to be a virgin, twirling her fingers around her braid. I adjusted my hard-on before stepping in front of her, halfway through pulling my letterman jacket off to put it over her. She might not have a lot of boob action going on, but that didn't mean she could flaunt everything around like they didn't' belong to me!

"Hello Noah," she greeted me with a big smile. I froze, not entirely sure why she wasn't pissed anymore. She'd been glaring at me just this morning, giving me the silent treatment until Hiram drove her to her dentist appointment while I drove to school alone.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"Don't you like it? I feel it's more contemporary than some of my other wardrobe choices; to be quite honest, I had you pegged as being completely fond of my new clothes."

Her tone was slightly smug while her big brown eyes shined with fake innocence. Oh, so that's how she wanted to play it. Fine by me. All my guilt drained out of me and I just shrugged casually, playing it cool.

"You're hot no matter what you wear, Berry and you know it. But if you keep this up, I'm not gonna protect you from Jacob when and not if, he tries to rape you or something when nobody's looking."

Rachel's smile dimmed hearing that and I retook my jacket that she'd shrugged off her shoulders almost before I'd planted it on her. I bent forward and kissed her cheek and then walked to my next class, not looking back to check if she was watching me.

Later that day, I purposely paid her back tenfold after her silent treatment and sat as far away from her as I could, placing myself next to Mike and Tina, who was too preoccupied looking into each other's eyes to notice me. Ah, new love…

I gritted my teeth while everyone fucking fawned over Rachel's new look and I lost all my earlier animosity towards Mr. Shue when he finally agreed to do Britney Spears and quickly put us all to work.

The whole number fell to pieces when someone started fucking moaning with pleasure during our performance later and Coach Sylvester got injured when everyone tried fleeing the gym when some ass wipe pulled the emergency thing that told us all that something was seriously wrong and shit. Too bad she didn't break her fucking neck.

Yeah, okay, so I might have some bottled up emotions inside of me. Rachel and I had an unspoken pact that we acted normally at home; Caroline was our neutral ground, but other than that we still weren't really communicating. I'd gotten up the night before, when I suddenly couldn't stand lying next to her anymore without touching her and walked into the living room to crash on the couch. I haven't slept so badly since before we hooked up.

I was beginning to fear that our combined stubbornness was gonna do some major damage to our relationship if one of us didn't cave. And trust me, I'd have done so gladly, if it wasn't for that little fact that I'd done nothing but give in since she'd told me that she was pregnant. I was fucking sick of it. And to top it all off; I'd apologized like a gazillion times already. Enough was enough!

So, I took out all my anger on my football training. Coach Beiste even approached me at one time, telling me that too much wasn't that great and that I should relax. I nodded solemnly and then turned around and forced Azimo to do some tackling with me so I could get my aggression out in that way, completely disregarding Coach's words.

Sometime later; after the rest of the guys had showered and left, I was sitting in the locker room, still only wearing my towel, too wiped out to even get dressed after my own shower. I just wanted to go home and take Rach in my arms and force her to get over all of this emo crap so we could go back to before I'd opened my big mouth.

The sound of the locker room door opening; brought me back from my thoughts and I looked up, only to lock eyes with Rachel of all people. She was wearing this lumpy polka dotted dress and dark moccasins on her feet with long white knee socks. To me, she'd never looked hotter.

"Hey," she whispered, not looking away from me for once.

"Hi," I replied, not sure if I should get up or what; 'cause I wasn't exactly wearing much of anything.

"Can we talk?" she asked and continued when I'd nodded once. "I do not like us being in a disagreement, Noah. Truthfully, I think we've been through enough of that during my pregnancy. I'll admit that my reaction to your ill spoken comments was just as immature as what I accused you off, mere seconds before. And then-"

"I was a dick to you; you don't have to apologize," I interrupted, standing up slowly.

Rachel held up a hand, continuing with an intense look in her eyes that made my barely covered dick salute without hesitation, "Just promise me that you won't ever go to sleep without me by your side again; I felt so alone that I doubt you have any idea what it-"

"I know exactly how it feels," I growled and pounced on her, lifting her up and walking with her until we met a wall and then, sick and tired of talking, I crashed my lips on hers and all my earlier exhaustion vanished like it'd never been there in the first place.

My towel dropped and I'd just slammed into her slick, awaiting heat with a satisfied groan that she matched in my ear, when we were pulled out of our haze by a shocked gasp and the sound of Coach Beiste apologizing profusely and looking quite flustered from the one glimpse I caught of her before she fled the locker room. Then Rachel moved around me and I was pulled right back into our lust filled bubble and I finally understood why some people argued so much, 'cause damn, makeup sex is fucking awesome!


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