It All Started With Glee Club

Puck is a catalyst

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"Phew, Girl; you're so nasty. Do you know that?"


"Well, as long as you're aware of it, Stinky Pants." Grinning, I bent forward and picked up my giggling little girl, whose digestive system had just tried to kill me again. Damn, that's all I'll say about that.

I grabbed the diaper bag and slung it over my shoulder; not even caring about the non macho image I was portraying these days, before walking through the hallway to the choir room. There was a few stragglers standing in the hallways and those who'd known me before my relationship with Rach looked at me with widened eyes and their mouths hanging open.

I guess it was one thing to know that the Puckasaurus had procreated; it was another thing entirely to see it with your own eyes. Well, I say fuck 'em, 'cause I wasn't gonna hide my baby; I wasn't – ain't – ashamed of her one bit.

A few moments later, I arrived at the choir room and heard the familiar sounds of the Gleeks warming up; Rachel's voice rising clearly above the rest of them – although, I could spot Sunshine's voice too. I smirked inwardly, knowing that Rachel was both happy and a bit suspicious over the fact that someone was finally taking their warm ups as seriously as she did. And the rest of us, who had eyes only saw the slight hero worshipping that Sunshine had for Rach, making her want to impress her with her own capabilities.

It was pretty hilarious to watch as a matter of fact.

As I entered silently, I looked at Rachel, knowing without a doubt that she'd know Caroline was in her presence before anyone else. And I was right, I smirked – this time outwardly – when, a mere two seconds later, Rachel's eyes that had been closed with concentration at hitting the notes perfectly opened with a soundless snap and landed on Caroline's small form in my arms.

It was rare that we took our kid with us to the last glee practice of the week, but Hiram had called Rachel in the middle of her free period before glee and told her that the nanny was sick and couldn't stay longer today and he couldn't stay home from work because he was working on a big project that demanded all his attention and Abraham was away on business. Fifteen minutes later, Rachel had barreled unapologetically into my class to tell me the news, notified Quinn about Eve's impending arrival as well, dragged us outside to wait for her father so we could pick up Caroline and Eve.

And here we were. As I scanned the room, I spotted Finn standing by the piano with Eve, while Quinn was warming up, keeping her eyes locked on her daughter. In that moment, Mr. Shue stopped the warm-up, realizing that his lead singer's attention was wavering for once and in an instant, Rachel was by my side cooing dotingly at Caroline's toothless smile at seeing her Momma.

Suddenly, we were surrounded by the others, who were making silly faces and shit at Caroline; making her lips quiver at the onslaught of sound. "Hey, guys; I don't think that this is the most opportune environment for-" I heard Rachel politely try and get the others to respect the fact that crowding around a baby wasn't a good idea.

Naturally no one really paid attention to Rachel (other than Sunshine' who'd backed off immediately) and when I saw a flare of real, motherly anger brush over her face, as Mercedes and Santana both held up fingers to brush Caroline's cheeks, I straightened up and handed our girl to her and said with my usual ability to be firm and yet pretty polite at the same time.

"She told you to back the fuck up, go bother Finn instead."

Santana rolled her eyes and went back to the chairs; evidently not the least bit interested in the other baby present. Gotta admit my fatherly pride digged that and I sent my best friendemy a smirk. She flipped me off and turned to watch Brittany go bonkers over Eve's smiling little face.

Of course, as it happens, it got to be too much for the little girl and within moments she put up a wail that impressed my now sore ears. I lived with Rachel Berry, so I considered myself pretty knowledgeable – and somewhat immune - in all things containing noise.

Anyway, that's not important. What happened next is; Quinn went into Mother Mode and snatched Eve right out of Finn's arms, glaring hotly at him for allowing their kid to start crying in the first place before sitting down next to Rachel.

Finn rolled his eyes and walked over to the empty seat next to Mercedes and Kurt; not even bothering to argue with her. I frowned; this was not the guy that had panicked when Santana had threatened to ruin his relationship with Quinn; he sure as hell wasn't the guy that had promised - with tears in his eyes no less – to do everything he could to keep them both safe and happy in the delivery room.

Sneaking a glance at Quinn, I saw that she was fighting tears and she had trouble calming down Eve. I leaned over and scooped up the baby, happy that Eve didn't object in the least. Within seconds, she'd stopped fussing and had closed her eyes to sleep.

I could feel Finn's eyes burn into my back and I'm willing to bet a whole ass of money that he was now the one glaring at Quinn.

When class ended, I was putting the sleeping baby into the baby carrier that Quinn had placed on Brad's piano while Rachel went out to the truck to breastfeed in a more private setting. In the background, I heard what I'd been expecting for a good while now.

"What do you think you're playing at? Taking Drizzle away from me and then with no problem at all, handing her over to Puck. I mean, he's got his own baby."

Finn's tone was accusatory and almost a shout. I pretended I couldn't hear a thing, but slowed down my movements so that I didn't have to leave Quinn alone just yet. Also, this way I could jump in when she snapped, 'cause I had no doubts that it was heading in that direction.

And, sure enough, Quinn's tone was icy when she replied and full of what could only be months of resentment and exhaustion. "Yeah, he's got his own child; but unlike you, he's not afraid to do his share of the work."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Finn was shouting now, sounding defensive and angry.

"You've changed one diaper, Finn. One," Quinn held up a finger to drive her point home completely. "You've fed her three times since we left the hospital. Whenever she cries and is a genuine pain, you hand her over to the nearest person around. You're not a father, Finn; you're a damn playmate. And I'm sick of letting you act your age and blow us off with the lousiest excuses possible, just so you can play on your computer and hang out with your friends!"

"I have a right to live my life," Finn objected loudly, sounding indignant and hurt.

I held my breath for the oncoming explosion, 'cause, Man that was a stupid thing to say.

"You have responsibilities! I haven't had a night for myself since Eve was born; the only people that I can stand to be around are the Berry family – and Puck because he doesn't promise things he can't deliver. He's a real dad, doing his share of the work!"

"Well, if he's so great then I guess you're heartbroken that he wasn't the father! Sorry that you acting like a slut didn't pay off in the end! "

I'd spun around to, I don't know; kick the dude's ass for those remarks, but Quinn beat me to it. She pulled back her clenched hand and slammed it into Finn's face with all her might. I'm thinking the punch was full of all those months of bottled up feelings too, 'cause Finn actually faltered a bit backwards, holding his hands up to cup his aching nose.

"We're so over," she exclaimed in a low, cold voice that would've made my dick shrivel up if it'd been directed at me. "Have your mother call me to set up some visitation schedule for Eve. She's the only one that seems to honestly appreciate how wonderful my little girl is. Quit standing around like an idiot, Puck and let's go."

I handed the baby carrier to Quinn and walked out without a word, while hearing Finn's now shocked voice begging her to stop behind me. She didn't react and kept on going with a stony expression on her face.

Rachel frowned at our arrival, no doubt sensing that I was treading on some major eggshells. She watched in silence as Quinn pulled out her cell phone and called her mother to tell her that she was spending the night at our place. Then she made sure Eve was still sleeping peacefully, glancing at the carrier where Caroline was doing the same and then she turned to Rachel, took a deep breath and burst out into tears.

I just drove us all home in silence, knowing that this was something that my better half could deal with a hell of a lot better than me.


I spent the weekend trying not to annoy Rachel and Quinn, who were spending most of their time together and, according to Rach, "tried to salvage Quinn's wounded spirit before it vanished completely."

They talked and talked and cried and talked some more. At one point I walked into Rach's (and now mine) bedroom to change clothes after mowing the big ass lawn, only to be firmly shown the door by both girls. It was aggravating as hell, but I didn't dare complain, 'cause on one hand I kindda got why Quinn was so upset.

What neither female knew was that I'd gone to Finn's (and Kurt's I guess) house early Saturday morning to try and talk some sense into him. And maybe, kick his ass a little bit for his stupid comments – I still wasn't entirely over that you know…

It had been Carol who'd opened the door. She'd smiled halfheartedly at me; her feelings towards me had suffered a bit since she found out that I'd had sex with Quinn while she was in a relationship with her son.

"Finn home?" I drawled, trying to charm her like I used to do when I wanted some of her sweet banana bread.

"He's not feeling all that well," Carol replied, but opened the door a bit more, "I hope you can cheer him up a little. I'm gonna be late for work so have a nice day, Puck."

I just nodded and made my way to my best friend's room. Only, I wasn't really all that sure that the guy was my best friend anymore. Sure, he'd been there for me when Rachel had been in the hospital (both times) but lately, he had been acting weird and pretty irresponsible.

I didn't bother knocking on the door before I went in and fortunately for me, he wasn't in the middle of…well, jacking off or something like that. He just looked up from the picture book he'd gotten from the ever organizing Rachel, full of pictures of Eve and Quinn. I had one just like it; only difference was that it was full of pictures of Rach and Caroline.

"Hey Man," I greeted and sat down next to him on the bed. "Wanna talk about why you acted like a total douche towards your girl?"

Finn rolled his eyes, "Look, I'm not perfect okay. I love Drizzle, you know I do, but I'm just sick and tired of all those expectations Quinn's got for me. I'm just a kid too, you know. I'm not…well, you and it pisses me off that I'm suddenly the bad guy here because I suck at that gross baby stuff. I thought it would be enough to just love and cherish my kid and-"

"And what?" I interrupted, crossing my arms over my chest in an attempt to not smack him upside of the head, "the kid would just magically take care of herself and voila that'd be that? Sure it's important to love your kid, I know that more than anyone, but you chose, along with Quinn, to keep that little girl in your lives and that means you have a responsibility to her before anyone else. Whether you like it or not, Finn; you're not a kid anymore."

Finn looked dejected, hurt, defensive and angry at the same time. "I wasn't expecting this you know. I mean, she doesn't even smile at me anymore. She's all cold and tired and we've only had sex once since she gave birth…all she does is nag and moan about me not doing enough, she keeps bringing you and Rachel up to compare us and it's frustrating. I don't like the icky stuff; I can't help it but she doesn't understand. I'm tired, Puck."

"I get it, Dude," I slapped him on the back; maybe a little harder than required, 'cause he flinched a bit but who cares about that, "but consider this for a sec; if you're tired from not really doing any of the actual work; how do you think Quinn is doing?"

Finn didn't meet my gaze at my question and he turned his attention towards a picture of him holding Eve, while Quinn was smiling sweetly up at him, clearly showing that she hadn't lost her hopes for them yet.

"I don't wanna talk about it anymore," he finally said after a long moment of silence, "you're supposed to be my best friend, but you're totally on Quinn's side. Go back to Rachel and stop trying to act like you're so much better than me."

I got up and sighed. "I was actually trying to be a good friend to you, Finn. I just hope you won't lose out too much by being a stubborn ass." Then I left just as abruptly as I'd come.

Safe to say, I wasn't really looking forward to going to school Monday morning. Quinn had gone home to her mom's place late the previous evening, so I'd spent some time reaffirming to Rachel that I wasn't going anywhere and well…I was beat.

Anyway, I quickly lost all my thoughts about Finn for a time when I heard that Mr. Hummel, Kurt's dad had been rushed to the hospital and the doctors weren't sure if he'd make it.

Honestly, sometimes it's like my life is a fucking soap opera. One drama can't end before another begins. But I shook off the feeling and the glee club spent the next few days trying their damndest to cheer up Kurt. Things got even worse, 'cause suddenly Finn discovered religion and tried to put more focus on Jesus or whatever.

I was truly sorry for Kurt and all, but there's no way in hell I'm abandoning my Jew God so I spoke up – quickly parroted by Rachel and that put an end to that. Of course, Coach Sylvester got involved too, to stop any and all music about religion.

When the rest of the club found out that Kurt had actually orchestrated her involvement, I have to say I'm not proud of my fellow Gleeks. Some said that she was only doing it to be a pain, but I'd caught the look of genuine compassion on her otherwise emotionless face, so I didn't say anything. I mean, if it's okay to have a religion, why isn't it okay to not have one?

Fortunately, Kurt's dad woke up, so before long I could breathe easy again. Finn stopped praying to a damn sandwich, the rest of the Gleeks started remembering that Kurt was actually hurting and didn't need their shit and Rachel pointed out that it was so fortunate that we were both Jewish so we completely avoided such religious altercations regarding Caroline.

Crisis over in regards to Kurt and his dad, I resumed my project and once again tried getting through to Finn that even though I didn't understand his reluctance to take real care of his kid, then I was still his friend. Hell, I even helped him by borrowing him some of my spare shorts from my locker when that old Jesus sandwich gave him the runs (I've kept extra clothes in my locker ever since I started dating the most slushied individual at McKinley).

But to be fair, I think my laughing my ass off during the whole ordeal might not have helped matters - nor the fact that I texted about it to Mike, who told Tina, who told Mercedes, who told…well, everyone. But on the bright side, Quinn kept glaring daggers at me when she realized that I'd embarrassed her ex so I think there's still hope between them…


A/N Just wanted to point out that I've skipped a bit over the religious talk from the "Grilled Cheesus" episode, because I find that nothing brings out discussions like religion. So I hope I haven't offended anyone with what was mentioned – but fair is fair; most of it was actually on the show;) Please take a moment to comment, it'd be greatly appreciated!

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