It All Started With Glee Club

Puck gets on firstname basis

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The next morning was pretty much the first day in years that I hurried to school. I'd made plans with Berry to meet up with her in the choir room for a chance to talk some more. Thank fuck my mom wasn't home or I'm pretty sure she'd have had a stroke or some shit.

Yawning so wide that I could hear my jaw complain, I walked into the choir room and immediately Berry jumped up from her place by the piano and turned towards me. I quickly scanned her from top to bottom, lingering a bit at her boobs. What? I wanted to see if they'd started to grow yet.

"Noah, thank you for coming," Berry's clipped tone of voice told me that she'd definitely noticed my wandering eyes. I shrugged mentally and looked into her eyes with a smirk plastered on my lips.

"You have no idea how you're setting yourself up for some crudeness are you? Coming? It really was my pleasure Babe." I grinned a moment later, when she seemed to finally realize what I was talking about and crossed her arms over her chest. Again, I couldn't help remembering that the blush covering her cheeks could go a lot further down her body, but I forced the image out of my mind like a fucking champion.

"Your crude remarks aside, I'm happy that you seem to be so willing to discuss this whole thing, I'm still completely confused to be honest."

Argh shit, why is it that every time I look into those dark eyes of hers, I get this weird urge to make her feel better? I ran a hand through my 'hawk and sat down next to her on one of the chairs. "I just need to know what you're planning. I'll…err," Damn I hated to sound like such a pussy, "I'll support you whatever you decide."

To my surprise, Berry didn't immediately launch into one of her huge lectures about why she should either keep or get rid of the baby. Instead, she kept her eyes trained on mine, and I once again noted to myself that her eyes were actually sort of beautiful. After a long minute, she finally spoke quietly, "Thank you Noah. I needed to hear that."

We fell into a somewhat comfortable silence. I had no idea what else to say. After I'd called her last night and pretty much told her, I'd come through for her, I had no plans for the next step. And there was also that tingling speck of guilt inside of me that reminded me of Quinn's situation. Did I tell Berry?

"What do we do now?" The words left my lips before I even had a chance to think about it.

Berry sighed heavily next to me, "Well, I suppose I'll have to tell my dads'. And then help you tell your mom, I guess."

There was this flare of something inside of me, something that I couldn't name; other than the fact that I was freakishly relieved that she seemingly had no problems with admitting that the kid inside of her was mine too. "Yeah," I agreed when she looked at me with questions in her eyes.

"Although," Berry bit her lip for a second and then continued, "I do think we should keep this to ourselves for the time being. I just don't want to announce it yet. I mean, what if principal Friggins will cancel glee due to not only one, but two teenage pregnancies in the club? I have no intention of creating more havoc in our day to day lives."

Figures, she'll be hung up on Glee, I thought and debated inwardly whether to comment on the way she had her priorities set, but first I had to fight off this growing anger inside me. I didn't want to hide anything that had to do with my kid. I wasn't ashamed and the more I thought about it the more I wondered if maybe, despite her words, Berry was embarressed about having my spawn.

"Don't look at me like that," Berry's unnaturally quiet voice halted my swirling emotions and I blinked back to the present. I felt shock run through my entire body when she added intently, "I do not have any intention of hiding my child's father for any other reason than I would like to act as though I am not pregnant for as long as possible to keep my current activities up. Now more than ever, I'll need a good GPA and all that. I'll have to finish school and still be accepted onto a college that will lead me to my inevitable way to stardom. Also, the better grades the better the chances of getting into a place where I'll still be able to manage having my child with me. And you will obviously need a decent plan yourself for when the baby comes because your assistance will be paramount."

How is it that this tiny female just somehow gets a read on me without even trying? I was floored that she'd somehow read my state of mind and then effortlessly cut through all my insecurities, reminding me that she had way more to deal with than me. Unlike me, she'd always had a future and now, instead of making sure that our baby would simply turn into a nice, clean abortion, so she could keep that path in her life, she was already making plans on how to keep the child and create a new future.

"You're kind of awesome, Berry," I whispered in the following silence.

Berry shrugged with a wry smile on her lips and I couldn't help but ask, "What?"

"You know," she replied getting to her feet when the warning bell rang, "considering that you and I have something that will undoubtedly keep us in each other's lives from now on; you should probably get used to saying my first name. It's Rachel, in case you've forgotten. Raaacheeelll."

Who knew Crazy Berry had humor? I think I'm losing my mind. I'm serious; look up dumbfounded in the dictionary and there's gonna be a picture of me with my jaw hanging open.

"Fine. As you wish, Rachel." I conceded a moment later; with a smirk that I had a feeling was closer to a smile than I'd want to admit out loud. "I'll see you later."

Berry nodded and beamed that big ass smile at me again, like I'd just saved her fluffy kitten out of a tree, and I was overcome with a rush of something that I didn't really want to examine too closely and quickly made my way to the first class of the day.


I strolled into class feeling pretty damned good. Okay, so my life was sort of in the crapper and I had way too many future issues to deal with, but still; I was feeling good because Berry…No, Rachel, wanted my help and she didn't even sound doubtful that I'd give her some decent help.

Of course, my mood soured a bit when I scanned the room and locked eyes briefly with Quinn. She was downright scowling at me, like she could sense that I wasn't down at that particular moment and that it was like a personal offence to her. Like I said, Quinn's a total bitch. Hot, but not exactly the warmest person out there.

I swallowed a smug smirk when the memory of her thrashing on all fours in front of me flashed through my mind. I'd at least cracked some of her perfect façade that night and made sure she loved every minute of it. Hell yeah.

My gaze slid past Quinn's and landed on Finn's open face and immediately all my smugness evaporated into thin air. I really shouldn't be even halfway proud of making Quinn submissive to me; she wasn't mine to begin with and, no matter how fucking lame it sounded, I'd betrayed the Bro's before Ho's code.

"Yo Puck, what's up Dude? Didn't expect you here so early!" Finn yelled in greeting and I just shrugged, because there's no way in hell I'd tell him the real reason I was on time for school for the first time in…well, probably ever.

I wasn't the least bit ashamed to admit that I was the one who'd put a bun in Rachel Berry's oven, but there was this weird little part of me that still remembered just how much Finn kindda digged my baby's momma and I really didn't want him involved in Rachel's pregnancy. Hell no.

Besides, I tried to tell myself as I merely raised a mocking eyebrow at my best friend and plumped into a seat next to Santana and her best friend, Brittany, he's already got one future momma to deal with. I'm not gonna let him waltz in and be a fucking knight in armor to Rachel too.

And if there was something within me that just really didn't want to see that star struck look in Rachel's eyes the moment Finn entered the picture, I just shut that down and focused on other stuff instead to pass the day. Like the way Santana and Brittany had that glow about them that made it totally obvious that they'd fooled around before class.



It was finally time to get to glee club and I had no fucking clue as to how I should act around them all – especially Berry, no Rachel…No Berrynote to self, figure out what you and your normally so awesome mind are gonna call her.

Suddenly, as I was opening the door that I'd opened just that morning, I was overwhelmed with these images of how'd I'd walk into that room, sit next to Berry and she'd squeal something about pre natal vitamins and things would just catapult into disaster from there. Casual my ass.

When I eventually did manage to enter the room, I was basically ignored. Total anticlima or whatever it's called; it wasn't what I'd expected.

Berry didn't even look at me; she was busy staring holes into Mr. Shue's back while he was talking animatedly with Finn. I'm guessing, the curly haired teacher had somehow (yet again) managed to get on Rachel's bad side.

I noticed that the pregnant Jew had placed herself in the last chair on the end and the chair next to her was possessed by Artie, who was busy staring longingly into Tina's hair. I repressed the urge to push the handicaple kid out of the way so I could sit down next to Berry and make damn sure that she wouldn't stress out or anything during the next hour. Instead, I settled down in my usual seat in the back.

A few minutes later, Mike sat down next to me and after mumbling a tired greeting, he leaned his head backwards and pretty much zoned out.

I would usually follow suit and only get off my ass to dance or sing whenever the mood hit me, but today I couldn't act quite as relaxed as I wanted to. I kept sending these glances in Rachel's direction and I didn't know whether to be amazed over the fact that she seemed exactly like herself, or annoyed that she seemed exactly like herself.

"I thought you were over Manhands," Santana's sneering comment caught my attention a little while later and I turned and looked at her. Unbeknownst to me, she'd taken the available seat on my right while I was thinking to myself.

"Shut the fuck up, San," I ordered quietly, looking around to see if anyone had heard her comment. No one was supposed to know that things were different, I'd sort of agreed to that just earlier that morning.

"Uh touchy," Santana mocked, not looking at me as she kept filing her nails with practiced ease. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say your little thing together made you actually like her. I'm not sure I'm okay with that."

I rolled my eyes. I didn't want to remind her that she had no claim over me; hell, the slutty cheerleader had dumped me over my credit. "Not in the mood today," I informed her and promptly turned to Mike.

I heard Santana's hiss behind me, but luckily for me it didn't evolve into something nasty like I knew she was capable off. Ignoring the Latina, I unceremoniously punched Mike's arm and he stumbled gracelessly to the floor. "Whoa Man, not cool." He groaned and sat down again with bleary eyes blinking rapidly. "I've been up way too many hours right now. I'm still halfway drunk so let me sleep it off, all right?"

Grinning, I made it my mission to torment my buddy. Not only did I know for a fact ( that's a memory I'm not too keen on reliving, by the way) that he'd do the same to me, but prodding Mike like this, made me forget about everything.

At least until Quinn suddenly jumped up from her seat and ran from the room with a hand placed in front of her mouth. I heard Kurt and Mercedes mutter excitedly in front of me, but for some reason my eyes went to Rachel. I held my breath, she was looking a bit green, but thankfully she didn't barf.

A few minutes later, Quinn came back and Finn stood up and embraced her briefly before leading her back to her seat. Quinn leaned her head on his broad shoulder and looked way more content, more human, than I'd ever seen her. Finn's expression was so open that I had no doubt in my mind that the kid inside Quinn was gonna be spoiled and happy.

I felt a flare of something akin to jealousy. People knew that they were having a kid (maybe mine, but let's not think about that for a change) and I couldn't resist looking down at Berry.

Oddly enough, she was looking straight at me too and I could swear for a moment her face showed the same yearning that I'm pretty sure I'd just revealed. And for a second, I suddenly wanted nothing more than to walk down to her and place my arm around her shoulder and let her lean on me the same way Quinn did on Finn.

Rachel looked away from me before I could figure out whether or not that freaked me the fuck out. Why do I have the feeling that things are about to be way more complicated than ever?

"All right everybody," Mr. Shue called for attention with an excited smile, and I was actually so relieved to be doing something other than think for a change that I jumped at the chance to participate for once.


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