It All Started With Glee Club

Puck gets really sick

I don't own Glee or any of its franchise. If I did, don't you think PR would be Endgame?

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"I must say, Noah that I'm truly impressed over your willingness to attend school despite your obvious lack of good health at the moment. Although, I feel that you're only doing it to prevent Caroline's second meeting with the common cold, so I must tell you that the chances of you passing it on to her only increases after being around so many individuals here and-"

"Babe," I held up a hand, while forcing back the shivers that just seemed to pop up whenever I moved, "stop; there's no way this is anything else than a small bug. I mean, I felt fine yesterday and I even choked down one of those nasty ass health smoothies that you and Hiram insist on brewing every morning."

Rachel looked at me, her eyes narrowed like she was figuring me out. Well, I felt like shit and my stomach hurt like hell but I still thought it was just a 24 hour bug and although I'd rather die than admit it, I kindda liked going to school these days. I liked that I could spend so much time with my girl without seeming like a total pussy.

I sent her a smile, trying to convey that I felt fine. It seemed to work a little, 'cause Rachel smiled back and pecked my cheek, making me promise to not sit in any drafty areas during classes. Nodding, I watched her walk to one of her numerous AP classes and then turned to walk to the nearest restroom to splash some cold water in my face, 'cause I felt awful; my stomach hurt and I was nauseous and just feeling like it be better to find a bed in the nurse's office and sleep the whole thing off.

Ten minutes later, after I'd talked myself out of skiving off class, I all but stumbled into my first class and immediately placed my aching head on my arms as I dozed off. Next thing I knew, I was being shaken awake and I blinked dazedly up at Kurt.

"Class ended five minutes ago; just thought you'd wanna know so Miss Diva doesn't find out you're and I quote her here, "not doing your best to uphold your scholastic achievements." Or something," Kurt finished with a small smile.

I forced myself to return the smile, realizing as I did it that I hadn't really seen Beyonce smile properly for a while. I mean, sure, he and Rach belted out a kickass sounding duo a few days ago, but still, he seemed sad, so the least I could do was not be a dick towards him all the time.

Fifteen minutes later, I entered P.E, jogging halfheartedly over to the guys that I used to… well you know, like. Azimo was chatting with some of the other football guys; he sent me a scathing look when I reached them, stopping next to Karofsky.

I got a confused look from Mike, who was standing over in the other end of the gym, but I just shrugged away his look and faked a smirk, 'cause honestly I could barely walk this far; there was no way in hell I was gonna go all the way over to him.

"You don't look so great Man," Dave's voice interrupted my stare at Mike, who'd long ago turned to chat amiably with Sam.

I turned my head a fraction to find David Karofsky actually looking somewhat concerned at me. "Dude, I'll always look better than you."

"Fuck off," Dave grinned briefly, oddly enough reminding me of Kurt for some reason. Then Dave looked away to answer something Azimo asked him and it came to me. He too looked like he hadn't really smiled in ages. I mean, sure, the dude always grinned and smiled whenever he threw a slushie or some shit like that (although, those hadn't been seen so often lately in his hands; he usually let Azimo do the deed), but his eyes never truly seemed like he was enjoying himself.

What happened next completely put Dave's mood or whatever out of my mind, 'cause Azimo decided to act like a total ass as was his usual M.O.

"Yo Puck, I saw Berry earlier, nice to see that her being a slut didn't ruin that kickass body. Now you just need to train the girl to speak like a real chick. Shouldn't be so hard though, being a teenage mom and stuff; she seems like she'd love to act like a whore all the time and-"

I pounced on my former friend and bully accomplice before he could finish his insults; so full of burning rage that all my earlier weakness disappeared momentarily. I managed to swing once, but even though I wasn't feeling anything other than pain, I couldn't lie about the fact that my strength was way below my normal standards. And Azimo wasn't exactly a little dude.

I'd cracked his right eyebrow so he looked like a fucking mess once he recovered from my punch and returned the favor. I managed to dodge his first attack, but then he feinted a move and struck my stomach with all his linebacker power and I doubled over, coughing up blood and wheezing for air that just didn't want to come.

All of this had taken nothing more than a few seconds, so no one but Dave had reached our side yet and him being a bit smarter than the rest of his so called friends, stayed out of the fight itself so he could give statement to what had happened. Although I very much doubted he'd tell the whole truth, 'cause he was like me in the aspect of always protecting his friends.

But nothing of that really mattered to me at that point in time; no, I was not getting better as my classmates and our gym teacher finally reached us. I kept gasping and wincing and suddenly, I started puking up a mix between that nasty smoothie Rach had assured me was actually good for me and blood.

It hurt like hell; never in my life had puking hurt so much and I knew that something was very wrong when I still couldn't really breathe.

"Puck!" Mike's concerned voice reached me as I kept trying to breathe.

"Dude, he looks kindda blue," one of Azimo's friends muttered, sounding scared.

"…fuck sake! He's supposed to be our friend, Jackass!" Dave growled behind me, probably to Azimo, who I could vaguely see out of the corner of my eye, looking both defensive and very scared of the way his punch caused me to react.

"Puckerman, look at me!" A stern voice pulled me out of my growing fear and I obeyed, 'cause one always obeyed Sue Sylvester's commands if you wanted to live.

She seemed unusually serious, looking into my eyes, seeming like my increasingly bloody state was entirely normal for her. "Breathe slowly; in and then out."

I tried, by God I tried, but it hurt and I couldn't focus, starting to panic. My mind began pulling out images of Rachel and Caroline; oh shit, who was gonna take care them if I died? I didn't want to die, I couldn't die here!

Choking out Rachel's name like a lovesick pussy, and probably looking like a fucking loser, I tried to stand up, but fell back to the floor with a mute groan. Black spots danced in my vision and I stared up at Coach Sylvester, still frantically trying – and failing – to breathe; her lips moved but all sound was gone and then people started parting behind her and I caught a glimpse of a anxious looking Rachel hurrying towards me before everything turned dark and I remember thinking that now I didn't have to time to help Quinn as I'd promised.


It was the sunlight in my face that woke me up; I blinked, totally surprised that I wasn't dead. And then I took a deep breath, enjoying that my ability to take in air had returned. It still hurt in my stomach, but it was nowhere near as painful as it had been, so I figured I was doing okay.

My change in breathing revealed my now awake state and a second later, Rachel was sitting next to me and that's when I realized I was in the hospital. "Rach," I whispered, happy to see the person I cared most for in the whole world.

"Oh Noah," she murmured, stroking my cheek softly as though she feared I would break. I remembered doing the same to her when she'd been the one lying in a hospital bed and I tried to make her see that I was fine again.

"I'm fine, Babe. It barely hurts anymore."

"You could've died," Rachel completely ignored my efforts; wiping a stray tear from her eye as she spoke. That brought my attention to the fact that she looked like crap. Her hair was uncombed and she was wearing the same clothes that she'd worn when I'd last seen her, although it looked rumbled and nowhere near as neat as was her usual preference.

"Noah, I don't tell you this often enough, but I truly love you. And also," Rachel added, wiping another tear away, "you're not allowed to die before me. I know that my personal life could increase in popularity if I'd lost you and went with the heartbroken image, but I'd rather be the most unpopular person for the rest of my life then lose you. I love you so much."

"Baby," I hesitated; it dawned on me that I might have been as close to death as my panicked state of mind thought just before I passed out and suddenly I was dying (no pun intended) to know what the hell happened.

Rachel must have seen the question in my eyes 'cause she started to fill in the blanks with a soft tone in her voice that made my heart ache in sympathy for her. "Apparently, you didn't have a 24-hour bug as we expected, nor a remnant of Caroline's cold passed on to you. It seems as though you had appendicitis and when that cretin, Azimo hit you hard in the stomach it perforated and…well, it turned pretty bad from there."

It seemed like Rachel couldn't really bear to think about what had happened in great detail, but I managed to get her to tell me that it had been three days since I'd had my operation and that, evidently, I'd had some kind of bad reaction to the narcotics on top of everything else and that's why I'd just not woken up until now.

Fuck, it'd been a close call indeed…

I looked over at Rachel who was still staring at me like I was the most interesting thing she'd ever laid her eyes on. Again, I remembered feeling like I shouldn't – couldn't – look away from Rach when she'd just woken up after her stint in the hospital, half afraid that she'd be gone if I even blinked.

"Come here, Rach," I demanded gently, lifting away my covers and shifting as much as I could to the side of the small bed.

"It really isn't appropriate-" Rachel began, but I cut her off and told her to get the fuck in, 'cause the air was cold on my barely covered dick and I didn't really like the feeling.

Slowly, and very carefully, Rachel climbed into bed with me and that's how my mother found us twenty minutes later.

She stood in the doorway and stared down at Rachel's now sleeping form next to me. It was clear to me that my girl hadn't slept since I'd been under the knife and I had no doubt that she'd taken care of Caroline simultaneously, eager for some connection with me to keep her sane while she waited for me to recover.

"She's sleeping," I informed the woman that had given birth to me coolly, "if you're gonna yell or shit like that, I'd prefer that you come back when Rach's not here."

"Noah," Ma began hesitantly, "I just wanted to see how you were. Your doctor told me you'd woken up. I'm not assigned to you but one of the other nurses told me I could take her job for the day.

Huh, so she'd quit drinking long enough to get her old nursing job back. A part of me was thrilled that my mother seemed to be getting back to normal. The rest of me didn't really care one way or another 'cause I had my own family to take care off now.

"I was here the day they brought you in." Ma informed me, "I hope you never have to experience your own kid being rolled past you on a gurney, covered in blood and who knows what else as doctors are trying to save her life."

"Yeah, me too," I acknowledged, not even letting the horrifying image of Caroline in such a state reach my mind.

"I'd like to apologize more sincerely for everything too," Ma blurted out as she stepped closer, picking up my chart on the end of the bed. "I haven't been the best mom in the world; but I'm getting better and I would really love if you and I could mend some fences. I've been visiting your sister and if things keep progressing as they're doing, I'm gonna get her home within a few months."

"I'm not moving out of the Berry house," I began, but my mother held up a hand.

"I know; and after seeing the way they all care about you, I wouldn't dream of it either. Besides, your place is with Rachel and your little girl. She's truly a beautiful child."

I frowned, wondering how in the hell Ma had seen Caroline, but again, my eyes gave me away and I got my explanation.

"Rachel wasn't handling your hospitalization very well; no one could get her to leave and she was almost hysterical until Abraham brought your little girl to her. Hiram's sitting out in the waiting room with her as we speak. She seems like a happy child; I haven't touched her if you're wondering about that. Even if I didn't think that I don't deserve it, Rachel and her dads are more ferocious than I'd care for and I don't think I'd be alive after asking to hold my grandchild."

I looked down at a deeply sleeping Rachel before looking back up at my mother. "If you keep this mature act up and keep being a good mother for Hannah, we'll talk about letting you meet Caroline properly some day."

"Thank you, Noah," Ma looked so relieved that I had to swallow a lump of something, 'cause despite everything, it's really hard not to love one's mother.

"Could you go and get Hiram and Caroline in here, please? I need to see her."

Ma nodded and walked out and a few minutes later, Hiram practically ran into the room, holding a sleeping Caroline in his arms. His eyes lit up once he saw me awake and then he freaked me the hell out by starting to cry and mutter something about his happiness at seeing me alive.

I smiled, 'cause crazy as it seemed, Rachel's dads had become my parents too and I loved them as much as they loved me. "I'm gonna be fine Hiram," I said and reached up a hand to pat him on the arm that wasn't carrying my daughter. That really set him off and he started weeping with joy and promised that I would get the best care available until my recovery.

There were days when I doubted Rachel had come from either of her dads, not seeing the similarity. Today was not one of those days and I was totally okay with having a forty two year old man slobbering all over me 'cause unlike some people, like Azimo, I was no longer a victim of my popularity and fuck was I happy about that.


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