It All Started With Glee Club

Puck is told a secret

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A/N This chapter is pretty talkative so be warned. Enjoy!


A few days later, I was finally allowed to go home and although I gotta admit to milking the whole being sick and stuff, I was itching to get some of my normal routines back.

Which is why, five days later, I was exiting Abraham's car right after Rachel, who'd insisted quite firmly that I wasn't permitted to drive yet due to a slim chance of me relapsing. If you ask me, I think she just wanted to be able to sit next to me without worrying about distracting me from the traffic, 'cause my baby loved the not so casual touch every now and again, if you know what I mean.

It was pretty weird being back to be honest. First thing I noticed was the stares; normally, I was used to the stares that came from both being a bad ass motherfucker and you know…Rachel Berry's boyfriend, but it was the first time I recalled seeing genuine sympathy in their eyes. Hell, they were even sparing a few non mocking glances for Rachel, something which seemed to confuse her more than please her.

The teachers were surprisingly lenient on me too and I guess it comes with almost dying so I didn't let it go to my head, reminding myself that sooner rather than later they'd resume their "make Puckerman realize he's a stupid individual- deal".

When it was time for glee to start, I had had enough of being treated like an invalid. Sure, I was pretty much unable to do much of anything, but I was ready to get back to normal as smoothly as I could.

Only, as it turned out, it was gonna be one of those weird days again where Mr. Shue was planning something retarded. Everyone gasped with varying degrees of joy and surprise when he announced we'd be doing Rocky Horror for the school's musical, but I knew that the only reason he was making us do that crap had something to do with the fact that I'd caught Miss Pillsbury humming, 'Timewarp' during that brief counseling session she'd roped me into when she'd spotted me walking carefully by her earlier in the day.

Evidently, me almost dying had earned me a full on 'if you saw the light, just remember it'll still be there later'- session. Insert mocking eye roll here, please.

Anyway, Rachel immediately volunteered herself for the role of some chick named Janet and was about to make me be someone called, Brad, but then she seemed to hesitate, obviously remembering that I couldn't really participate in the whole thing. For the first time, I was stoked, 'cause I was not looking forward to doing some lame ass musical.

Only, as it turned out, it wasn't exactly a normal, boring musical. According to the brief summary, Rachel threw at me in-between the other Gleeks being casted, it was pretty cool and there was even a she-male in it and everything.

I tuned back in to the conversation, once I heard Newbie proclaim that he wasn't ashamed of his body and cursed inwardly. If I'd known it was gonna be a thing where I got to show off my incredible bod, I'd have waited with the whole almost dying crap. You know, if it had been possible and all…

As the class progressed, I had to admit to feeling pretty drained and a little bit nauseous. I'd lost my appetite after my operation and it hadn't really returned yet so I was weaker than I'd like to acknowledge – even to myself. Instead, I got up and caught Rach's attention in-between her almost directing Finn as this Brad dude.

She took one look at me and paled, evidently, she still feared that I'd drop dead in front of her, so I hurried to explain, "Rach, I'm just more tired than I thought I'd be. So…Uhm, I'm gonna head down to the nurse's office and take a little nap, okay?" Fuck off, I wasn't asking for her permission…I wasn't!

"I'll come too," Rachel said, already grabbing her trolley, but I shook my head.

"Babe, I'm fine, just tired. Come get me when it's time to head home okay. Oh, that reminds me," I added, looking over her shoulder to look at Mr. Shue, who was watching Mike with a smug smirk playing on his lips. "Shue, I'm taking a break, not skipping class."

The curly haired teacher just nodded, apparently since I couldn't really participate in his musical, I wasn't worth much to him at the moment. That was fine by me, as long as I'd be able to get some sleep soon.

I bent down and kissed Rachel briefly on the lips, took her by her shoulders and turned her around to face a confused looking Finn, who was listening to Sunshine explaining the play to him in as simple terms as she could. "Enjoy yourself, Berry."

I exited the choir room and started making my way down the hall to the nurse's office, growing eager to lay down as soon as possible, 'cause I was exhausted all of the sudden. As I turned a corner, I stopped involuntarily. Right there in front of me was Azimo, who was having what seemed like a whispered argument with Dave.

My abrupt stop must have registered in Dave's eyesight 'cause he stopped speaking a second later, turning to look over at me fully. "Hey Puck," he greeted, "good to see you back on your feet."

"Thanks," I replied, trying to act less weak by leaning casually up against the wall behind me. "Good to be back."

Azimo didn't move at first, but then he slowly turned around to look at me, flinching uncharacteristically when he realized that I was staring right at him. "H-hey Man," he muttered.

I raised a brow silently, and Azimo didn't seem to know how to react, so he just huffed arrogantly and walked away without a second glance at either me or Dave, who'd walked over to me in the meantime.

"He just got back from his suspension today; he's sorry but too fucking stubborn to say it." He explained lowly to me, eying me seriously before adding, "But, Dude, not to bring you down or anything, you really look like shit."

"Still looking better than you," I couldn't help but retort, smiling tiredly, allowing myself to let my weakness shine through. "Actually I'm going to the nurse's office to chill for a bit." I decided to be honest, knowing that Dave wouldn't rat me out; I mean, if the guy was arguing on my behalf with his best bud, I was pretty sure he was on my side and when he spoke next, I was proved right.

"Need a hand?" Dave didn't wait for my answer; he just wrapped my arm around his shoulder and began leading me in the direction of my self-appointed goal.

Once we finally reached the damn office, Dave stuck around for a bit; waiting for me to get comfortable on the small cot. "Can I ask you a question?" he said, without taking his eyes away from the rubber gloves sitting next to him on a shelf while the school's nurse hobbled around, trying to find me a blanket ( the old chick had never really regained her full balance after her fall off the stairs last year).

"Sure, but make it snappy, 'cause I've only got till Rach's done with glee and I need to power up before heading home and spending time with Caroline."

"See, that's just it," Dave blurted out, confusing the hell out of me with his sudden eagerness. "You used to be one of us; all badass and shit. No one did anything or anyone that you hadn't done first. And now you prance around dancing and singing like a fucking fagg-"

"Don't say that word," I interrupted, opening my eyes to show that I was very serious about that. I'd never had anything against gay people, but I'd never been afraid to use derogatory words either, not until I'd gotten to know not only Rachel's dads, but Kurt as well. It was fucked up to demean people for something as insignificant as their sexuality; what people did in bed (or other places) didn't matter. How they were mattered…

Aw fuck, Rachel's really done a number on me, huh?

Anyway, Dave's mouth snapped shut with a small click at my interruption, but after a few breaths, he continued more quietly, "What I was getting at was the fact that you no longer seem to give a shit about what people think. I mean, you didn't use to back before you hooked up with Berry, but still, you respected the way things work. Geeks hang with their own kind and we don't socialize with them. Now you're all different and the way you look at Berry or your kid make it seem like you don't care about anyone's opinion other than theirs."

"Well that's basically true," I admitted, eyeing my once upon close friend intensely. "What's your point, Karofsky?"

"How do you…well," Dave ran a hand through his short hair and met my stare head on, seemingly very interested in my answer, "how do you not fear people's reaction and shit? Aren't you scared of being different?"

Slowly I sat up; ignoring the small jolt of pain that still lingered in my abdomen and sighed. "No," it was the truth too; as long as I had Rach on my side I didn't give a fuck about what people thought. "I'm not. Yeah, sure it sucks that people are so narrow-minded that they can't see what a great person Rach is; hell, how fucking awesome all of those Gleeks are. But as long as we've got each other to lean on, it doesn't matter. All you need is this one person or group that you can tell all to and things don't seem so tough anymore…"

I chuckled and mimicked Dave's earlier movement and ran a hand through my 'hawk. "Fuck, Man, I sound like a Doctor Phil Special. Sorry about that. But…" I paused and looked at Dave's still serious looking face, "I hope that helps you a little…and if it didn't; go away and bug someone else 'cause I'm beat and I need to sleep."

Dave's face broke into a rare grin and we gave each other a silent fist bump before he exited the nurse's office to let me sleep.

As I laid there, I couldn't help but wonder what was going on with my old pal, but I was too tired to worry about it too much and it didn't take more than a few minutes before I fell asleep.


A few days later, the whole musical thing fell apart. It sucked major ass too, 'cause we'd put up with Coach Sylvester's interference only to have the whole thing cancelled by Shue, who'd (just like I'd suspected) revealed to have set the whole thing up as a way to get into Miss Pillsbury's super hygienic pants.

It was a major letdown considering the entire Berry residence – and in particularly me and Caroline – had suffered through endless run-throughs of the songs that Rach was supposed to memorize. Don't get me wrong it sounded good, but I was getting tired of her screeching like a banshee and falling down 'cause Mercedes was gonna dress up as a she-male in women's clothes or something.

Then Shue orchestrated us all to perform just for him (and me, who still didn't really have the energy to join in) on stage and I settled down to enjoy the whole thing; although I did send Mr. Shue some glares every now and again 'cause the other Gleeks might have forgiven him, but I'm a master at keeping grudges.

"So Baby Daddy," Coach Sylvester's voice startled me out of such a glare, just as Kurt led Rachel and a dorky looking Finn on stage for their upcoming performance. "It's rather disappointing that you haven't been to see me to make arrangements."

"Uh," I muttered, letting my confusion shine through my eyes and looked up at Rach to see her "pass out elegantly while portraying her character's emotional distress over her unforeseen circumstances." (Guess one time who told me that?)

"Well it is." Coach Sylvester's voice prompted me to look back at her surprisingly serious face. It was odd seeing her like this since she'd spent the last week acting like a fucking asshole on stage, interrupting everything with her stupid comments and what not.

"Look, I don't know what you're getting at, Coach Sylvester," I decided to be frank, hoping that she wouldn't freak the hell out on me, 'cause even when I was feeling fine I hesitated wrestling with the insanity that was our cheerleading squad's coach.

"I've always liked you, Baby Daddy," Coach Sylvester said, staring up at the stage with a mocking glare in her eyes before turning to look at me, "even if you knocked up Little Miss Diva and forced me to give you a new name, so I assumed you'd know to come to me so we could whip up some kind of plan to annihilate that Azimo kid."

I frowned, not really digging where she was heading and straightened up, matching her stance. "Why do you care so much? Azimo is an ass and I'll deal with him once I'm able to lift my kid without cringing, but he's never done anything to you or disrespected the Cheerio's more than I ever did; so…Why do you care? And don't say it's 'cause you dig me, 'cause I know bullshit when I hear it."

Yeah, okay, so my interrogation skills weren't top notch, but at least it got my point across and I watched with furrowed brows as Coach Sylvester's eyes darkened and she looked…well, human for a second (frankly; it creeped me the hell out.).

"I don't like bullies. They're always after people who're different, even if those people can't help being so, and I don't like that," she said seriously and then continued in her normal tone of voice a long second later, when I still hadn't spoken, "but I guess I should've suspected your unwillingness to do something involving balls, considering how much time you spend around Shuester."

And then she was gone, as quickly as she'd arrived, leaving me even more confused than before – and a little bit scared for Azimo's continued existence to tell ya the truth…


A few days later, on a Saturday, I was sitting with a finally almost sleeping Caroline in my arms and an already sleeping Rachel next to me. Caroline hadn't had a great night and Rach had insisted on being the one to get up every time, telling me to preserve my energy so I'd heal completely and all that crap.

Which only meant that a) Caroline was fussy and uncooperative the entire next day and b) Rach's own energy levels were severely depleted, causing her to sleep more or less like a dead person…or, my Uncle Ira after a bender.

Then, just as Caroline had closed her little eyes without opening them again, the doorbell rang and she broke out into an indignant cry at the disturbance. Rachel didn't move a muscle and I got up to answer the door as fast as I could in my still slightly sluggish condition to keep her resting peacefully.

Holding my still wailing daughter in my arm, I opened the door before the visitor could press the doorbell one more time. "What?" Yeah, okay, so I'd never been the most polite person in the world and I wasn't exactly A-Okay myself at that moment in time.

"Uh, hi…" To my surprise, it was Dave and he looked pretty fucking confused at my abrupt appearance. I guess I looked more like shit than I thought, but fortunately for him, he didn't say anything about it. He just shrugged a bit when I still stood staring at him a few minutes later.

"So…uhm, gonna let me in?"

"Y-Yeah sure Man, come on in. Sorry 'bout the mess. This little lady ain't the most cooperative person today so we've tried to distract her as much as possible." I explained when I caught Dave's raised brows at the scattered toys and blankets all around the living room.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rachel move and I quickly handed over my weeping daughter to a startled looking Dave with the words, "drop her and I'll kill you," before I all but ran over to my girl's side to cover her with a blanket.

"Was that the doorbell?" Rach mumbled without opening her eyes, and I smiled as I tucked her in on the couch.

"Ssh, just sleep, Babe; I got it. I'll wake you when Hiram and Abe get home from their date so we can eat."

Rachel just smiled; already sleeping again and I got back to my feet and walked back over to Dave, daring him to say anything with my eyes. He wisely chose to keep his mouth shut, opting instead to focus on a now giggling Caroline.

"How'd you do that, Dog? She's been Miss Crankypants all day." I grinned, taking Caroline back into my own arms and my earlier annoyance with her evaporated at once when she looked at me and her giggling turned into a full blown toothless grin. This was what reminded me of why I put up with all the work and crap (literally); this little bundle loved me just as much as I loved her and it was just awesome.

"Should I come back later?" Dave's amused voice tore me out of my adoring stare at my kid and I rolled my eyes at him and gave him the one fingered salute in response, before leading him out to the kitchen.

"So, what do you want?" I asked, after taking out a bottle of Mountain Dew and throwing it to him. "Not that I'm not stoked to have my Saturday invaded by an old friend, but seriously, I doubt you've ever set foot in this house before; the closest might have been the time we TP'ed the house in ninth grade."

"Oh yeah," Dave smiled sheepishly, seemingly embarrassed at having been a part of that, apparently totally forgetting that I'd been the instigator behind the whole thing in the first place – and yes, we've already established that I used to be a dick towards Rach, so get over it.

We stood in an awkward silence for a little while until Dave cleared his throat and looked up at me. "So…uhm, I decided that you were right…and err…" he paused and I got sick of waiting for him.

"Spit it out Man, it can't be that bad. I'm not gonna kick you out or anything so spill before you ruin what's left of my Saturday."

"I think I might be gay," Dave blurted out and I damn near dropped my kid. I quickly put her in her basinet before turning back to Dave, who'd paled the moments the words had left his mouth. Then he took a deep breath and continued in a rush, "and I think I might be in love with Kurt Hummel…"

I was frozen solid with surprise. My reaction seemed to freak out Dave even more 'cause he got to his feet and made his way for the door. "Yo!" I called out to him and he turned around to me, not meeting my eyes.

"If you wanna get with Kurt, you might wanna lay off the dumpster dives and shit like that…"

Dave blinked, seeming just as shocked as I was at my comment. What? I'd never given a guy tips to catch another guy before…I took a chance and added with a smile, "I'm kindda insulted that you went for the little dude, 'cause I'm way hotter than he is. Taken, yeah, but hotter."

Again, Dave looked like he didn't know whether to cry or laugh, so instead he just snorted and shook his head. "Don't tell anyone, okay? Please." he said, after another long silence where I was trying to wrap my head around things more clearly.

I nodded mutely and watched him leave in silence. I have no idea how long I stood there, staring at the now closed door. At last, I turned back to get Caroline, who'd finally caved and fallen asleep while I'd been standing around like an fucking idiot.

I sighed and sat down on the couch and gently placed Rach's feet in my lab while I turned off my cell phone, deciding that I'd had just about enough drama for now and then I tried to copy my two girls and go to sleep for a little bit.


A/N Now; I know that some of you (probably a lot) are now worried that Blaine won't be featured in this story, but I promise that all characters will be included one way or another – yup, that means Lauren too. So be patient and remember that this is an AU story where things might seem the same to some degree but really aren't. Also, sorry if Sue seemed OOC, I suck at writing her craziness, but I hope you'll cope. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed the chapter and want to review, or if you didn't enjoy, tell me why please :)

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