It All Started With Glee Club

Puck realizes he's changed

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A/N Thanks for the reviews – they really motivate me to write more! Sadly this is not my best chapter, but I'm gearing up for some more action/drama and this is more of a setup than anything else. I really hope you'll enjoy it.


"Damn it, Babe; stop gawking at him or else he'll know." I hissed, dragging my annoyingly kindhearted girlfriend into my side as I finished pulling out the books I'd need for my next class.

"Honestly Noah," Rachel rolled her eyes and pointed at the book I'd need (okay, so she knew my schedule better than I did, so what? I mean, have you seen some of her day planners? That chick knew more about everyone's business than well…everyone.)

Which brings me back to what she was exclaiming in her usual dramatic way. "I would think that me knowing about everything would be more of a good thing than a hindrance. I mean, amongst McKinley's population, I can be considered somewhat of an expert of the matter. I could be of great assistance."

"I know that, Rach," I sighed, closing my locker a bit harder than intended and seemingly frightening the freshman next to us to grab her stuff and run like hell. "But you're not even supposed to know anything about it. I promised the dude my secrecy and shit, okay?"

"Honestly Noah," Rachel repeated, sounding as though she couldn't quite make up her mind whether she was exasperated or proud. "David Karofsky's sexual preference will go no further and I'm sure that he's willing to see that his homosex-"

Noticing some of Dave's and my teammates walking by us, I abruptly held up my hand to cover Rachel's mouth, inwardly wincing as I saw my chances of getting laid that night flying out the window. What one didn't do for friendship. Fuck

Mark, one of the only guys that had never really outright mocked me for my choice in girlfriend, looked at me with a bemused smile as they all passed us, but blissfully he didn't say anything. A quick glance told me that Dave was done rummaging through his own locker and had vanished while I was trying to hide the fact that I couldn't keep a secret from Rachel if my fucking life depended on it.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of orange curls and turned my head a fraction to look into a surprisingly serious looking Jacob's eyes. As soon as our eyes met, his widened to an almost impossible degree, but as I watched, something in them struck me as odd; he didn't look as petrified of me as he'd been ever since my last real encounter with him. Before I could say anything it though, Rachel kicked me hard in the shin and I quickly let go of her to rub my injured limb.

"What the hell, Woman?" I growled, trying not to look a total idiot dancing around on one leg. I heard Jacob snicker in the back ground and sent him a threatening glare that had him meep like a frightened mouse and disappear down the hall with a speed I knew for a fact that they could've used on the track team.

"Now that I'm able to breathe again, Noah, we're late for class." Rachel's acid tone brought me back to the present and I sent her my best attempts at puppy dog eyes.

"I'm sorry Babe, I didn't mean to do that; you know I don't think before I act sometimes." Then I added with the meekest voice I could and diverted my eyes bashfully, "I'm not as smart as you give me credit for all the time, Baby." (Hells yeah, she ain't the only actress in our family anymore hehe. Or …you know, actor, 'cause I'm a dude and all…)

Rachel stared at me for what felt like forever, but I kept my innocent expression on and tried not to overdo it and after a few moments, she broke into a forgiving smile, grabbed my hand and pulled me in the direction of our next class; one of the few that we actually shared and where I usually spent my time doodling and staring at her as covertly as I could.

Shut up, Rach is a fine ass woman and if you'd seen her naked, I doubt you could keep from ogling her either.


Mr. Shue surprised me a bit in glee club later that week. For once he was actually thinking about the upcoming Sectionals that Rach kept pestering us all about. He initiated another competition that would be girls versus boys again and we all had a small chuckle moment when a frustrated looking Kurt was told to return to the boys' side just like last time around.

Not for the first time, I noticed that the flamboyant teen wasn't exactly so flamboyant anymore. But I shook it off when an excited looking Artie started spitting out ideas for our upcoming contest.

It was pretty cool and Rach made it even better once we got home and she somehow got me into a competitive mood by declaring that the women would win this year. Her dads shook their heads at our shenanigans and went into the kitchen to do the dishes, while Rach and I just laughed and got Caroline ready for her evening stroll.

The idea of walking with our kid before putting her down to sleep had originally been Rachel's; something about fresh air and better sleep patterns and what not, but I found myself liking it. I felt real grown up, however lame that sounds.

I mean, sure, some people did look at us a bit sideways when we walked by 'cause no matter what circumstances, people always seem to judge teenage parents, but, it was by far the minor percentage of the people we met, and I just enjoyed walking with my family – and yeah, I know how corny it sounds, but I don't give a shit anymore.

Caroline was asleep within minutes; she too seemed to enjoy our evenings out and I looked over at Rachel, who was looking thoughtful.

"What's up, Babe?"

"I know you said that I shouldn't get involved with the whole David Karofsky thing, but-"

"Argh," I groaned and stopped walking to look at her with a mild glare. "I told you not to butt in; I know you mean well and all, but he specifically asked me to keep my mouth shut."

"I know, Noah and I'm sorry that I keep bringing it up." Rachel replied, looking surprisingly truthful, "I guess that my best intentions will remain untapped in this instance, although I am always available, should you require any assistance. I'm the perfect advocate for the gay community; I do have two gay dads."

I wisely refrained from rolling my eyes at that last comment; to Rach, her dads were the best in the world and could solve anything. And sure, since I'd gotten to know them I kindda felt the same way, but that didn't mean that Rach's go to response wasn't a bit aggravating at times.

I just settled on kissing her quickly on the lips and then we turned to head back home. Only, a second later, I noticed a familiar form walking on the opposite of the road and I stopped instinctively.

It was my mother. The darkness hid us from herstill, so I quickly grabbed the baby carriage with one hand and Rachel with the other and doubled our speed before Ma spotted us. Rachel squeaked indignantly at first, but then she followed my eyes and kept quiet, only giving my hand a reassuring squeeze.

I'd told her all about Ma's visit when I'd been in the hospital, so she totally understood why I wasn't really ready to mend all fences just yet. And, I knew that she still harbored some pretty intense feelings of dislike for my mother due to how she'd treated me – especially since getting Rachel pregnant.

When we got home, I took Caroline in my arms and changed her, before settling in to the rocking chair that stood next to her crib. As I stared down at the tiny human in my arms, I vowed – not for the first time – that I'd never judge her or abandon her; that I'd always support her no matter what.

Rachel woke me up sometime later when she gently pried Caroline's sleeping form out of my arms and placed her in her own little bed. Then she took my hand and silently led me into our bedroom and proceeded to take my mind of my crappy childhood in the best way possible.


The next few days got pretty hectic. Kurt was still getting bullied by Dave, and judging from what I'd heard it was only getting worse and I promised myself I'd talk to the closet gay guy before things got too out of hand.

Kurt's mood seemed darker than ever and now even Mr. Shue realized it and he switched up the assignment so we had to sing some girly songs instead. I'd probably have been a total dick about it to Kurt if I hadn't changed as much as I had over the last year, but instead, Rach and I came up with the plan that he needed distraction and I sort of pressured him to go spy on our competition for Sectionals; some all boys' group that came from this preppy school that sounded seriously snobbish.

It seemed to have worked though, 'cause the day the girls were gonna perform, he more or less strutted into the choir room with a renewed light in his eyes and I gave myself a mental congratulatory pat on the shoulder, telling myself silently that I was still The Man (not that I'd ever doubted that in the first place).

Then the lights in the choir room started flashing in different colors, just as the door opened and my mind went absolutely blank. Seriously, you could have had a party in there; full of naked chicks and I wouldn't even have noticed. All my attention was on my girlfriend.

Rachel Berry in Leather…need I say more? I grabbed my book bag and quickly placed it in my lap to hide the fact that I had a boner like a fifth grader staring at a pair of boobs for the first time. Fuck, she was hot!

I heard a pair of strangled moans next to me and spared a quick reluctant glance to see what it was. It turned out to be Finn and Sam that both looked like they'd been smacked in the head by a ton of bricks. Their eyes were locked on Quinn, who looked pretty hot too if I had to be perfectly honest.

But I barely spent any time thinking about the blonde that I'd used to crush on, 'cause Rachel damn near went into a split in front of me, sending me those smoldering looks that she usually reserved for the bedroom. Finn and Sam weren't the only ones groaning anymore after that

When the girls finished their song, Rachel sauntered over to me and sent me a knowing smile when she caught sight of the bag in my lap. Fortunately she didn't say anything and turned to chat with Quinn, whose eyes were busy flying between the two boys that were very much willing to be with her.

I noticed that all the guys sent me envious looks and I laughed when we all –except Kurt – walked to the locker room to change for our football practice a little later in the day. Practice was as gruesome as ever (Coach Beiste may be a bit unconventional in some aspects, but she's kickass at her job!), and I wasn't still allowed to participate full on 'cause of you know what. But, Coach Beiste had loosened up a bit and allowed me to practice some tackling with Mike though, which is why I was panting like a fucking dweeb with asthma.

Mike might be a tiny, flexible Asian, but damn, he's stronger than he looks.

I noticed, halfway through the practice that all the glee guys – even Artie for fucks sake – were always in one way or another in-between me and Azimo. From the looks they sent him every now and again, I was surprised he was still breathing. I guess carrying a grudge isn't just something PMS'ing chicks do.

Once we were through for the day; I was walking a bit behind the others, trying to catch my breath without letting any of my fatigue show too plainly. Fuck, I hated being weak and promised myself then and there that I'd pick up on the exercise from now on.

Azimo walked by us all quickly with Dave at his heels. The latter sent me a sheepish look that told me he really wanted to take back what he'd told me, but knew it was too late. I just shrugged and turned my attention back to my fellow Gleeks and caught the end tale of something about picturing someone in a pink tutu so they didn't get off too fast.

Grinning, I slapped Mike in the back, fully secure in my own abilities to perform adequately. "Dudes; you shock me."

"Fuck off, Puck;" Finn demanded with annoyance clearly etched in his voice, "you'd need cold showers too, if you weren't with Rachel now that she's giving it up all the time."

Immediately, all fun and games turned into something darker and I straightened my stance ominously. "Calling my girl a slut, Hudson?"

Finn's eyes widened, along with the other Gleeks; hell, even some of the other team members straightened up, knowing that if things didn't get fixed ASAP, someone was getting a major smack down. I may still have been a bit injured, but everyone knew that if I really got angry, I was dangerous. Azimo's attack had only been successful due to me feeling like shit.

"No, Man, I'd never do that!" Finn backtracked frantically, "I just meant; the rest of us can't get any lately and…" he trailed off hesitantly.

A bit mollified, I nodded mutely and waited for the rest of the story. Sam sighed and took over when Finn's blushing face told us that he wasn't gonna risk saying another word.

"Well, we figured out that the only way to keep us from not…err…well, we needed to think of something truly disgusting, so we started using the Coach and it's worked like a charm."

Once again, I was fully aware of the fact that I'd changed over the last year, 'cause I just couldn't see what was so great in what they were doing. I mean, Coach Beiste was sort of the best thing that had ever happened to our school and I was just about to say that out loud, when everyone froze at hearing Coach Beiste's shocked and hurt voice asking for an explanation.


Shit pretty much hit the fan after that and we all did our best to make the (rightfully so) humiliated Coach not quit her job and we all performed this cheesy ass song as an apology a few days later. Hell, even Shue pitched in and kissed the broad, which kindda made me like the dude a little bit again.

Thankfully it worked and when we got home that afternoon, I spent some time with a slightly fussy Caroline before getting ready to go on a run; something that I'd started up again in an attempt to get my fitness back into the 'Puckersauraus-level'. So far it was working great and I was feeling pretty good about myself.

I shouted out a greeting to Abraham, who was sitting in the living room, taking the chance to watch some sports while Rachel and Hiram were cooking dinner.

I opened the front door and began stretching. After a few minutes, I heard a vague sound and looked up, meeting Dave's eyes. "Dude," I said, teasing lightly, "I know you didn't just check out my fabtabulous ass."

There wasn't any real reaction from the other jock and I frowned a bit. Looking closer, I saw that he was flushed and sweaty with an almost haunted look in his eyes. He looked nothing like himself in that moment and I knew something was up.

"Come on, Man, talk to me," I said, walking over to stand in front of Dave, who still hadn't moved a muscle. "What's wrong? I'm not gonna judge," I added softly as though I was speaking to a frightened animal and it seemed to do the trick 'cause in the next second, Dave looked back into my eyes and I damn near bolted when I realized the guy was tearing up.

"I think I screwed up, Puck," was all Dave said before suddenly turning around to leave.

It was only my quick movement to grab his arm that stopped him from running away. "You ain't going nowhere," I stated calmly, "we're gonna go inside and you're gonna tell me what the hell's going on in that head of yours."

"B-But Berry," Dave objected haltingly and I swallowed down a small sigh when I realized that I was gonna have to say something that usually was reserved for Rach.

"Don't worry; I mean…She's got two gay dads…"

Dave chuckled tiredly and ran a hand over his face, wiping off the few tears he hadn't been able to suppress entirely. "Yeah, well, considering what I did today, I don't think that's gonna be enough to stop her from kicking my ass."

And then he proceeded to tell me what had driven him to show up on my doorstep so unexpectedly and I quickly steered him over to my truck so we could head to McDonalds or something, 'cause after hearing everything, I wasn't chancing on letting him near Rachel anytime soon…


A/N I'd love to hear what you think about how the story's progressing… I can't say when I'll update again; I'm in the middle of a move and might not have the time, but I'll try my best. In the meantime, feel free to take my pairings test on my profile. Originally I was gonna use to see if I should write Kurtofsky or Klaine, but no one really voted...But I can say (proudly) that Puckleberry is in the lead!

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