It All Started With Glee Club

Puck gets a letter

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A/N It's getting harder and harder to get these chapters out. The further I get, the more insecure I become of all my changes and the stuff I'm keeping in as in canon. Hopefully, you'll all enjoy this 'cause it was written in the midst of illness, job hunting, a move across country and well…chaos :)

Unbetaed Chapter, but I'll appreciate any and all help if you find any mistakes that I've missed.


Well, things between the jocks and the Gleeks soured even more after Dave screwed up big time and for some lame gay reason decided to be a brute and kiss Kurt. Sure, it'd probably have reached devastating levels if anyone but me knew about that particular event; but still – it hadn't gone unnoticed by the two groups.

For one thing, Dave acted even more like a jackass after he'd confessed the locker room smooching to me and got his teammates to escalate the vendetta against the Gleeks; Kurt in particular.

Which meant that the New Directions were showing a rare unity in their attempt of protecting Kurt, who'd started looking like a less Beyoncified version of himself. The dude was still focused on his fashion and all his usual crap, but something was missing and it didn't take a scientist to see that the guy was unhappy.

I'd tried to talk to Dave again, but he told me to stay out of his business and then he committed the ultimate sin in my eyes, he threatened to get the team to go after Rachel if I even breathed a word of what I knew. And I wasn't having any of that shit, so I clocked him and told him to stop acting like a coward and washed my hands off of him.

No seriously, I washed my hands, 'cause the dude's nose sprouted blood like a leaking facet.

I'll help my friends with pretty much anything, but insult and threaten my baby's mama and the friendship's over as far as I'm concerned. I walked away, pretending that I didn't see the flash of regret and guilt in Dave's quickly bruising eyes.

Anyway, Dave's shitty life problems aside, we were heading into a new scenario at school. First of all, there was this nasty ass bug going around and Rachel pretty much forced me to go wash my hands between classes and always carry some hand sanitizer in my school bag in the same quantity as Miss Pillsbury, to, as she put it, "avoid the bacteria's that may mutate into something even more horrendous that we'll risk taking home to our child. Don't you want our daughter to live past her first six months of life, Noah?"

No one could guilt you into doing something like a hot ass Jewish mother…or to be fair the hot part wasn't even necessary now that I think about it…

So, bottom line is; I didn't get sick, but then again none of the other Gleeks did either, despite them not cleansing themselves as often as we did, but I prefer my nuts where they are, so I didn't point that out to a furiously obsessed Rachel.

The only one that got sick that I really cared a little bit about was Mr. Shue. Mostly 'cause that meant we'd have to get some lame ass substitute. And knowing my luck, it was bound to be some middle-aged bore that had no concept of anything resembling fun.

Being the caring person that I am, I decided to brighten up everyone's day and began buttering the floor in the choir room. I quickly grabbed Rachel as she entered and pulled her out of the danger zone, 'cause I didn't want her to risk falling down and breaking her neck.

A few minutes later, our substitute entered the room and I swear, I could hear every guy's (and Santana's too) jaw hit the floor with a resounding smack. She was nothing like I'd expected and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that if I hadn't been firmly encased in Rachel Land, then I'd have pursued that chick like there was no tomorrow.

I caught the glare Rachel sent my way and quickly redirected my eyes and tried to focus on the substitute's speaking voice.


When we got home a little later, Rachel muttered something about calling Quinn and disappeared into our bedroom without even greeting Caroline, so I knew she was feeling shitty.

I grabbed my daughter from the nanny and thanked her and then more or less told her to get the hell out so I could calm down my girlfriend, before following Rachel upstairs.

Just as I'd halfway expected, she wasn't on the phone when I reached the open door to our room. Instead, she was lying on the bed, face down in the multiple pillows that she'd sort of got me hooked on. She looked like the picture of silent despair and I swallowed a smile as I entered the room.

"Babe," I cooed softly, looking down at a smiling Caroline in my arms (Thank fuck she was in a good mood or this might never have worked in the first place), "didn't you forget someone today?"

Rachel muttered something into the fabric and I moved Caroline closer in a fast movement, causing the little gal to giggle in delight, which made Rachel turn her head and smile lovingly at our kid's happiness.

"That's more like it," I said and placed Caroline on the mattress and laid down next to her, cocooning her between us. "Now, you wanna tell me what the fuck's wrong with you?"

Rachel didn't meet my eye, staring at Caroline's who had a splendid time gnawing toothlessly at her own foot at that moment, "Nothing."

"That's bullshit."

"Noah! Our daughter is a lot more impressionable than you'd expect and I'd appreciate it immensely if you tried keeping your vocabulary – as badass as it may be – within the range of common decency. I will not have a toddler screaming about her guns and her above average ability to produce gas that could leave an entire house comatose for a week; thank you very much."

Grinning, I planted a soft kiss on Caroline's head and looked up at Rach again. "Okay, but you still haven't really answered the question, Babe."

Rachel huffed, a small rueful smile making its way onto her beautiful lips. "Fine, Noah. You win." Then she sighed heavily, taking Caroline in her arms and placing her on her chest, caressing her tiny back soothingly – although I didn't know who she was trying to soothe to be honest.

"I must admit that seeing Miss Holiday brought back some of my old insecurities. She seems to be so…well, so much and despite her rather unprecedented and unconventional teaching methods, she seems to catch everyone's attention in a manner that I've never seen before. I mean when I tried taking over, it was only Quinn and yours quick actions that stopped the rest of the glee club from annihilating me in a no doubt painful manner."

Oh yeah, I grimaced inwardly; I guess I've forgotten to fill you all in on the few minutes yesterday when Rachel had actually taken over glee club in Mr. Shue's abrupt absence. It didn't go very well, let's just leave it at that and thank the big man upstairs that I'd sat in the front row and managed to body shield Rach while Quinn literally saved the day when she tripped an attacking Santana.

Then Rachel continued and I started frowning, 'cause I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "And your wandering eyes really brought it home for me that I'm still not entirely over the pregnancy weight and let's face it, I'm by no means a long legged and beautiful and blonde as she is and-"

It was only Caroline's now slumbering presence on Rachel's chest that prevented me from gripping her shoulders and shaking her. Instead, I held up a hand to stop her from speaking and I rolled over onto my side to look at her seriously.

"I know this isn't something that I say all that often, 'cause we both know that between the two of us, you're the one that likes to give the speeches, but," here I drew in a quick breath, fighting off that part of me that still hated to express anything other than how fucking awesome I was before I added somberly, "but; that doesn't change the fact that to me, you're the most beautiful thing that ever walked the earth. I might look at other women from time to time, but I swear on my 'hawk that every time I do, I keep thinking that you're still the better option. I don't want a six foot something golden haired chick that can't even appreciate the buttered floor I set up earlier. I want you; every little crazy particle and more if that was even possible. Oh, and don't diss your legs Babe, 'cause they're kickass and I love them."

The look Rachel sent me gave me these odd butterflies in my stomach and I wanted to grin like a dork that had just won the science fair or something, but I tried reigning it in a bit, 'cause, you know…I'm the opposite of a dork. But…I did love it when she looked happy though and her smile proved that I'd succeeded in cheering her up a bit.

She scooted closer to me and placed her head on my arm and that's how Abraham found us an hour later to tell us that dinner was ready.


The school went through some changes in the next couple of days.

Coach Sylvester became Principal Sylvester when the nasty flu thingie got to Figgins as well and started up her campaign against fatties and stuff. I know that I'd probably have enjoyed the whole thing before I'd gotten together with Rach, hell; I doubt I could've seen the fun in it even after only joining the glee club.

I wasn't the only one that thought Sylvester's crusade was a bit too much; Hell, I'm just sayin' Mercedes walked around with an eternal cloud over her head and fire oozing out of her eyes, raging on about some crap about the cafeteria food or something.

I wasn't really listening 'cause I suddenly found myself with a whole new heap of problems.

Finn came to me, his earlier anger and annoyance at me seemingly vanquished at the moment, and started telling me that he sort of, maybe, kindda, almost, a little bit had a thing for Sunshine and if Quinn might have a problem with that?

Then to make matters even worse, Sam sought me out to ask for advice on how to get on Quinn's good side. He didn't seem to appreciate my comment ("Fuck if I know; just don't knock her up again") and tried Rachel. That meant that Quinn obviously found out and then Finn somehow heard about it when he and his Ma had gone to pick up Eve for their weekly sleepover, where Quinn had apparently been discussing the pro's and con's of another boyfriend with Rachel on the phone.

Of course, that meant Finn completely lost any and all interest in Sunshine and redoubled his efforts on getting back on Quinn's good side.

Now you're probably wondering how that could spell problems for me? Well, Sunshine turned all her broken hearted focus on me and Rachel and before I knew it, she was back to being Rach's little idolizing shadow, which meant less time to get laid in spontaneous places if you catch my drift.

To put it mildly, it fucking sucked.

Anyway, Miss Holiday seemed to do something that Mr. Shue never ever did. She noticed that Rach was unhappy and for that, she got a fucking gold star in my book. I mean, in the middle of all the drama with Coac-Principal Sylvester, she took the time to come up with a mash-up with Rachel and perform it for the rest of the Gleeks.

It was a very good performance; and I have to say that the red negligee costumes they were in didn't make things any harder to look at. And although Miss Holiday's legs were basically as long as Rachel's entire length, I still found myself staring at Rach and fidgeting in my seat to hide my hard on.

And judging from the looks from some of the other dudes around me, I wasn't the only one not noticing that Rachel's supposed pregnancy weight hadn't disappeared or what not. I sent the meanest glare in Finn's ogling direction, reminding him silently that Rachel was M.I.N.E.

I gotta admit that Miss Holiday turned out to be way better than I'd ever expected, but when Principal Sylvester started threatening to fire his ass, we all decided that enough was enough and told the broad firmly just how we saw Mr. Shue.

I had to fight off the urge to smack some tiny dweeb around once I exited her office, 'cause being so gushy about a teacher really wasn't something that I was very proud off.

A few days later, Mr. Shue returned and although he steered us back on the normal road where no contemporary songs were allowed 'cause Journey hadn't made them, it was kindda nice having him around again. And I didn't even sneer at him in warning when he completely ignored Rachel's suggestions with an eye roll as usual.

It was nice to have things back to the way they used to be.


School was going better than it had ever done and that's why it really wasn't supposed to surprise me one bit that my personal life was beginning to turn difficult yet again.

Sure, things between Rach and me were great and I had never had a better relationship with her dads, but when I got home the day where Mr. Shue had returned to class and found a letter for me in my mother's handwriting, I knew that she was gonna start pushing me like only a Jewish mother could.

Hopefully Abraham and Hiram wouldn't blow a gasket once they realized that she'd contacted me without going through the proper channels. I still hadn't told anyone but Rachel about her being one of the nurses on my case at the hospital.

"What you got there Son?" Abraham asked as I stood a little too long in the living room, staring at the unopened letter in my hands.

"Well," I decided to be honest and told him as I began ripping the envelope up, "it's a letter from Ma."

I heard Hiram hiss from the kitchen at my words, and Abraham turned off the TV, but once the words in front of me started to sink in, I didn't give a flying fuck what was going on.

"Noah?" Rachel's concerned voice reached me, as though it was far away. "What does it say?"

"She…" I broke off, feeling the blood drain from my face, "she wants to regain custody of me and Hannah. She says that she feels that now that she's sober she's got the right to be a mom again…and," here I damn near choked on the words, but I forced them out hoarsely, "she's warning me that she won't give up until we're a family again, that she's got someone on her side that has proof of the Berry family going between a mother and her child and if we don't comply then she'll take it to court."

I looked down at Rachel and we both said the same name with equal distaste. "Shelby."

I fucking knew that that bitch had been keeping quiet for so long for a reason…


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