It All Started With Glee Club

Puck goes to a wedding

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Thankfully the whole shitstorm with Ma and Shelby was resolved pretty fast and emotional turmoil aside it turned out to be a pretty simple thing. If anyone had ever told me a year ago that having a bastard child as a teenager was anything to rejoice about I'd have laughed like the asshole I was and more than likely have punched their lights out.

Don't give me wrong, Caroline was – aside from Rachel deciding to look past my idiotic behavior towards her over the years – the best thing that had ever happened to me…ever, but it's not a secret that being a teenage dad doesn't really say much about one's intelligence and what not.

But to get back to the point, once Hiram had calmed down the steaming hot pile of rage that Abraham had turned into, they both reassured Rach and I by reminding us that me being a parent would give me leeway in court and apparently it didn't hurt that I was seventeen and pretty much of legal age within months.

So, Abraham grabbed the phone and dialed my mother's number and basically told her to get her ass over to our doorstep so we could resolve this without court 'cause she didn't have a leg to stand on and…oh yeah, that she was a major bitch for even talking to Shelby about Rachel and me in the first place.

Well, he used a lot more words and flowery expressions, but that was more or less what he meant. I no longer questioned where Rachel got her longwinded tendencies from, in case you were wondering.

Barely a half an hour later, the doorbell rang and Hiram placed his surprisingly strong hands on Rachel and mine's shoulders before nodding to Abraham to go open the door.

When Abraham returned a few seconds later, Ma followed him, looking like she didn't know whether to be defiant and self-assured or scared out of her mind, 'cause she seemed to have noticed that Abraham Berry was one scary ass motherfucker when he was angry; and there wasn't a doubt in anyone present's mind that the dude was pissed.

"Hello," Ma's voice didn't waver and she kept staring at me like I was a bottle of water in the desert. "I'm glad to see you, Noah."

Rachel drew in a breath, seemingly ready to tear into Ma and continue where she'd started the night of Caroline's birth, but I stood up, shrugging Hiram's hand off of me and just stared right back at her for a long minute.

"What the fuck are you doing?" The words left my mouth quietly, with an eerie calm that I most definitely wasn't feeling on the inside.

Ma's eyes dimmed and she looked away briefly before meeting my accusing gaze again. "I just want my family back together."

"We haven't been a family in a very long time," I replied, crossing my arms, "I know Hannah misses you and all that bull, but anyone with eyes can see that she's happier now than she's been in ages. I really thought you were showing promise that day in the hospital; that you'd gained some brains after getting sober, but then you pull this crap!"

I shouted the last part, taking a step forward, unable to contain my repressed anger anymore. I felt betrayed and hurt and just plain scared. Despite Hiram and Abraham's comfort, I was suddenly scared shitless that Ma and Shelby would succeed in tearing me away from the only real family I'd ever had.

"N-Noah," Ma seemed shocked at my sudden outburst. "I love you. I love your sister and I deserve-"

"You don't deserve a darn thing," Rachel jumped up from her seat, her dark eyes blazing. "I can't believe I tried convincing Noah to allow you to visit to meet his child. Thank God I didn't succeed. And for your information, listening to anything Shelby has to say is the biggest mistake you've ever made – aside from laying your hands on your child! Don't think we won't fight you on this; like you I'll stop at nothing to keep my family together; but unlike you, I will win this battle."

Abraham looked almost proud as he watched his daughter lay into his old acquaintance, while Hiram looked sad. He never hid the fact that he hated all the badness going on between our two families.

"Ma," I interrupted Rachel as she prepared to metaphorically flay the skin off my mother's bones (or, at least I hoped it was only metaphorically). "I told you that I needed time. I'd probably have let you in, but…" I looked over at Rachel, her chest heaving as she tried to calm herself down a little, "…this is my family now. But I'll give you a piece of advice; stay away from Shelby…She's bad news and for whatever it's worth, I want you to do well and I want Hannah to have the chance to grow up with a loving mother like I never did. So, next time Shelby contacts you, tell her to leave you the fuck alone, 'cause she already cost you the chance to know your son and granddaughter; and if you're not careful, she'll wind up costing you your daughter too. Now get the fuck out."

Ma looked crestfallen at my speech and I hated the part of me that wanted to hug her close and immediately apologize, but then I rebuild my resolve and turned to wrap Rachel into my side as we watched my mother leave in silence.

The next day, Abraham texted me to inform me that he'd gotten an e-mail from Ma, telling him that she'd drop the charges and agree to let me get emancipated without any complaints.

I was so happy that I didn't even bother glaring threateningly at Jacob, who'd followed Rachel a bit too closely as she entered the cafeteria to meet up with me. That dude was everywhere lately…but, anyway I was in a good mood, so I just ignored him and focused on the way Rachel's kneesocks did things to me that I won't repeat.


Now that the Ma business was over with (Thank fuck for that) I was free to notice that Rach and I weren't the only ones having family things going on.

Evidently, Kurt's dad and Finn's mom were gonna get hitched and they wanted us to give them a kickass wedding with songs and dancing and stuff like that. It was kindda cool of Mr. Hummel to support us like that.

But then again, it wasn't exactly a secret that the guy supported whatever his son did with all his heart. I gotta admit that a small part of me was a bit jealous about that; especially after my own parental role model. But it was quickly squashed by the memory of Rachel's dads that had damn near flown through the roof at the thought of losing me.

Mr. Shue immediately began dividing us into groups to get us to think about what to do at the wedding and I cast a look at Rachel as she was dragged over to the corner by Kurt so fast that they almost left smoke in their wake. Evidently, despite everyone's exasperation with my woman, it was no secret that she usually had the best ideas when it came to this sort of thing.

Looking around, I saw that Sunshine had followed Rachel as was her norm and that Quinn was standing with Sam and Mike and Tina, seemingly deeply involved for some reason. Seeing Finn standing staring at his ex girlfriend with a look like a kicked puppy, I made my way over to him and tried cheering him up like the best friend I was.

"You look retarded, Dog. Stop staring at her and man the fuck up."

Finn blinked and looked down at me with a small glare and I flexed the guns, silently reminding him I could kick his ass if he tried pulling any macho crap on me. Then he sighed and looked over at Sunshine who was nodding enthusiastically to whatever it was that Rachel was saying. Kurt looked a little dubious all of the sudden and I swallowed a smile.

"Yeah, don't look there either," I warned, "trying to win back the ex while staring at the crush ain't the way to go, Bro."

"I know, Puck. I'm just so effing confused." Finn exclaimed, running a hand through his hair.

"Effing? Who the fuck says 'effing' when they're not in elementary school anymore?"

"Shut up, Puck." Finn practically growled, but then he started grinning and I returned the grin and sat down on one of the chairs next to us.

"Come on, let's talk about when you're gonna come over and let me kick your pasty ass in Maria Cart again while Rach and Kurt figure out what we're supposed to do at the wedding."

Finn smiled and sat down next to me, knowing like I did that it really came down to those two what was gonna happen anyway. "That'd be nice. Err…do you think Rachel could maybe help me with getting Quinn back?"

I just stared at him for a long moment. "I don't know Man. Frankly, I think you should just chill and give Quinn a chance to miss you. Yeah, I know she seems pretty chummy with the new guy, but you're her kid's dad and that's always gonna be in her heart." Fuck, I sounded more and more like a Dr. Phil loser wannabe. I needed to go ask Coach Beiste to give me some extra blocking practice to get my manly self back in order…

Finn cast a longing glance at Quinn's back before nodding with a new firm look in his eyes. "Okay, I tried it my way and it didn't work so I guess listening to you couldn't hurt. I mean, you and Rach seem so good together lately that you got to be doing something right, right?"

Grinning, I looked over at Rachel, who looked so smug that I knew she'd gotten her way, and answered my oldest friend. "No Man, the credit is all hers."

I caught the surprised look in Finn's eyes and mentally swore. That did it, I was so gonna kick someone's ass to restore my Man Cards. Maybe I should go look for Jacob in the next period…


"I'm not really feeling so great," Mike's voice was pathetic sounding at best and he looked slightly green while Tina fanned him with a lyrics sheet.

I grinned, looking over at him, while trying to get my stupid ass tie to cooperate with me. "Come on, Dude. You're gonna do good; we've rehearsed this so much I know you can do it in your sleep by now."

"But…" Mike practically wailed, "I just wanna dance."

"Oh Michael," Rachel exclaimed from behind me and turned me around abruptly, finishing tying my tie with unsurprisingly expert hands, "to quote my uncouth boyfriend, I have to ask you to "grow a pair," and get with the program. You're far better than you give yourself credit for. Besides, you're part of a couple and thus must suffer the consequences."

I spotted Finn almost gnashing his teeth at this; and considering the guy had been banned by Rachel from participating in the duet part of the song, I understood him. But she'd gotten this idea into her head, that surprisingly Mr. Shue thought was brilliant too, where only real couples were gonna sing solos in the beginning.

Finn had argued that it was his mom's wedding and his eyes had begun searching out Quinn for a duet partner, but Rachel had just given him a Look and he'd more or less backed away from her with his hands raised in submission.

So; here we were; standing in the tent for Finn and Kurt's parents wedding about to go out to sing our hearts out.

I would have been nervous and sweaty, probably sipping from the flask that I'd snuck in to Mike's hands earlier to calm his nerves down before he got a fucking ulcer, but one glance at Rachel had me vetoing that idea. If she caught me even looking at alcohol, I'm betting she'd make me regret it and well…I liked sex too much to risk it.

In the end the whole thing went really great. It was fun prancing down the aisle with Rachel and watching Beyonce's dad dance…well, let's just say it was worth the whole thing in laughter. The dude had moves that rivaled Finn's in suckiness and that's saying something.

I gotta admit though that as we stood there, all of us watching the obvious love Mr. Hummel and Mrs. Hudson soon to be Mrs. Hummel shared, I couldn't help but imagine briefly how I'd feel standing there with a white clad Rach by my side.

Then I realized that I was seventeen and thinking about marriage, and I shook it off. I was in love and had no intentions of letting Rachel go, but still…marriage was a big step and no one in my family had ever lasted once they tied the knot. Not even my Nana; she'd thrown out her husband of two months once he'd said he didn't want to have kids right away and he'd gotten a pneumonia from staying out in the rain, begging to be let back in and died shortly thereafter.

To her defense, she had been pregnant with Uncle Ira at the time…and I knew just how crazy pregnant chicks could be.

Shaking off my weird ass trip down memory lane, I woke up enough to realize that the whole thing was over and done with and we were on our way to the reception. It was like a usual wedding; speeches and food and then it turned weird but adorkable once Finn decided to show his appreciation for Kurt by dancing with the guy in public. I pitied Kurt's feet, but even though it must have hurt getting stepped on so much, Kurt didn't even wince. It was nice to see they'd grown so close.

Rachel and I decided to head home relatively early. We had brought Caroline, and she was getting fussy at all the noise and unfamiliar people. Quinn bowed out the same time as us with Eve and she looked a bit confused at Finn when he insisted on taking Eve and retire early instead so she could have fun with her date (who'd turned out to be Sam, and he looked tired at having spent an evening with Quinn the Mother instead of Quinn the Cheerleader that he usually saw in school).

I have to admit I was impressed by the maturity Finn showed and that's why I cut him some slack when I noticed him glaring hotly at Sam's back when the blond smilingly led Quinn back out to the dance floor.

I just nodded at him with silent support and led my two girls out to the car so we could head home and crash, 'cause fun times out-of-the-way and all; I was fucking exhausted.


The next day, I woke up ridiculously early when my cell rang and I damn near toppled off the bed in my groggy attempt at not waking Rachel up, 'cause I knew she'd been up with Caroline a few times already.

I whisper growled into the phone, "who the fuck's calling so early?"

"Why do I keep fucking up?" A slurred voice that I barely recognized asked.

"Who's this?" My growling slowly transforming into a furrowed brow instead.

"I'm messshhed up, P-Puckerman," the slurring voice replied and it continued hoarsely, "I's a stupid fuck up; you should have hit me more…"

"Dave?" I sat up, the smaller hairs in the back of my neck standing up. "Why are you calling me at," I glanced at the clock on my bedside table, "3.45 a.m.?"

"I'm sshhoorry," Dave murmured, adding another curse aimed at himself and I didn't really like the oddly hollow tone in his drunken voice.

I mean, sure, I've been around drunk people all my life; my mother more or less made me a fucking expert, and that's not even including all the parties I used to attend on a regular basis. But that almost haunted tone in Dave Karofsky's voice reeked of self-loathing and hate. Not a good combo in my experience.

"Dude…Tell me where you are and I'll come pick you up, Man." I tried.

"I'm not a good persssonn," Dave almost sounded sober and way too serious at that moment and I was out of the bed, halfway dressed before I even realized I was moving. I didn't know why I felt the urge to hurry, I just knew I did.

Rachel was awake now and watching me with wide, concerned eyes and I whispered that Dave was probably in trouble.

"I'd do the world a fucking favor by leaving," Dave's voice pierced through my growing fear and I looked at Rach with a silent plea, like she could do something I couldn't.

And then she did. She took the phone from me and firmly asked Dave where he was. At first it seemed like he was spewing the same bullshit he'd used with me judging from the frightened look in Rachel's eyes, but then she cut through whatever he was saying with an unbelievable soft, soothing voice that almost sounded like cooing.

"David; I really need to get you somewhere safe. Will you please tell me where you are and we'll come pick you up? …No, we won't tell your dad…I promise David…I'm not mad at you, just please tell me where you are."

Twenty minutes later, Rachel sat in the back of Abraham's car with Dave's extremely drunkass head in her lap while I drove back to the Berry house where I got him into the guest room and Rach went to tell her dads we had a new houseguest for a little while.

While she went into her dads' bedroom, I silently went through the motions in trying to sober Dave up. I gently coaxed him to drink a few glasses of water so he wouldn't wake up dehydrated and then I tucked him into bed like I'd done with Ma so many (too many) times.

I turned off the light and prepared to leave, sure that he was more or less unconscious after I'd helped him undress, but then his still slightly slurring voice reached me in the dark.

"Sorry for threatening Rachel…"

"I know," I replied without looking back at him.

"I don't deserve any support from you guys – especially after what I've done to…" Dave trailed off and I turned around a bit to look at the form I could vaguely make out in the moonlit room.

"No you don't, but you'll get it anyway. Now shut up and try to sleep before the hangover gets to you."

I left the room, hearing Dave's almost inaudible chuckle behind me as I closed the door quietly and went back to the room I shared with Rachel.

She was waiting for me and looking especially serious. "We need to help him," was the first thing she said after I'd climbed back under the covers.

"We won't get any understanding from the others," I felt forced to point out. I hated to put her into the middle of this whole mess, since her standing amongst the other Gleeks were already so up and down, but the determined glint in her eyes told me that she had no intentions of backing away from a person in need.

And like it or not, Dave Karofsky was a guy in need.

"I don't care, Noah. I'm sure we'll handle it. And how bad can it be? I mean, Kurt's got the support and love from so many people and probably won't mind that we…Oh who am I kidding," Rachel sighed heavily and snuggled down into my chest. "They're going to hate us; or to be more precise, they'll wind up hating me as they always do. But I don't care because the boy in that room needs someone to tell him that it's not a sin to be a homosexual and happy. And no matter what, I'll always have you, isn't that right, Noah?"

I grinned and kissed the top of her delicious smelling hair. "Hell yeah, Babe. I ain't leaving your side until we've convinced them that Dave –asshole though he is- ain't as evil as they all think."

Of course, Rachel and I probably wouldn't have been so sure of ourselves if we'd known that while we'd left the wedding early, Dave had actually scared Kurt so much that he ended up transferring to Dalton Academy the following Monday.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; sometimes I feel like I'm living in a fucking soap opera…


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