It All Started With Glee Club

Puck tear the glee club a new one

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"Well, as loathe as I am to do point this out, I have to say this is the perfect opportunity to say, 'I told you so'; wouldn't you say so, Noah?"

Rachel's soft-spoken voice reached my ears and I stared at the small hands she'd put onto my clenched ones without saying anything, 'cause there really wasn't anything else to say. She was right as usual.

Our fellow glee clubbers hadn't reacted favorably when they finally – after the weekend – realized that Dave Karofsky not only stayed at our house, but got a ride with us to school. They'd cluttered together in small groups of two and three and sent glaring looks wherever we went.

Well…I say we, but I actually mean Rachel, 'cause like she'd predicted she was suddenly the villain in all of this fucked up mess we had going on. It sucked.

Fortunately for…you know my continued education and public record, none of the Gleeks had confronted us in public, waiting for the somewhat more private choir room. Dave had followed us throughout the day, going through his own little slice of hell when Azimio and the other jackasses I used to call friends caught on to the whole fact that Dave was spending time with the losers of McKinley High without an ulterior motive (he still hadn't told anyone but me about enjoying the male anatomy as much as I did the female one.)

But he'd been sensible enough to not come with us to glee, instead he'd waved goodbye and said he'd go back home to himself and that we'd see him later. Apparently, he was fully intending to continue being around us. I really wasn't sure whether or not I was overly thrilled about that part…

Anyway, as soon as Rachel and I walked through the doors to the Choir room, the pandemonium started. Santana was growling in Spanish, pointing to the others in random and declaring that she was the only one cool enough to be allowed to bully the losers of McKinley; Brittany looked confused while Artie stroked her hand soothingly, Mike shook his head mutely, but didn't say anything awful, like Tina and Mercedes who both were sitting next to Sam, who in turn was frowning, but seemed to realize that I might take a little lip from my friends, but not from a newbie like him. Sunshine looked like she was about to burst into tears as the perfect image she had of Rachel seemed to be breaking a little.

Finn was the worst though; his look of betrayal and scorn was just too much to handle and I turned around to drag Rach out of the place. But then, the tiny brunette chose to once again prove to me that her balls were bigger than all of ours put together, 'cause she ducked under my arm and took a firm hold of my hand, pulling me over to some empty seats and sat down and daintily crossed her ankles, looking attentively at our teacher, pretending to ignore that everyone but Quinn moved a seat away from us.

Mr. Shue was oblivious as always; he stood around watching the others treat Rach and to some extent me like shit, but acted blind and deaf until he deemed we'd spent enough time on nothing. It was a fucking crappy teaching style if you ask me.

Finally, he seemed to realize he was supposed to teach and started doing just that after muttering something about Kurt's transfer to Dalton, which was how Rach and I first heard of it.

Rachel stiffened next to me, but didn't react in an obvious kind of way; I snuck a glance back at the others who all but Quinn was sending Rachel death glares.

When I met Quinn's eyes, she looked sad, but not angry like the others; evidently, she knew we'd have a damn good reason for doing what we'd done. I couldn't help but growl a bit internally at the thought of so many people that had known Rachel for so much longer than the former head bitch in charge didn't give her the benefit of the doubt like Quinn did.

When Glee ended, I thought we'd covered the worst of it, but then Mercedes said something about betrayal was easy for someone that would do anything to get ahead and Finn muttered something in agreement as he waited for Quinn. And I had enough; seriously, I was fuming like a steam train or whatever.

"You have no fucking idea what you're talking about," I managed to get through my gritted teeth in a somewhat civil tone. "Just get over yourselves."

"Oh Hell to the no, White Boy," Mercedes had heard my comment and did a one eighty over by the doors and walked over to us with fire in her eyes. "You did not just act all high and mighty when my boy is hurting like crazy because of that whack job Karofsky!"

"Look," It was Rachel's hands over my clenched ones that kept me from jumping to my feet in anger, "I get it sucks ass that Beyonce moved; shit I hate it too and believe me, Dave is getting some heat over that later, but stop acting like it's such a fucking big deal."

"And we get that you're trying to show you're on your woman's side and all," Mercedes sneered, with Tina nodding in agreement behind her, "but don't bother; we all know it's Rachel's fault. She just can't keep her big nose out of other people's lives."

"Get the fuck out of here," I literally had to bite the inside of my cheek to force myself to remember that one didn't hit girls (not decent guys anyways), "Stop blaming Rach for all of the shit that goes wrong or that you don't like in this fucking place. We both agreed to let Dave stay at our house, for reasons that ain't any of your business. But I'm telling you all this right now," I saw Finn take a step back at the glacial tone in my voice; he suddenly seemed to remember that pissing me off too much wasn't the best idea in the world, "get out of my sight or I swear to God, I'm gonna do shit to all of you that you're gonna regret."

Two minutes later, the would-be lynch mob had vacated the Choir Room with varying expressions of anger and relief. A distinctive cough over from the piano caught my attention and I looked over at Mr. Shue when he decided to turn up the authority he supposedly wielded up a notch. "Look, Puck; I don't want you talking to your classmates like that. It can –"

"No offence, Mr. Shue," I said, not blinking as I kept staring daggers at him; "but go fuck yourself."

The curly haired teacher looked pissed at my words, but then he took a deeper look at me and seemed to notice that I was way too close to losing it, 'cause he just nodded strictly at us and gestured for the ever mute Brad to follow him out.


After that, things turned into what seemed to me to be a fucking vendetta against Rachel over the next few days.

I mean, for some lame ass reason, Shuester decided to give away Rachel's leads to Quinn and Sam and Santana of all people. Sure, they could all sing, but come on; as I fiercely pointed out to a scowling Shuester, Rachel was the best and she deserved to bring it home at Sectionals like she did last year.

I honestly don't know who was more pissed off about our teacher's sudden burst of team sport fixation or what the fuck ever, Rach or me. We just sat in silence and probably looked like fucking angels of rage or something anytime anyone dared look at us with anything resembling smugness.

Quinn found us after that particular class and told Rachel with sincerity in her eyes that she hadn't gone behind our backs and asked for any solos. I believed her, and since Rach didn't jump her and tried choking her to death, I'm guessing she did too.

But the way everyone had been treating her those last few days were finally getting to her it seemed, 'cause she actually let Quinn pull her aside for some girl time instead of practicing for Sectionals. I guess losing your solos sort of took away the desire to practice twenty four seven…

I was left with this bubbling feeling of resentment and frustration and without really realizing what I was doing; I body slammed Jacob into the lockers. In my defense, the pervy little dude was once again following behind Rachel with a camera and a way too intense look in his beety little eyes, but still, it was a shitty thing to do, the tiny Rachel voice inside my mind reminded me.

I didn't get a chance to apologize, before Jacob had jumped to his feet, muttering something about payback and had scuttled back down the hallway out of my sight. Shrugging it off and reminding myself to do some apologizing later, I spotted Dave standing by his locker next to a sour looking Azimio and since I was in a pretty shitty mood, I decided to walk over and invite some kind of trouble to release some tension.

"Yo, Dave," I greeted, nodding casually at him, as I leaned up against the lockers, staring coldly at Azimio, who in turn didn't seem to know if he was supposed to return the favor or look guilty about the whole perforated appendix thing.

In the end, he settled for a mixture of both, making him look like a half retarded monkey with breathing problems. "What are you doing here, Puckerman? I'm talking to Karofsky, not you."

"Well, I'm talking to Dave and not you, so fuck off."

"You son of a bitch!"

"Yeah, that's true, what's your point?" I smirked at the baffled look he sent Dave at my words, but it was just too good to pass up you know.

"Look, Man," Dave's voice forced me back from the onslaught of memories of my shitty parent and I looked over at him with raised brows, "I'm kindda trying to talk some sense into Azimio here, making him see that you're not…you know, a total douche."

"Oh," I replied with a nod and turned to leave. "Good luck with that."

When I got home later that day, I was just exhausted. I'd gotten a text from Rach informing me that she'd hitch a ride with Quinn and that she'd meet me at home, so I wasn't surprised at the breastfeeding party going on in the living room as I entered.

"Hello Noah," Rachel smiled and tilted her head back a bit so I could plant a quick kiss on her lips, as Quinn discreetly covered her boob and Eve's little head in the meantime. "Where's David?"

"He's coming in a few; had some extra training with Coach Beiste as part of his punishment. Want help with dinner?"

"Nah," Rachel nodded in the direction of the kitchen where I just realized that Hiram was busy stirring a few deliciously smelling pots on the stove. "It's been taken care off. But I'd appreciate if you'd burp your daughter, while I go freshen up in the bathroom upstairs."

I took the precious bundle that was my kid and smiled when she giggled toothlessly at the sight of me, milk bubbles trailing down her chubby little cheeks. Damn, she was just so fucking adorable. The older she got the more of Rachel I saw in her – although she kept insisting that Caroline had my eyes.

I did my fatherly thing with Caroline and settled down on the couch where Quinn was busy getting the burping over and done with as well. We looked at each other for a long second, before she sighed out heavily.

"I think Rachel is hurting a lot more than she'll let you see. She's afraid you'll end up beating Mr. Shue to a pulp to defend her honor…or something like that. But if it makes you feel any better, I've spoken with Finn and he won't bother you anymore."

I raised a brow in question, knowing full well that the conversation would've involved some major shouting for it to have gotten through Finn's stubborn head. Quinn smiled evilly and in that moment I was reminded of the girl that used to torment Rachel for funsies. I repressed a shudder, so I didn't wake up Caroline…or…well, show that the very thought freaked me the hell out.

A few seconds later, the doorbell rang and Dave walked in. He stopped short at the sight of Quinn and I remembered that the last time the guy had actually been around Quinn had been when he'd been about to slushy her while she was pregnant. "Hey Quinn."

"Hello." Yup, there was the Ice Queen persona again; I found myself praying that Rach would return soon and the Man upstairs seemed to be listening, 'cause in the blink of an eye, there she was with a smile of welcome to Dave as she made her way over to me to take Caroline from my arms.

"Don't worry about it Babe," I rumbled softly, caressing Caroline on her back to keep her sleeping as I got to my feet and started for her nursery. "I'll take care of it and be back in a few."

I put Caroline down to sleep and just stood staring down at her, as she lay sprawled out with all four limbs in every direction. I let my finger trail across the soft, dark hairs that she'd inherited from both of her parents with a no doubt totally wimpy smile of adoration, but I didn't care. Like I said, she was just so fucking beautiful.

"You're really good at that," Rachel said just as her arms encircled my waist in a tender hug that somehow renewed my energy from all the bullshit we'd been through during the week.

"Wanna make out?" I asked with the ghost of a smile on my lips, twisting around to place my head on the top of her vanilla scented hair, "I'll kick everyone out, don't you worry."

"As sweet as that offer is," I couldn't see it, but I knew Rachel was smiling into my shirt, "I will have to decline. I simply came in to tell you that I'm so very proud of the way you handled yourself today. This week has undoubtedly been a negative one, especially with this last development that Mr. Shue calls a plan for Sectionals; but," Rachel turned her head upwards to meet my eyes head on, "you didn't lose your temper and endanger your future. It's really nice to see how much you've matured this last year, Noah."

"Only 'cause of you," I whispered softly, feeling lost in those dark, beautiful eyes that were staring up at me with so much pride and love that I could feel my heart swell like I was the lead actor in a romantic comedy.


I looked over at the door, where a twin chorus had interrupted my moment with my girlfriend and I glowered in mock anger when I saw Dave and Quinn side by side, smirking at us with laughter in their eyes.

"Fuck off."

We all blinked and then we blinked again, 'cause contrary to popular belief, I hadn't been the one to say those words. No, the small female in my arms had and I blurted out with a grin marring my features.

"Damn Babe that was by far the hottest thing I've ever experienced. Now we're definitely going upstairs to make out."

We all choked down our laughs so we didn't wake up the sleeping baby behind us and left, feeling happier than in a long while, at least in my case and judging from the light shining in Rachel's eyes, she felt the exact same way.


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