It All Started With Glee Club

Puck goes to a motel

I don't own Glee or any of its franchise. Or else Season 3 wouldn't have opened with Finchel and no Puckleberry context. Believe me.

A/N Sorry for the long AN's this time! Thanks for the reviews, signed and unsigned alike, it really makes it so much easier to write! Only, in this case, it was really hard. I've had a set plan for this story from the beginning and then I came to the last chapter where people either loved the angst or hated it. I debated whether or not to cave into people's expectations of this story, but ultimately decided to go my original way, 'cause it's worked well so far (: In canon at this point in time, we were supposed to start the "Desperate Rachel act" and I always try to keep true to the canon, but with my own twist on things…Hopefully, you'll all trust me to know what I'm doing. And if you think that I'm just writing drama for drama's sake then, please, remember that I've alluded to this momentary bump in the road happening for several chapters. I mean, I never do anything with the characters that aren't planned. So, hopefully you'll all still keep reading. Enjoy if possible.

Unbetaed as usual, but I'd appreciate a helping hand if you find any glaring mistakes that I've missed, Thanks!


Well, the forced sit down between Rachel and me didn't go as Abraham thought it would. For starters, it turned into something a lot more emotional for the both of us than even he'd planned. Like a lot

I mean, she sat down with red rimmed eyes and a tightened mouth that revealed her struggle to keep her feelings on the inside for now and my guilt and shame bottled over and I immediately started spewing the same apologizing crap I'd done for the last few days in front of her door.

But then, Rachel did something that was undeniably stupid; she opened her mouth and told me to be quiet, because now she wanted to speak and somehow that talk turned into some crappy comments and the kiss of death to my apologizing as it were came when Rachel ended her guilt tripping spiel with saying that if I was still so immature and childish, perhaps I wasn't suited as a full time father, and that really, it shouldn't' have been so surprising to her 'cause immature parenting clearly ran in my genes.

She regretted it instantly; I knew that; hell, I could see it even as the last word left her lips that she was freaking out already at what she'd said, but for once, I didn't give a damn.

It was like she'd reached out and ripped me to pieces without even touching me; taking me apart with the one real weak spot that I had. I was unable to really get my mind into gear, I knew that she didn't mean what she'd said but I couldn't stop from shaking in growing rage.

She quickly opened her mouth to no doubt do some heartfelt apologizing of her own, but I interrupted her roughly, barely keeping my voice level. It was like I was speaking through a stone in my throat that was choking me inch by inch.

"So…basically you're saying I'm shitty father to Caroline?" Her eyes teared up even as they widened to an impossible size, "well, I can't really say anything other than Fuck you, Rachel Berry."

I stood up, ignored the startled look that Abraham sent me even as his entire essence sent out waves of disappointment at Rachel, and walked over to the small area of the living room that had been converted into a sort of play area for Caroline and kissed her soft hair even as she lay giggling on a small blanket with some sort of toy in her slobbering mouth. Fuck, this was gonna be hard.

The next thing I did was quietly walking up to the bedroom to grab a duffle bag that I normally used for gym stuff and threw in a few random pieces of clothing before turning back around and walking right back down and over to the front door.

Rachel still sat immobile where I'd left her, but the sight of me walking without pause towards the door seemed to catapult her back into business 'cause she jumped up and ran over to slam her body against the door that I'd just reached out to open.

"Where are you going, Noah?" she asked, her eyes bright with those damned tears.

For once though, I wasn't totally effected by them and just shrugged, feeling blissfully numb for the first time since that jack ass Jacob had put everything into motion. "Gonna crash somewhere else for a little while," I finally revealed. "Don't want my bad genes or influence or what the fuck ever taking over this place, right? Now step aside 'cause I will remove you."

"Noah, Please; I'm just so emotional after these last few days and-"

"Don't," I shrugged again, "I've done my share of apologizing for kissing Santana, but you know deep down it wasn't the sex or making out that the video seemed to show that happened that day; for fuck's sake, I've told you time and time again through the door what happened. And apologized for it, and right now I just don't give a crap. Go be a bitch to someone else for a while."

"Hey," Abraham's slightly reproving voice reached me and I threw him a look over my shoulder before simply taking a firm hold of Rachel's shoulders and then I pushed her gently to the side and walked out of the one place where I'd truly felt happy for the first time in my fucked up life.

"You promised we'd never sleep apart," Rachel shouted after me, the tears in her voice now plainly obvious, but I didn't look at her, knowing that it would've been my undoing and I'd meant what I'd said, I was tired of saying sorry all the time. Instead I just chuckled darkly and replied as I got into my truck as fast as I fucking could in my current state of mind.

"Well, you broke that promise the moment you refused to let me in to our room three nights ago, so get off your high horse and go cry at Quinn's shoulder, I've no doubt there's some way the two of you can make me the bad again in this fucking soap story that's our lives."

I started the truck, and I was grateful that the roaring of my old engine drowned out whatever it was that Rachel was shouting at me, 'cause it was bad enough watching the tears streaming down her face as I drove away. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Abraham in the doorway; his face wearing such a devastated expression that I once again was stabbed in the heart knowing that this place was my home and I was leaving it, at least for a little while.

As I drove away from my family, I kept blinking away the burning in my eyes to stop my own tears from pouring; I mean, despite everything I wasn't exactly keen on driving around town with tears streaming down my face. I still had my reputation; fuck, it was about the last thing I had these days.


I ended up skipping school the two next days, not really giving a fuck about anything. Instead, I just spent the days in the old, creaky and no doubt alive bed in the old rundown motel on the outskirts of town that I'd checked into two nights before.

There were bottles lying all around me that I'd bought from one of my old friends, who'd supplied me with alcohol many times before I'd sort of fallen off the grid to go play happy family with Rachel.

But, even though there was plenty of liquor all over the place, I had yet to actually open even one bottle. Something was stopping me; and for once it wasn't the Rachel themed voice in my head that usually came forth whenever I was doing something stupid; no, it was my own rarely heard conscience.

I knew that if I took this road I'd be well on my way to be an exact copy of my parents; their solution for anything had always been drinking whatever they could and I gotta admit a big part of me was scared shitless that I'd go down the same path in life.

Images of Caroline had burst through me the moment I'd tried unscrewing the lid to one of the vodka bottles and I'd thrown the sucker away before I'd even made a conscious decision to do so. The drying liquid on the wall gave the small room a no doubt boozy smell, but I didn't care – too emotionally spent to do much of anything and besides, it drowned out the old socks and sex smell from decades of illicit use...

So instead, I spent the days just lying in that nasty ass excuse of a bed, staring up at the ceiling and thinking about what the hell had happened. I'd overreacted majorly at Rachel's comments, I knew that already, but seriously, I also had this bubbling anger inside of me that was caused by the extreme reaction she'd had herself in regards to all the Santana shit. I mean, fuck, when had I given her any reason not to trust me? I'd never hidden any part of my past, she'd known that something had gone down between me and San that day, and had made a choice not to push; fuck, I'd even been fully prepared to tell her everything.

And then she'd said those things and really, that had been one thing too many and I really had no fucking clue how to fix things again. I wanted nothing more than to go back a week and just stay in that blissful bubble we'd had going on.

But I was too old to believe in fairy tales or make believe crap, so I just kept on staring up at the slightly molding ceiling. At least, until my stomach growled so much that I eventually had to get off my ass and try to locate something to eat.

I put on my sports jacket, which was the only semblance of a coat I'd brought with me. Okay, in hindsight it was a big mistake, 'cause it was just below seven degrees of Fucking Freezing outside. But then again, it was almost Christmas so it's not like I should've been surprised.

Anyway, I fought off the cold as well as I could and made my way over to the vending machine I remembered having spotted earlier as I entered the parking lot. My fingers were fucking freezing as I tried putting in the money as fast as I could; I was so focused on my task that I nearly pissed myself when I heard a familiar voice behind me.

"Puckerman? I thought you were sick?"

Turning around fast, I dropped my snacks but I tried playing it off casually as I stared into Sam's surprised eyes. "What the fuck are you doing here?" I blurted out, bending down to pick up my stash.

It was only a brief glimpse, before he blinked, but I could've sworn the dude looked embarrassed. Well, I guess he was meeting someone or had met someone; but I put it out of my mind, 'cause I was too fucked up myself to give a shit about who was banging who right now.

"Uhm, well…"Sam muttered, but then he changed direction on me, "Rachel said you were home sick, so what are you doing here?"

"It's contagious." Yeah, I lied, 'cause really; I wasn't interested in everyone knowing my business and it was no secret that no one gossiped more than the New Directions members. I mean, Mercedes is a part of that group, you know.

"Really? You look fine," Sam said, bringing me back to the present with a start, "I mean, you look tired as hell, but I'd figure that was a normal thing when you have a baby at home. At least, Quinn always look tired these days and-"

"Yeah, whatever," I broke in, not even able to bare any mention of my baby girl at home, 'cause I missed her like crazy, "I just wanna be left alone, Newbie, so buzz off."

He looked a little bit hurt at my harsh tone, but seriously, the dude was…well, a dude and sue me for not having the energy to mind my fucking manners.

"Look, erm…I could be wrong, Puckerman, but..." Sam trailed off cautiously when I glared at him, but then he showed another hint of that same courage that had made him mouth off at me when he'd given his glee audition and continued quickly, "Well, you look like you could use a friend. And I'm willing to be that friend so stop acting like an ass and tell me what the hell is going on. Please."

I smirked a little when he added that last word, 'cause that was so him; he was just such an all round nice guy, it was ridiculous. In the end though, I kindda sighed and invited him over to my room and Sam agreed, after he'd sent his parents a text or something and went with me.

The moment he entered my room, his face screwed up in distaste at the smell, and even I had to cringe a bit after being out in the cold, fresh air, 'cause damn, it stunk in here. We ended up spending the night talking; he was surprisingly good at listening to the things I didn't say and advised me to try and get over myself long enough to work things out with Rachel. He even sort of made me understand her comments, hurtful though they'd been, and in the end I agreed to go back to school the next day to try and get a reconciliation going. I knew it'd be hard, 'cause I was still pretty pissed about it all and knew that even though Rachel probably still regretted her own words, she was more than likely pretty upset too.

Anyway, after that had been sort of settled, we did the only thing left; something that had been brewing between us for ages. We had a totally awesome talk about which was cooler; Avatar or Mario Cart. I gotta say; it was nice acting my age for once and when Sam left a few hours later, teeth chattering after sitting in my room with the window open to get the vodka stench out, I knew I'd gotten a great new friend.


The next morning, I showered and debated whether to shave off the stubbles I'd gotten during my little seclusion before finally just doing it, 'cause I knew Caroline would probably scream her little head off trying to pull the small hairs off to look at them. She'd gotten her intense curiosity from her mother after all.

Then I grabbed my duffle bag and headed out to my truck. I noticed that the room Sam had headed towards when we'd split ways last night was still in use, but judging from the two kids running around just outside shouting something towards the door it hadn't been that sort of meeting he'd been there for…unless he was like…into little kids and if so, I'd kill his bleached blond ass.

Shaking off the whole thing, I started the truck and drove towards McKinley High, both nervous and apprehensive about what was about to go down. A part of me didn't really want to go, if I had to be totally honest. Mostly, I still wanted to transport myself back in time about a week so none of this stupid thing had happened in the first place.

Eventually though, I reached the school and pulled in just in time to see Mr. Shue and Coach Sylvester scream at each other in the parking lot. Something about stolen presents or some shit like that. Anyway, I didn't really pay them any attention, 'cause a) I'm Jewish and even if Christmas is a kickass idea, I could live without and b) 'cause I'd just spotted Jacob Ben Israel's back over by the entrance with some other students and all my attention focused on him.

Feeling a bit grateful about the snow that helped me approach him soundlessly, I made my way over to him and this time I was gonna make damn sure I'd traumatize him for life…or at least make the guy swear not to pick up a camera again until after high school.

"Hi Jake," I greeted, practically growling as my hand landed on his parka clad shoulder, squeezing for all its worth.

Jacob's entire frame froze for a long minute, his other dweeb friends scattering around for a place to hide before he slowly turned his head to look at me. He mustn't have liked my expression, 'cause in the next second, he let out this weird whimper and moaning sound and passed out.

I quickly scanned the area and then I threw Rachel' stalker over my shoulder, loudly proclaiming that I was gonna take him to the nurse. Oh yeah, I barely contained an evil smirk, I was gonna take him to the nurse, but first I'd have a little fun with him…


A/N I've written a Klaine story to see if I could actually do it and I'd like to hear you Klaine fans' reaction to it, if you haven't already read it. I have a Kurtofsky story too and right now, that's more popular so…*wink*.

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