It All Started With Glee Club

Puck follows directions

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The thing with Jacob taken care of, gave me a lift in spirits that I hadn't even realized that I needed. I mean, sure I was tense like a motherfucker and full of these feelings, but still, I thought I'd gotten a pretty good hang of myself, until I took care of the Jacob situation and went back to the school to try and fix my relationship with Rachel.

Of course, I hadn't really taken into account that people had seen me drag Jacob off the school's premises and within minutes of entering the school, I was intercepted by Miss Pillsbury and had to sit through some awful lecture that was both completely unrelated and slightly baffling.

I mean, what do green apples got to do with anything? Just sayin'.

I had just begun compiling a mental list, trying to see what the hell Mr. Shue saw in that bag of crazy. My own crazy girl was way more…well, endearing, I guess. Miss Pillsbury was just plain weird. Hot, but I didn't really want her around all the time. Well, anyway, that's not important; so, like I said, I'd just begun that list when there was a quick knock on the door and in walked Rachel of all people.

She looked like shit; okay, no, that's not true 'cause I'm pretty sure she could've worn an empty potato sack and still look hot as hell, but she looked exhausted. There were dark bags under her eyes and there was this air around her that told me that she hadn't slept any better than I had since our separation.

Her eyes met mine briefly and I could easily see the regret and longing that I knew my own face was probably showing like a lovesick puppy and there was a hint of genuine surprise, I guess she hadn't expected my presence. In the next second, she blinked and turned to look at McKinley's supposedly competent guidance counselor.

"I was told to report here Miss Pillsbury," she stated, closing the door behind her, evidently trying to secure some sort of privacy from the curious glances we were getting. It didn't do shit, 'cause the small room we were in had glass windows for walls, so while Rachel took the seat next to me that Miss Pillsbury gestured to, I got up and pulled the blinds on the stares. I threw in a few flipped birds too, just to make my point.

Once I'd sat back down again, Miss Pillsbury watched us in silence. It was fucking awkward is what it was, and I fidgeted a little bit as the tension grew ever so little. Rachel sat ramrod straight next to me and I just wished that Miss Pillsbury would piss off, so I could talk to my…well, I think she was still my girlfriend.

Finally, I snapped and turned to glare at the surprised teacher, "Mind getting a move on, 'cause I've kindda got plans to talk to Rachel before our kid go into puberty."

Miss Pillsbury nodded frantically, unconsciously fixing some nonexistent mess on her immaculate desk before speaking. "I've heard from several sources that you two are going through a rough patch lately, and I'd like to offer my services. I mean, you both seem to care a great deal about one another and love is important. You wouldn't want to be with the wrong one – no matter how lovely they were and how well his abilities to keep his oral hygiene in tip top shape or-"

"Yeah, great," I rudely cut in, already feeling my previously high spirit dwindle with every word. "I need to talk to Rachel so thanks for your talk, it really…"

I was gonna say something purely snide and not too nice, but a quick look at Rachel made me rethink my words and I just shrugged and got to my feet.

Then to my surprise, Rachel looked over at our counselor and asked her, no told her, in the most convoluted way I'd ever heard to get out while we talked in private. If it hadn't been so serious a moment, I think I would've made damn sure Miss Pillsbury's desk didn't stay so immaculate if you catch my drift…

Five minutes later, we were actually alone and Rachel even had the audacity to lock the door after our befuddled teacher before looking back at me. "You don't look like your absence from me has done you any real good," she began softly, eying me up and down carefully.

I shrugged again and looked away; somehow not totally able to look her in the eye. "Well, it was needed."

Rachel sighed, but then to my surprise she nodded in agreement. Deciding I'd better speak my mind before it was too late, I continued:" I don't want us to stay apart any longer, Rachel…I still think leaving was the best idea, but I miss you all. I miss Caroline so much it fuck-freaking hurts." Better tone down the expletives while trying to mend things with your manner obsessed woman, Puckerman, I told myself with an inwardly sigh.

"I know," Rachel said, bringing me back to the present with a snap. She looked slightly relieved; I have no idea what she thought I was gonna say, but she genuinely looked like she had feared I was gonna kill her or something. Her next words surprised me right back and I forced back some instinct to act out or something.

"I have given it some thought, and I have to agree that our time apart was a logical development, given the way everything just escalated emotionally up until the time you left."

"Do you wanna fix this?" I heard myself ask, fucking terrified of the answer, "fix us, I mean? Or…" Hell, I couldn't even say it. Luckily, it seemed like Rachel got what I was asking, 'cause her beautiful brown eyes widened and she held up her hands.

"I have no intention of ending my relationship with you, Noah. Despite our recent setbacks, you're still the one I love…I don't suppose you want to break-"

"No," I interjected, a tad harshly, but I really wanted her to get what I wanted. "I want to talk things through and move past this crap. All of it. I'll even be willing to listen to what it is that makes you think that I'm not a good father; I promise I won't freak out."

"You know I didn't mean those awful things I said about you. You're the most gentle and caring parent I've ever met," Rachel stepped closer, obviously just as eager to mend some fences as I was. "I really hope my reckless angry comments haven't restarted your beliefs of your inferiority, because you're truly an amazing person, and I'm sorry."

I didn't need her apology, 'cause I'd known that it had been said in anger as soon as the words left her mouth and I was about to say that to her, that my own hurt had been worked through with Sam of all people, who'd helped me see reason, but then Rachel continued her talking and my mood pummeled to the ground like a airplane crashing to the ground.

"I hope that a little more time apart with ample time to rebuild each other's trust will prove to be the best thing for us."

I was dumbfounded and Rachel quickly explained in more detail that she didn't mean for me to keep out of the Berrys' home any more, that I should come back after school and return to normal…except, she fully expected me to sleep in the guest room so we could, and I quote here, 'build up our foundation as a couple like we hadn't done during her pregnancy.'

Basically it meant that Rachel thought I should court her like a proper gentleman – or a wuss, as I like to call them, so we'd grow back to that solid unit we'd been before. It was lame, overdramatic and completely something I should've expected out of Rachel.

"So," I said after she eventually finished her long ass speech that reeked of having been rehearsed quite a few times in front of her mirror. "You pretty much want to still be with me and keep me as your boyfriend and all…but basically you want me to date you a few times a week and spend time apart so we can miss each other so we know that we belong together?"

Rachel nodded in agreement, clearly believing she'd just had a brilliant idea. I didn't have to heart to tell her it was fucking stupid. I knew that she would just get stubborn and insist on it and if I ever wanted to get back to the way things had been before Jacob had screwed me over, I had to just accept this shit and live through it.

"And," I added, hating this part the most if I had to be completely honest, "no sex whatsoever?"

"Yes, I truly believe this to be the best course of action, Noah. Our resentment has to dissolve entirely before we engage in that kind of activity."

"But you love being fucked." I pointed out, not exactly caring that I sounded crude. I was genuinely baffled by this part, 'cause seriously; Rachel Berry was a wildcat in the sack…and out of it too, if you know what I mean.

Rachel rolled her eyes, and scoffed, but I caught the flush in her cheeks and couldn't contain a smirk. "Yes, thank you, Noah. I do enjoy the experience, but think about how much more gratifying our relations will be when we've overcome this hurdle and are truly at one again."

"I'm only doing this under protest," I said after a long moment of silence, where I had a quick mental talk with my dick, preparing him for a lot of time in the showers in the near future.

"Noted," Rachel smiled and then walked over to me and pecked me on the cheek. "I know this will be hard for you – excuse the pun – but I really think this will be a good thing for us."

"Yeah, whatever," I muttered, grabbing my book bag from the floor next to my chair and opened the door for her, like the gentleman she apparently wanted. "Let's get to class."


Christmas came and went and I followed Rachel's directions to the letter. I really wanna say that I hated every second of it; but that'd be a big lie.

It was actually nice to spend so much time with her that our busy schedules hadn't really permitted before. Before our reconciliation, we'd spent almost every minute together when possible, but we hadn't really sat down and just enjoyed each other in a while and that was a lot more regular now and I kindda loved it.

Yeah, sure, I was probably on my way to carpal tunnel syndrome from all my alone time (wink wink), but it was worth it.

Things with the Glee Club were going better now too. They'd slowly begun to accept that neither of us was a) breaking up anytime soon, b) allowing them to change our minds about Dave and c) willing to let them dictate our lives and that was great.

Hell, we even participated with them when they went caroling in school, joined in to save Brittany's unexplainable belief in Santa and we actually celebrated Christmas at Mr. Shue's once we all realized how lonely and pathetic he really was this time of year…and we're Jewish, remember?

Anyway, time went by fast and before I knew it, we were sitting in the choir room one day and Artie wheeled in, covered in red slushy and if I had been alone I probably would have laughed at the shocked puppy dog look he was sporting, but as it was, I wasn't so I just put on a frown and glared while he told us all about being cornered by the football players.

That was enough to make my frown real, 'cause I hated that those jackasses still went after glee members, even those they were on the same team with. It sucked balls and if I wasn't on such shaky grounds with Rachel I would've gone to the locker rooms to remind them to try that shit on me.

I met Sam's eyes and I could see he was thinking along the same lines so I nodded seriously at him, but was brought back to the present when Rachel placed her hand on my arm and whispered angrily, "They're such hooligans, Noah. We have to figure out a way to make them stop. Do you think David took part in this brutish attack? If he did, I am going to give him a stern talking to. "

She had a point; I realized and whipped out my cell phone to text Dave. U slushied Artie?

I only had to wait a few seconds before I got a reply, No! Tried 2 stop Az, but 2 late. Sry.

"He didn't have anything to do with it," I mumbled distractedly to Rachel, while I texted back that we were still cool and watching the other Gleeks fawn over the clearly upset Artie.

Mr. Shue looked on with a grimace and I really should've known that the idiot had something up his sleeve, 'cause the next day, I was sitting next to Sam, chatting about how exactly to make our football team pay for what they'd put Wheels through, when suddenly, all of those jackasses strolled in like they fucking owned the place.

Turns out that our glorious (note the sarcasm by the way!) teacher and Coach Beiste had cooked up some kind of plan of getting us all to get along or some shit like that.

I just knew it wasn't gonna work. It was impossible to get along with them; I knew that from experience too. And as if that wasn't enough, it became pretty clear about five minutes after their arrival, when one of the jocks made a crack about us all being faggots and that we probably caught it from Kurt before he left, and everything broke into chaos.

I mean, it was only Sam's and the now clearly scowling Dave's quick reaction that stopped me from jumping the moron; on my left, I saw Finn struggle with Rachel, who wasn't stopped in the least by being held up in the air around her waist; opting to use her legs instead to kick out at the jocks while shouting words that really would've gotten me pretty hot and heavy if I hadn't been so pissed at that moment in time.

Yeah, it was gonna be a disaster, no doubt about that


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