It All Started With Glee Club

Puck plays a game

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"Aw fudge, I'm beat," I moaned, holding in my usual vocabulary with a stellar effort since Rachel had just handed me a giggling Caroline as I walked through the door. I was trying to be a good dad, and setting examples and all that crap…

"Well, she did keep you rather long today," Rachel said, careful not to infuse her words with her usual venom that she always did when talking about Coach Beiste's hours when it came to my football practice. Yeah, so obviously we were still totally walking on eggshells around each other, but I'd take that any day if I had to choose between that and being single.

"Yep," I said, making silly faces to keep Caroline's attention. These days it was not as easy as it used to be; my baby girl was getting more and more interested in the world around her and she'd started crawling recently, which of course damn near gave my 'hawk grey hairs of worry.

I mean, have you seen how fast a baby can move when she's up for exploring? And do you even realize what kind of nasty – not to mention fucking dangerous – stuff they manage to put in their mouths when you're not looking? Seriously, it's scary as hell.

"She's still on this spiel of getting us all to get along, and she's hell bent on getting us to overcome the Gleeks versus Jocks thing. I think Dave managed to beat some sense into Azimio tonight, so that's something, I guess." I explained while putting Caroline down in the area we'd made for her in the living room. At least this was a hurdle she'd yet managed to find an escape from, so I turned my full attention on Rachel, who hadn't said a thing to my news.

"What?" I asked, frowning at the serious look in her eyes as she folded some laundry by the sofa.

"Nothing," she replied softly, "I just have doubts about Azimio being willing to change. He's a scoundrel after all; I still haven't heard him express any genuine remorse over his actions towards you - Something which might very well have ended up costing you your life, Noah."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," I murmured, walking into the kitchen to see if I could whip up a little snack or something before Hiram came home to fix us some dinner. Score, I salivated at the sight of a half of dozen sandwiches with ham and cheese hidden in the back of the refrigerator.

I damn near inhaled the first two sandwiches, before turning back to Rachel to continue my talk with her about Coach Beiste's idea. "It ain't likely that Azimio will ever be anything other than a total douche, but I mean, we thought that about Dave too once, right?"

Rachel sighed and began pulling out her homework with a slightly worried expression on her face. I continued, suddenly losing my appetite slightly. "I mean, I'm sure things will get better eventually. Besides, I heard Coach B and Shue talk about some plan earlier today, so no matter what, it ain't gonna be a total disaster, right?"

Rachel sent me a small smile and turned her attention back to her homework and I chewed on my fourth sandwich feeling a little better myself.


Of course, that all went straight out the window the moment we found out that due to our inability to get along with each other, the whole team was basically benched until further notice.

It sucked major balls; I mean, there's definitely not gonna be a championship game if we can't even play, right? Sure, somehow we all cooked up this awesome halftime show, but after a few times of practice where I tried not to laugh my ass off ( I mean, you'd have had the same problem if you'd seen Azimio shake his groove thing…), my former friends suddenly decided to abandon us in fear of looking like morons.

And this is the same guys that danced like a single lady in public last year…cowards. I conveniently ignored the part of me that pointed out that I'd been one of the guys who'd tried to stop that whole mess the most back when I hadn't discovered just how awesome glee is…or you know, Rachel to be more specific.

So, to get back to the big issue before I start salivating at the memories of the times when Rachel had let me under her short skirts – something I was severely missing these days, courting aside and all – we were all royally fucked.

Until, one day in the middle of glee practice, Rachel stood up all primly and looking very proud of herself and announced that she and the rest of the girls on the team would be joining us.

"Well," Rachel laughed and glanced over at a abashed looking Sunshine, "not Sunshine unfortunately; it would seem none of the uniforms will fit her so instead I've enlisted a wonderfully spirited Lauren Zizes, who's promised to, and I quote her invigorating, albeit rather uncouth statement here, 'kick some bony asses and show them all just how a real woman plays the game.'"

As though she'd been waiting in the wings for her introduction, and knowing Rach as I did, I was pretty sure that was the case, Lauren strolled in exuding confidence and badassery. There was a reason I'd never messed with that broad when I'd been going through my asshole phase. I mean, she could probably snap me in half if she wanted to.

Anyway, as the girls clapped enthusiastically at her appearance, I shared a few concerned looks with the other guys. And when Rachel exclaimed something about scoring a goal herself, all my protective instincts flooded back into me. And in case you've forgotten since the whole pregnancy thing, that part of me is pretty damn big.

Before I'd even made a conscious effort to fight it off, I'd stood up and glared down at Rachel. "Are you fucking insane? There's gonna be big ass dudes ramming into you to get that ball and I'm not talking ramming as in the good way, you know!"

"Noah," Rachel's cheeks flushed at my no doubt vulgar vocabulary, but she placed her hands on her hips and met my glare head on. "You're being absolutely ridiculous in this matter! This is the best solution for everyone. And I do seem to recall your loud responses to Coach Beiste's actions last night. This will work!"

"No it won't!" I practically screamed, envisioning her small body lying still on the grass with blood running out of her nose. "It's too dangerous and I'm not gonna let you do it!"

As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I'd just about crushed the last of the eggshells we'd been treading on for the last few weeks. But I didn't give a shit about that in that moment. If this meant us getting a setback as a couple, I'd take it with a fucking smile as long as Rachel was out of harm's way.

Besides, I was getting pretty used to having permanently blue balls these days…

The other girls gasps of outrage brought me back to the present and Rachel's narrowed eyes were shooting fire at me.

"You will not let me?"

Abort, abort, my rarely heard rational side shouted within me, but I forced it down and held my ground. Sure, I took a small step backwards, but that was just so I could jump behind Artie in case of emergency. I've got a backbone, but I ain't stupid.

I opened my mouth to respond with something about her being too reckless with her health, especially now when she was a mother and things sort of escalated from there.


Well, ultimately, Rachel got her way and we were back to being mad as hell at each other. Admittedly I did say some stupid stuff, but Rachel wasn't in the least bit afraid to retort and we'd more or less been screaming at each other while the rest of the glee club, Dave, Mr. Shue and Coach Beiste had tried interfering to get us back down to earth.

Even Santana had backed off pretty quickly with her hands raised when Rach and I turned to her in tandem and told her to fuck off.

Anyway, the time for the game came fast and Rachel and I led Hiram and Abraham, who was juggling a squirming Caroline and a bag of stuff for her in case she got bored, to the stands, totally pretending that the other didn't exist.

Ten minutes later, I damn near dislocated my jaw as it dropped to the ground at the sight of her strutting forward in a football uniform. It was hot as hell, let me tell you. Even under all the pads and protective gear, my girl looked smoking. I was happy for the cup in my pants, 'cause I couldn't have hid my hard on even if I wanted to.

I think my thoughts of ripping off the whole thing and taking her right there on the field must have transported itself over to Rachel, 'cause she looked into my eyes for a short moment with a look I recognized as lust as she quickly identified my own feelings.

Then the game started and I had to focus on something else. I think I must have transformed my passion into aggressiveness, 'cause I seemed to slam into my opponents a hell of a lot harder than I usually did. I mean, a few of them looked pretty dazed as they stumbled back onto their feet while I barely broke a fucking sweat.

I was so engrossed in slamming into everyone and protecting Rachel and the other girls that I barely registered the grumbles from them as a few of them muttered something about wanting to actively join the game.

So, when Quinn of all people, suddenly growled something about being a too damn good athlete to just lie on the ground like a coward, I wasn't really prepared to stop her when she jumped to her feet with the football firmly encased in her arms after being passed the ball by an equally disgruntled looking Tina.

For one split second, I was pissed, but then I noticed how fast she actually was and a small grin of hidden approval broke out on my face. But then things changed and I watched with rapid growing horror as some of the other team's players gained on her and mercilessly threw themselves on her much smaller body.

I was already running, being the one closest to her, but it only took a few seconds, before I spotted Finn's form all but blurring past me with Quinn's name on his lips. He was so fast that he was in the middle of the mass of bodies before they'd even untangled themselves completely from the ground and was digging into the pile and pushing people away with a ferocious looking snarl on his lips.

If Quinn had been seriously hurt, I wasn't in the least bit doubting that Finn would make the guilty party pay dearly.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Quinn's form was revealed and I felt a breath hitch in my throat as we all realized at the same time that she wasn't moving. I felt Rachel's cold hand slip into mine and I wrapped my arm around her, all earlier animosity forgotten in the light of this possible disaster.

"Come on, Baby," Finn's voice reminded me of those horrible moments where I'd almost lost Rachel and I swallowed and held her tighter. "Think of our little girl, you gotta wake up and make me be a better dad…come on, Quinn."

There was the sound of footsteps as the medics finally moved their asses and caught up to Quinn; a few of the guys that had damn near buried Quinn stood idly by with clear hesitation and fear in their faces and Finn was too wrapped up in getting some sort of response from the unconscious girl in his arms to notice.

Then, after what felt like a fucking eternity, I heard Quinn hoarsely whisper if she did good. Not Finn's name or say anything about where it hurt, but if she succeeded with her play! Women, I'll never get them, I swear…


In the end, we won the fucking championship game; we fucking won! It was awesome.

After Quinn had been helped off the field with nothing but a headache and a slightly sprained ankle, Finn played better than I've ever seen before and my earlier aggression turned itself up a notch and the vibe got even better after we had a kickass half-time show where I somehow managed to convince the rest of the football team to join back in – even Santana and Brittany showed up to participate, telling a bizarre story of quitting the Cheerios to save Brittany's life or something.

After the game, we were all very happy with one another and any of that half-hidden animosity between us all had vanished as though it had never been present at all. Hell, even Dave got a big hug from Mercedes of all people.

Rachel took charge of things as always and we all ended up back at our house, having a small victory party. And when I say everybody, I mean everybody. As in the whole football team; even Azimio tagged along – even though Hiram and Abraham sent him a few scolding looks (apparently, the ability to hold a grudge in the Berry house wasn't something Rachel monopolized).

I caught a few of my old friends' looks as they entered the Berry residence and their curiosity reminded me of the first time I'd visited Rachel and half believed that her house was a perfect example of all things crazy.

Eve and Caroline were being passed around and from the looks of things it wouldn't be long before my kid started showing off the lungs she'd inherited from her mom, so I took Caroline out of my old friend, Matt's arms and told him to go bother someone else's kid and went to put her to bed, but not before tracking down Eve and handing her off to Finn, who was sitting vigil next to Quinn on the couch.

"Here Man," I said, "she's about five minutes away from breaking out the pipes, so I'd suggest you take her home or put her in the extra crib in the guest room that Hiram put out earlier for her."

Finn nodded his thanks and looked down at a now slightly moody looking Eve with a look of pure adoration and I caught Quinn's gaze as she was staring at Finn with a thoughtful look in her eyes. I think he was slowly making some progress at long last.

A few moments later, I'd changed Caroline's diaper and put her down to sleep and turned to rejoin the party. Except when I turned around, Rachel was standing in the doorway with an unreadable look on her face.

"What?" I asked, feeling a wee bit apprehensive to be honest. I mean, sure, we'd connected momentarily in our shared worry over Quinn, but after that things had happened so fast so I wasn't really sure whether or not she was still pissed.

I'd been right about the danger after all, but I know I'd fucked up in the way I'd said things in the choir room, but…ah hell, she still hadn't said anything.

"What?" I asked again, crossing my arms a little defensively.

Rachel sighed and leaned up against the doorway in a manner that I usually did and said my name softly. And then I broke out into a beaming grin at her next words.

"Wanna make out?"

"Oh Babe," I exclaimed, reaching her in a few long strides across the room, "you have no fucking idea!"

I grabbed her head and slanted my lips over hers with all of my pent up passion and frustration and she gave as good as she got and before long we'd taken things to our own room, throwing off discarded clothes on the floor behind us in our hurry.

Rachel jumped up at me and put her fantastic legs around my waist as I walked over to our bed and all but threw her on the damn thing, tearing off my wife beater with desperation. I was so fucking eager to just fuck her again that I didn't even take off my jeans; instead, I just whipped out my dick and pushed Rach's panties aside before sheathing myself in her tight heat with an almost whimpering moan of relief.

Neither of us lasted long, it had been a while since we'd last had sex after all, but we shared big dopey grins and then we were overtaken by the same kind of desperation once more and started all over again, only taking a little more time to pleasure and get reacquainted with each other this time.

We were so caught up in it all that we didn't even notice that we'd left the bedroom door wide open and that someone (probably Hiram, judging from the blush he had on his face the next few times he looked at me) quickly closed the door, after having thrown in our abandoned clothes.

When we woke up the next morning, Rachel turned to me, groaned a bit as she stretched her naked body and stated as calmly as though we were discussing the weather, "the next time I get the brilliant idea to become celibate, please just fuck me and remind me why it's a bad idea, Noah."

What could I possibly say to that? I grinned and wrapped my arms around her again, "You got it, Babe." And then we fell right back asleep, trying to recharge our energy after a very active night…


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