It All Started With Glee Club

Puck goes on a housecall

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There were days where I wanted nothing more than to fall right back into my Pre-Glee Club days. Especially when it came to Kurt Hummel; or Beyonce as I liked to call him.

He was annoying, thought he was better than the rest of us because he knew what a fucking T-zone was all about. And he had this insane idea that he was the best singer in glee club, when obviously both Berry and I were boatloads better than him. Also, after the whole, "I'm auditioning for a chick's role, so roll over and die, Rachel," incident, I kindda wanted to reignite the whole dumpster deal that I used to love.

But no; it's like Berry's got super powers or some shit like that, 'cause every time I even think about it, it's like her big brown eyes are on me and quite clearly telling me to fuck off. I'd usually just scoff and throw Beyonce wherever the hell I feel like, but Berry's pregnancy has made her super fierce (even more than she was before if that's possible). I'm serious; the little chick scares the crap out of me. Her and Quinn both sometimes; I think pregnant chicks are pulled aside sometime in the beginning of their pregnancy and taught how best to freak everyone out.

Okay, I feel I'm getting a bit off topic. What I meant to say was; Beyonce is really making my old kick ass bully want to come back to business with no kid gloves on.

I'd been sitting behind Berry in glee like I'd taken to doing and suddenly she'd gotten that same look of intense nausea on her face that Quinn sometimes got and hurried out the door. No one really paid her any attention, I thought, because most of the people in the room didn't really give a damn when it came to Berry.

No one except Kurt Hummel apparently, whose nose for gossip never seemed to fail him. I heard him lean over to his beard, Mercedes and whisper-yell, "What do you think's up with Miss Wannabe Diva? Let's go check on her." His annoyingly slick baby face twisted into a look of very obviously fake concern as he continued, "I mean; I'm suddenly so concerned about her. What if she's sick and doesn't have the strength to perform any solos all of the sudden? I'd be a bad friend if I didn't look after her. Come, Mercedes, let's go, she always uses the bathrooms down the hall."

And off they went, before I even got a chance to like...trip them or anything. After that I somehow just couldn't sit still. I fidgeted and kept my eyes trained on the door, not sure what I'd be expecting to return.

A few minutes went by, but no one came back and I just couldn't sit around like a doof any more so I stood up and exited the room. I heard Mr. Shue call to my back, "be back in five minutes, Puck," and I waved to let him know I'd heard him.

When I came outside, I immediately broke into a run. Shut up, it's not like I would go after Berry and not hurry. I reached the hallway where the bathroom was and found myself catching the end of one of Beyonce's insults, "…need you to throw up all over like Quinn. At least she's got the excuse of being pregnant. You probably just have a very contagious virus or something, so go home so we don't get sick too. We can manage without you."

In that moment, Rachel noticed me and her big eyes filled with tears while I watched on in silence. Before I could do anything other than stand there like a total idiot, she spun around and disappeared down the opposite direction.

I was completely floored, and not in a good way. Never had I seen Berry that close to tears. Not once during the years where I'd been following her around and making her life miserable pretty much around the clock. I'd asked her about it once, and she'd said something lame about not wanting to give me the satisfaction.

And now; this little well manicured wanna be boy had managed to make her break that promise to herself, and I could feel the anger storming through me like some big ass wave that threatened to drown us all.

And this time, Berry won't be around to stop me, I thought with an evil smirk.

I'd like to say that I stormed over, grabbed the punk and threw him into the nearest, but also conveniently messiest dumpster on the premises. But no, what really happened was this.

Beyonce turned to Mercedes with a frown; neither of them had spotted my arrival. "That was weird. I didn't really want to make her cry."

Mercedes placed a hand on his shoulder and nodded, "Yeah, I know. It doesn't really make sense. Rachel is a lot of things, but she isn't one to start crying over such a little thing. Maybe something's going on with her?"

Kurt nodded and his head turned in the direction that Berry had disappeared in. "I think you're right. Let's go and talk to the others, see if they know anything that we've missed."

And then they took each other's hands and started walking away, not even noticing my presence. I was kindda glad at that moment, because I was busy panicking. There were a lot of things to be said about Kurt Hummel and Mercedes…err, I don't know her last name. But one thing stood out the most; they always got the scoop first.

Well, along with that ugly Jacob dude that had a fucking knack for figuring things out that weren't any of his business, but we'll get to that later.

After a few minutes, I shook myself back into the real world and ran after Berry. I reached the parking lot and saw that her girly Prius wasn't in the lot anymore and made my way over to my truck.

I must have broken every speeding law in Lima, making my way to Berry's house as fast as possible. On the way I tried to figure out why I had this huge protective instinct when it came to my baby's mom. Even Quinn had gotten to feel a bit of it when I scammed my way to some money that she didn't even take when it came down to it. Whatever, it's totally her loss.

As I pulled up to Berry's place, the thought occurred to me that I might actually kind of like this broad. I repressed a shudder and jumped out of my truck. I really didn't want to think about that at the time, so I focused all my attention on reaching Berry to try and make her feel better, offer to beat up Beyonce, that kind of thing.

What? I can be sensitive to a woman's need without trying to get into her pants. Although, she's already pregnant, I suppose it couldn't hurt and we were pretty great together

"Noah? What are you doing here?"

Berry's voice interrupted one of my trips down memory lane of the night where I'd conceived the baby with her, and I blinked out of it with a bit of regret (and a quick trip to my jeans pocket to adjust myself before it got downright painful for Puck Jr.).

"Did you, like stand by the door and wait for someone to come by?" I asked, remembering belatedly that I hadn't even knocked on the front door yet.

Berry rolled her eyes, stepping aside to let me in. "No, believe it or not, Noah, I spotted you from the kitchen window and watched you stand there immobile for several minutes with a lecherous grin on your face."

"Awesome," I muttered and strolled over to the nearest couch like I owned the place. I had no idea what lecherous meant, but if she didn't like it; chances were that it was something cool.

"Please, make yourself at home," Berry's sarcasm was tangible and I couldn't stop grinning. I loved pressing this chick's buttons for some reason.

And as long as she was annoyed with me, she didn't have the time to worry about the whole incident at school. Whatever…

"Why are you even here?" her voice changed into this little voice that so didn't fit her and I straightened up a bit to meet her eyes.

"I don't know really," I figured being honest was the best way to go, so I jumped right into it, "but I just didn't like the way you looked before you left school so…Well, I'm here to cheer you up or some emo crap like that, so deal with it."

"Thank you," Berry smiled a little and placed herself gingerly by my side, "I know I might have overreacted a bit back there, but for some odd reason, I was really wounded by Kurt's words, which actually surprises me, because I should know by now – especially after our little show down with Defying Gravity – that he doesn't harbor any real favorable emotions towards me and-"

I swear she didn't even take a breath for that sentence, so I pressed my finger to her lips mid-speech and interrupted ever so eloquently, "Forget him."

"But," Berry's voice was muffled by my finger's presence, but apparently she still had things to say, so I just shook my head and repeated,

"Forget him, Berry."

I raised a brow in challenge, waiting to see if she'd finally follow my order. It took another long second where I just sat there with my finger pressed against her mouth and stared into her eyes.

"Fine," she eventually conceded and I was almost reluctant to remove my finger from her lips. I shook off the foreign sensation and leaned back into the pretty awesome couch.

"Good, now let's talk about something else. Gotta think about something other than the fact that I'm fucking starving."

Berry smiled again and before I knew it, she'd left and returned bearing a huge plate of sandwiches with chicken and I was literally in heaven after that first bite.

When I'd consumed four of those bad boys, belching out my appreciation of course, Berry was looking a bit green again and I kindda regretted the burp. "You okay?" I asked, taking care to swallow before actually speaking to her.

"It'll pass," she answered, gesturing to her stomach region, "the nausea is a fairly new development, but I feel confident that I shall overcome it like so many other females before me have." Berry looked down at the floor for a bit and then up at me, before quickly turning her eyes away again.

What the fuck? I was pretty sure I hadn't spilled anything on my face, so I raised my eyebrow again, "What's wrong now?"

Berry bit her lip and then turned her head upwards again, meeting my stare head on. There was this unfamiliar look in her eyes that I just didn't like for some reason. Rachel Berry looked timid. I tried to soften my stare and asked in a quieter tone of voice, "Rachel, what's wrong?"

I must have done something right, because she suddenly sighed heavily, like she was expelling some deep burden or something and said, "I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. The doctor's got to check that everything is okay and although it's still too early for the sex of the baby to be seen, I've been told that I can experience some imagery of our child. And I'd like to extend an invitation for you to be there as well."

I suddenly had a hard time breathing properly; somehow she'd done it again. It was like she'd reached over and knocked me on my ass without even touching me. "Our child". The whole thing was fucked up beyond words and Berry didn't even know that I might have sired a half sibling to our kid, but just hearing her acknowledge me as the father; as the Dad, touched something inside of me that I don't think had ever really been touched before.

My stunned silence must have been a bit longer than I'd intended it to be, because Berry blinked rapidly all of the sudden and turned away from me. "It was merely a suggestion, Noah. As I've said before I don't expect you to-"

Immediately, I grabbed her shoulders and turned her back around before she could finish speaking. It gave a mental flinch within me when I spotted fresh tears in her eyes; tears that Kurt Hummel had nothing to do with this time and I cursed softly at myself.

"I'd really like to go with you tomorrow, Rach," I murmured sincerely and waited with baited breath, suddenly scared out of my wits that she'd changed her mind.

My worries fell flat on their face a moment later, when Berry suddenly beamed at me. Her tears magically evaporated like they'd never even been there. "I look forward to it then," she said and I couldn't help but return the grin like some retarded dude, because; damn it all to hell, so did I.


A/N Okay, a few things first: I know Mercedes' last name is Jones, but Puck is the same guy that had several dance routines and classes with her ,but didn't even know her name before trying to date her:) Secondly, I am not a mother, I barely know anything about pregnancies and stuff, but I'll try my hardest to write a believable pregnancy in this story. If something is completely out of whack, let me know and please, cut me some slack:)

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