It All Started With Glee Club

Puck tells off some hypocrits

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So, things were pretty great after Valentine's Day. I walked around on cloud nine and to make things even better, Caroline had said something that totally sounded like "Dada," this morning; even if Rach kept saying that it was more like "ghahah."

Anyway, I was just totally in sync with the world and didn't even send Jacob the epic glare of disgust that I usually reserved just for him as I walked by him. Didn't seem like he appreciated it much though, 'cause he flinched at my presence and more or less tried to bury himself in his opened locker.

Gotta say, I thought he'd develop a tiny bit of claustrophobia after the last stunt I pulled on him, but I guess his fear for me was bigger than his fear of closed spaces; I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it a little bit.

But, to get back at matters at hand, I was still in a pretty sweet mood when walked into Spanish Class and smiled at Rach and Quinn talking quietly together with big smiles on their faces. If I had to guess, I'd say I wasn't the only who'd gotten lucky on Valentine's Day.

Oh well, I thought and slid into the empty seat next to Rachel, nodding a greeting to Quinn as she damn near beamed at me, all I had to do to be sure of my suspicions was go look at Finn, 'cause that dude was a regular Fred Astaire after getting laid…you know, just a lot less graceful and a hell of a lot more dangerous to be around.

I heard a whistling sound coming from the hallway and looked up, a knowing smirk spreading across my face as I watched a practically ecstatic Finn enter the classroom with somewhat of a swagger in his step. Oh yeah, he totally got reintroduced to Quinn's lady places there was no doubt about that in my mind.

A second later, me, and most of the other students present broke into laughter when Finn noticed Quinn and bounced towards her, only to step on Brittany's book bag and stumble dangerously, winding up in Artie's lap as he rolled by in that same moment, causing the poor guy to fall backwards slamming into Mr. Shue who tried avoiding the crash, only to trip over another ill placed bag and fall head first onto Mike's table. It was fucking hilarious, let me tell you.

In the end, Finn wasn't looking so chipper anymore and Mr. Shue had a growing bump on his forehead that looked like it wanted to come out and greet us.


Fantastic day aside, it did start to go the other way, when I went over to Rach's last AP class of the day before glee to walk with her to the choir room. She was standing with a red-faced Sunshine that looked slightly mutinous and turned to me with a look of betrayal in her eyes.

"What'd you do?" I promptly asked Sunshine, turning to her as I simultaneously took a firm hold of Rachel's hand.

Sunshine lifted her head a little higher – why she bothered, I don't even know; I mean, the chick's not getting any higher no matter what she does – and icily told me to mind my own manners.

I was about to object in my usual diplomatic way with a well placed 'fuck you', when Rachel squeezed my hand reassuringly and said softly, "Sunshine told me something in confidence and although I do not agree with it, I'll respect it and her privacy is hers to have and shouldn't be threatened out of her Noah, so don't even try."

Damn, she knew me too well. Ultimately, I just sighed and nodded a silent apology to Sunshine. I guess she could see it was half-hearted at best, 'cause she just shrugged and walked ahead of us with a slight huff.

I focused on Rachel and she just smiled. "It's not a horrible secret Noah, she just revealed something that I didn't find myself completely agreeing with and that's all. Now, how was your geometry class?"

She seemed fine now, so I put it out of my mind for now, promising myself to keep an eye out for trouble and just shrugged at her question, kissing her knuckles gently as we walked slowly towards the choir room.

When we arrived, I almost had a fucking heart attack, 'cause the moment we stepped through the door, I heard Mr. Shue ask to pass just before I was roughly pushed apart from Rachel, damn near slamming right into Brad the piano player as he was settling down on his seat. I looked over to growl something none too civilized at my assailant when I stopped short at the sight of a pretty depressed looking Coach Sylvester.

"What the fuck?" I muttered, feeling every instinct inside of me screaming about finding the nearest exit just in case.

"Move it along Baby Daddy," she said with her usual blend of acid and ice and promptly pushed Santana out of her seat to take her place – even though there were like ten other empty seats around her.

It turned out that Mr. Shue was on one of his 'good guy'-spiels this week and was sort of trying to cheer up Coach Sylvester. I sent him a mix between a glare and a plea, 'cause didn't the dude realize that that woman or she-male or whatever was fucking insane and adding happiness into the mix would probably spell disaster for us all?


It turned out that I was right as always when Coach Sylvester kept trying to make the entirety of New Directions get angry at each other and it almost worked all too well.

I mean, damn, Mercedes and Rachel all but started sending death threats per their eyes whenever they were in the same room. If she could've gotten away with it, I'm pretty sure Rach would've cut a bitch if you know what I'm sayin'.

When they had their (admittedly kick ass) duet to prove just who was the best (cough, Rach cough) it slowly transformed into a jam session where they wound up with big smiles on their faces. I loved my girl the most in times like these; her kind spirit couldn't be denied as she and Mercedes belted out the song and grinned loudly as it was over.

And then I was proven doubly right soon after when Coach Sylvester got her panties in a bunch and damn near killed the Coach of Aural Intensity and took over his spot to compete against us.

If I wasn't so fucking petrified of the broad, I'd have whooped her ass for that one, let me tell ya.

Anyway, aside from that whole mess going on, I was beginning to notice that my fellow Gleeks were starting back on their "Rachel Berry is worth so much less than us," crap and honestly, I was getting more and more pissed with every vivid example.

But, since Rach always pretended that it wasn't meant to hurt her like that; that they were her friends, I couldn't really do anything but sit tight and watch with clenched fists and fire burning out of my eyes as she tried for the nth time to be accepted without reservations.

I mean, fuck; Rachel got so desperate she even hired Brittany to be her popularity adviser or some crap like that. In the end, the dimwitted blonde ended up with all the attention and everyone acted like Rachel was a bitch for objecting – however slightly she did it.

At the end of the day, I had had enough when I walked by and saw Santana, Tina and Lauren of all people diss Rachel in a way that left me wanting to snap those bitches in half. I waited until Rach had walked away with her shoulders hunched forward and her head looking down, probably to hide tears if I had to guess, before I quickly walked up to the trio of evil and crossed my arms to keep myself from strangling them.

"You three are unbelievable," I growled, sending each of them a glare that could most likely melt through steel.

Santana blinked, not used to being called on her shit and Lauren and Tina gaped with surprised confusion.

"Don't talk about Rach like that again or I promise you all that it's gonna be the last thing you fucking do in this school." Yeah, okay, so threatening chicks weren't my finest moment and if Rach ever found out, she'd be the first to yell at me, but I didn't care; she deserved some respect and if I could make that happen for her, I damn well would try my hardest.

"Look-" Santana started to say, but I held up a hand and just looked at her before interrupting coldly, "You've said enough Satan; after the shit you've caused me and Rachel, I really thought you'd calm the fuck down and be civil to her, or at the very least keep out of her fucking way. And you," my eyes went to Lauren, "she's never said a bad word to or about you, but you stand here cackling like a hyena with the girl that keeps mentioning your size in whatever derogatory way possible. That's just low, Zizes."

My eyes went to Tina lastly, trying to ignore the part of me that wanted to laugh and point fingers at her, 'cause let's just say that her Rachel look didn't look nearly as good on her as it did on my sexy woman.

"And then there's you; the girl who faked a stutter and got crap about it from everyone but Rachel. She's always been willing to help out, sure she always wanted her solos and was a real brat about it most of the time, but still, she's always been there if anyone of us needed her and treating her like this just sucks ass. Go home and get dressed in your own clothes again, 'cause let me tell you all," here I scanned all three of them with contempt, eying their outfits, "none of you rock the look better than her. And I'm done now, so go fuck yourselves before I do something Rach will probably make me regret."

I turned to leave but stopped abruptly when my eyes caught Rachel's across the hallway; evidently, she'd witnessed the whole thing and briefly I felt a flash of fear of what'd she'd do or say, but then I beat it down and walked over to her, 'cause angry or not, I didn't regret one word.

Hell, a big part of me wanted to grab all the other members of New Directions and drag them into the choir room and just finally vent all of my anger of the treatment people always gave Rachel; it was like she just had to be the villain and I wasn't gonna stand for it anymore.

"Noah…" Rachel's soft spoken words brought me back to the present and I looked down at her still glassy eyes, "you really shouldn't have done that…"

I shrugged, throwing an arm across her shoulder, "who gives a shit? I'm not sorry. I just wish I could've done more." Although, I was kindda worried she'd go off on me in a tantrum to defend those bitches that didn't deserve it. However she surprised me big time a second later, when she looked up at me with a small smile and just kissed my cheek without a word.

I can't lie, my heart skipped a beat when she did that, and I vowed right then and there to protect her like this a lot more than I'd been doing, 'cause she had never looked more beautiful to me than right then.


Things in glee turned rather…well, weird after my little outburst that of course had become public knowledge somehow – and no, Jacob wasn't responsible, 'cause I knew for a fact that the guy wasn't gonna pick up a camera for at least another year…

Don't ask.

Brittany was pulled aside by Santana and within a day, she'd donned her usual style and left Rachel's the fuck alone, which suited me just fine to be honest. I mean, despite everyone wearing her clothing style, I still hadn't seen one chick that could rock knee socks just as awesomely as Rach could.

Lauren quit glee club and went back to focusing wholly on her wrestling; she brusquely said to Rach that she could always count on her if she needed help and vanished out of the club just as quickly as she'd come.

Tina went back to her usual gothic style and was the only one to actually verbally apologize to Rachel, albeit discreetly and with a scowling Mike standing behind her. I guess he'd heard about everything as well and was just as impressed by her behavior as I'd been, meaning not at all of course.

Mr. Shue was oblivious to it all as always, wrapped up in the fact that Miss Pillsbury was gonna be a miss again and then the whole thing with Coach Sylvester as well, I think.

And then, a few days later, we all got more to worry about, 'cause Principal Figgins suddenly decided that drinking was way bad and needed to make a statement about it and somehow roped our oh so lovely teacher into volunteering us to sing at the assembly…I mean, hadn't they learned by now that that rarely went well with us?

First time, Rachel had all but fucked Finn on stage (I glowered at a confused looking Finn in class when the memory hit me), then we'd caused a fucking riot with the whole Britney Spears mess – this time I had to repress a shudder at the memory of Mr. Shue shaking his groove thing..I mean, can anyone say gross?

Well, I sighed and tried to focus on the class so I didn't have to explain to Rach why I didn't understand the homework, hopefully, third time would be a charm; I mean it couldn't get any worse, could it?


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