It All Started With Glee Club

Puck plans double dates

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A/N Thanks for the reviews! It's been pointed out to me that there's been a lot of angst lately, but it's impossible for me to write such a long story with nothing but fluff. I just can't. That said, this is more back to normal as was my plan all along – hopefully it's not a disappointment…after 45 chapters you all still seem to think that I'd ruin all my hard work…tsk tsk :D I hope you'll all enjoy!


The whole tension deal between me and Rachel ended rather abruptly to be completely honest. I mean, I was still distancing myself from her and I still didn't go to the choir room at all.

Hell, I barely managed to acknowledge those glee club members who were on the football team anymore.

That said, I guess I'd been a little too considerate and shit, 'cause one evening, I'd sneaked into bed, convinced that Rachel was firmly asleep, when all of the sudden, she swung one of her smooth legs over mine and sat on top of me.

And as if that wasn't enough, she took hold of my face and kept it immobile, staring straight into my eyes.

"Noah Puckerman; we need to talk and I'd appreciate that you do not go perform one of your acts of vanishing, which you've been so prone to do lately. I need to talk and you need to listen." She jumped ahead before I could much of anything really, launching into such a speech that I kindda feared for her life, 'cause she didn't seem to breathe once.

"I said some horrendous things to you that were not true. I acted out of fear and guilt. I had no right to say such things, let alone resort to psychical violence as well upon your person – especially given your past history. I admit I acted poorly and I've been trying to apologize since…well, since the day we got Caroline back home safely. Contrary to my earlier statement and your own beliefs; you're not at fault for anything in regards to our child's sudden spout of illness. I shouldn't have brought up Santana or any of the other episodes that we've gone through. It's perfectly natural to act emotionally when stressed, so I do forgive you completely for the whole Hannah reaction – and despite appearances, I also have no lingering anger towards you when it comes to Santana or even Quinn for that matter; it was my own insecurities that took over in a moment of weakness and I sincerely apologize. Now, stop avoiding me and get back to being the Noah that I love and not this husk of a man!"

I just lied there, immobile for a long time, for once able to meet her eyes without the surge of guilt and stuff attacking me from the inside. Finally, when she raised a brow I realized that she was expecting some kind of answer.

"Practiced that in front of the mirror, didn't you?" was all I managed and Rachel rolled her eyes at me.

"For your information, Noah, I wrote several key points down during a session with my therapist, who recommended that we go see her by the way some time in the near future to get an open and honest conversation going. I couldn't wait that long and decided to get your attention in this slightly unconventional manner."

It was like her words had erased a lot of my gloom, so I found myself smirking for the first time in God knows how long and placed my hands on top of hers, which were still all but glued to my face.

"I'm glad you did, Rach. For what it's worth, I need you to know that while I've screwed up pretty much any chance I got in our relationship; I still wouldn't want to go back to my old life. I'm in love with you and it's okay for you to feel angry at me for everything with Caroline and Hannah and Santana and-"

Rachel shook her head roughly and leaned forward, unintentionally giving me quite the look at the lady berries, if you know what I mean.

"Didn't you listen? What happened to our daughter has got nothing to do with you; I merely acted impulsively and immaturely due to so much repressed emotion and…well, I don't care how much time we have to spend in this position before you finally understand that."

"Well, Rach," I murmured, taking my hands to other more intimate places, "gotta say, you sitting right there ain't exactly a hardship on me."

Rachel grinned and leaned closer, keeping her luscious lips only an inch from mine, "You do know I like to make things awfully hard on you, Noah."

"Bring t on, Babe," I whispered, suddenly desperate to throw her under me and plunge into her with everything I had, 'cause, damn it had been a while.

And as she smiled and met my lips in a kiss that pretty much told me we were on the same page for the first time in a long time, I knew we weren't one hundred percent okay again, but we'd taken a big step now and then I didn't really think that much about anything anymore as Rach's small, warm hand went under my boxers and grabbed my now almost aching for release dick.


The things between Rach and I slowly mended itself and we once more lived up to the whole 'making up after fighting'-sex scenario. I wasn't complaining, but truth be told, I was having trouble walking straight after an intense week of almost no sleep and a hell of a lot of sex.

Anyway, back to my point; Rach and I had been keeping our reconciliation completely under wraps and as such I hadn't returned to glee club yet. It was something we didn't discuss until something happened that brought back my very overprotective instincts in regards to Rachel.

I was picking Rachel up from glee, deciding that we should finally let people know we were okay again (how they hadn't guessed it from all the non so covert smug grins and goofy looks we were sending each other, plus…you know, the somewhat discreet groping now and again, I'll never know).

I'd been putting it off, 'cause I –and Rachel too for that matter – knew that I'd be glared and/or guilted back into the club and although I missed it, I didn't think I was ready to let other people's opinion into our lives again. I mean, I never really got why they were always so hot and cold to Rachel and I, one minute we're awesome and can do nothing wrong and the next, they're acting like we're some of those people whose limbs and shit falls off; leprechauns or something.

Well, I was deep into my thoughts as I snuck into the auditorium, smiling absentmindedly as I watched the gang stumble more or less elegantly through a dance rehearsal. Then, in the next second, I was brought completely back into the present when I heard a familiar voice scream out in pain.

I was halfway up the stage and had pushed several people aside, growling at them to move with none of my usual politeness. Rachel was on the floor, clutching her bleeding nose with something akin to despair; Finn was sitting awkwardly next to her, looking guilty as fuck as Quinn tried to calm my crying girlfriend down.

For once, Mr. Shue acted with authority and had almost succeeded in calming everyone down to a manageable level, but then, Rachel's closed eyes opened a fraction and she caught sight of me and let's just say that the Watergates really opened after that. She slung herself into my arms, sobbing something about horrendous disfigurement and despair and I sent death glares to Finn, who looked more and more sorry by the second.

Next thing I know, we're at the hospital again and Rachel is silently taking in the fact that she's gonna have a nose job to correct the tiny little bump that her injury happened to provide.

Finn was standing with Quinn a little bit in front of him, probably not entirely sure I wasn't gonna kick his ass, now that the witnesses had diminished quite a bit. I thought about it, I gotta admit that, but then again, the dude really was a danger when he added dancing to his robotic movements and we all knew that going into any kind of dance where he'd participate.

So, I wouldn't beat the snot out of him, but I wasn't gonna tell him that, 'cause I enjoyed watching him sweat a little bit, to be honest.

Anyway, Rachel had been talking quietly with Quinn and I looked back over at them with a frown, when I heard Quinn protest to something pretty harshly. Then she looked at me and explained, "Rachel wants my nose all of the sudden. She wanted to know if she could model her new nose after mine."

To quote a certain girl from glee club, Hell to the no! I immediately sought out Rachel's eyes, for the moment ignoring the black eyes she was sporting. "You are gonna knock that thought out of your head completely, Babe."

Rachel looked slightly sheepish; I guess she hadn't counted on my reaction. "But Noah, it's-"

"Nope," I interrupted, gently cupping her face, "I love your nose. I love everything about you, Rachel – don't ruin your perfect face with an ugly ass non Yentl nose. No offence," I threw over my shoulder when I heard the strangled hiss of protest coming from Quinn.

Rachel smiled a little, and it made all the pussy comments worthwhile when she asked softly, "you really like my nose?"

"I love your nose!" Again, the part of me that wanted to prove I still had a dick, had to be forced down a little as I continued convincing my girl that I totally digged her looks.

In the end, Rachel said she'd think about it and I knew I'd won, 'cause she looked so fucking happy despite all of her obvious injuries as I let her out to the waiting glee club in the waiting room that I found myself hating ever since the scare with Caroline.


What I hadn't counted on, was the fact that Finn had told Kurt about the nose job, supposedly forgetting to let everyone know that Rach wasn't gonna copy Quinn's tiny ass nose and then things spiraled a bit out of control, 'cause of course Beyonce just had to tell Mercedes and we all know the mouth on that one, don't we?

Before I knew it, I'd been forced back into glee club by not only the other members, but by my own irrational protectiveness that just had to be close to Rachel, so she wouldn't get hurt again. I mean, there really was a lot of dancing going around in preparation for Nationals.

And then on top of everything, Mr. Shue chose to make yet another one of his life lessons out of something Rachel did and we all had to get some T-shirts and write one of our insecurities about ourselves on them.

Kurt was prancing around, citing that he was perfect so…oh, wait; I forgot to mention that, didn't I? Guess, who'd decided to return to McKinley?

He'd re-enrolled just after Rach's accident and Blaine had even showed up with his choir boys to perform. Of course, his performance got positive responses from my fellow students and I tried not recalling the time we'd performed in the quad and practically no one had reacted. Bunch of superficial assholes…

Anyway, I noticed the longing looks that Blaine sent to a clearly uncomfortable Kurt, and figured that was one of the main reasons why he'd chosen to return; I mean, Dave was no longer a complete ass so it'd be safe for him to return – save for the usual slushies that none of us completely avoided these days.

Sure, Azimio and Dave had taken over where I'd left off and others were now ready to take over for them as well. I was still pretty surprised at the fact that Azimio had been tamed by that tiny little broad, Sunshine. The dude looked so lovesick these days, it was practically nauseating. I'd never looked like that (shut up, I hadn't – I always look manly no matter how love struck I am.)

Santana had her own troubles and I had my suspicions about the looks she was sending Brittany and Wheels, but decided that, for the sake of my newly repaired relationship, I'd stay the hell out of that bag of crazy. She'd been a total bitch after it had gotten out that Rach had to have plastic surgery. So, all in all, things were just as dramatic and weird as they'd always been in glee club and I honestly couldn't say if I was happy to be back on the team or just…I don't know, tired.

I mean just how much drama and shit can one club undergo before it breaks apart completely?

I was so focused on not really involving myself into more soap opera moments, that I sought out the auditorium for privacy to finish my ridiculous T-shirt for the Lady Gaga performance we were rehearsing for despite Nationals being right around the corner. Also the seats were a lot more comfortable than the hard ones in the choir room where the other Gleeks were sitting.

I was so engrossed in trying to figure out what the hell I was gonna write on the damn fabric that I didn't notice someone else entering the room before I heard their voices.

As soon as I recognized Dave and Kurt's voices, I immediately slunk down as far as I could, cursing inwardly at my luck. It was like these situations just waited to arise until I couldn't escape. I quietly gathered my things and prayed that they wouldn't notice me, but then again, they seemed so focused on each other that I doubt they'd realize I was there unless I stood up and announced myself.

"…to you, 'cause I didn't mean to cause you problems." Dave's voice reached my ears as I desperately tried not to listen in on an obviously private conversation.

I could vaguely see their forms through the spaces between the seats and saw Kurt run a hand through his usually so impeccable hair. "I know; being in the closet is hard. I just felt so scared after your threats that I had to get away. Then, Rachel's party with the kiss happened and…" his voice trailed off and images of said party assaulted my mind.

Their public kiss had been full of passion and something else, but I guess my alcohol impaired brain hadn't really noticed it until now; chemistry.

"I'm sorry about that too," Dave murmured, "I didn't mean to get you into trouble with that boyfriend of yours. That's one of the reasons I wrote you on Facebook…"

"Blaine is…" Kurt hesitated before continuing softly, "We are very good friends and I can't deny that I have feelings for him, but…"

"But?" Dave sounded hopeful and I gotta admit that I was silently rooting for the guy. He might have been a total idiot in regards to the whole being into dudes' thing, but that didn't mean he didn't deserve to be happy. I mean, look at me; I'd been the number one asshole in McKinley and I ended up with Rachel. Good things do happen to bad people occasionally.

Kurt's voice interrupted my musings and I damn near held my breath like a little fan girl watching that sparkling vampire and that broody chick movie that Rachel didn't want to admit to secretly obsessing over.

"…I have these conflicting feelings for someone else as well and…Well, he's – despite everything – the boy I want to try being with. Given," here Kurt's smaller form straightened up and I imagine he was sending the mother of all glares to the bigger foot ballplayer, "he's willing to be with me publically and ignore those homophobic hooligans that this school and town have amongst them."

"He is," Dave didn't even hesitate and I sent out a mental fist bump to the guy. Then things got a little bit more uncomfortable for me, 'cause a moment later, the two of them met in a small, almost cautious kiss that had nothing to do with the major kissing they'd done in Rachel's basement and yet, it was still just as intense, if one knew what to look for. And, with me being the Puckerone, I definitely knew what to look for.

After a minute or so, I decided to act. I began crawling along the seats towards the nearest exit, hoping to remain undiscovered, but then – since it's me and I'm just not the lucky type of guy in these situations – my cell phone began ringing, proclaiming my presence.

"Who the fuck's there?" Dave sounded almost fearful and I couldn't blame the dude; he was probably worried that the whole deal about him going public as gay student number two had just been fast forwarded in a rather unexpected way.

I privately promised myself to look up Jacob, to check if he'd been around, 'cause that little cockroach seemed to always be around whenever these kinds of things happened.

Then, when Dave called out again, sounding more pissed than before, I sighed heavily. Seeing no other option but to stand up, if nothing else, to spare the guy from an early heart attack, I did just that, waving sheepishly at their two frozen forms.

"Hey guys…Err…" I shrugged before running a hand through my 'hawk. "I didn't mean to snoop, so I'll just be going and you can go back to being gay over each other in peace…err…Congrats by the way and…bye."

I'd exited the room quicker than should be possible and then I sought out the choir room where Rachel was waiting for me; her finished T-shirt in her hands.

"There you are, Noah," she smiled widely, holding up her shirt. "I hope you finished your product as well, since I must say I'm feeling completely invigorated ever since my talk with you and Quinn. Also, I called you a little bit earlier, didn't you hear? I just found out some big news and couldn't wait to share them with you. Did you know she used to look completely different? I mean no disrespect whatsoever, since Quinn is a very lovely young girl, but she showed me a picture of herself from elementary school and I don't think I'm wrong in stating that the poor girl was rather unfortunate looking in comparison to her appearances today. She swore me to secrecy of course, but she knows that I'd have difficulty hiding such a thing from you and allowed me to share my newfound knowledge with you."

I nodded, promising myself to harass Quinn into showing me that picture, 'cause I just had to see that, but then I smirked evilly, since I knew I had the biggest piece of news between the two of us right now.

"Dave and Kurt kindda just hooked up in the auditorium."

The squeal Rach emitted damn near ruptured my poor eardrums and I winced; only to grin widely when she added, jumping up and down like a little girl on speed. "Do you think they'd consider a double date with us?"

Now, I wasn't usually one of those pussies that went on double dates, unless I was pushed into it or had a threesome in mind, but fuck, I just had to agree without a fuss this time, 'cause I couldn't wait to see Dave's face when he realized that he'd be going on one of those damn things with the two biggest divas in Lima.

Oh well, I'd be nice after a little bit of teasing. I mean, it'd be nice to have someone to talk to while Kurt and Rach went off into yet another Broadway inspired debate – at least we'd both suffer while we choked through those meatless salads that they both insisted were ever so wonderful and healthy. But, still, the opportunities to tease Dave were not to be wasted…

"Noah? Why are you looking so sinister all of the sudden? You had better not ruin this for me!"


A/N I've decided not to follow canon in regards to Klaine – I honestly think there's so many stories with them that my take on them wouldn't do them justice. Besides, I've always loved Dave…So all the Klaine lovers that hate me now, remember you clicked on this story to read Puckleberry.

And finally, I've decided not to do season 3, simply 'cause I find myself hating the way the characters are being portrayed now and can't figure out how to spin things into this universe. That said, I will more than likely add a few extra chapters with their lives in New York or maybe an epilogue at least, giving it a more 'The End' feel.

Sorry for the massive A/N; won't happen again!

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