It All Started With Glee Club

Puck learns another secret

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Prancing around with T-shirts with less than cool messages on them soon traveled to the background of my memory 'cause as always, something else took priority and it was something that started so fucking simplistic that it's a wonder we were all so surprised.

Coach Sylvester got a newspaper and started printing shit about all of us. Again, her obsession with defiling the glee club was obvious to anyone who gave a damn, which meant the glee club mostly.

There were written pretty nasty things that I didn't want to bother with to be honest, but gossip usually provoked a response, so of course, it tended to be the most talked about in school, let alone in glee club.

I shared a covert look with Kurt when Santana was suddenly the victim of Coach Sylvester due to something that Brittany had started that involved hot cheese for some reason; I didn't want to know more. Even thought the insane cheerleading coach seemed to favor Kurt from time to time, we both seemed to hold our breath for the issue where she'd out Dave and possibly end up causing so much disaster it couldn't be contained.

I shivered a bit internally as the memory of the broken Dave, who'd spent a few nights at our house trickled into my mind; I had no doubt that if he was outed as gay before he was fully ready and had a big support system behind him, he'd react…well, let's just say less favorably and I doubt that he'd be able to keep his relationship with Kurt and that'd be a damn shame, since they'd both been walking around with big goofy grins and sly looks since that day in the auditorium.

Hell, I'd even succumbed to a private double date at home with Rachel and Kurt doing just as I'd predicted and me choking down a salad and teasing a blushing Dave. It'd been surprisingly fun.

Anyway, the point is, the headlines in that paper of Coach Sylvester's were mostly a fucking joke, but it did its purpose and raised a lot of hell amongst everybody. Especially between Quinn and Finn and Sam.

I mean, we all knew – at least those of us with eyes, that Sam had been crushing on Quinn pretty deeply since coming to McKinley, but he'd never acted on it and hidden it all away after Quinn went back to Finn and I couldn't help but respect the dude for it, 'cause letting the girl you cared about be happy with someone else was hard. I doubt I could pull it off.

So I looked as incredulous as Sam when Finn stormed into the choir room, holding that damned excuse of a newspaper in his hands, and accusing him of secret rendezvous'' with Quinn.

He didn't seem to listen when she reminded him that she'd spent the night with him and that it'd be impossible to be two places at once, Finn was simply too enraged and ready for action towards Sam. Since the latter had become pretty much one of my best buds lately, I couldn't have that and interfered.

"Dude," I walked in-between Finn, who was using his height to tower over Sam, but I wasn't having any of that shit on my watch. "Back off, before I make you."

Finn looked down at me, blinked as he seemed to realize that I wasn't kidding and finally backed away with one last glare. Quinn continued hissing about the impossibility of being with Sam and I turned to look at the male blond as everyone got busy reading the article that had set Finn off so much.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," Sam grimaced and ran a hand through that excessively shaggy hair of his and sat down with a scowl on his face. He looked tired and worn out and I realized not entirely for the first time that he'd been looking more and more like this since…well, for a long time and decided to be as good a friend to him as he was to me.

"Something up, Sammy?"

Sam looked startled at my question, but a second later, his face blanked as if he was methodically wiping off any kind of emotion and I recognized that look; hell, I'd invented that look when my first school appointed shrink had tried to analyze me…good thing I'd managed to make out with her so I could force her to stop asking stupid questions.

Anyway, back to my point; Sam was keeping secrets and wasn't planning on sharing.

"Don't tell me if you think it's none of my business," I murmured as Finn's hissy fit seemed to tone down a bit and he was now busy trying to apologize to a seriously ticked off looking Quinn. "But whatever it is, I wanna help if I can, don't forget that."

"Really?" Sam seemed like I was talking a foreign language, but he seemed oddly grateful when I nodded in conformation to his question. "Thanks…I might take you up on that some time, but I don't want anybody else knowing about my private business though.

Mr. Shue walked in and waved around one of his old people's music LP's and started talking enthusiastically so I didn't interrogate Sam like I wanted but I promised myself to keep an eye out for him, just in case.


After some probing glances and muttered promises of silent support, Sam eventually told me what was going on with him; it sucked monkey balls for the guy. No wonder he was so fucking tired and worn looking these days. He was broke and living in a shady motel of all places.

Evidently, it was the same crappy motel that I'd met him in back when Rach and I had one of our major fights. So much shit going on in his own life and he still had had the energy to try and help me out back then – that did it for me; Sam was for all eternity a Bro, hell, he might even tip Finn off the stage, 'cause it was no secret that Finn and I hadn't really been as close as we once were for a long time.

Well, Sam's position on my Bro's list aside, I was determined to help him and immediately began sorting through some of my stuff; a few veiled questions at Rachel's dads had me going through their old stuff as well. For two middle aged gay guys, their style was surprisingly cool and unique. I guess that's why they'd allowed their only child to walk around with animal prints and knee socks and shit.

Don't get me wrong, Rachel's style had grown on me, but I wasn't blind to the fact that most people thought she looked ridiculous from time to time.

I was in the middle of going through Abraham's things, when Rach barged in and demanded to know just what I was doing. Despite my fervent promise not to tell Sam's story to anyone, I'd told her everything within ten minutes; don't judge me until you've lived with a tiny Jewish Mama Bear…

Had I known that telling Rach would result in everyone suddenly hating on Sam and thus forcing him to tell his secret to them all to get their gossipy minds to shut the hell up, I might have lasted twenty minutes.

No, Rach didn't immediately burst in and share her knowledge with glee club; she's not an idiot, nor as eager to bring others down as people tend to give her credit for.

What happened was this; Rachel took it upon herself to help (a.k.a. take over) my attempts at helping out Sam and before I knew it, she'd taken Abraham's car, ordered me to stay home and watch Caroline's attempts at walking with a ready camcorder just in case our kid turned out to be a prodigy or something, and then driven to the motel to cheer Sam up.

She stayed a long while and when she returned, it was with not only Sam in tow, but his two younger siblings and his parents. They all looked a bit shell-shocked and more than a little confused as to what the fuck had happened, but I just smirked and handed a giggling Caroline to her mother and slapped Sam on the shoulder, 'cause I wasn't the least bit surprised that she'd taken it upon herself to fix the Evans' family – if only for one night.

The next day, Rachel got a lift to school from Hiram, while I skipped my first classes so I could watch Caroline, who was getting the sniffles, until the nanny arrived (yeah, big luxury to still have her, but I wasn't about to complain when the daddies Berry insisted!). It was the only time I'd ever gotten a proud smile from Rach about my skipping classes, but I guess, I wasn't the only one completely obsessing over anything illness related when it came to Caroline.

Anyway, happy that the doctor, whom I'd visited on the sly with Caroline, said it was nothing more than a common cold, and a tiny one at that, I handed her over to the babysitter and drove to school three hours late.

When I arrived at McKinley, things were weird. Well, weirder than normal anyhow, 'cause most of the students hanging around were looking at me with pity. Hell, one of the girls I'd screwed over (both literally and figuratively), who'd sworn to never talk to me again without a voodoo priest by her side, walked over to me and padded my arm soothingly, while muttering something about, "hoping I'd get through it."

I soon realized things were even crazier than I thought, 'cause a moment later, I spotted Rachel hurrying along the hallway with a familiar colored iced beverage sliding down her face and everyone – and I mean everyone in the hall – were smiling a bit, even one of the teachers.

I catapulted into action and followed her into the restroom, where I heard one girl finishing an insult just as I entered the room. "…a slut; but since you're a teenage mom, I'm not really surprised."

"Get the fuck out," I growled gutturally, watching with some satisfaction as the girl and her cronies all paled at my unexpected arrival.

A minute later, I was finally alone with my girlfriend, who was shaking violently as she began washing off the slushy. The sight of her fingers moving through her dirty hair and with her bottom lip trembling between her teeth as she seemed to try with everything in her not to react visibly, made me feel guilty for all the times I'd done this kind of thing to her and laughed like a baboon with my so called friends. There was nothing funny about it at all.

"Babe," I began and reached out to help her clean her hair, "who did this to you?"

Rachel sniffed as she continued with her hair, but didn't answer me. I guess I kindda got that, 'cause who else could it be than the usual idiots? Instead of pushing her, I whipped off my outer shirt and handed it to her to borrow, 'cause there was no way she was going back out there wearing a white shirt covered with slushy residue – I mean, I wasn't gonna let anyone but me enjoy that view. Besides, I looked down at myself briefly with an internal smirk of confidence; there was no point in denying that I rocked the black wife-beater look.

The small smile of thanks Rach sent to me, brought me back to the present and I was about to question her a little more insistently, when the door to the restroom banged open and Quinn came barging in, looking wild and more angry than I'd seen in a long time.

Her eyes traveled quickly over us before she turned her head around and hissed to someone on the other side, "Well you don't know anything, so go away you dweeb before I make you regret ever being a sperm cell in your daddy's dingdong!"

Huh, like me, it would seem that Quinn retained some of her badassness from the Ice Queen days. It was nice to see that she could still tear people down if necessary. And if she was defending Rach, it was really fucking necessary in my book.

"What the hell is going on?" I blurted out when Quinn had slammed the door shut and turned to assist Rachel with a lot more competence than I had.

Quinn sent me a look, and then she sighed and answered me as her hands gently massaged the corned ice out of Rachel's hair. "There was another article in the paper and people are now convinced that Rachel is cheating on you with Sam."

Ah, that explained it; I thought and clenched my fists, vowing retribution on those assholes who just couldn't stop messing around in people's lives.

"Noah," Rachel sounded surprisingly like herself as she turned to look seriously at me, "don't do anything rash, please. Things will get back to normal, they always do."

Sighing, I allowed my temper to be cooled, until, a few hours later, Rach was saying the same thing again and again in my ear as some of the Gleeks were glaring at her and Sam and muttering under their breaths.

I didn't need to hear them to know what they were saying weren't exactly nice, so I was working overtime not to explode. I'd been made aware off, since my last storm out that I had some unresolved anger issues and I didn't want to act out anymore. At least, not as much, 'cause let me tell ya, I was so fucking close to grabbing Brittany and shaking some much needed sense into her.

Anyway, I had had enough and stood up to force them all to listen to me. I was about to tell them all that they were fucking idiots and their pettiness was stupid and they shouldn't give a shit anyhow, since they usually hated my guts.

I didn't get a chance to do more than curse as an intro, before Sam suddenly stood up himself, sending a glare of such epic proportions Santana's way that I was kindda proud of him. She almost cowered and everything.

"I didn't screw Rachel," his words brought my temper right back to the forefront of my mind and I quickly promised to chat a little with the catty Latina. "I didn't stab Puck in the back and I'm not Caroline's father, so just stop it!"

His eyes travelled to the other Gleeks as he finished in a shout. Instead of looking chastened, most of them were just rolling their eyes, clearly not believing a word the guy was saying. Rachel's hiss next to me surprised me a bit, 'cause honestly, she rarely lost her temper in these matters; too used to being blamed for everything I guess, but this time she looked genuinely pissed.

"Look my fellow glee clubbers," her voice was cool as ice and the tone seemed to get through to people more securely than any of the earlier shouting had done. "Sam has personal problems that strictly speaking don't concern any of us and I will no longer put up with your blatant bullying. If neither of you mind your own business nor respect the fact that Sam and I are not an item and that he's most assuredly not the father of my child since he wasn't even a resident of Lima when she was conceived, I will resign from glee club effecting immediately."

The last words shocked the hell out of, not only me, but everyone in the room. I swear Mr. Shue looked ready to prevent her from leaving his presence psychically. I immediately stepped closer to her, just in case he acted on it.

"R-Rachel…" Kurt began, his eyes darting between us all in the sudden silence.

"If Rachel goes, I go," I stated, raising my chin. "You all treat her like shit most of the time anyways and don't appreciate her."

Some of the Gleeks glanced at each other guiltily until Quinn suddenly rose and said that she was willing to leave as well. Finn quickly followed suit, despite the fact that he'd sent Sam and Rachel glares only minutes earlier. Sunshine looked confused, but eager to believe that her idolized friend wasn't guilty of adultery and murmured that she'd go with Rachel too.

"Don't do this," Sam looked at us with suspiciously bright eyes, his newly cut hair doing nothing to hide his expressions anymore. "We've got Nationals to think about and…not to sound like a cliché or nothing, but can't we all just get along?"

Mr. Shue jumped ahead and took charge on that note, eager to mend some fences between us all. I decided to do what Rachel ended up doing and sat back down again as the club exploded in apologies and fresh beginnings and what not.

Sam's shadow loomed over me a moment later, and I looked up. He was smiling weakly as he took a seat next to me. "Thanks…I mean, for not telling anyone. Anyone but Rachel of course."

I grinned and held out my hand for a fist bump. "No problem Dog, we're buds and buds help each other out from time to time."

Sam matched my grin and nodded as he held out his own fist. "Sure Man." Then he looked a little dubious all of the sudden and leaned closer. "By the way, could you please tell Rachel that I don't need to borrow her Dad's old neon colored suit for prom?"

The other Gleeks looked over at us with confusion – or fond bemusement in Rachel's case – a moment later, when I burst into laughter at the mental picture of Sam wearing that outfit. It really was fucking awful and shouldn't be allowed in public.

Then my laughter was cut off when the girls' caught the word 'prom' and started talking about it like the earlier episode had never happened. I almost gulped like a little pussy when I caught Rachel saying something about getting her Dads' advice to buy our clothes for that night.

This time it was Sam's laughter that invoked confused looks, but I suddenly saw nothing funny about it anymore, 'cause Puckzilla wasn't meant to wear Berry styled clothing. No…just for all that's holy no!


A/N So Sam wasn't publically humiliated this time around; he's gotten help from not only PR but Abraham and Hiram and things will soon brighten up for the Evans family without anyone being the wiser. Except for Puck and his pushy Jewish girlfriend of course ;)

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