It All Started With Glee Club

Puck confronts a stubborn brunette

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A/N This isn't the complete Prom Episode, there's a few things that needed to be set up and also finished before I could go there. I hope it makes sense. The next chapter is almost finished, so the wait won't be that long - maybe only one day. Enjoy!


"Oh fuck no, forget that! I ain't singing no Rebecca Black and that's final."

My voice echoed through everyone in the choir room, who were divided into small groups to figure out which songs we'd be performing at prom. Apparently rehearsing for nationals weren't enough so we'd been chosen to perform at prom with Mr. Shue's sheepish approval.

Anyway, my tone caught people's attention and more importantly, it caught Rach's and I swallowed a lump of…well, I was too hardcore for it to be dread, but it was along those lines if I had to be honest.

"Noah?" her voice was saccharine sweet and completely contradicted the steely glint in her brown eyes. "I'd really appreciate it if your unusual amount of dislike for the possible song choices for prom could be dimmed a bit as my group and I am working quite vigorously on solving the puzzle of whom performs when. Thank you." She added politely and turned away only after I'd nodded seriously at her in obedience.

Finn's sly grin and muttered teasing didn't bother me as much as Sam's did, mostly due to the fact that Quinn demanded his presence all of the sudden with a snap of her fingers and he jumped like the whipped wimp he really was.

Sam on the other hand was single and had every right to mock me. A small part of me, the one that used to sort of enjoy bullying other people, wanted to point out he'd still be looking like Shaggy's drugged cousin if it weren't for me, but I beat it down easily enough and just shrugged with a small smile playing on my lips.

If figuring out the singing for prom had been the only thing I was dealing with, I don't think I would've been so sour. But, as things stood, it wasn't the only thing; hell, it wasn't even the worst part of it all. No, there was the whole actual prom part to contend with too.

Rachel and the other girls in glee club were acting like they'd been possessed by some sort of evil spirit of well…obsessed chicks really.

Rach was on the phone every night discussing her clothing for the damn thing, even though Quinn, Sunshine and sometimes Tina with a broody looking Mercedes came over to our house at night to get the details just right. It was pretty fucking horrible.

And the guys of New Directions weren't that much better either. I'd seen Mike fret about his abs in the gym, muttering something about busting moves to impress Tina, despite the fact that their Asian Fusion seemed to be the most stable thing in school – aside from the Puckleberry love train of course.

Artie was telling anyone bothering to listen that he was gonna pimp his ride up so much that he'd be praised like the awesome dude he was or something. I didn't care, just high-fived him in support, 'cause Wheels was still my friend and all.

Sam was on yet another diet, even though he wasn't even sure he was gonna go due to his cash issues; Finn was storming around, asking us all as covertly as he could about corsages and matching ties and shit. It was like some sort of personal hell for me. But still, I wasn't the one having the worst time if I had to be completely frank.

Kurt, the poor schmuck was acting like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Dave still hadn't come out of the closet, and I think Kurt totally respected that, but like every little girl, he just really wanted to go to prom and get the whole experience. It'd be cute if it wasn't so nauseating.

Anyway, in the midst of his helpful advice to the girls about their dresses (and to Finn too, since he was the only one who gave a damn anymore about my old friend's pleading puppy dog eyes), I caught him looking pretty gloomy when he thought no one was looking.

Sighing heavily, I walked over to him and sat down next to him as Rach and Santana were arguing about which of them were gonna close the show, with a slightly desperate looking Mr. Shue caught in the middle. No one was looking at us, since the two girls' antics were a hell of a lot funnier than mine, so I just nudged Beyonce's shoulder briefly with mine and told him to spill whatever was going on inside that excessively styled hair of his.

Kurt sighed and looked down at his impeccable nails. "I never thought my prom was going to be like this, I guess."

"Dude," I shrugged, "it's not even our Senior prom, there's still time to get things right for that one. Don't sweat it."

"Is that what you tell Rachel at night when she's going on and on about the whole shindig as well?" Kurt's tone was a little too innocent to be real, so I smirked, 'cause the dude had a valid point.

"We're not talking 'bout me, Beyonce, so quit it. Look, Dave's crazy about you; hell, the guy's even agreed to tell everyone his secret to keep you by his side. Not a lot of high school kids would do that."

Kurt sighed again, "I know that, Puck. I even respect that he's not ready to do anything quite as drastic right now. We talked about going public right before the summer vacation, so people could get the time to adjust before the new school year…"

"Cool," was all I said, 'cause it was clear that Kurt wasn't finished.

"But I just really want to get that whole experience with the guy and the flowers, the dancing and the pictures. I was hiding once and I don't like doing it again."

"I get that, but if it makes you feel better, Rach said something last night about getting the club together at her, I mean our house for a little private prom party soon, so you could get your perfect gay night then."

Kurt shuddered with mock horror, "Is she gonna provide alcohol again?"

"God no, Man," I grinned, "no more alcohol for a long time, I promise."

Kurt smiled but then he grew serious again, "Blaine asked me to be his date last night."

Okay, that was news that hit me right out of nowhere. "Gonna say yes?" I asked and expanded a bit roughly, "'cause that'd be a shitty thing to do to your actual boyfriend."

The look my former favorite target sent me told me that he was quite aware of that fact himself and didn't need my dumb ass pointing it out to him.

"He said that he's okay with my feelings for Dave, and that he won't jeopardize our friendship, but that he thinks that I deserve to go to this prom without feeling guilty."

I was gonna kick Blaine's gelled ass next time I saw him, friend or not. Damn, he was using the window of opportunity that Dave's fears had given him. I wasn't gonna let him ruin Dave's shot at happiness. Oh damn, I realized with an internal shudder, I was turning into my matchmaking Nanna.

"For fuck's sake, Hummel," I leaned forward, grabbing his shoulders firmly. "You're totally into Dave; he's totally into you and if you let your pansy ass fantasies ruin that, you're an even bigger idiot that I ever gave you credit for. Grow the hell up, Dude and go stag. Hell, go and make out in the closets with Dave during the night and maybe it'll be a decent evening regardless."

Kurt twisted out of my grip and grabbed his bag before leaving with one last glare in my direction. The other Gleeks never even noticed a thing, too focused on the verbal chick fight still going on between Rach and Santana.

I made a mental note to get a hold of Dave and try and get him to see the danger that was Blaine and his man crush before going down to put an end to Rachel's lecture and if possible stop Santana from resorting to violence; I mean, she was already hissing in Spanish and that was never a good sign, take it from someone who used to date the temperamental broad.


"Hey Puckerman," one of the guys from the band that usually played for us during glee, stepped in front of me the next afternoon as I was on my way to the gym to work out while I waited for my girl to finish her rehearsing for prom.

"What's up, Jimmy?" I smiled at the little guy, who barely reached my shoulders.

The smile immediately vanished once he told me that Rachel had been joined by none other than Jesse St. Bonehead in the auditorium and that they seemed to be having a very intense talk. I might have growled a bit, judging from the band geek's sudden paleness, but I didn't give a shit, already on route to the auditorium to possibly kick that curly haired bastard's ass.

Ten minutes later, I was sitting dazedly with Rachel on my lab, cooing softly in my ear as Jesse was staring at me with widened eyes. He hadn't shown up to make a move on my girl, hell he hadn't even shown up to goat us before Nationals. Instead, he was here to warn us about something that I hadn't really thought about for a while.


It would seem that even though her grip on my mother had lessened, the coach still hadn't stopped her crusade to wreck havoc in our lives. Why, I still had no fucking clue. She'd given up Rach as per an agreement and shit and when she'd gotten a chance to get to know her only child, she'd treated Rachel like a slut and ignorant moron and ended up losing every chance of a relationship she might have had.

"D'you know what she's planning?" I muttered with my lips on Rachel's head.

Jesse looked sorry as he shrugged. "Nah, she quit telling me stuff once I went to UCLA and got busy. I just heard by accident because since my unexpected suspension I went to Carmel to ask if I could be assistant coach to Vocal Adrenaline. I mean, no offence," Jesse's smiled predatorily, "they need my help to beat New Directions."

We sat in silence for a while, until Rachel suddenly straightened up and announced in no uncertain terms that she was going to Carmel to confront her so called mother dearest and put an end to things before yet another catastrophe hit us all right in the head. Of course, she managed to use a lot more words and flowery expressions than that, but I got the point.

Anyway, I immediately informed her that I was going too and less than twenty minutes later, we were on route to Carmel High School to confront Shelby.

To say that she looked pleased to see us was a pretty big understatement. Hell, I think she would've greeted Hitler better than us.

"What are you doing here?" she sneered, casting a glance at Jesse, who looked like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. "We're done rehearsing for today, so you won't be able to sneak inside and steal our ideas."

Oh no she didn't! I was about to say some rather harsh words, when Rachel unceremoniously held up a hand to tell me to shut up and she launched into a scolding diatribe herself.

"Look Shelby," the tone in her voice sent shivers of something way too cowardly down my spine and made the hairs in the back of my neck stand out and I discreetly moved a few steps backwards, just in case of bloodshed. "I have come to realize over the years that I have a fortunate life. I have two devoted fathers, who did everything in their power to have me in their life. I've got an amazing boyfriend, whom I love more than I ever thought possible and to top everything off, I've got the most wonderful little girl, whom I would lay down my life for in an instant."

Rachel smiled briefly without any real joy in her eyes, "You're probably wondering why I'm telling you this, and I honestly doubt that you have any potential to really understand what I'm trying to do here, but I'll make an attempt regardless. I would never do anything to harm my child; I would rather see her smile one time than win all the awards in the world. So, you see; the fact that you showed up last year, pretending to want a relationship with me, only to look at me with scorn and distaste, once you realized that I was pregnant, is something I simply cannot understand. This last year, your antics in our lives have brought nothing but hurt and disgust for you as a person. Judging from what Jesse has told me, and my own private research, you have a plan to somehow take my child away from me – be quiet Noah," she interjected when my cursing at her revelation interrupted her flow before she took one step closer to the woman who'd given birth to her.

"Like I said, judging from what I've managed to figure out, your attempt to prove me an unfit mother is just ridiculous. And I thought I couldn't hate you any more than I did when you somehow twisted Noah's mother's mind against us, but believe me, Shelby, the way I feel about you right now is quite hazardous to your pitiful life."

Shelby blustered a bit, trying to regain her cool without much of a success, "is that a threat?"

"No," Rachel smirked and leaned forward another inch, invading the older woman's personal space, "that's just a fact. Besides, I really do have better things to do than spend any more time worrying about you; you're nothing to me and whatever misguided notions and dreams I used to have about my mother have long ago been replaced by reality. I'm not interested in you anymore, my daughter will never know you and should I ever see you near me or mine again, I will not hesitate to act. Do you understand me?"

I can't really explain what was going through me during Rachel's speech to Shelby, I only knew that I was holding my breath as I waited to see what would happen. To my big surprise, the Choir Coach slumped against her desk, looking a lot older than she probably was.

"I just want-" she began, but Rachel cut her off with a lot less mercy than she usually possessed.

"I no longer care what you want. I've said what I wanted to say and I hope you'll take it under advisement during your next scheme. Oh," Rachel added with a tiny twitch of her lips as she turned in the doorway to look at Shelby, "I fully expect to win at Nationals, so you had better bring your A-game."

And just like that, we were off again and on our way home. Rachel didn't say a word during the ride, she just sat completely still as we drove. When we got home, she jumped out of the truck and all but ran into the living room where Caroline was playing with Emma, being watched by Quinn, who seemed to be in the middle of picking out some corsages from a magazine.

Next thing I knew, Rachel was hugging Caroling with tears rolling down her cheeks and Quinn looked about as stupefied as I did. I quickly let the former cheerleader know what had happened and handed my confused daughter to her before taking Rach in my arms and carrying her upstairs. She needed some distraction and I knew just the thing.

Sometime later, Rach rolled over on her stomach and placed her chin on my chest. "Was I too harsh on her?" she asked softly and I rolled my eyes.

"Babe, you weren't hard enough in my opinion. Stop worrying about it anymore and either let me blow your mind again or go downstairs and talk about your dresses and shit with Quinn for the hundredth time. She doesn't deserve to be in your head anymore, Rachel," I concluded seriously.

Rachel looked at me for a long while before she sighed. "I know." Then sadly, she decided to get dressed and head down to Quinn as I'd suggested.

I gotta admit, I pouted a little at that, 'cause I wouldn't have minded another go if you catch my drift. Aw well, it was nice to see my girl back to her old self anyhow.

I'd started getting dressed too when I got a text and looked at my phone for the first time in several hours. It was from Finn, apparently he just wanted to quadruple check if he really could pull off wearing a neon colored suit, 'cause Sam kept offering one to him, saying that it would go great with Quinn's colors.

I smirked, hoping with everything in me that Quinn never discovered my part in Sam's little prank, even as I typed back to my friend that Sam was completely right and that he should totally go for it…


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