It All Started With Glee Club

Puck goes to Prom

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Sadly, Rachel figured out what Sam and I were planning for Finn and managed to put a stop to it by alerting Quinn of what was going on. Let's just say that the fiery blonde hadn't exactly thanked me for my involvement – and judging from the now slightly freaked out look, Sam sported every time he looked at her, he hadn't escaped without injury himself.

Other than that, the whole prom thing seemed to be coming along nicely.

I'd been prevented from laying eyes on Rach the whole day while she got ready for the party with Quinn and the other girls from glee, who were all going; even Mercedes, who'd convinced Sam to go with her, despite his financial problems. Evidently Rach had planned for us all to go to prom on a budget, citing something about not flaunting the western world's excessiveness while so many other countries had next to nothing.

Only Sam and I knew it was her subtle way of preventing anyone from figuring out the guy was short on cash and since I didn't care one way or another, it soon spread out to the entire glee club as a way to respect those who had less than us or something (and to make Rach shut up about it too, if I had to guess).

Anyway, budget or not, the girls were still taking their sweet ass time and us guys were all gathered in our living room in our tux's, bored out of our skull. Hiram was jumping around, snapping pictures like a possessed housewife from the sixties while Abraham walked around and offered us homemade canapés of all things.

Finn and I took the opportunity to flaunt our little girls to the other guys, who knew better by now than to even sigh at our slightly over the top pride at our kids ability to stumble around and looking cute. Caroline was fucking beautiful and her ability to wobble around far overshadowed Eve's; just putting it out there.

Finally, there was movement from upstairs and Kurt came down with a big smile on his face, looking like he was responsible for everything we were about to see. Knowing the guy as I did, it probably wasn't that far off.

Quinn came down as the first one and Finn nearly dropped Eve, who'd just demanded to be picked up (I figured that she was fond of the view up there), and it was only Mike's quick reflexes that prevented her from toppling off her dad. Then Santana and Brittany, looking like a devil and an angel respectively, came down with small smiles on their faces. Mercedes came down next, looking cute with Tina right behind her. Mike's eyes seemed to want to roll out of his head at the sight of her and I snorted a little, 'cause he was still so fucking into her after all this time that it was pretty funny.

Of course, in the next second, Rachel appeared alongside a glowing Sunshine, and I immediately felt my jaw drop at the stunning picture she was. Fuck, she was beautiful and judging from the slightly mocking look that Mike sent my way, he was thinking the same thing I'd just thought about him.

Rachel wore this small, almost proud smile when she witnessed my reaction and the look in her eyes as they travelled down my amazing self clad in a tuxedo told me that she liked what she saw. Can't blame her really, 'cause…well, I am hot.

Anyway, we all suffered through Rachel's dads' sudden and ever so unexpected burst of eagerness when it came to pictures. I ended up damn near throwing a joyfully shrieking Caroline in their faces so we could all escape to the cars after forty-five minutes of intense photo hell.

So, when we arrived, things had already started. We'd been slowed down a little bit further, when Kurt made an unanticipated detour to pick up Blaine. The brief look we shared as we all waited for the overly gelled pretty boy, clearly told me that Kurt wasn't totally proud of his decision to accept Blaine's proposal of going together.

To be honest, I was kindda worried about Dave's reaction to that development, 'cause this might tip him over into the, 'I get pretty fucking violent when I'm angry' –stage; Also, not that I usually take any real notice of these kinds of things, but Blaine wasn't exactly ugly. (According to Rach, he was downright 'dreamy' – whatever the hell that means.) So, my point is, that Dave's pesky confidence problem might be an issue too…it was not gonna be a prom without drama, I just knew it.

Well, back to my story; we arrived at the prom itself and I gotta admit, it was pretty nicely done. I mean, the decorations were awesome and everything seemed very over the top as it should be. I still had no fucking clue how Figgins managed to dig up the funds for these major shindigs, but I wasn't about to complain, 'cause in the next moment, I spotted the buffet table. Yum-and I just gotta add – my.

All of the guys immediately travelled in that direction, while all the girls – and Kurt, obviously - headed to the restrooms to do whatever it was that chicks do together in there.

I was in the middle of seeing just how much grub my plate could handle without breaking, when Dave arrived. His date was his slightly chubby cousin, who was actually quite pretty. He looked eagerly in my direction, probably searching for his boyfriend, but then his eyes stopped dead when they landed on Blaine.

There was no doubt about it then, I sighed heavily and prepared to intervene if necessary; Dave hadn't had a clue that Blaine was gonna be with us tonight. A moment later, Rach's tinkling laugh warned me of the girls' arrival and Kurt looked slightly green as his eyes met Dave's a few seconds later.

I was debating whether or not to go over to them and just act like a cheerful idiot to break the ice, when Blaine sauntered – yup, the cocky son of a bitch was playing to his strengths – up to Kurt's side and placed an arm around his shoulders. Dave's eyes narrowed dangerously and I had just taken a step forward when Dave's cousin murmured something in his ear and dragged him into the throng of people; halting the inevitable confrontation for now.

At least I'd get time to eat before everything went to shit…


The music was pounding in my ears, and I couldn't really enjoy the whole prom thing, 'cause I was so busy keeping an eye on a more and more scowling Dave, a very uncomfortable looking Kurt, who was still being followed around by a stubborn looking Blaine.

Finally, my lack of attention towards my own date, seemed to get to her, 'cause Rachel actually stepped down on my foot in the middle of a dance we were doing. Hard.

"Aw, dammit, Woman," I growled, resisting the urge to jump around on one leg like an idiot. "What the hell was that for?"

Rachel raised her chin defensively, but I could see she was a little sorry for hurting me at least. Then she spoke and it became my turn to feel guilty.

"Noah, for the past thirty minutes or so, I've been talking, dancing and well…somewhat enjoying myself, but instead of having a wonderful date by my side, I've been stuck with a distracted male, whose only contribution to this supposedly memorable evening has been to grunt in affirmative when I asked him to dance. If you were planning on making me feel insecure about my ability to keep a man's admittedly shifting attentions, you must be pleased to know that you've succeeded most admirably."

"Babe," feeling like an asshole, I quickly took a gentle hold of her wrist as she turned away from me, her eyes suspiciously bright. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to act like a complete tool; but…" I hesitated, glancing over her head to see Dave making his way out of the gym, "I'm worried about Dave and Kurt."

Immediately, Rach looked like she'd been hit on the head with a ton of bricks. Evidently, she'd not been her usual observant self this evening and as she cast her own discreet looks around her, I saw her absorb everything with an ease that came from a lot of practice.

"I completely understand," she said a moment later, smoothing out my slightly crumbled tie with a small sheepish smile, "I fear I've let my fantasies come between the reality of the situation and I promise you that I shall do my upmost to make Kurt see the error of his ways within a reasonable timeframe."

"So that's just a fancy way to say that you're gonna bully Kurt into realizing that Blaine's nothing but a good friend, and remind him of his own feelings towards Dave?" I prompted with a slight smirk.

Rachel just smiled, pecked my lips briefly and vanished into the mass of dancing people until she appeared right behind Kurt and began dragging him away for some private conversation. Blaine looked at their disappearing forms with a slight frown, but honestly, I couldn't muster up much sympathy for the guy. Instead, I made my way through the gym and exited the room through the same doors that I'd seen Dave use, hoping to track him down before he did something stupid.

I was prepared for him to go back to his bullying ways, possibly spray painting Kurt's locker with homophobic phrases or something, so imagine my surprise when I found the dude sitting calmly up against the lockers right outside the gym with a sad look on his face.

"Hi Man." Shit, I sounded like I was expecting him to be carrying a gun, just waiting to go all crazy on me.

"Down, Puck," Dave ordered without looking at me. I guess I was being kindda obvious about how I was feeling. "I'm not gonna explode, so just chill."

"Okay," I slowly slid down next to him, nodding casually to Mike, who walked by with a giggling Tina at his arm. "So, since you're all Yoda and shit; mind telling me why the fuck you're not in there forcing Blaine to back the hell off."

Dave snorted, running a hand through his hair. He looked deflated or something, like he was carrying something heavy on his shoulders that no one could see with the naked eye.

"I guess, 'cause I'm not that surprised really." He continued when I opened my mouth to ask what the hell he was talking about. "Look; Kurt knew I'm a coward even before we started dating. I promised him to come out and…well, managed to convince him to let me wait until summer's here. But I've seen the disappointment in his eyes whenever he thinks I'm not looking. I know he wishes for me to be whatever Harlequin romance hero he's always dreamed off, but I'm never gonna be that. Aside from the whole scared about my sexuality bit, I'm just not main man material. I mean, look at that Blaine guy; he's hot as hell and just the kind of guy Kurt deserves to be with. He said it himself once, you know; my chubby, sweaty self is the last person he'd ever want to be around."

Raising a brow, I slowly reached out and slapped Dave in the back of his head. Dave grimaced at the sudden pain and I just rolled my eyes. "Dude, in case you've forgotten; Kurt's been pretty honest about his feelings ever since you two hooked up. He gets that dreamy look on his face that Rach sometimes gets. Trust me, the guy's not into Blaine like that – he's totally into you and if you'd just go in there and prove that you're head over heels yourself, we wouldn't be here right now and Rach wouldn't be having the same talk with Kurt."

"Besides," I added, standing up in one fluent motion, "Blaine might be a pretty boy, but you're…well, fuck this is gonna sound gay even to me, so bear with me alright? You're a man and Kurt deserves a real dude to warm his bed and shit."

Dave laughed and copied my movement, albeit with a little less grace. "You're right, Puck. I'm gonna go talk to Kurt and then I'll go home and tell my parents and we'll see what happens."

"Well, you'll always have a place to stay if they react badly," I promised seriously and Dave held out a hand for a fist bump in silent thanks.

"Let's go in before they crown the King and Queen, 'cause I don't think Rach will forgive me if I miss out on anymore mile stones during this dance."

Dave nodded and we walked back into the gym, and to what I sincerely hoped would be a much calmer evening now that Dave had gotten his head back on straight.


A few hours later, I was carrying a sleeping Rach into our house. She'd fallen asleep even as she'd been fussing over the swelling around my right eye. I made my way into the bathroom for a quick shower and some time to think about everything that'd had happened that night, after I'd put Rachel to bed of course.

Yeah, so things hadn't exactly gone as smoothly as I'd naively hoped. It'd started when I'd been crowned Prom King for some weird ass reason. I'd been surprised as hell when Figgins had read out my name and judging from the gasps and wide eyed looks I'd received on my way up there, I wasn't the only one.

Rachel was clapping and cheering her little heart out, even as I'd mumbled something that resembled a thank you speech, but was realistically more along the lines of, "what the hell were you guys thinking?"

And then Figgins had prepared to read the Queen's name and I'd gotten a bad feeling even as his darker skin had turned pale a second before he read out Kurt's name.

This time, people had laughed and clapped mockingly and not even my patented glare could halt the mockery. It was official; the student body at McKinley was fucking idiots. Kurt had run out of the room, only to return a little bit later with Dave on one side and Blaine on the other.

Figgins had then, with a slight wobble in his accented voice, told us to dance the Prom King and Queen dance. The looks this time had been more than mocking, they'd been gleeful and full of evil anticipation and I'd just had enough.

Within a half a second, I'd dragged Kurt out to the dance floor and begun dancing with him; acting like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Some people had cheered, and some people had booed, and Kurt's bottom lip was being chewed on quite violently in an attempt to stop any reaction from showing. I gotta admit I'd never respected the guy more than I did in that moment.

Then to my big surprise, I'd felt someone tap my shoulder and looked around to see Dave of all people asking to cut in. This time people hadn't reacted, they'd been too shocked to do much of anything, especially 'cause barely a minute later, Dave had bent forward and kissed Kurt quite publically and definitely with an ease that came from a lot of practice thus cementing his sexuality in a totally hardcore way, if you ask me.

That's when things had turned a lot nastier than I'd ever expected them to. I don't know who had started it, but within moments, there was a full scale fight going on. I'd been clipped by someone, I didn't see and I hadn't given a crap, 'cause that's when I'd spotted Blaine making his way towards Dave with a fierce scowl on his face.

In the midst of the shouting, shoving and genuine mayhem of everything, I'd run up to the Warbler and held out my hand in a clear warning, "turn around, Anderson and stay the fuck outta this or your pretty face's got an appointment with my fist. Got it?"

Blaine had looked gobsmacked, even as he had elegantly sidestepped Azimio and Sunshine, who were both laying into one of the other jocks, who'd shouted derogatory comments at a fighting Dave and Kurt, "I was only going to assist them," he had explained; this time completely ruining my image of him as a dainty Nancy boy with too much hair gel, 'cause even as he was speaking, he slammed a fist into the before mentioned jock's face and high fived a ferocious looking Sunshine, who immediately dived back into the fray with an entirely too happy expression on her face. "It's quite obvious that Kurt doesn't see me in a romantic light anymore. And judging from the way, Dave just knee'ed that unfortunate guy trying to punch Kurt, I'd say he's very set on protecting his boyfriend and I can only respect that."

"You know," I'd said, and grabbed a half empty punch bowl from the buffet table and threw the contents on some of the fighters next to me, who had been ganging up on Artie. For some reason, Coach Sylvester was running towards me, gesturing for the bowl, which I'd quickly held out to her. "You're not half as bad as I thought."

"Puck, look out!" Blaine's words had only just reached me, when I'd felt an intense pain and everything had gone dark.

When I'd woken up, I'd been in the nurse's office where a lot of people had been moaning and crying even as some had been laughin and showing off their 'battle scars'.

Rach had been sitting next to me with a bandage on her cheek and a slight bruising on her knuckles. She'd caught my look and informed me that I really shouldn't be surprised since all of this evolved due to homophobia and since she had two gay dads and a gay best friend, she really couldn't stay uninvolved in the primitive fight for justice. Or something, I think I was still a bit too groggy to pick up everything she said.

It'd taken a little bit before I'd found out what had happened with everybody. Dave and Kurt had been announced the innocents in the whole mess and had been allowed to go home without any repercussions. Blaine had – along with Coach Sylvester – been one of the people who'd been instrumental in ending the whole fight in the end. Azimio and Sunshine had been suspended for a few days, for being excessively protective of their friends; I think I heard that they'd kicked so many butts that more than half of the people present wouldn't be able to sit down for a week. Artie and Santana had momentarily put their rivalry for Brittany aside to form a kickass duo that wound up delivering quite a few bruises of their own. Mercedes and Lauren Zizes of all people had been seen dragging a furious Sam out of the gym before things really escalated. The Asian Fusion hadn't been present, which I honestly think is a good thing, 'cause Mike is still the only one who ever beat me during my Fight Club days. Quinn and Finn hadn't been present either; from what I gathered, they'd slunk off to one of the unused classrooms for a little…uhm, let's just call it self-study. Rach had done some damage herself, but due to her ability to talk anyone, who listened into sleep, she'd gotten off with a warning.

I wasn't even warned, for some reason, despite the blows I'd dealt out during the mayhem. Evidently, Coach Sue had gone to the matt for me, citing something about protecting a favored heirloom even as I'd been knocked out. Seems like that glass bowl had been hers and she was mighty happy that I'd broken its fall when I'd gone down.

Anyway, we'd been allowed to leave after Figgins finished rounding up the people who'd started it all and those – in Azimio and Sunshine's case – who'd enjoyed it all way too much and forced them to clean up all the mess.

Wiping away the steam from the mirror, I grinned at my reflection even as I winced internally at the bruising. Despite everything that it had turned into; the homophobic people that had been revealed and the pain and crap; the prom thing had been kindda cool – I suddenly couldn't wait for Senior Prom.

Mostly, I realized as I put on a fresh pair of boxers before sliding in next to a soft snoring Rach, 'cause it all meant that I now had an entire year to figure out a sure way to get Finn into that damned suit…


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