It All Started With Glee Club

Puck threatens Quinn

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The moment where someone found out about Berry's pregnancy wasn't exactly how I'd pictured it. It wasn't one of the Mr. Berry's for one thing and they weren't chasing me with bedazzled shotguns as I'd imagined. In some ways it was even worse because it wasn't any of either Berry's or my parents.

And to make things even better, it just had to be Quinn to get the scoop as the first one. I never thought I'd say this, but I'd actually prefer it to have been Beyonce or his beard.

It happened in a split second, really. It was during glee (surprise surprise) and I was sitting next to Berry that day; I just wanted to be near her in case she needed to ralph again or something so sue me.

In the middle of one of Mr. Shue's usual praises of all things Journey, Rachel turned a bit in her seat and looked at me with a small secret smile that did big things to my downstairs partner, if you catch my drift and I watched intensely as she placed her hand gently on her still not showing belly. I happened to glance over her shoulder for like a second and BAM. I locked eyes with Quinn and I just knew that she knew.

Don't ask me how I knew, but …well, you get the idea. The rest of the time in glee, I was tense and ready to flee. There was a tiny part of me that wanted Quinn to step up and announce it to everyone so that they'd all know that I wasn't the fucking Loser she'd pegged me to be. I was still around, wasn't I? Okay, honestly that wasn't really what I wanted the most. I wanted them all to know that Berry had chosen me; that the need for secrecy wasn't there anymore.

Realistically I knew she wasn't ashamed of me, of our kid, but I can't deny that it hurt like a motherfucker to not be able to claim anything publically. Momentarily, I wondered why I'd never felt that urge as strongly with Quinn and my maybe kid, but I quickly put it out of my mind and focused on the matter at hand.

Should I tell Rachel that she and I weren't the only ones knowing about the baby anymore? Would she freak out and have some major chick fight with Quinn to keep the secret. That would be a hot sight, no doubt about it, but I doubted that it'd be very healthy for the babies involved. Although, I think Berry told me one time that it was important to exercise and-

"Noah," Berry's voice reached my troubled thoughts and I looked down at her with a raised brow.


She didn't respond verbally, simply pointed with her chin in the direction of Mr. Shue and I realized that he'd been saying my name a few times already. "What?" I asked, trying to give off the impression of nonchalance. Personal problems or not, I still had an image to maintain.

"Have you been paying attention at all, Puck?" Mr. Shue smiled that, 'I'm such a great and understanding teacher, but you have to do everything I say because I'm an adult'-smile of his and I figured it'd be the easiest to just admit the truth. Plus, being all cool was badass and I could never be too badass.

"Nope," I started, but then Berry's surprisingly pointy elbow caught my ribs and I added, "but I will from now on?" I ignored the pitiful way my voice had changed the sentence in to a question directed at Berry, and I especially overlooked the small hint of relief that flew through me when she nodded mutely with approval.

"Well," Mr. Shue didn't seem to notice our little interplay, but I wasn't surprised. We're talking about a dude that walked by me tossing Beyonce in the dumpsters practically cheering me on for over a year. "Please direct your attention behind me and read out the word I've written there."

I did as ordered and managed to not snort condescendingly when I say, "Ballad."

"Yep," Mr. Shue said, beaming with delight and pointed at a black top hat on the piano next to him, "we're doing that this week. Ballads are songs about all kinds of emotion, not just love. Come on up and pick a name out of the hat and see who you're singing to this week. Oh, Matt's sick by the way, so I guess I'll have to join in."

A few minutes later, I was reeling. Not only had I picked Mercedes' name of all things, but Berry was in the middle of singing a fucking love song to our middle-aged teacher. I mean, come on; the guy was essentially ancient!

Just as she was belting out a note that would've made Celine Dion envious as fuck, I felt someone sit down next to me. Quinn. One look and I forced out the way Berry's basically orgasmic joy at singing touched my body and focused on Quinn.

"Tell me everything," she demanded in a whisper without looking at me. I rolled my eyes and denied knowing what the hell she was talking about, while my insides were sort of twisting together uncomfortably at the intense look Berry was sending Mr. Shue. What was that all about?

"Oh, don't give me that," Quinn hissed, "I'm obviously not the only one carrying something that requires nine months of baking time-"

"Shut the fuck up," I ordered with heat and finally looked at her. "This ain't got nothing to do with you and you better keep your mouth shut or else."

Quinn raised a brow mockingly and leaned back to look over at me unnoticed as all the others attention was on the duet taking place on the floor in front of us. "Or what?"

I quickly debated internally, but really, it was no contest at all. My friendship with Finn or Berry's peace of mind… "Or else I'll tell Finn everything and no one will give a damn about your news, too busy ruining your perfect life to care about the school's outcast."

Quinn paled so fast that I almost regretted using that card of mine, but there was a part of me that was practically dressed in body armor, wearing guns that were fully loaded and ready to launch to protect Berry and her wishes. No one, in particularly the Christian princess next to me, was going to ruin things for Berry; she had enough shit to deal with without the evil wannabe as bitchy but not quite as Santana sitting next to me.

"You wouldn't," Quinn eventually gasped out and I just retaliated by raising a brow of my own. Oh, wouldn't I?

She seemed to get the message and quickly fled back to Finn's waiting arms. He looked at me with bemusement when Quinn buried her head in his shoulder and I just shrugged, and mouthed, "Women," which seemed to placate him for the time being. Thank fuck for his naivety.

When class ended, I heard Artie and Tina muttering about whether Berry had a crush on Mr. Shue; apparently, while I'd been busy trying to do damage control on Quinn, Berry had sung her heart out to the teacher with fucking stars in her eyes.

I was not digging that and I quickly walked over to Berry, who was busy repacking her pink trolley with the notes she'd taken during glee. She looked almost glowing and I stopped before I realized it.

She must have seen my movement out of the corner of her eye, because she turned to me with a sunny smile that knocked the air clean out of me. "Wasn't this just an amazing idea," she said and catapulted into a fifteen minute lecture of all the wonders of singing. And what was more important to me, singing with Mr. Shue.

"You…err," I interrupted after another remark about how amazingly smooth our teacher's voice was, now that he was finally branching out from all the horrid rapping that he was so prone to do, "…"

I couldn't quite get the words out, but the way Berry's chocolate colored orbs just pierced through me, waiting for me to finish my sentence, gave me the courage I needed. Fuck it, I thought, I'm the Puckerone, I'm not scared to talk about anything.

"Are you crushing on Mr. Shuester?" I got it out a bit harsher than I thought, it was more like a rushed growl to be honest, but judging by the way Berry froze, she seemed to understand perfectly.

She stared at me for a long minute without moving and I swallowed hesitantly, suddenly remembering that I was dealing with a hormonal Rachel Berry and that I probably wouldn't survive if she decided to snap completely. Then she broke the tension in the most surprising way possible and the breath I'd been holding blew out of me like the air out of an exploding balloon.

Berry laughed. She fucking laughed; she guffawed so loudly that it was more like rumbling snorting that was going on. "Oh Noah," she said when she finished wiping tears out of her eyes. "I think I needed that. I haven't laughed that hard since before I discovered our situation."

"Well, are you?" I suddenly really wanted an answer. She must have seen that in me, because she turned serious and placed her soft hands over mine that were placed on the piano, clenched together in a mixture of nerves and anger.

"I'll admit that Mr. Shuester has a certain charm and his eyes are far more captivating than I'd previously anticipated, and," she smiled kindly at me, "I suppose if I hadn't been in the middle of what is going to be my life's biggest change, I might have developed some affection for him. But no, Noah, I am not, as you so eloquently say, "crushing on Mr. Shue," that I can assure you."

Berry was looking so unexpectedly beautiful, the happiness from her laugh still echoing in her face and I blurted out, "Quinn knows," like a fucking idiot for some reason.

"I see," Berry said quietly, her face emotionless. She didn't pale like Quinn had earlier, and she didn't scream obscenities at me as I'd thought she would. No she just stood there for what seemed forever before taking a deep breath. "Well, I guess we couldn't hide it forever."

What? I couldn't believe it. Where were all the rage and fear of exposure that I'd thought she'd spew out the second the truth was about to come out.

She shrugged, seeing the questions in my eyes, I think, and then continued to pack her things. "I always knew it wouldn't last forever. I don't' know why you're so shocked, Noah. We've talked about this, remember? I'm not going to hide anything, and I will most assuredly not hide your involvement no matter what happens next." Then Berry sighed heavily and I knew she was more affected than she was letting on. "I guess that I'd just hoped for a little more time to myself, but I will not begrudge you or anyone else that. On a related matter, I suppose all of this means that we'll have to let our parents know now. Shall I accompany you home tonight and assist you in telling your mother? My presence might help speed things along a bit."

Whoa, I was once again left eons behind this chick. She thought that Quinn's knowing about the kid to be would force us to take action sooner and she was already planning on helping me with my crazy mom.

I think that was the first time that I had an inkling about my feelings for Berry. I pushed that emotion crap behind me, 'cause I was not a touchy feely kind of guy unless it involved boobs, thank you very much, and tried to settle some of Berry's worries the best way I knew how.

"Be-Rachel," phew, I remembered to use her first name out loud for once, "Quinn's not gonna spill anything. Trust me on that. So we can wait a little while longer with telling the parental units. Relax and leave things to me."

"I do," Berry's voice was so uncharacteristically quiet that I had to strain to hear her – and damn it, but that was a first for me.

"Do what?" I asked when I'd deciphered her words a few seconds later.

The small twitch of her full lips did something completely non erotic to me; something both far worse and way better that I couldn't quite put a finger on. Then she spoke and I damn near teared up like a fucking pussy.

"I trust you. I've trusted you ever since you went out of your way to make me smile after our first time together."

I couldn't speak, hell; I could barely breathe as I just stood there like a complete moron staring at her. She kept smiling that little enigmatic smile until her eyes suddenly widened and a hand flew to her mouth. I recognized the signs and quickly jumped out of her way as she damn near flew out the door in search of the nearest toilet.

Even as I picked up her abandoned notes and packed them in her ridiculous pink horror and walked after her, even as I glared threateningly at a fucking freshman I remember giving a swirly the day before Berry had revealed her pregnancy to me chuckled at the sight of me with a pink trolley in my hands, even as I caught the end of Berry's disgusting retching and handed her a wet paper towel to clean herself up, I couldn't stop grinning like an idiot.

Because she fucking trusted me and I'd be damned if I'd let anything or anyone ruin that.


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