It All Started With Glee Club

Puck is really effing happy

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A/N Well, it started as a little story to help writer's block on my other stories, but then it ended up being the longest, most popular story I've ever posted. I hope this end doesn't disappoint and fret not, my friends; I'll eventually return with a couple of extra chapters. Feel free to request something and I'll see if it can be done. And fear not, the Neon Suit will be one chapter in itself someday ;) Also, there's a tiny hint of another show in this chapter, cookies for you if you can spot what it is :D Thanks for reading and Enjoy!



The screech from my six and a half year old daughter resonated through the open door to the school, Rach and I had painstakingly chosen for her. I guess she must have seen me roll up in the car through the window.

Now, normally, Caroline ain't a clingy child; in fact she's damn near too independent for her own good (and my peace of mind), but to be fair, the kid hadn't seen me in three whole days.

So, that's why I only grinned widely at the sound, not cringing like some of the other snobbish looking parents did as they collected their own offspring. I jumped out of my car and ran as fast as I could to meet my little girl halfway, sweeping her up into my arms and twirling around with her like I was some sort of ballet loser who'd just won the lottery or whatever. Point is; I was just as fucking stoked to see my kid as she was to see me.

"Honestly, you two are embarrassing me," another little voice interrupted my reunion with Caroline and we broke out of our hug (I still kept her in my arms though, balanced her on my hip instead), and looked down at who we knew to be Caroline's best friend.

"Aw Eve," I cooed teasingly, "don't you wanna hug Uncle Puck? You're missing a great chance to be spun around, you know."

Eve Fabray Hudson looked conflicted, trying to remain like a proper lady, like her blonde mother, but then her dad's childish side won out and she giggled and held out her arms.

A few minutes later, I was helping two very dizzy little girls into my car and trying not to puke violently in front of them my damn self.

During the ride, I listened contentedly to Caroline's speedy delivery of all the important things I'd missed out on my trip away; apparently, the guy who lived next to us had gotten into another debate with our other neighbor about the fact that he never picked up after his dog on their morning walk and things had almost turned into a good ol' fashioned fight until Caroline had interfered and told them to behave like the grownups they were.

Is she her mom's kid or what? Just sayin'.

Anyway, it didn't last long before we pulled into the driveway to our house and I smiled in greeting at Finn, who was waiting on us on the porch with the bundle in his arms that was his second born child, William( still sucking up to Mr. Shue even after all this time apparently.) He and Quinn were visiting from Washington to help Rach with everything she needed – and the million of little things that she really didn't need help with to be honest..

The girls breezed past us and I leaned up against the doorframe, "So, why are you out here? Banished from the adult conversation?"

"Shut up," Finn shrugged, careful not to jostle the three weeks old babe in his arms. "I needed some air, I mean, if I have to listen to anymore wedding stuff, I'm gonna go nuts. I thought you said you'd tire out Rachel so she didn't get too obsessed again today."

My thoughts drifted to the night before where I'd shown up from my trip a day early, surprising Rach. Let's just say we enjoyed ourselves a hell of a lot and it was only the fact that her agent called and I had to pick up Caroline from school that interrupted us. She's spent the night at a friend's house, thank fuck for her innocence.

"I did my best," was all I said to my friend, not telling him of the rough almost animalistic fucking we'd done on the kitchen table at three in the morning. Noah Puckerman learning subtlety; who'd have guessed?

"Anyway," I changed the subject as I turned around to go inside, "Rach wouldn't be so hung up on a big ass wedding if yours hadn't been so fucking 'glorious'," I threw in some jazz hands at the last word with a smirk.

Finn blushed as he always did when the memory of his wedding came up. He'd never really been allowed to forget that he popped the question on stage at our first Nationals – especially if Santana was around. Quinn had forced him to wait for a reply for ages, citing something about not wanting yet another responsibility thrown upon them while they were still in school. Then, during our senior year and second trip to Nationals (which we didn't win either, but I'll get back to that) Finn had been propositioned by some hot chick in a restaurant while Quinn had been chatting with Rach and Mercedes and his subsequent fierce denial in any interest, 'cause "he had the most amazing woman on the planet already", well…let's just say it really hit home and the next morning they showed up and announced their engagement.

It was so romantic and fluffy that I still get nauseous when I think about it.

Anyway, their wedding had damn near made Kurt wet himself in excitement, eager to plan the perfect wedding for his stepbrother and with Rach in his corner and Dave, who turned out to be a fucking whiz when it came to event planning for some reason, it all got blown way out of proportion and more than half the school had been invited.

And let's not forget the bachelor party, which had resulted in getting Finn so shitfaced that he was dragged into the church and had to be held up by yours truly while he said his vows. Quinn hadn't exactly been thrilled about that.

But still, the wedding had been ginormous and a complete success despite it being two just graduated high school kids that had gotten married. And well…Rach had never really enjoyed playing second to anyone so she was pretty fucking tenacious in her pursuit of a perfect wedding.

I sighed at the thought of going inside and hearing another debate about whether or not roses should be implemented in the dessert or some shit, I mean, who gave a fuck about that as long as the wedding itself happened? I was only putting up with it as nicely as I was 'cause I now had several years of Rachel Berry Crazy under my belt and knew how not to antagonize the beast so to speak.

"Noah! Get in here; I need to measure you again for your tux!" Kurt bellowed in his light voice and this time my sigh turned into a groan. These days Beyonce practically lived with us, fully in agreement with Rach that her wedding should be spectacular. If you ask me, I think the dude is just making me suffer a little more than necessary 'cause of all of the crap I put him through in high school.

Kurt actually lived in L.A these days. He and Dave were still going strong believe it or not. They'd split during college for a while and Kurt had finally let Blaine in, but it didn't last long, 'cause it was clear to anyone with eyes that his heart was still with the less styled choice of guy and after something or other that I don't really give a shit about, they were back on and had been ever since. Dave was an intern at the town's biggest event planner and hoping to move up in the ranks soon. Kurt was a designer with some pretty cool success, which had been kickstarted mostly 'cause of Rach. She'd told some boring fashion designer at an even more boring award show that Kurt Hummel was her personal designer so now I could always count on seeing him around at least two times a month.

It was actually a big ass surprise to me when I thought about it. Not only did I see Kurt and Dave pretty much all the time, but most of the other Gleeks as well. It was like our bond of drama, friendship and hate or whatever you'd call it, had made us unable to get any other real friends. Hell, I went out at least once a month for drinks with Santana, and Azimio, who were going to the same law school and had ended up being best buds.

Sunshine had ended things with Azimio in the middle of senior year when he'd said something stupid about Rach and well, if she hadn't dumped him in such a spectacular way (she got Coach Sylvester involved and that's all I'm gonna say about that), I would've kicked his ass. Anyway, Sunshine never really grew out of her hero worship of Rachel and wound up writing this book that took really well in the lesbian community for some reason and now she's in the middle of writing book number three and negotiating a movie deal for the second one that she won't allow anyone else but Rach to star in.

Sam had turned into my closest friend over the years, never really having forgotten how I hadn't ruined his image back in school. He now travelled around with me and was a member of my band and we were slowly building a rep for ourselves…oh yeah, and Artie was our manager when he wasn't busy trying to become a real movie director.

Mercedes had gone to some fancy art school up north; apparently she was pretty talented, but she never graduated 'cause she met some guy there that knocked her up and left her, so now she's back in Lima, teaching music and assists Coach Sylvester whenever Figgins seems to remember that it's not really okay to have teenage girls break into terror filled sobs whenever their Coach is around. It wasn't the glamorous life she'd wanted, but like Mercedes told me last year when we went home for Thanksgiving; she's still young and there's nothing shameful with being a teacher when you're good at it. Also, she said with a grin as she bounced her little boy, Jack on her knees; McKinley needed some sane teachers for a change.

Mike broke up with Tina after he got into some dance school that made his parents cut him off. He didn't want her to be dragged down with him since she'd been admitted to medical school and it would probably have gone peacefully if he hadn't ended things by screwing one of the junior Cheerios to make sure she got the picture. Anyway, their break ended badly and neither spoke for years until Tina's doctor boyfriend started smacking her around and Tina's fellow med-student; Lauren Zizes of all people found out about it and told the rest of us.

I'd immediately jumped into my beat up truck with a fuming Mike, Sam, Dave and Finn to go take care of that little issue. In the end, it was only Tina's medical knowledge that saved the dude's life and long story short, after a lawsuit and some other shit, Mike and Tina were back in business and stronger than ever.

Brittany had lived with Santana for a few years after high school until she couldn't take Santana's conflicted attitude about her sexuality anymore (San continued to like both sexes) and left to become a vet or something. Instead she was conned into participating in something she'd been told was a rescue of some rich dude's pets, but in reality turned out to be some scheme to kidnap the dude's cats or something. And since Brittany is who she is, she was left behind and accused of everything. It'd been a big deal in the media, but then for some reason, she'd been let off the hook and last thing I heard she and the dude she'd been robbing were dating…and he'd given her a shop where she could babysit his rich friends' pets so I guess it all worked out for her. They were coming for the wedding, so I'd make sure to warn Azimio to keep tabs on Santana, who'd never really gotten over the ditzy blonde.

And since I've told you all about everything that's going on in my old Gleek friends' lives, I gotta tell you about the most important ones. Quinn went to Yale and is currently studying further to be this kickass anthropologist, she's actually really good and is almost guaranteed an internship at the Jeffersonian if things go her way; I really fucking hope they do, 'cause Finn and I can't take any more hero worshipping over this Temperature something woman she wants to work for.

Anyway, Finn's got this job as a mechanic in Washington so she could follow her dream and I guess his thoughtfulness was appreciated very much considering the fact that she got pregnant really fucking fast after they moved there.

I was ripped out of my internal reminiscing of my old friends by a little hand poking me in my stomach. "Daddy! Mommy's waiting; it's not polite to let women wait."

Shaking off my thoughts of everyone that didn't matter as much as the girl in front of me did, I bent down and swooped her into my arms, still happy to see her after my three day tour with Sam. "That's absolutely right, Munchkin," I nuzzled my nose with her. Shut up, it's our thing, all right!

A moment later, I finally stood in front of my soon to be wife, who was looking both amused and slightly annoyed at my tardiness. I just shrugged, 'cause, really, she should know better by now. I love the woman, but when she's in Planning Mode, she's just plain crazy.

Fifteen minutes later, Rachel finished whatever measuring she wanted to do and turned to Quinn to talk wedding shop and I immediately snuck down into the basement to catch up on some of the games I'd missed in my absence, leaving a betrayed looking Finn to give his not really wanted opinions on things I could care less about.

As soon as I turned on the TV, I was met with a newscaster's fake sad smile as she told the world that it would seem that actor slash singer sensation Rachel Berry had been dumped by her less famous boyfriend, Noel Pluckerman, who'd been spotted leaving a bar with an unknown female. A brief scene played out on screen; someone had obviously recorded bits and pieces of Sam's and me's last performance before we left for New York. I saw myself with Sam, grinning wickedly at this hot redhead, who was staring adoringly at us, before I threw my arm around her and we left through the backdoor.

"Well thank fuck she knows how Sam's girlfriend looks like," I muttered with a snort and changed the channel to a game I knew to be playing, happy that Rach knew me enough to know that she was the only woman that I was interested in anymore.

As I watched my team kicking ass, I mulled over the way Rach and me's lives had gone both completely like we'd expected and then not at all after high school.

She'd applied for all the best schools in New York, only to not get accepted into any one of them. Motherhood had really calmed Rach, so instead of falling to pieces and planning revenge and crap, she barely cried; only like a day or two. Anyway, after that, she decided she'd apply for less prestigious schools. And then Nationals happened.

Like I've said before, we didn't win that time either, but it was Mr. Shue's fault this time. Or…well, Mrs. Shue nee Pillsbury. She'd insisted on going with us despite being heavily pregnant and...Well, do I really have to say it?

So, anyway, one good thing that happened during Nationals was the fact that some dude, who worked for some other dude, who made billion dollar movies, heard Rachel singing before things went to shit and fell in love with her on the spot and next thing you know, we were packing up to move to New York where Rach was making a movie that just happened to turn into a mega hit and nearly five years later, she's made a couple of other commercial films and starred in a Broadway show that earned her a Tony nomination and we're only two weeks away from getting hitched.

Life is pretty fucking sweet these days, and sometimes I can't believe it all started with glee club. I mean, how lame does that sound?


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