It All Started With Glee Club

Puck gets a phone call

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A/N Yeah, so I'm back; slowly working through some major stuff. I am working through the requests that I've gotten in the order I get them in, so if you want something to happen, send me a review and I'll try to make it happen, if it fits with my story's universe of course. This is for the reviewer who wanted to see what happened when Puck and Mike in particular found out that Tina was being abused. That said, this chapter deals with abuse and may not be for everyone. Be warned.

Puck gets a phone call

"Pumpkin, I hate to say this, but I'm really disappointed in you."

I grinned, even as Rachel's hand smacked me hard in the back of my head in her oh-so-subtle way of reminding me to not be an ass. But come on, the kid couldn't keep up with me despite her Puckerman genes; she was only on her third piece of toast, whereas I'd lost count a little while ago.

The subject of my disappointment merely grinned, 'cause she knew damn well I'd never truly be let down by anything she ever did. Well, if she came home with a scumbag like her mom had done in oh say forty years, I might change my mind, but we'll see.

"Daddy, you's not dis…sa…pointed," she took her time until she got the big word and then continued with a humongous smirk that was all Puckerman. "I'm awesome. Right, Mommy?"

Caroline's brown eyes that were so like my own sparkled up at Rachel, her glasses making it extra cute. And of course, Rach had the same response as she always did when our kid needed her opinion.

"Of course, Sweetie; now eat your breakfast."

I let out a happy sigh, 'cause right then, my life was just pretty fucking perfect. Rach was home for once, she'd finally gotten a day off from the play she was starring in and I loved these 'normal' family mornings we had. It was awesome.

Of course, as always when I dare to actually enjoy my life, something happens and in this case it was a phone call that catapulted me into my newest shitstorm.

"I'll get it Babe," I said, getting up when Rach stood to do it, despite still not having taken one bite of her own breakfast. I grabbed the phone and greeted the caller in my own, shall we say, diplomatic way.

"Why the fuck is whoever you are calling so fucking early?"

"Shut the hell up, Puckerman," said a familiar voice that I couldn't quite place.

"Who's this?" I asked, omitting the curse after a cutting glare from Rachel at my earlier slip. Really, she should give up trying to limit Caroline's exposure to such things, 'cause just the other day, I'd seen the little munchkin curse like a fucking sailor, when she'd gotten her finger slammed in the door to her room.

"It's Lauren Zizes, Asswipe," Lauren kindly told me, and I grinned, 'cause I kinda liked the chick now that she'd gotten over her Puckerman obsession however understandable it was. "I need to tell you something and you need to shut up and listen to every word, 'cause I'm late for rounds as it is and I can't not tell you. At least, you're man enough to do something about this shit."

"Zizes, not that I love a longwinded explanation in the morning," I drawled, smirking slightly, "but get the hel-heck on with it so we can get on with our lives."

Lauren started speaking rapidly, and I quickly lost my smirk and judging from the narrowed eyes that Rachel sent my way, I wasn't looking too happy. But damn it, from what I'd just heard it was a miracle that I wasn't roaring in anger.

A minute later, Lauren finished her story and I just said four words, in a rough tone of voice, "Leave it to me."

I slammed the phone back down on the table and quickly set to work.

"Noah, what's wrong?" Rachel followed me as I rummaged through a drawer in the kitchen where I quickly found my retired set of brass knuckles (one can never be too prepared in case of unwanted visitors, so I kinda kept them around; don't judge).

"I'll tell you later," I promised, not really about to say anything with Caroline watching me so intently. Of course, Rachel solved that little quandary by guessing my thoughts and kindly told our kid to go watch cartoons while we had a grown up talk.

A moment later, I had finished my frantic preparations and turned to the patient girl I loved, even when she was being nosy and frustrating like right now. "Look, I swear I'll tell you everything later, but I don't have a lot of time, I gotta go. I'll be back in a few days, call your dads and ask if they'll look after Caroline when you're working, okay?"

Rachel bit her lip, but seemed to understand that I wasn't messing around. "Just tell me a little bit, please, Noah. I deserve that much given your rather abrupt reaction to a simple phone call."

With a weary sigh, and a hand through my shaved head, I told her. "Tina's boyfriend smacks her around and she's too scared to leave."

Rachel blinked and in the next instant, I was reminded just what a fiercely protective girl I had, "Go kick his ass, Noah." And then she added sounding a bit more like herself, "but please refrain from getting arrested, as I doubt it'd do any of us any good."

I grinned briefly, grabbed my cell phone and kissed her cheek before quickly leaving to gather up enforcements.


It took me a while, but finally, I was on my way to Tina's with a few unexpected additions. First, I'd called Mike and let me tell ya, the silence in the other end when I'd finished my news was more telling than a thousand page book. If I wasn't already fully determined to bring the pain to Tina's doctor boyfriend, I'd pity the ass a little.

Anyway, we could barely fit in my old truck, 'cause not only did Mike come along, but apparently Sam had been with him when I'd called him and claimed dibs on going too. Then I called Finn, figuring that the dude's freakishly big physique would scare the crap outta the dude smacking chicks around, only to realize when we stopped in front of his place that Dave was waiting right next to him.

Evidently, he'd been visiting the Fabray-Hudson apartment with Kurt, with whom he'd just reunited with after a lengthy breakup and, like Sam, decided to tag along. I didn't care, 'cause I knew from my old man just what kind of reaction Tina's partner would have when we all pulled up, ready to beat him down. I kinda hoped he'd piss himself to be honest.

Anyway, I pushed my old truck to its limits and after what seemed like forever, but was only a few hours in reality, we reached our destination. Lauren had texted me the violent doctor's address on the way and from her we knew that he'd taken a sick day – probably to take care of the newest injuries he'd dealt Tina.

My brass knuckle clad fists were clenched and I was scowling furiously after we'd rung the doorbell to his little, admittedly cool looking house, but I didn't get a chance to do more than catch a glimpse of a pasty, decent looking dude, before something blurred past me and slammed into him with enormous force.

The next couple of minutes soundly reminded me just why I shied away from ever truly fighting Mike Chang. The Dude was ferocious and what got to me – and the other guys too, I'd imagine – was the fact that while he was wailing on the now bleeding doctor, who was screaming for forgiveness, Mike didn't make a sound.

I have no doubt that if allowed to continue, Mike would kill the bastard and I couldn't let that happen; Rachel's words of not getting arrested echoing in my mind, keeping me sane from the bloodlust that seemed to have possessed the gruesome smirking faces of my friends.

"Mike, stop it," I ordered, risking my life a moment later, when it became clear that the furious Asian killing machine wasn't gonna listen to me. I ran to him and barely dodged a spinning kick and somehow managed to grab him and slam him into the ground right next to the now weeping, bleeding doctor, crying for mercy.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," the miserable abuser blubbered at me, and I rolled my eyes, not at all impressed by him.

"Shut up, I didn't do it for you." I told him and tried my hardest to keep Mike from escaping from my arms. The others finally seemed to snap out of their stupor and joined me in trying to calm the furious Mike down enough to let him go.

In the end, it wasn't any of us that managed to do that, all I got from my troubles was a split lip and in Sam's case a bloody nose.


We all froze, even the crying mess who'd started everything, and looked up at Tina, who was standing on the stairs looking down at us with confusion and something that really looked like hope to me.

I released Mike in my shock at the sight of her; Tina's bare arms were covered in bruises and she had two black eyes and a bandage over her nose that reminded me of the time when Rach had broken hers. Fuck, that fucker had really done a number on her.

I didn't even realize that I'd let go of Mike, too caught up in forcing my rekindled anger at Tina's boyfriend down before I took over from Mike. Fortunately for all of us, Mike didn't jump back into killing mode, no; instead, he slowly stood up, suddenly looking anguished and embarrassed too for some reason.

It was only when he started almost frantically wiping his bloodied knuckles on his shirt that I sort of got why he was embarrassed of all things. His next words only confirmed my suspicions, "I'm sorry…I didn't…You shouldn't have to see me like this…Oh my God, Baby what's he done to you?"

Tina flinched when Mike started moving towards her and that's when we all got a bit of understanding for just how much she'd been hurt since we'd last seen her. She hadn't even been so timid when she'd faked her stutter back in school.

Mike approached her like she was a wild animal and before long she was sobbing into his shirt, seemingly not caring about the blood. I just stood there with the other guys and watched them with a small smile on my lips; a small part of me was remembering the times I'd stopped my father when he'd gotten drunk and my desperate hope that someone, anyone would come, just like today and put an end to it, but I was happy to see Tina saved at least.

It was only an odd, gurgling sound that made me look down at the injured man on the floor and thank fuck I did that, 'cause the dude was turning blue.

"A little help here!" I yelled and the next hour was dominated by a suddenly very strong looking Tina, doing her damndest to save the life of the guy who'd hurt her and when the ambulance took him away, Mike and Tina were seemingly reunited and now all we had to do was try and convince the cops that Mike didn't deserve jail time.

With a sigh, I pulled out my phone and called Abraham, 'cause there was no one that could get me out of trouble quite like him…


"So you're saying that Michael only ended his relationship with Tina in the first place to…to allow her to follow her dream of becoming a doctor?" Rachel was lying on her side on our bed, facing me with a troubled look in her dark eyes.

"Yeah, that's pretty much why. I'm not saying it was a smart move, but I guess he didn't want her to choose him and follow him when he went to his school in the other end of the country – especially after that douchy move that his parents made."

Rachel, who, like me, remembered the devastation that had shone through Mike's eyes the day he'd announced to us all that his parents didn't want him to pursue his dreams of dancing anymore and when he'd refused to fall in line, he'd been cut off. Mike had joined the ever growing line of people, who'd spent a little time living in the Berry house because of that maneuver.

"So…" she murmured, burrowing her face into the crook of my neck with a sigh, "he knew Tina was just as loyal to him as he was to her and decided to, and I'm using one of your crude expressions here, Noah, 'bang some broad good' thus cutting off all of Tina's affections in one clean stroke."

"Yup," I nodded and grabbed her tighter to me, feeling extremely exhausted after the last few days.

Somehow, don't ask me exactly how, but Abraham had come through for us all and Tina's former boyfriend hadn't pressed charges; I guess he knew he'd be facing jail too for what he'd done and didn't want to risk running into Mike in there. I can't say that I blame the guy for choosing the safer option.

Anyway, Tina had been the one to press charges instead and with the numerous evidence that she had on her body, we'd come off golden and Mike had stayed behind when me, Sam, Finn and Dave had left. Something told me that the Asian Fusion from High School was back in business and more…err…fused than ever.

So, here I was; finally lying next to Rachel and just really fucking relieved that we never had to worry about stuff like what Tina and in some aspect I had lived through. I hoped at least…

"Don't think too much about it," Rachel muttered in my ear, knowing me well enough to see that I was reliving some pretty messed up memories. "Our family won't ever experience things like that."

For some reason I couldn't help but ask her a question as we laid there, content in each other's embrace. "How can you be sure?"

"Because I know you, Noah and there's not a single part of me that have ever or will ever think you capable of spousal abuse. You're not your father."

She'd done it again for the nth time. Rachel cut through my unvoiced insecurities with a precision like a fucking surgeon and I found myself grinning down at her; free of a burden I hadn't quite realized that I was carrying around.

"Thanks Babe," I kissed the top of her head and grinned when, after my obligatory boob grab, Rachel smacked my arm harshly and told me to go to sleep.

"Hey, maybe I should be worried about you being the violent one?" I teased and then I broke out into a full blown laughter when a moment later, Rachel had rolled herself on top of me and banged a fluffy pillow in my face.

It could've escalated into a full-blown pillow fight, I'm sure; you know…if not for the fact that I got so fucking turned on that I yanked the pillow right out of her hands and rolled us back around and proceeded to do a hell of a lot more than a simple boob grab.


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