It All Started With Glee Club

Puck really enjoys making up

I don't own Glee or Any of its franchise – I mean, come on, if I did; that Finchel crap of season 3 would never have seen the light of day…ugh.

A/N Yeah, so I'm back to my guilty pleasure. I needed inspiration for two of my other stories and I think I've succeeded now. This chapter is for SuzyQQ, who wanted some post graduation action. It may not be what you wanted or expected, but it was the best I could do;) As always, any things you want to see between our favorite couple, let me know and I'll try to accommodate eventually :D

Unbetaed, but if you find an error you can't stand, let me know so I can fix it. Thanks.

Puck really enjoys making up

"Whoa Dog, look at that hot piece of ass!"

A wolf-whistle pierced through the early morning air, and I wanted to punch the snot nosed brats that had no respect for…well, me, but I settled for baring my teeth at them and they quickly backed off.

Oh yeah, I still had it.

A moment later, though, I had to fight off a primitive urge to go after the three dudes and kick their asses when I realized just who they'd slobbered after.

"Good morning, Noah," Rachel's melodic voice managed to calm me as she slowed to a stop in front of me with a beaming smile on her luscious lips. "You forgot your lunch this morning, and Daddy really wants your opinion on his new sandwich recipe, so naturally I volunteered to assist him in his endeavor to deliver it to you in a timely fashion."

Grinning, I bent down and planted a big, wet kiss on her lips in thanks – the fact that the idiots from before were standing over by the nearest building eying us with wide eyes had nothing to do with it…really. Then I grabbed the packed lunch and couldn't resist looking into it. The scent of meat and cheese hit my nostrils and I damn near salivated while muttering, "Score." Hiram must really love me to give me a sandwich with meat in it.

Rachel rolled her eyes at me. "Really, Noah; one would think that you starved on a regular basis despite the fact that your calorie intake is enough to feed a small village in Africa."

"I'm a growing boy," I defended myself; fighting off the urge to wolf down the heavenly sandwich that Hiram had made for me. Rachel eyed my bulging arms, and I suddenly had to repress a whole new set of urges.

"Well…that I cannot deny," she said primly, a tiny flush in her cheeks revealing that she was totally just checking me out. I didn't mind at all; I am hot after all.

"So," I said, deciding to save our carnal activities for later, "not that I'm not stoked to see you, Babe, but I thought you had rehearsal today?"

Rach smiled softly and grabbed my arm in that way she always did; making me feel more like a gentleman than the caveman I usually acted like. "I received a text message halfway to the set, informing me that my schedule has been pushed to tomorrow due to a fellow actor's actions."

I grinned, "So he showed up drunk again, huh?"

The small shrug was answer enough, so I just started walking toward the building where I had to finish my first job of the day. Before you ask what my job is, I can honestly say that it's just a way to make some money for our move to New York.

I was a janitor, or well, an assistant janitor to be precise, but the dude I worked under was an overweight lazy ass fucker that barely managed to wipe his own ass without losing his breath, so I pretty much did everything around there.

Anyway, while I worked there, Rach was working on her first ever movie. Some rich dude had seen her during Nationals earlier this year and fallen head over heels with her undeniable talent and after a few auditions she'd landed a small part in his friend's million dollar movie.

The summer after graduation from McKinley had never gone so fast in my life before. When I wasn't working or sexing up my gorgeous girl, I was hanging out with Caroline and looking for affordable places to live in New York this upcoming fall.

Even though it was kinda exhausting and I really wanted to relax from time to time, things were awesome. Caroline was growing up fast, getting more and more beautiful every day, and I'd even had to scare off her first suitor already. Sure, the kid was like three years old and after thinking about it, I'm not entirely sure he wasn't just trying to walk past her to his mom, but still; better to be safe than sorry, I always say.


Rachel's voice brought me back to the present, and I looked down at her with a smile that was in no way dopey…it wasn't.

"As interesting as spending the entire day with you at work would no doubt be, I'm positive that your usual work ethic would suffer, so I'm going to head home and continue packing our things. When you get home, Dad has promised to drive us all to the beach for a day of innocent fun."

"Sweet," I grinned and quickly pecked her lips before hurrying inside the building to do my job as fast as possible while images of Rach in a bikini flowed through my mind.

We were just so fucking happy and I knew that living in New York was gonna be a piece of cake too.


"Dammit, Rach!" I growled, kicking her discarded shoulder bag so hard that it flew into the opposite wall with a satisfying thump. I hoped I broke some of her endless junk.

I fell into our couch, the one Rach had spent hours haggling about in some second hand store before finally wearing the salesman down. It was butt ugly and the print was faded and worn with age, but it was really comfortable, and after the day I'd had, I needed comfortable.

Of course, the tiny brunette standing in the doorway to our daughter's bedroom; and subsequently the small apartment's only bedroom, didn't seem to care that I'd just worked my ass off and needed peace and above all quiet.

"Noah! I cannot believe you. Ruining my personal effects is in no way acceptable behavior just because I told you I'm going to a social event!"

I rolled my eyes, and turned on the small TV in front of me. "Don't talk to me like I'm a fucking kid, I got no need for lectures, right now, Rachel."

Rachel's huff clearly told me she disagreed, and a moment later, she stepped in front of the TV with every intention of destroying what was left of my night.

"I'm only relieved that Caroline is spending the week at Dad and Daddy; your brute ways would definitely scar her psyche and to be honest I'm shocked you'd act like this given your upbringing—"

"Don't you fucking dare blame everything on me, Little Lady," I sneered, standing up to my full height now that Rach had laid down the gauntlet so to speak. I was so fucking ready to snap that it was ridiculous!

"I'm the one who's been here every single day, taking care of that kid. I'm the one who's been comforting her when she cries for you! I get her ready for the day, take care of everything at home and manage to hold up at deadbeat job at the same time. You, on the other hand, are out partying. Oh, "I held up a hand and smiled mockingly, "I apologize, I believe the term you use is 'socializing and letting yourself be seen'. Of course, that means it's completely cool of you to spend hundreds of dollars on some skimpy ass dress that'll get some slimy director's attention while I struggle to make ends meet back here to feed our kid and get her the dance classes she wants to go to!"

I let out a deep breath as my words rang silently in the room; damn, I'd been holding that in for what felt like forever. Rach and I had been living in New York almost a year to the day. At first it'd been fine; good even. Then slowly it had transformed into something hard. She spent more and more time away from home and what a shitty home it was. We were both too fucking stubborn to accept any monetary help from her dads, and my job at a fucking fastfood joint didn't pay all that much.

These days all I did was work, I was barely able to take the time to play with my kid. She was not even four years old yet, but with all the time she spent helping me keep the apartment livable, she acted twice her age. I hated myself for letting her help me on most days, but I was just so stressed for time that I couldn't not let her help with what she could.

Rachel's brown eyes were bright with tears as we just both stood there, staring at each other. "N-Noah…" she began, but I just sighed and turned to grab my coat.

"I'm too fucking beat to have this talk again," I announced. "I'm gonna go look for another job, and we'll talk or whatever later."

With that, I closed the door after me, making sure it was locked safely. I was pissed at Rach sure, but that didn't mean, I wasn't gonna make sure she was safe either. The next couple of hours I spent trolling the neighborhood for any and all kinds of jobs. I wasn't about to be picky, I just needed some cash. Hell, I'd even sunk so low last month that I'd sold some of my own blood to make sure Caroline got some new shoes.

Finally, some good looking middle-aged broad, Suzette, gave me a chance and I got a part time job cleaning in her bar on the weekends. After that I spent another few hours just walking around, taking in the sights. When I reached Central Park, I couldn't help but smile nostalgically at the memory of my first Nationals. Rach had looked so fucking happy to be here that she probably could've lit up the sun for a week.

Lately, she'd been just as weary as me and I knew it was mostly 'cause of me. I sat down on a bench with a small groan. I couldn't believe I'd said those things to my girlfriend; the wounded look in Rachel's eyes was burning in my mind and the guilt was beginning to gnaw at me now that the anger was used up. I was just so fucking tired of all the fights and everything.

This was not the way I'd pictured our New York adventure. At first I'd been just as stoked as she was whenever she came dancing into the apartment to hug me with news of meeting this or that person. Now I usually just grunted a barely verbal congratulation before turning to my next task at hand.

If I had to be totally honest with myself, I'd slowly begun to realize that despite our love, and even though we had Caroline, there was a very real chance that Rachel would finally see just how beneath her she'd chosen; that I wasn't worth her time and I guess my unspoken fears made me a really unpleasant and jealous asshole.

But still, I tried rationalizing with myself as I stood up to go back home, I wasn't completely wrong in what I said. Rachel had been leaving me with all the day to day stuff – making me work myself to the bone while she was out showing skin for the chance to follow up on her last movie.

The thoughts were still tumbling around inside my head when I eventually placed my key in the door and entered our apartment. I wasn't prepared for the sight that met me when I looked around the room.

Everything was completely spotless, the place had never looked better and sitting on the couch was a pale looking Rachel, who, if memory served me, was supposed to be at some fancy cocktail party right about now. It was one of the reasons I'd deemed it safe to return, I really wasn't up for round two.

"Welcome back, Noah." Rachel greeted me quietly, eying me with a weird, almost frightened look in her eyes that made me feel like the biggest shit ever, 'cause there was no way I'd ever want to see the girl I loved afraid of me. I wasn't my old man!

Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I slowly walked over and sat down next to her on the couch. "Hey," I murmured tiredly.

"So I think we really need to talk," Rachel announced after a long, tense moment of silence.

"Yeah, I guess so." I said, running a hand through my no longer there 'hawk.

"Before we address our actions as of late," Rachel began, "I need to know that you have no intention of giving up on this relationship; that you're not planning on leaving me."

"What?" I quickly leaned forward and grabbed her small, unusually cold hands in mine, "Fuck no am I leaving you. I was wracking my brain trying to ask you the same thing."

Rachel looked downright shocked at my words and mirrored my movements, leaning forward eagerly. "I have no intention of ever leaving you, Noah. Despite what it seems like I love you! After you left I began thinking about what you said and realized that every word was true. I'm a terrible mother and girlfriend."

"No, you're not," I cut her off before she really got going. "You're a kickass mom and I acted like an idiot, so you shouldn't worry about anything. We're gonna get through this; you warned me repeatedly before we moved here that things were gonna be rough for a little while. I was just having a pansy ass moment and I took it out on you and I'm—"

"Don't you dare apologize to me, Noah Puckerman." Rachel's voice was firm and the grip she had of my hands was even firmer. "Every word you spoke was nothing but the truth. Admittedly, it was delivered rather harshly, but that doesn't make it any less true. I haven't been pulling my weight in this relationship; the last time I sat down and spent some time with Caroline before she went to bed was so long ago that I barely remember it. Also," her eyes looked down bashfully before looking back up with visible effort, "it's been far too long since we've made love."

"Babe…" I honestly didn't know what to say, so I just trailed off and waited to see if she had anything else to say.

"Noah, I admit that I was frustrated when you left earlier, but when I realized that you weren't going out to partake in mindless drinking and such, opting instead to go look for another job, so I could still go to auditions and stuff like that, I felt so ashamed. You've lost weight, and you look so exhausted, Sweetie and I cannot believe that I've let things get this bad, but I promise you that it's going to stop right now. I'm cutting down on my time away from home; I'll even try to get a job as a waitress at that diner that I know that several of people from the industry favor."

"I don't wanna be the guy that stops you from getting your dreams," I murmured, the small hope battling with the guilt inside of me.

Rachel reached out and touched my cheek, and I leaned into her touch like a flower leaned into a streak of sunlight on a rainy day. Yeah, apparently, I was still a major pussy when it came to my girl's touch, so what?

"You won't be, Noah. You'll be the guy that supports me and keeps me grounded at the same time, because…" She bit her lip and looked away and I gently took her chin and turned her face back towards me.


Rachel's eyes were brimming with tears, and I had a feeling that she felt just as relieved as I did to just get things out in the open at long last. I smiled encouragingly and she whispered intently, staring straight into my eyes.

"Don't you know Noah that none of my dreams would be worth losing my family over? I'd give that up a million times before I'd risk losing you. I love you."

Fuck, my heart suddenly decided to beat like a mile a minute, and I blinked abruptly 'cause the burn in my eyes wasn't gonna turn into tears. I wasn't Finn after all. Finally, when I felt more in control of myself again, I leaned forward and gently kissed Rach with all the feeling that I had.

It started out gently enough, but after about thirty seconds of soft kissing, I don't know what got into Rach, 'cause next thing I know we were on the spotless floor, and she was pulling down my zipper with an eagerness that made her look a little deranged. It was fucking hot is what it was.

A moment later, we both groaned loudly as she sank down on me and started moving her hips in that special way only she knew how to, and I was bucking under her like a young…err, buck, almost as crazed as she was in my movements.

If it hadn't been like six weeks since the last time I'd been inside of her, I'd probably have been embarrassed over how quick I exploded inside of her, but fortunately Rach was right there with me, moaning my name as she flexed all around my dick, milking me for all I was worth.

I've said it before, but I'm more than happy to say it again; make up sex is hot.


Our problems didn't just magically disappear 'cause of a little chat and a good fuck, but things got better and we were way better at voicing our issues before they transformed into massive problems that ended with screaming and tears.

A few months later, things started to change in a good way; Rach came home one evening after a shift at the diner where she now worked and announced that some Andrew Lord of Webs or something had showed up and she'd forced him into listening to him and he was giving her a shot. I doubt anyone else but Rachel Berry could've forced the dude to do that. I was so fucking proud of her that I was about to burst.

Not too long after that, Rach was finally on stage doing what she loved the most, and we were out of that shitty apartment we'd called home for a year, and my second job at Suzette's had expanded into something better too. After overhearing me play my guitar on a break one evening, she'd all but forced me to audition for her and I was now performing on her tiny stage twice a week and slowly getting my name out there. I'd called Sam to ask if he'd be interested in doing some music together and he was finalizing shit to move to New York so we could actually do it instead of just dreaming about it.

So, yeah, bottom line; things weren't always easy, but now we knew that we were able to handle the bad times together too and that was kinda worth the crappy year we'd had to find that out.

A/N I hope you all enjoyed that and I'm eager to see if anyone is even interested in this unexpected update hehe. Until Next Time

Ditte Mai

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